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Chapter 14: All Hallows Eve

Hogwarts, Northern Scotland

"Harry, may I speak with you? In private?"

Harry withdrew from his thoughts at the sound of Hermione's voice. Halloween was fast approaching, and with it, his plans for changing the Wizarding World would begin. Most like to go out with style, but Harry was coming in with a bang and he had no intent on leaving.

Turning his head to Hermione standing in the doorway to the room, Harry replied, "Of course, Hermione. Come on in."

Hermione nervously walked in and drew the door closed behind her and waited a moment as Harry cast several powerful locking, silencing, and warding charms over the entire room.

Harry noted Hermione's nervousness and sighed. Finally. He had been expecting to have this conversation weeks ago, especially after challenging Hermione's views and beliefs so much. Harry chuckled and Hermione grew red. "Don't be nervous 'Mione. You can talk to me about anything, you know that."

Hermione gulped, knowing the Harry had already determined what was on her mind. Then she smiled cheerfully. If Harry already knew and he wasn't upset with her then what was there to fear?

"About what you said about the purebloods and muggleborns; do you really agree with the way the purebloods are doing things?" she asked shakily.

Harry frowned in speculation. "I'm afraid that you will have to elaborate, Hermione. That is a fairly broad question. Do I agree with the way they are doing things in what perspective? The way they run our government? They way they treat muggleborns? The way they treat magical creatures? The way they see things? They way they go about getting their way?"

Hermione shook her head. "Do you really believe that purebloods have the right to run our world the way they do, without giving the people a voice? Do you really believe that they should force their ways on muggleborns and kill us all off for trying to have a place in the Wizarding World?"

Harry nodded. "Not entirely, Hermione."

Hermione stood the confused before Harry answered.

"To answer your first question, yes, I do. There are many purebloods that are corrupt as they come, but you have to look at the bigger picture. These families have been running things for centuries and have the experience and knowledge to protect our world and our ways. As I stated before, the conflict arises when muggleborns come into our world and attempt to 'modernize' our society and help it 'evolve' to the more immoral and socially tolerable ways of modern muggle society, which is itself on the road to self-destruction. In the Wizarding World, honor, discipline, respect, and duty still have a place. However, in modern muggle society, people are concerned far more with what they want and what makes them happy, than doing the right thing. In doing so, they alienate the morals, values, and virtues of the past, those which the Wizarding World have strictly held to. By doing this, they have forgotten centuries of knowledge. The purebloods that run our government understand that this corruption can't be allowed to change the Wizarding World. They act to protect our ways, the secrets and sacred knowledge that has been gained over thousands of years!"

"But surely they could allow some change, Harry. Not everything they do is right."

Harry smiled. "You are, of course, correct. Give me an example."

Hermione beamed at his praise. "Democracy! Instead of pureblood families ruling the Wizengamot, the people should be able to choose who makes their laws."

Harry scowled. "Incorrect, Hermione, in many ways. You didn't even think out that answer did you? First, as I just stated, the pureblood families that possess the hereditary seats on the Wizengamot have been doing this for centuries. They are raised from birth to understand the ins and outs of our ways and our laws. If we did as you just stated and kicked them all out and voted in a purely democratic government, instead of the mix of democratic and theocratic that we enjoy today, there would be chaos. In a democratic government, people vote for who they like best, not necessarily who is best for the job, and even then, how could the people vote for someone to do a job when they have no clue how to do it themselves in the first place? Just like our cousins across the Atlantic. It would be the blind leading the blind. Those with the most money would easily buy themselves or those they want into power. Others would rise to power and have no clue what they are doing or how to run our world. They wouldn't have the knowledge and centuries of wisdom and experience into our ways and our laws. It would be utter bedlam."

"But that's what the purebloods do now, isn't it?" Hermione shot back. "They use their power and influence to have certain stooges, Fudge for example, in power."

Harry grinned. "True, but that's where the democracy comes in. The Minister for Magic is voted in and backed by public vote and opinion. Only during an emergency will the Wizengamot take authority to vote in a new Minister. While the Old Families protect our heritage, government, and our ways, the Minister for Magic acts as the voice of the people and protects the individual rights of all."

"But our Minister for Magic is corrupt! He only cares about himself and who lines his pockets!"

"Exactly, Hermione. That's democracy. The mask that shows people what they want, and the face behind it that is purely self-driven ambition and greed."

Hermione conceded. Harry had a point. People always fell in line with who had the most money, power, or popularity. As a whole, people were sheep and easily misled.

"Now, your second question. I don't believe anyone should force his or her ways on anyone else, but I do believe, as I stated before, that if you want to be part of a society you should adapt and conform. Instead of trying to change it, you should learn its ways and history. Only then will you have the knowledge and experience to change it for the better instead of blindly believing that you know best and ignorantly destroying ancient knowledge in the process of trying to make things turn out the way you think they should be. However, the way purebloods go about doing many things, I do not agree with. I have the utmost contempt for the way magical creatures are treated and viewed. As humans, we believe that if we claim and land as ours, our laws prevail over any others, no matter who or what kind of creatures, sentient or no, had claim to it first. We enforce our rule. Might makes right. Ever heard of the American Revolution and subsequent conquering of the native peoples? In no way is this right. We as a people have much to learn, and there are so many more ways of doing magic than we humans see, because those in power are afraid of not only what they don't understand, but of powers that are far beyond anything they could ever hope to wield. I understand the scorn for muggles and muggleborns, and also for the purebloods. There are just reasons on both sides of the issue, but nothing being doing about it is right."

"What about purebloods disowning their own family because they marry muggles and muggleborns?" Hermione asked.

"Disowning one's family because of their views is unacceptable. But their actions, depending on what they may be, can be justified. The example you provided is not justifiable. In this case they disown them based upon opinions formed out of false beliefs. You should never turn away love, and if they choose to love a muggleborn, so be it. But a problem can arise if it were a muggle."

Hermione frowned angrily. "Oh really! I'll have you know my parents are muggles!" She quickly shut up at the sound of Harry's laughter.

"You see? You immediately jumped to conclusions!" Harry replied laughing. "You shouldn't just assume you know everything before it is said or happens. Arrogance and pride are very costly."

Hermione was about to speak again, but grew silent at Harry's raised hand.

"Hermione, as much as interbreeding dilutes the power of magic in our blood, breeding with muggles does even more damage. You see, muggleborns are essential to the survival of our magic itself. Bringing a muggleborn into a purebred line brings new, potent magic and possibly powerful magical abilities in, and preserves and strengthens the old magic in the line to new, more powerful and potent heights. Nearly every halfblood with a muggleborn parent that is born to an old pureblood line is vastly more powerful than any of their ancestors. For example, you need look no farther than myself, whose mother is considered muggleborn because of the centuries of lapse in magical blood, Dumbledore, and Tom Riddle. For any healthy line, an offspring from two magical parents is nearly always magical. It is guaranteed if one of them is muggleborn. The magic is simply still too powerful in the blood. However, an infusion of muggle blood dilutes the potency of the magic proportionally. A muggleborn is new blood one hundred percent magical but with fifty percent chance of siring magical offspring with another muggleborn. A halfblood is still new blood and very potent but only seventy-five percent magical blood. Their chance of siring magical offspring with a muggleborn is only sixty percent. The point is, the more non-magical blood infused, the greater the chance of our magic dieing off. In a way, having more muggleborns is great for the growth of our magic, but at the same time, eliminate all the old pureblood lines, and the chances of growth for our society grow proportionally smaller with each passing generation. In a way, both sides of the current argument are proven both correct and also incorrect, which almost always happens. People simply don't consider all the factors."

"So you think we should let them keep killing muggleborns off and keeping some to use for breeding?" she snapped angrily.

"Hell no!" Harry slammed his fist down on his desk. "What I believe is that muggleborns should learn our ways and adapt to the world they want to be a part in. I believe that they, like everyone else, should work to make their mark in our world, while protecting our rich culture and history! I also believe that purebloods from the so-called 'dark' families are just sadistic fools that use their beliefs as a mask to hide their true sadistic reasons and intents even from themselves. They justify their actions even to themselves. I believe that they should be more accepting of muggleborns and be more proactive in helping them to adapt and fit into our world instead of shunning them."

Hermione stood silently, warring with herself. "So which side are you on, Harry?"

Harry sighed and stood, wrapping his arms around her. "Neither, Hermione. I am on neither side. I believe in doing what is right. I believe in protecting our world and it's people. I believe in protecting the rights of every witch, wizard, and magical being in our world. I am on the side of those who want a brighter future for our entire world, not just a part of it. I am on the side of those who seek to treasure our past, retain our ways and our ancient, sacred knowledge in order to pass them on and entrust them to our descendents for ages to come."

"Oh, Harry!" Hermione cried, sobbing into his chest. "I'm so sorry for doubting you!"

Rubbing Hermione's back softly as she cried, Harry reassured her. "Shush now, there's no need for that. I challenged everything you believe in order to show you how to open your eyes. It's only natural that you had doubts and came to me so that I could finish showing you."

Wizengamot Chambers, Ministry of Magic, London

"We are here today to convene the 976th annual Samhain session of the High Wizengamot of the Magical British Isles," spoke Dumbledore from his seat as Chief Warlock. "Does anyone here have any opening business to put forth before we begin today's ledger?"

The only answer received was the low mumbling of the various Lords that normally avoided attendance, but were forced to come by Ancient Law that made attendance to the Winter and Summer Solstice meetings mandatory for all Lords.

"Very well," Dumbledore said brightly, "We shall begin today's session with -"

The heavily warded doors to the Wizengamot chambers slamming open behind the immense power of a gale force wind and a massive bolt of lightning striking the floor in the middle of the chambers shocked several half-snoozing, and now even more irritated, Lords from their seats.

Each member of the Wizengamot stared at the sudden appearance of several figures where the lightning struck, only to be staring at… children? A low chuckling from the Chief Warlock drew their attention once again.

"Shouldn't you be at Hogwarts, Harry?"

Harry scowled but strode forward confidently. "Might I remind you, Chief Warlock, that you may refer to me as Lord Potter?"

There were gasps from all around him as even the most irritated Lords became interested in seeing the Boy-Who-Lived, and of course seeing someone oppose the venerable Chief Warlock.

Before Dumbledore could recover, Harry continued. "However, I am pleased that you find my method of entry amusing, Chief Warlock; and I do apologize to you all for my lateness. I had pressing business to complete at Gringotts before my subsequent arrival here today which, unfortunately, took a bit longer than I had foreseen. Please forgive my tardiness."

"Of course, Lord Potter," Dumbledore conceded. "However, this meeting is only open to members of the Wizengamot and those who have business with us here today. Therefore, I am bound to inquire as to the reason behind your appearance here today or make you subject to criminal law."

"Surely you can't mean that, Dumbledore!" Fudge sputtered from his seat.

"I haven't a choice, Cornelius. Child or not, Lord Potter is an emancipated minor and my station does require me to uphold the law." Dumbledore replied solemnly.

"He is correct, Minister," Madam Bones said from her seat. "I think we should allow Lord Potter to answer the question. Surely he must have known beforehand what the costs of his actions here today could be."

The entire Wizengamot turned to Harry, who smiled. He had spent the last few weeks meeting with everyone involved in his plan today. It would be perfect. Harry understood his place, and knew that he now stood in the very hall that his greatest ancestors had built in order to bring peace to a war torn land. Gazing up at their long empty seats among the rafters, he could still feel the presence of their magic clearly in the runes and reminded himself of how this magnificent body, now corrupt, had come to be.

After the fall of Camelot, several powerful Lords began warring with each other, in order to establish rulership for themselves. After several years of bloody battles and warring states, the land, which had formerly been known as Albion, was left in a desolate condition. Lord Merlin Emrys the Divine, along with his four apprentices, Lords Gryffindor and Slytherin, and Ladies Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, formed an alliance with ten other powerful Lords. Together, they formed the Council of Fifteen, and after conquering the rest of the realm firmly under their rule, they established the Wizengamot.

Together, the Council ruled over the Wizengamot, in order to deal justice. The Wizengamot was formed by the Council, and by the Lords and Heads of each of the Magical Families that ruled. Together, they brought an end to the unending bloodshed, but the world of Magic had been forever separated from the world of muggles as the muggles denounced the Old Ways and sought persecution upon those who would practice the magical arts. The Council had, and has to this day, the full authority to overrule any decision made by the Wizengamot.

As the five original Lords and Ladies to form the Council, Lord Merlin Emrys and his apprentices were the Elders, and had power to overturn the rest of the Council. Only if the other ten Lords unanimously voted, could they overrule the Elders of the Council. As the Master of his apprentices, Lord Merlin Emrys, was the Chief of the Elders within the Council, and the word of Lord Emrys, to this day, can only be denied by the combined votes of the Elders, which include Lords Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

The Council of Fifteen owes it Allegiance to none, save for the rightful King of the Ancient land of Albion, who, legends from time immemorial tell us, will one day return and stand forth to reclaim his throne by right of Excalibur, Sword of the Gods. Until then, by Ancient Law, would they preserve the Old Ways, and the government in trust.

The Wizengamot now consisted of three bodies. The first was the Council of Fifteen, which ruled over the Wizengamot.

Of this body, only the Lords Potter, Black, Longbottom, Bones, Knott, and Zabini had remained until recent history. Today, Lord Potter was seeking his grandfather's place. Lords Zabini and Knott held their seats. The Black seat was vacated as Sirius had given Harry the title of Lord Black. The Bones seat, held in proxy for whomever Susan Bones married by her aunt, was currently empty as Madam Bones sat today as the Head of the DMLE. Finally, the Lady Augusta Longbottom sat proxy for her grandson Neville, until the day he took his place as Lord Longbottom.

The second and largest was made up of about seventy families, though the count had dwindled somewhat over the years. These families were represented by lords and heirs, who carried the powerful names of old.

The third, and smallest, body of the Wizengamot was the hierarchy. The platform in the center of the chamber was reserved for these twelve members, who were generally considered the creme de la creme of the Wizengamot. It consisted of the Chief Warlock, the Minister of Magic, the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and several other prominent members of wizarding Britain.

"Of course! I have been informed that this is but one of two annual meetings that requires the full Wizengamot to attend, and I felt it best that I present myself to my esteemed Lords and other members of the Wizengamot in order to ask that you allow me to take my place among you as Lord Potter," Harry stated.

Looking around, it was easy to tell each member's opinion. Some had gleeful looks, as if savoring the thought of what they could do with Lord Potter's support. Others, namely several former death eaters or supporters, looked outraged but thoughtful for the same reasons as the former. There was no way that Dumbledore could have known about his boy savior coming or he'd have never allowed it. What did this have to say about the relationship between the two or the level of control Dumbledore had on the Boy-Who-Lived? Still, there were few that gave supporting nods to Harry, Fudge and Madam Bones included.

"Lord Potter," Dumbledore began. "You are still young, a child. You should be enjoying your childhood, playing with your friends, and learning magic! You should not have to deal with such burdens at such a young age!"

"Be that as it may, Chief Warlock," Harry scowled. "I am a child, but also a Lord. I know little to nothing of my heritage. I know little of how our politics and government works. This very reason brings me here early so that I may sit among my peers and learn from the experience and wisdom that has ruled our world for centuries."

"You have your entire adult life to learn, Lord Potter," replied Madam Bones. "We have muggleborns and muggle-raised join our world every day and they do a fine job adjusting."

"With all due respect, Madam Bones. I am not in their place. Neither would they ever be able to adapt to the responsibilities that fall upon me as the Lord of an Ancient and Most Noble family," Harry stated evenly. "They, nor I, have been raised to understand and accept the responsibilities being a Lord entails. Neither, have they or I been guided and taught the ethics and formality being a member of the upper class elite of the Wizarding world requires in order to form and maintain prosperous friendships, alliances, and contacts."

"You seek your place among us to learn, Lord Potter?" Lord Parkinson asked from his seat.

"I do," Harry confirmed. "In the years to come I wish to be a powerful influence in these chambers and wish to have the knowledge and experience to enrich our world and protect our Ancient Knowledge and Ways. I require a guiding hand so that I may understand how to use my fortune and power to make our world a better, safer place for our children."

Harry looked around. His words, of course, were mixed with half-truths, but allowed each member of the Wizengamot to draw their own conclusions as to how malleable he was.

"You will have a guiding hand, Harry," Fudge called down. "May I call you Harry?"

Harry briefly nodded, allowing his eyes to show a glimmer of innocent gratitude… the gratitude of a child who knew no better.

"I concur," Madam Bones said. "You have shown yourself before the entirety of your peers and sought not acceptance, but teaching and guidance. This shows maturity beyond your years young Lord Potter. You have my respect, if only because you have shown maturity, reason, and wisdom in appearing before us today to plead your cause. I believe in you, Harry. I hereby move that we allow Lord Potter to take his seat among us with the full rights and responsibilities this entails, so that he may learn from our years of wisdom and experience so that one day he may stand among us being powerful and influential and a credit to the Lords of the Wizengamot. Do any second the motion?"

This was the deciding point, Harry knew. Harry could have easily used his Head ring to take his place forcefully, but he needed to know where each member stood, so that he knew who was on his side, who was outright opposed, and who to remain cautious of.

"I second the motion." From the side of the room that held the more neutral and darker families, Lord Greengrass had spoken, surprising nearly everyone in the chambers. The man was well known to be soft spoken, and rarely gave his opinion on any matter.

Dumbledore looked slightly defeated and bowed his head. "Very well. We shall now vote. All those for allowing Lord Potter to take his seat, please tap your wand to the crystal for 'aye'. Those opposed, please tap the crystal for 'nay'.

For several minutes there was shuffling around the room, but finally Dumbledore raised his wand and sent the results into the air.

Harry grinned. Only six had voted nay, and he had a good feeling he could point out who they were.

"Congratulations, Lord Potter," Dumbledore said. "Please place your Head of House ring to the seal of the Wizengamot and invoke your right."

Harry stepped forward quickly, noting the pride, but also sadness in Dumbledore's eyes as he pressed his ring to the ancient seal that was tied to the blood of every family with a seat, as well as the runes to each seat that made sure none but the rightful Lord or those with the Lord's approval could sit.

"I, Harry James Potter, by right of blood and magic, hereby formally lay claim to the Lordship of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter and claim my right to my seat on the High Wizengamot of Albion!"

Gasps from around him told Harry that although the true name of the Wizengamot was widely known, very few actually used it, and none had expected to hear Harry cite the name most of the common wizards and witches had forgotten. Nearly every witch and wizard called it the High Wizengamot of Great Britain, but failed to remember the ancient name of the land and the time that the Wizengamot was formed.

Harry said nothing, but gave himself to the surge of magic that lit up the Potter seat up among the Council seats. He gave himself up to the influx of the years of knowledge and experience of each of his ancestors that had sat there, knowledge bound only to these chambers, and passed on through each generation forever.

"You may take your seat, Lord Potter."

Harry stood still.

"Is there anything else, Lord Potter?" Dumbledore asked.

Harry nodded. "May I also lay claim to any other seat that has been bequeathed to me?"

Dumbledore frowned for a moment before his eyes lit up and Harry could see him mutter, "Sirius."

"Of course, Lord Potter," Dumbledore replied happily. "I am sure that you will do your Godfather proud. Just state your name, and name the seat or seats you wish to claim. If it is your right by magic or blood, then the magic that governs this great body will confirm your Lordship."

"Of course, Chief Warlock," Harry grinned. "Although I am quite surprised that you have forgotten which Hogwarts House I belong to so easily."

Dumbledore's face went pale. He had been so swept up in his sentiment that he overlooked that tidbit of information entirely, just as Harry had planned.

Placing his ring on the seal again, Harry spoke. "I, Lord Harry James Potter, by right of blood and magic hereby formally lay claim to the Lordship of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black!"

The Black seat lit up with magic.

"I, Lord Harry James Potter, by right of blood and magic, hereby formally lay claim to the Lordship of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Drakul!"

The Drakul seat lit up and several of the other Lords shrieked in terror and surprise. The Vampire King had returned!

"-the Most Ancient and Noble House of Peverell!"

"-the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Ravenclaw!"

"-the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Hufflepuff!"

"-by right of magic and conquest, hereby formally lay claim to the Lordship of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Slytherin!"

"-the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Gryffindor!"

As Harry called out each claim, and each seat lit in turn, the entire Wizengamot was speechless. They were now witness to the return of several long dead family lines. They were now witness to the rise of a Lord that had already claimed near total control of the Council of Fifteen. It wasn't over.

Harry raised his ring from the seal and replaced it with the tip of his wand.

"I, Lord Harry James Potter, by right of blood and magic, by right of my heritage and life, hereby formally lay claim to the Lordship of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Emrys!"

The entire Wizengamot was awash with magic as the Ancient seat of Merlin the Divine appeared for the first time in nearly a thousand years, directly in the middle of the seats where his apprentices once sat.

Harry quickly glanced around. He had expected chaos, but received naught but stunned silence from his spectators. So many of the awed members had hoped to use Harry to further their own power, but what now? It was more than obvious that the mere child had pulled the wool over their eyes and tricked them all masterfully at their own game. And now he controlled the Wizengamot! A child! A child ruled not only the majority of the ruling Council of Fifteen, but also the five sacred Elder seats. But the answer remained, why did he not come alone?

Dumbledore was the first to regain his composure. "Your display was- most enlightening, Lord Potter. If you would, please, take your seat. We have a long list to attend to today and I would rather enjoy making it back to Hogwarts in time for dinner."

Harry grinned. "Of course, Chief Warlock." Turning abruptly, Harry melted into the shadows, only to reappear next to the Potter seat, having pulled Gabrielle with him.

"Now then-" Dumbledore continued, before realizing that the floor still held a couple guests. "Yes, Mr. Longbottom? How may the Wizengamot be of service to you today?"

Neville looked nervous at being directly addressed by Dumbledore, and shuddered as the focus of nearly everyone in the chambers now shifted to him. Harry caught his eye and gave him a brief nod of encouragement. He could see the tension leave the Longbottom heir as he took a deep breath and stood tall and proud.

"Lords and Ladies of the Wizengamot, I am Neville Longbottom, Heir to the Ancient and Most Noble House of Longbottom. I have come here today with my friend, Harry Potter. For centuries, the Houses of Potter and Longbottom have been friends, even brothers. We have stood together, fought together, died together, and through it all, we have maintained the constant bond of brotherhood. As the scion of Longbottom, I have come here today to renew that vow. Harry Potter, as his ancestors before him, has proved himself a friend to the House of Longbottom. In the short time I've known him, he has become as a brother to me, being there for me, teaching me, encouraging me, and standing beside me help me as we become the wizards we will be in the future. So I've come here today to renew that most ancient vow."

Neville gazed up at his stern grandmother, who was looking down at him with unshed tears of pride as she nodded.

"I, Neville Longbottom, Scion of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Longbottom, hereby pledge my forsworn oath of Brotherhood to Harry James Potter, Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter. Call, and Longbottom shall answer. Stand, and Longbottom shall stand beside you. Fight, and Longbottom shall die gladly with honor with you. Brothers in arms. Brothers by blood and magic. Forever shall Longbottom remain at your side. Forever, shall we be friends. By my life and magic, I swear that no Potter shall ever fail to have a Longbottom come to his aid. So I swear it, so mote it be!"

With that final ringing yell from Neville, Harry stood.

"And I, Lord Harry James Potter, accept your oath, dear brother. Never shall the House of Longbottom have need, that the House of Potter shall not fulfill. Never shall Potter forsake the protection and needs of his brother Longbottom. As my enemies are yours, so yours shall also be mine. Together we shall stand and fight. Together we shall prosper. As Longbottom is his brother's faithful sword, so Potter forever remains his shield. Together united, none shall divide us. By my life and magic, I swear that no Longbottom shall ever be alone and in need. No Longbottom shall ever fail to have a Potter standing guard over him, protecting his way. Your are my brother in arms. My brother in blood and magic. So I swear it, so mote it be!"

As the final words left Harry's mouth, a bright, golden flash of magic seared through the air, and met a silver flash from Neville. The oath had been accepted and sealed by magic.

Dumbledore was shaking his head in sadness. "Do you two have any idea what you have done? This is ancient and powerful magic you are fooling around with!"

"I'd have thought you, of all people, Chief Warlock, would be very happy to see the love, trust, and respect between two families." Harry said. "What we just did was complete an ancient Oath of Brotherhood to bind our Houses together. It has been done before, of course, but we have only solidified the magic. It should mean nothing to anyone outside of our family and friends, as we are only reaffirming the ancient vows to each other in front of the Wizengamot so that you may all see that even unto this day, the House of Potter remains friends and fully supports the House of Longbottom!"

Dumbledore scoffed. "Yes, but Neville remains underage, Lord Potter. As such, he has formally sworn the total allegiance of his family and his descendants as vassals to the House of Potter forever, and you accepted."

Harry's eyes went wide. It had been Neville who brought the idea up. "Is this true Neville?"

Neville looked up at Harry nervously and nodded. "Yes, Harry. And I'd happily do it again. You are my friend and brother, and I trust you with my life. I know that I can trust you with my family. Both of us are the end of our lines and it is all the better for our families to rebuild themselves from nothing together."

"Thank you for your trust and friendship, Neville. I hope I never let you down," Harry replied.

Neville laughed softly, as if thinking such a thing ludicrous. "That will never happen, Harry. You don't have it in you to let down anyone." With that, the Longbottom Heir turned and left the chambers.

"Very good!" Dumbledore called out, silencing the now chatting Lords. "We have had a very interesting start to our session, but we still have a lot on our agenda. Shall we begin?"

Silence met his words.

"The first item on our agenda today is a bill submitted by our very own Madam Undersecretary Delores Umbridge. Madam, the floor is yours."

"Thank you, Chief Warlock," Umbridge simpered. Harry could already tell by the screeching croak of her voice that he was going to hate this self-important woman. "Milords, shortly before the start of this year's Hogwarts term, it came to my attention that one of our very own, highly respected Lords attempted to lay claim to a veela within the boundaries of our country. Imagine my surprise when I heard that the creature spurned his advances and he was assaulted for his trouble!"

Harry's eyes narrowed in fury. Did this stupid, abysmally ignorant toad truly dare to speak of his Gabby that way? Even while he was in the room?! He felt Gabby's hand touch his arm lightly as she tried to calm him. Instantly he schooled his features and reigned in his emotions.

"I knew we could not have that! Any part-human creature within our country must be strictly controlled and this young veela should have been on her hands and knees praising Lord Malfoy for even thinking of soiling himself by taking her to bed! This bill, Milords, was written by myself when it became clear through all of my research, that we are severely lacking in our laws of registering, rounding up, and controlling veela within our boundaries. We all know that an unbound veela's powers can and are almost always used to draw in even the most respected members of our society. This cannot be allowed. This bill, which I am sure will become law today, will force any veela within our borders, or visiting, to register with the Ministry and if the veela is unbound, the veela will be taken into custody for the safety of our society until such time as she can be bound to a master."

Harry growled. "You speak of enslaving veela?"

Umbridge smiled. "Of course, Lord Potter!"

"You speak of them as if they are creatures, Madam Umbridge. Not the sentient, intelligent, beings of magic that they are. Though our blood and abilities make us different, Madam Umbridge, we are creatures of magic same as they or any other sentient magical being."

"We are not the same! They are sub-human!"

"And yet they are capable of wielding a wand, just as we are? Let me set this straight for you, Madam Umbridge. Veela, sirens, and many other types nymphs are powerful beings that are all that remain of the ancient Fay. You say they are sub-human, but even I have read your theories of how we wizards and witches should purify our society and our blood, so that maybe one day we shall attain the purity and power of magic that the ancient race once possessed. How can you speak of enslaving members of a race, calling them sub-human, at the same time you yourself practically worship them? You, Madam Umbridge, are a hypocrite of the highest degree! The only thing you seek is power, and human dominion over all that is magic!"

"How dare-" Umbridge began, but was silenced by a wave of Harry's hand.

"As Lord of the House Emrys, I hereby proclaim this bill denied. Consider yourself extremely lucky, Madam Umbridge. The so-called veela creature you spoke of is sitting beside me. My Lady Gabrielle is far more beautiful, intelligent, and worthy to be here today than you could ever dream. If you dare ever speak ill of her again, I assure you ever-lasting suffering which will have you screaming for mercy before I even complete the casting of the curse."

Harry could see the hate in Umbridge's eyes, but she remained silent.

"Our second and third items on the agenda today have also been submitted to us by Madam Umbridge. Do you still wish to present these to us?"

"I do, Chief Warlock, thank you," Umbridge growled. "Lord Potter, I can understand the personal reasons that you shot down my last bill that would have done so much good, but I assure you that you shall have no such reservations with these last two bills."

"We shall see," Harry replied quietly.

"My next bill was drawn up because it has come to my attention that the centaur herds within our borders, namely the herd within the Forbidden Forest near Hogwarts, believes themselves to above us. Instead of being grateful for the land we allow them, they attack nearly any witch of wizard on sight. They claim to be of superior intelligence and claim that it is their land to begin with! This bill will restrict the lands they are allowed to roam and allow wizards and witches to defend themselves against these beasts before they are attacked and struck down."

"Are you really that stupid, Madam Umbridge?"

"Excuse me, child?" Madam Umbridge roared.

"Silence," Harry said cooly. "This child happens to be a Lord and far more intelligent than yourself, thank Merlin. Have you stopped and thought of the reasons the centaurs are so hostile to us?"

"No! Why should I?"

"I thought not. You are a fool," Harry replied calmly. "Instead of seeking the source of the problem, you, in your self righteous arrogance deem it necessary to make the problem worse. Have you thought of how close said herd is to the students of Hogwarts? Have you considered how far an arrow can fly to hit an unsuspecting student when shot from beyond the shadows of the treeline? Currently, this herd only attacks anyone who come within the territory they deem as their own, and rightly so. If you use this bill to restrict and attack them, they will strike out. You would foolishly place our children, the future of our world, and even myself in danger."

"You believe they have the right to attack us now?"

"I believe, Madam Umbridge, that just as any sentient creature, they have the right to protect and preserve that which is theirs. Their territory used to extend several hundreds of miles beyond the forbidden forest before the Ministry decided that might made right and took over nearly all of their land, claiming it to belong to the Ministry and 'allowing' the centaurs to remain in certain areas."

"But it is our land!"

"No, Madam Umbridge! We only rule because we have the power to do so. That doesn't make it right. The only reason any sentient magical being submits to our laws is because we have forced them to! Either way, we are not our hypocritical cousins across the Atlantic that deemed it permissible to allow peasants to revolt against their rightful ruler in order to make their own rules. We are not they who enforced their laws on the native peoples of the North American continent and stole their land from them. So why should we act as they do? Give me one good reason we should lower ourselves to such a standard of self-righteousness, arrogance, and hypocrisy."

Umbridge's mouth slammed shut and she glared hatefully at Harry, but again remained silent.

"As I thought. Bill denied!"

"So be it, but even you cannot deny that Goblins have raised their rates far too high for our wealthy," Madam Umbridge cried. "We must raise their taxes and place harsher restriction on them now so that they will know their place and stop attempting to rise above it."

"Madam Umbridge," Harry began.

"What now?!" Umbridge roared.

"Yell at me again, you foul, disgusting creature, and I shall ensure that you never see that light of day again," Harry snarled. "Your stupidity truly has no bounds! First, you would enslave a race of beautiful, intelligent beings. Secondly, you would have us put our own children in danger. Now you would have the goblins once again declare war on us! Do you have any idea whatsoever what would happen then? You stupid, ignorant woman! The Ministry is full of hypocrites but you truly take the cake. Allow me to enlighten you. Because of various treaties, the Ministry allows the Goblin Nation to remain autonomous and independent of our laws in exchange for peace. However, the price of doing business is that the Ministry restricts their rights in exchange for allow the Goblin Nation the sole ability to run a Wizarding Bank, ergo, controlling our entire economy. What happens when they declare war and lock all of our gold and treasures away from us? What happens when masses of goblin warriors stream from holes in the ground and from Gringotts and begin to slaughter innocent people, unable to defend themselves, because of your folly?"

"But they are not human! These creatures are of near-human intelligence and should be grateful for any rights that we, their superiors, allow them!"

"Near-human intelligence? Superiors?" Harry questioned, incredulous. "Madam, you insult this entire body with such a statement! By your actions and words here today, you have already proven your own intelligence to be far outstripped by that of a kneazle! Are we all to submit ourselves to such stupidity and blind, arrogant prejudice?"

Without a word, Umbridge roared in fury and turned, stomping out the door of the Chambers. Surprisingly, even she wasn't stupid enough to attack Lord Potter in the open, even in her fury.

"Well then," Dumbledore sighed, glancing around. Harry could easily see the amusement written on his face. "I believe that it has been firmly decided to sack the last three bills submitted to us today. Shall we continue on to the next item?"

There were murmers of agreement and within a few short minutes Harry was watching as Lucius was dragged before them and watched as the chains of the chair on the center of the floor quickly wrapped tightly around him, binding Lucius to the chair.

"Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, you have been brought before the High Wizengamot today on charges of kidnapping, murder, unlawful possession of an unregistered muggle concubine, and attempted rape. How do you plead?"

"I plead not guilty," Lucius replied silkily. "I have not committed any crimes against any witch of wizard and therefore am innocent according to the Lordship Writ of 1653."

Dumbledore frowned. "So you admit to murdering the parents of one Christine Granger?"

"I do. They were muggle filth. By my station as Lord Malfoy, I have every right to rid the world of such filth and take their daughter as payment of debts."

"So you admit to all charges?"

"As they would apply to muggle filth, yes. But the Lordship Writ of 1653 allows my actions as they were to be legal. The girl's parents owed me a debt and they were muggle. As such a had the right to do as I wished to any of them in order to pay that debt," Lucius remarked snidely.

"Well put Lucius," Dumbledore remarked. "But as you yourself said. As it would have applied to muggles. Unfortunately for you, Christine Granger is a muggleborn witch and therefore exempts her entire immediate family of said Writ."

Lord Knott sat forward. "That may be true, Chief Warlock. However at the time, they were all believed to be muggle. As such, the spirit of Lord Malfoy's actions run according to the Writ."

Dumbledore bowed his head. "I concede, Lord Knott. You are correct."

He turned back to face Lucius. "By your own admission, you are guilty. However, ancient law forces the Wizengamot today to declare you innocent of all crimes. Consider yourself lucky, Lucius Malfoy. We shall be watching. You may go."

The chains wrapped around Lucius immediately fell to the floor and he sneered up at the Wizengamot before he turned to leave.

"Halt!" Harry's voice called out, freezing Lucius in his spot mid-turn.

"You are allowed to leave today, Lucius," Harry began, "only because I do not wish to be seen as thinking myself above the law. However, you have disgraced yourself and your former peers. I, as Lord of the House of Emrys, hereby strip you of your station and your titles. You are no longer a Lord and to allow yourself to be addressed as such will welcome a death sentence by my hand. Muggle or no, if I ever again hear of you harming another, I will hunt you down, and I will execute you on the spot. You are to immediately return to your manor to live for the rest of your days. If you leave at any time, your life will be free to take by any witch or wizard that deems it necessary to rid our world of the threat you pose. Your money is gone. Your titles and influence are gone. Never again shall your tongue of silver work its magic. Begone!"

With Harry's final word, Lucius was banished by the Old Magic within the chambers to his own room within his manor, the only thing that Harry had allowed him to keep while collecting on his debts.

Two hours later, Harry's head hurt desperately and he was considering drowning himself in the lake if he ever got the brilliant idea of willingly attending one of these meetings again.

Finally, Dumbledore cleared his throat and announced that they had reached the final item on the agenda.

"Milords and Ladies, our final item on the agenda today, as I am proud to announce, is a potion devised by Hogwarts own potions master, Severus Snape!"

As the doors slammed open once more, Severus strode in proudly, followed closely by Remus.

"Welcome Severus," Dumbledore said. "Would you kindly explain what you have for us today?"

"Of course, Headmaster," Severus drawled. "As you all know I created the Wolfsbane Potion several years ago for my Mastery. Today, I present a vastly improved potion. I have dubbed it the Wolfsnare Potion because instead of just surpressing the mind of the wolf, it entirely ensnares the possessing spirit within the werewolf, halting the transformation entirely. Upon the light of the full moon, the potion negates the power of the rays of the full moon, encasing its power and releasing it as healing magic throughout the werewolf's body, healing the pains and damage done in the few days leading up to the full moon. It only has to be consumed once during the week leading up to the full moon."

"Has it been accredited by the Potions Masters League of Europe?" Dumbledore asked.

"One week ago today, Sir. On the night of the full moon it was tested on Remus Lupin and received full accreditation by the League."

"What of the cost," Fudge asked. "How much will it cost the average werewolf? Surely, the ingredients and costs to make the potion must be immense!"

"That has already been taken care of, Minister," Harry interjected. "As I said earlier, I had pressing business to attend to at Gringotts before my arrival here today. Nearly two months ago, I was approached by Remus Lupin and informed of this potion, and working together with Severus Snape, we have worked out the bill that now sits before you on each of your tables."

With a wave of Harry's hand, a bill that Harry had written himself appeared before each of them.

"This bill will basically enact a law which sets a government budget to buy the Wolfsnare potion to help those who can't afford it. It also makes it illegal to discriminate against hiring werewolves that take this potion, since it nullifies the danger. To be eligible, the werewolf must meet the same requirements as any other candidate, but must also have been taking this potion for at least 6 months. For 6 months after this general release of this potion, the Ministry of Magic will provide it freely, since it is very expensive, to allow time for the werewolves to adjust, and provide cells for them to change in if they fail to take the potion. After the 6 month period, during which all participating werewolves will be logged to ensure that they receive fair treatment by employers, but to also prevent any noncooperative werewolves from finding jobs, deeming them as a danger to themselves and others since they did not want to accept the help to prevent them becoming a danger to themselves and others."

Fudge looked incredulous. "You expect the Ministry to pay for this?"

"Of course, why shouldn't the Ministry pay to help and protect it's citizens? That's what the Ministry was initially formed to do, so why not? Werewolves are citizens just as we are, no matter how many times the Ministry attempts to de-humanize them out of fear. Werewolves are only dangerous one night each month, and at all other times most of them are decent, law abiding witches and wizards."

"How will we gather the funds to create such a budget? If I raised the taxes even higher, the public would have my head on a pike!" cried Fudge.

"Precisely the reason we won't do it that way, Minister," Harry replied smiling. "I have set up a trust that already contains 150 million galleons. This initial funding for the Wolfsnare Trust will last approximately half a century based on the current numbers of werewolves in our communities today. Hopefully, over time enough of these will continue taking this potion, and the werewolf curse will eventually die out altogether, at least within our borders. The interest gained on the account alone will easily cover any expenses, but the bill before you today also requires each Lord of the Wizengamot to either supply 75 thousand galleons a month, or pay 1.5 percent of your annual income as tax into the fund."

"That's outrageous!"



The yells of anger from the Lords went on for several minutes.

"Tell me," Harry began again, "How many of you bring in less than a million galleons a month? Anyone?"

There was silence.

"Exactly. And how many of you live in fear of letting your children be around werewolves, or out alone at night anywhere near alleys or forests because of werewolves?"

Silence again.

"My point, is that each of us here have vast fortunes that we now have the ability to use to help protect our children, and possibly end the fear of the werewolf curse for all time. Would you rather coil in fear and content that your gold is safe, even as you fear for the danger to your children? It is time to make a change!"

"Lord Potter makes a very good point," Madam Bones said. "As I am sure my niece would agree, the Bones family would happily see the end of this curse."

"Definitely," Lord Zabini said standing.

"Are you all really going to do this?" Fudge cried.

"Of course!" Lord Knott said standing. "I, for one, hate werewolves, and would do anything to never set eyes on one of the wretched creatures again. Why should you object? This bill has no effect whatsoever on you, Fudge. You are not a Lord of the Wizengamot."

"Then shall we vote?" Dumbledore asked. There were nods all around. "Very well, all those in favor?"

The vote was nearly unanimous. Only a few voted against it, Fudge included.

"Congratulations Severus, Lord Potter," Dumbledore said. "I look forward to seeing the results of your venture. Now, I believe we are done here today, so I now, formally draw this session to a close. Thank each of you very much for your attendance and patience today. We are adjourned."

Author's Notes:

Btw, I am well aware that with my views, eventually I will have quite a few flaming me about me flaming American society so much. Before you do, think for yourselves. I'm American myself. Anything I have written, is entirely true, except to those who can't bear to face how selfishly corrupt and self-serving our society has become.

To any who may comment on Harry's knowledge, or lack thereof from Merlin's memories, Harry does not know everything. He received memories from Merlin watching over all of history, true. But remember, there are places, knowledge, and events that magic also protects from ever being known by outside sources. So it is still highly unreasonable to assume Harry knows everything. He just has a massive head start over everyone except for Voldemort… who will probably be far more intelligent, cunning, aggressive, and powerful than in many many other fics.

The Lordship Writ of 1653, which I have devised, basically states that any Lord or Head of House, if owed a debt by a muggle, may do whatever he deems necessary to collect on that debt. This includes banishment, imprisonment, even up the execution and/or enslavery of the muggle and/or the muggle's entire immediate family. However if the person in debt be of magical blood, this law is negated. I know that many of my readers probably don't like this get out of jail free card, but lets face it, does anyone actually believe that Lucius will follow Harry's terms of release? Besides, for the moment I still need Lucius for one more strike.

Btw, for any who have noticed, I switched the creation of the Wolfsbane Potion to Snape.