Within the Melody

By: Female Heero Yuy

Disclaimer: I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn or it's original characters.......though it would be cool if I could .

Please enjoy. =3

The teacher before the class smiled pleasantly as he looked at his class. "I have a special assignment for all of you." he started, awaiting the anticipation from the class. He received a few whines and groans, but not much else. "Now, now. This will be a fun assignment. You will all work in pairs of two to create a two person play. The play must be a minimum of 15 minutes. You may use previous plays so long as you keep in mind that you can only work with your partner."

"Awww. A play...that means we'll be infront of people right?" came a voice in the class.

"What are we going to do?" came another.

"Now I know your all abit worried, but you'll be given ample time. Two weeks is more than enough time to prepare for this project. You'll be showing your work infront of the school so make sure to work hard. I've also decided to do the pairs in a random draw, so i'll read your names and who your partnered with."

"Tch! I should be partnered with the tenth!" Gokudera shouted.

"Now, now, it'll be fun to see who we end up with." Yamamoto stated with a smile.

Gokudera just scoffed.

Tsuna looked worried. 'What to do? I don't even know who i'll be partnered with. And i'll be infront of people..gahh!'. he thought.

After the teacher had read the names, Gokudera looked pissed. He'd been partnered with Yamamoto.

"Tch! Random drawing my foot! He did that on purpose! I should show that teacher a piece of my mind!" he vented.

"Now, now Gokudera." Tsuna sweated. By far he was very worried, because it turned out there wasn't enough students in the class to have everyone in two pairs. So Tsuna was at first left without a partner, but his teacher told him not to worry about it because he'd gotten someone as a back up just in case.

"So who's your partner Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked pleasantly. "Did the teacher tell you?"

"Umm, no, he just told me to meet him after school." he scratched his cheek. "I'm a little nervous."

As they walked to the gate they saw Hibari. They started to sweat a little even as they debated on passing by or waiting til he left. They didn't get a chance to choose because he walked up to them. "How long do you intend to crowd around here? I'll bite you to death."

"Ehhhheee!" Tsuna squealed in fear.

"I got stuck helping you with your assignment." he muttered with distaste. "Don't expect me to do any of the main work." he finished off before walking away.

Silence hit before a loud scream erupted from Tsuna. "WWWWHHHHHAAATTT?"

"The teacher got Hibari as your partner?" Gokudera shouted.

"This is terrible!" he panicked.

"Well Tsuna, now is a great time for you two to bond." Reborn's voice came out of nowhere.

"Eh?" everyone looked around. Reborn appeared from an opening in the wall that had been hidden. He had his usual smile as his electronic chair extended.

"As a mafia boss you should get to know all your subordinates better." he stated.

"How can you expect me to bond with Hibari! He's scary!" Tsuna shouted.

"You'll just have to figure that out on your own, Tsuna." Reborn smiled, then left back the same way he'd come.


Is was early the next day. Tsuna stood outside the library as he awaited Hibari. He was entirely nervous.

"How long do you intend to stand there?" came Hibari's voice from behind him. Making Tsuna squeal with fright.

"Hibari!" he shouted. He couldn't help but wonder how long he'd been there. When Hibari entered the Library. He'd made sure to stay atleast a good four feet behind him. 'I can't help but wonder how the teacher got Hibari to even do this. It's bizarre. I can't see him simply being asked and agreeing to it.'

"Even if I was paid to do this, it doesn't mean we'll do any play you feel like." Hibari stated.

'He was paid?' Tsuna looked at him in shock. "Umm, well..." he sweated. "Is there anything that interests you?"

"It doesn't matter just pick something thats atleast got two parts, and doesn't have anything stupid in it." he spoke as he sat on a nearby recliner.

Tsuna faltered as he was exhausted with Hibari already.

They'd spent a whole day in the library, and everything Tsuna had picked had been promptly shot down by Hibari. Hamlet, Clash of the titans, Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake. Every play that Tsuna had found denied before a scene was even picked. And he'd honestly been pushing it with Swan Lake. He thought for sure Hibari would of liked to do the fight scene between the wizard and the prince.

He walked with his shoulders hunched forward, defeated. A whole day had been wasted. When he looked behind he saw Hibari still following him, abit too close for his liking. The next thing to try since the library closed was a bookstore, but everyone they'd gone to either had exactly what had been declined, or was too crowded for Hibari's liking.

"Eh?" Tsuna looked up in surprise. To his right was a bookstore. If one wasn't paying attention, they'd miss it in a heart beat as it was small and pushed back a little so it wouldn't be noticed. The only real indicator that it was a bookstore was the word itself painted on the glass window next to the wooden door. It looked alot like an antique shop as he gazed inside, but it was filled with books instead. "Let's try in here." he opened the door. "Hello?" he called inside. 'Is this place even open?' he thought.

"Can I help you?" came a voice of an old man. When Tsuna turned he shreeked in surprise. "Well?" he raised a brow.

"Umm...ah...do you have any playbooks?" he asked hesitantly.

"In the back. The farthest right corner."

"Ahh...thank you." he practically dashed. Suddenly he was very grateful for Hibari's prescence. The old man was freaky looking as he looked crooked and ancient. Like some old crone of a witch. When he'd gotten to the books he gasped in awe at how many there were. "Wow...." he picked one off the shelf. It looked old and was dusty. He blew the dust off it's cover and saw it was an old edition of King Lear. "Hibari..." he turned, but freaked out since Hibari had been so close making him fall backwards as he dropped the book. As he collided with the shelf many of the books fell.

"You kids better not be making a mess of my books!" the old crone shouted.

"Honestly....if you make much more noise i'll bite you to death." he glared at Tsuna. Then bent down to pick upt he fallen books. Even going as far as to dust them off as he picked them up.

"Ahh...sorry." he apologized as he started to help pick up the books. As they both reached for one in particular their hands hovered over it, and for some reason they looked at one another, both sweating a little.

But after a moment Hibari picked up the book and placed the others in a nearby pile. "Eternal Melody" he read the title after cleaning the cover off. He flipped through the pages.

"Eh? I've never heard of that play before." Tsuna got up.

"Neither have I." he responded as he looked over it's contents. A long silence held the room against time. "This one."

"Eh?" Tsuna backed away a little.

"We'll do this one." he handed over the book. "It's unique, only has two male characters, and frankly no one else will be doing it."

"Ah.." he replied as he grasped the book. It was like he felt something as he touched it. Like a small shock in his senses, but he couldn't figure out what it was.

As they sat in Tsuna's room. Neither Hibari nor Tsuna actually reached for the book to go through it as it sat on the table.

The fact that Hibari was in his room made Tsuna feel nervous, but the book made him even more uncomfortable than Hibari did. 'Ah why did I buy it? I should of just gone with King Lear!' he thought in panic. It was getting late and they hadn't even practiced a single line yet. The clock struck midnight, breaking Tsuna's attention from the book.

"Ah...it's midnight already?" he uttered in shock. Reborn had even gone through the trouble of getting Lambo out of the house so they could practice in peace. And possibly to keep Hibari's annoyance levels down. "What do we do? We've already lost a day!"

Hibari was sweating, he couldn't explain why the book unnerved him. Or why he even suggested it. But something told him to and unlike his usual self he obeyed. He lifted an unsure hand and went to place it on the book. When it got near he hesitated for a moment.

Tsuna watched as Hibari reached for the book. And for some reason his own hand moved towards it as well. They both touched it at the same time, making it glow brightly. Blinding them.

Outside, the windows of Tsuna's room emitted the light, then dulled within moments. The last sound that night, was the scream of the two.

Gokudera knocked on the Sawada's house door to be greated by Tsuna's mother. "Oh Gokudera! Your here early!" she said with a smile on her face. "Are you going to work on your school project together with Tsuna?"

"Of course! I can't leave the 10th alone with that...crazy person." he choose his words carefully...to a point. He could only hope Hibari wasn't there to hear him.

"Tsuna should be in his room. He hasn't come down for breakfast yet." she allowed him in.

"Thank you." he smiled as he walked up the stairs. When he got to Tsuna's room he knocked. "Boss!" he said in a slight excitement. "Boss are you there?" he sheepishly opened the door. He blinked in surprise when he saw no one was in. "Oh? Did they leave already?"

When they'd all gone back to school. Gokudera was immediately up at Tsuna's desk. "10th! We're you able to find a suitable play?"

"No." he bluntly stated unlike himself. No one had seen him until that morning for school. And nothing was stated as to where he and Hibari had gone.

"Oh, that's too bad." Yamamoto chimed in. "But there's still time for you to find something."

"Tch, Hibari is probably wasting the 10th's time! I should tell him off. He shouldn't be wasting the 10th's valuable time!"

"No, it's fine." he stated in a meloncholy voice. "We just couldn't find anything suitable is all."

"Tsuna are you okay?" Yamamoto asked.

"I'm fine."

"Are you sure? You seem abit...different. Are you ill?"

He recieved no answer after that. The rest of the day went by seemingly enough, with the exception of Tsuna's new personality. Days went by and it seemed his personality wasn't at it's normal peak. Whenever he was asked if his work was going alright, he'd state the same. They weren't doing anything. It was rather worry some to say the least. If they weren't working on the assignment. What were Hibari and Tsuna doing then? It was finally the day when they were supposed to show the school there hard work. Tsuna and Hibari were no where to be found. And their turn was next.

"This is horrible! The 10th is gaining horrible habits from that Hibari!" he growled with rage. "I'll never forgive him if the 10th get's left back."

"Now, now i'm sure they'll be here. Even Hibari wouldn't do that right? He'd go on about how it'd disgrace the school or something." Yamamoto stated.

"Hey! They should be here to the extreme!" Ryohei shouted.

When the lights went out, even one blinked in surprise.

"Did the power go out?" Yamamoto inquired. But when a lone light hit the stage and eluminated Hibari this proved not to be the case.

"When they he get here?" Ryohei asked perplexed. He was rather sure Hibari hadn't been back stage at all.

It was like he was himself but wasn't himself at the same time. No matter how much he tried to keep his true self in tact it was fading, a losing battle. "Oh how my heart trembles with but a single spark of hope." he spoke, his actions fluid, and faultless. Hibari seemed to be in a daze of some sort even as he acted out his role. "That spark that one day I will have a true friend beside me no matter what I may do. No matter what I may see."

"What play is this?" Yamamoto asked. "I've never heard such strong lines before."

"Maybe they worked on their own play?" Kyoko stated confused. "It's rather invigorating. I've never seen Hibari speak with so much emotion." she smiled intrigued as she watched the play from the sidelines.

"I am alone....." his voice trembled, "With nothing but this single spark that holds unto the depths of my soul. It will die. Soon. So very soon." a solem melody sounded. Where it'd come from no one knew. "This wind freezes my heart with it's icey breath." a wind sound. "Trembling my very being into nothing."

"Do not say such things oh prince." came Tsuna's voice. But when had he arrived? How did he get to that side of the stage when everyone was watching so eagerly.

"Who is there?" Hibari turned.

"I have no name. I a merely a puppet, a puppet that heard your voice and wished the same wish as you."

"A puppet cannot speak."

"That is true, but your wish has given me life. Oh please accept me oh prince. Without it, I am nothing and will die."

A harsh rapsody sounded as they gaze upon eachother in silent for a moment. "I shall grant your request, but only as I deem fit. You will be a servant of mine puppet."

"Ah you wish oh prince. If a servant is what you need, a servant I shall be."

Everyone in the audience was mesmerized by the play. Every other group before them had done plays of Shakespear, some doubled from others. This one they couldn't keep their eyes off it. It was simply stunning, like the two before them were in tune.

"To grant your wish. We must dance the demon's dance." Tsuna stated.

Hibari did a hand action above his head. Usually such an action was only used in ballets, but it simply meant. Won't you dance with me? An enchanting melody played as they dance a mesmerizing dance. The other backstage were even surprised that Hibari could even, or would even dance. The audience was surprised that Tsuna had such grace in his steps, they wondered if this was the same Tsuna who they had as their classmate. When the dance ended. The scene changed drastically.

"I cannot accept this." Tsuna stated. "He is human and will leave me to rot." he spoke with anger. "I cannot accept this. I won't. I worked hard to be accepted as a friend, I won't be thrown away." he turned toward Hibari, who'd turned as if he didn't know he was there to begin with and just arrived.

"My comrade what ailes you?" he asked pleasantly.

"My heart, it weaps, it weaps that you will leave me. I cannot stand such a thing. So..to prevent you from leaving. I shall kill you." he attacked. When had Tsuna gotten a sword? No one knew. Was it great skill in hiding things in his wardrobe? His blade struck Hibari in the shoulder, though his attack was aimed at his chest.

Hibari held his wound and faltered back. "Demon! I shall slay thee!" he brought out his own sword. "It is the least I can do to end your suffering!" he attacked, but Tsuna dodged it.

"Hey is fake blood allowed? I didn't know we could use props." Yamamoto stated as he watched the epic battle play out.

Tsuna aimed his attack and was punctured through his chest. "Forgive me my friend." Hibari stated. But then urked in pain. Tsuna had gotten him with his own blade through his side.

"Please....." Tsuna weaped. "Please promise me, that we'll be together.....for eternity.." he started to fall. Hibari caught him before he fell.

"Aye, with our dying breathes....we shall part this world." he finished. The lights flicked off. The play was over.

After a moment the audience applauded enthusiastically. They enjoyed the play very much.

"10th!" Gokudera shouted excitedly as Hibari and Tsuna were back stage. "That was amazing! I'd never seen such an amazing play before in my life!"

"And that battle scene!" Yamamoto chimed in, "I never knew you two were so amazing with swords. How did you guys get the fake blood to come out with the fake swords?"

"Fake swords?" Tsuna questioned. "Ah...right." he looked away. Tsuna didn't seem like himself either.

Kusakabe ran up to the group in a huff. "Kyoya!" he shouted. "You were amazing! I can't believe who wonderful it was!" he patted Hibari on his bloodied shoulder. Making Hibari wince in pain. "Kyoya?" he looked puzzled.

Everyone was in a panic when Tsuna and Hibari finally collasped. The sounds of sirens started blaring.

"ARE YOU TWO CRAZY!" came the shout from the hospital room. "You both could of died!" Dino scolded the two who were currently in hospital beds. The moment he'd heard Tsuna was in the hospital was the moment he'd jumped on a plane to Nami Mori. "And you! I thought you had better sense than to do such a thing! Both of you! Are you both high or something!"

"This isn't the 10th's fault! I'm sure Hibari put him up to it!" Gokudera added his input.

"Really? Hibari doesn't seem like the type to inflict a wound over a play." Yamamoto stated.

"Are you serious? He's crazy!" Gokudera was in hysterics. "He probably told the 10th to do it or he'd kill him! Which he almost did!"

Hibari and Tsuna in their beds, were ignoring everyone around them seemingly. Hibari was looking out the window and Tsuna was reading a magazine.

"Are you two even listening?" Dino shouted in rage.

"Your pissed. Got it." Tsuna mumbled unlike himself. No one could be sure but he was looking more like when he was in hypermode than his usual self. But they shrugged it off as it was the face that they were upset.

A nurse peeked into the room and looked very nervous. "I'm sorry...but visiting hours are over. You'll have to come back at normal hours."

"Do me a favor, make sure to keep all sharp pointy objects away from these two!" Dino shouted as he threw his hands in the air. "Honestly! Stabbing over a play! I don't care how good it was! That was just plain stupid!" he ranted all the way down the hall.

"10th i'll be back bright and early!" he cried, even has Yamamoto dragged him.

"Call us if you need anything!" he shouted as he dragged Gokudera out.

Once everyone had left the room, the two smiled menicingly even as the lights turned off.

Reborn sat on Tsuna's bed in deep thought, everyone had decided to stay the night even though Tsuna wasn't there. Tsuna's mom was in her room crying, her Husband consoling her.

"It's so odd that they would do that." Yamamoto leaned back. "I know Hibari is crazy sometimes but even he wouldn't go that far."

"Hmmm, it seems like both are out of sorts to me." Ryohei stated. "Like they went crazy to the extreme. In a bad way."

"Somehow I don't think this is normal." Reborn stated. "Something had to of happened."

"You think so?" Dino asked. He'd finally calmed down after a while.

"Since when are Hibari and Tsuna known to act so violently to the point where they'd nearly killed each other? Tsuna is more likely to get hit and Hibari is more likely to hit and walk off. But never have the two ever put one another in the hospital. Their actions are also suspicious." Reborn stated.

"That is true." Dino responded. "Even Hibari is more likely to keep attacking to enjoy the fight."

"What's more confusing is why them?" Yamamoto looked perplexed.

Even one went silent while they thought of possible conclusions. Explainations. Anything.

"Wait...didn't they said they weren't even practicing for their play?" Gokudera spoke up.

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?" Yamamoto asked. "I mean, maybe they came up with it on the spot?"

"I wanna know what happened to the swords they had." Ryohei added.

"Hey wait...where did those go?" Gokudera looked stunned. "If they'd tossed them wouldn't they had made a clanging sound?"

"And where did they hide them in the first place?" Yamamoto looked stunned himself.

"Hmmmm." Reborn hummed.

Two shadowed figures leaped from rooftop to rooftop. It almost looked as though they were flying, landing gracefully with each leap to leap with elegance again. The sleeping occupants of each house didn't hear a single sound. It was almost as though the figures were so light they couldn't make a sound. Finally they came to a mansion hidden deep in the forest. The gardens shined in the moonlight as if they were moonlight themselves. As they walked into an area the looked to be a thrown room they knelt down before the mysterious man.

The man in the throne chair before them was wearing regal garments of the highest quality. His hair was short and black. Brushed back in a slick fashion to perfection. His coat was red, his slacks a dark brown. His blue eyes glimmered as he saw the two kneel before him. Getting up, he grasped each of their hands. "Welcome home...." he started. He looked at them. It was Tsuna and Hibari. "My creations."

"We're home...father." they stated in unison.

"They're what?" Gokudera slammed his hands against the counter. It was the only thing keeping the nurse safe.

"I'm sorry sir! But they must of left sometime during the night shift!" she panicked. She wasn't sure what he was going to do.

"But he's hurt! What if he's been kidnapped?" Nana cried.

"Don't worry we'll find him." Iemitsu replied. "You'll see."

The man sighed as he brushed Hibari's hair. He'd dressed Tsuna and Hibari like dolls. "This is wonderful to have my creations back. But alas. I am still missing one." he muttered in disappointment. "My set will never be completed if I don't have the third. But who would be a wonderful accompanyment of you two?" he stepped away and looked through the photos he had laid out on the table. Hibari's and Tsuna's placed at the very top. He picked up the other photo's as if deciding on a new outfit or piece of jewerly. "Ahh...this one is far too boyish." he tossed Ryohei's photo behind him. "This one lacks luster." he tossed Yamamoto's photo. "A girl...no way. A girl would destroy the image i'm going for." he tossed Chrome's photo. "Ah...this one...this one is just plain disappointing." he tossed Gokudera's. "Do the Vongola have nothing left to offer? Will my master pieces be incomplete?" he slammed his fists to the table and he blinked when he saw a photo he'd missed that had been flipped over. Curious he picked it up and turned it to it's proper side. "It's...perfect." he smiled.

Reborn was reading the latest news from the mafia. The title, "Mukuro Missing! Kidnapped while imprisoned!" It was a rather unusual title. How could one who was in jail get kidnapped? Especially from the Vendicare.

"It seems things are becoming abit more complicated." he folded his paper.

"Tch, I bet he wasn't even kidnapped. I bet he escaped and they didn't want that on their record!" Gokudera shouted.

"I don't think so. The Vendicare enforces mafia law. They have no reason to lie." Reborn stated.

"Even if they aren't lying. We still don't know where the 10th and Hibari are. It's nerve wracking! What if they were kidnapped like Tsuna's mother said!"

"It wouldn't be unlikely since Tsuna is set to be the next boss of the Vongola." Reborn replied. "And as for Hibari and Mukuro I don't know. For all we know all of you could be targets."

Pain. It was all he felt. Each step was agony. He panted as he leaned against a wall for support. He couldn't explain what had happened. One moment he was in his prison at the Vindicate. The the next he was in the park of Nami Mori. In pain. He didn't even know how he'd gotten there. Or why he was placed at the park. One thing he knew. And as sorely as he didn't want to admit it. He needed help.

He gripped the wall for support as he made his way to the one place he thought he'd never go to in his life. The Sawada house.

The door bell rang, Nana ran to open it in hopes that her child had returned. When she opened it. She screamed.

"Mama what's wrong?" Reborn came to the door quickly with the others behind him. At the door was Mukuro. And he looked like he'd been to hell and back about a dozen times. He was dirty, parts of his clothing where torn, and he didn't even have shoes on. He was currently using the door as support even with his right arm covered by a cloth. "Mukuro. How did you get here?"

"Vo...ngo...la.." was all Mukuro stated before he collasped to the floor unconcious.

"Wasn't he kidnapped? I told you he escaped!" Gokudera shouted in a rage.

"Hmm." Reborn check his pulse. "Take him to Tsuna's room." he turned to Nana. "Don't worry mama, he's a friend."

After Nana had calmed down. Everyone was in Tsuna's room. Mukuro in the bed. He was panting and sweating profusely. Dr. Shamal had been called in and he was pulling out his tools to prepare for a check up.

"How did he get here?" Yamamoto asked in shock. "Wasn't he being held captive or something after being kidnapped?"

"Who knows." Reborn replied.

"Ahh!" Mukuro shouted and kicked at Dr. Shamal.

"Hey! I'm trying to help you you brat! This is why I prefer women! Now hold still so I can check your arm!" he grabbed at him. It was quite a complicated battle when the person he was trying to help kept trying to use the sheets as a shield. When he finally got them away, he was stunned at what he saw. Mukuro's arm was covered in dry blood, he had a deep wound in his upper arm. "Haaaa, this is why you have to hold still!" he scolded. It'd taken a while, but he'd finally had Mukuro bandaged and safe from bleeding to death. He was currently sleeping from the drugs Dr. Shamal had given him.

"This is just plain confusing!" Gokudera rubbed at his head, messing up his hair.

"Confusing it maybe, but there's more to this than we know." Reborn stated. "And what we do know doesn't make sense."

"Tsuna and Hibari attacked one another, Mukuro was kidnapped. Tsuna and Hibari disappear, but Mukuro appears." Yamamoto thought aloud.

In the morning, everyone was abit sluggish from having an all night conversation and coming up with nothing. They freaked out when Mukuro was missing. Thinking something had happened they ran down stairs.

"More please!" came an excited voice from the dining room.

"Oh my, I never knew someone who had such an appetite. I'm so happy!" came Nana's voice.

They all looked in and there he was. Surrounded by empty dishes. Mukuro. Currently he was munching on some rice and toast. "Fank ku!" he said with his mouth full as she gaved him another serving of bacon and eggs.

"Are you even tasting the food?" Iemitsu asked as he looked abit gloomy. He tapped his fork on his empty plate.

"Yes. And it's very delicious!" he smiled.

"Ahhhh I think i'm in love with your stomach!" she said with glee. "I have some recipes i've been wanting to try, but Tsuna won't even taste them."

"I'll be more than glad to taste them." he said with a smile after he swallowed. He had some rice on his face. Was this really the same Mukuro who was trying to gain control of Tsuna to destroy the mafia?

"What the hell!" Gokudera shouted as he pointed. "What do you think your doing!"

"Eatting breakfast." was the reply he received, before Mukuro shoved some more bacon into his mouth.

"I can see that you idiot! What I mean is aren't you supposed to be kidnapped?"

Mukuro stopped eatting for a moment and looked at Gokudera perplexed. "I was kidnapped?"



"Seriously." Reborn stepped onto the table.

"Huh...must of been some lousy kidnappers then." he continued to eat his rice. But at a slower pace.

"Oh my!" Nana looked surprised. "You poor thing, here have some sausage! They must of starved you."

"Sure..." he looked off the side. "Let's go with that."

"We need to talk after breakfast Mukuro." Reborn stated seriously.

After Mukuro had his buffet they'd migrated back to Tsuna's room.

"So what happened?" Reborn asked bluntly.

"I don't know." he responded just as bluntly.

"Who "kidnapped" you?"

"I don't know. And how sure are you that it was a kidnapping?"

Reborn tossed the article at him. Mukuro picked it up and skimmed through it's contents. "Wow."

"You remember something?" Gokudera asked.

"No. I just find it very sad that I was taken so easily. Even I couldn't get out of the bottom levels."

"Hey you! We're having a serious conversation here! So if you want us to call the Vindicare's on your ass you'll talk!" Gokudera threatened.

"Oh?" He looked smug. "But even if I knew anything. Which I don't. I wouldn't tell a mannerless octopus like you."

Ryohei tried his best to stiffle his laughter. Gokudera got up and was ready to pummel his face in.

"Now, now, if he doesn't know anything, he doesn't know anything."

Mukuro started scratching at his arm. The bandages were making him itch. "I don't even know where I got this from." he scratched some more. "But it's itching like hell!" he started scratching more vigoriously. Reborn promptly smacked him upside the head.

"Don't scratch it."

"Ow..." he rubbed at his head.

Nana poked her head into the room. She had a tray of drinks and a clean towel. "I brought you all some drinks. And I drew you a bath." she turned to Mukuro.

He looked down at himself, he was filthy. He was probably as filthy as the bums on the street, his hair was full of dried blood and mud. "Yay! Bath!" he cheered and took the towel from her like a child who'd been given a new toy.

"Hey! This isn't over!" Gokudera shouted at him as he followed Nana to the bathroom.

"Didn't say it was." he slammed the door shut. Gokudera started pounding on the door in a fit.

"Open this door you hobo!"

"I can't hear you." came a cheerily response from the other side. The shower was turned on, and Mukuro started to sing in the shower.

"You bastard!"

"Well, just let him have his shower. He's probably been through alot." Yamamoto said just as cheerily.


Mukuro was sitting in the computer chair in the room. Spinning round and round, as he waited. He was currently wearing a pair of Tsuna's shorts and a shirt. They were a little snug, but did the job. Nana had changed the sheets on the bed since they'd become equally filthy as Mukuro had been.

"Is there anything you can tell us?" Gokudera shouted.

"Nope. I don't know a thing." he smiled as he continued to spin.

"Your so useless!"

"And your ugly."

"What was that!"

"Now, now. Reborn told us to wait and that's what we're doing."

"Waiting is sooo boring." Mukuro pouted.

"I don't like waiting either." Ryohei added his input.

"Ahhh finally someone who understands me."

"Don't encourage him!" Gokudera shouted.

"Which him? Me him? Or him him?" Mukuro asked. It was obvious he was just messing around, if nothing else to see Gokudera loose his temper for amusement purposes.

"Stop spinning!" he grapped at the chair's arms. Making him come to a stop. "Your annoying everyone!"

"Everyone? You seem to be the only one who complained."

"Bastard..." he growled.

"We're back." Reborn stated as he walked in. He had Dr. Shamal with him.

"It's another octopus!" Mukuro pointed. This made Ryohei and Yamamoto break out in laughter.

"Uhh, this is why women are better."

"Well you can leave after you put on...that." Reborn smiled.

"Hmmm." Mukuro tilted his head to the side in curiosity.

The shuffle was brief as it was three to one. Even as he tried to confuse or attack his opponents, Mukuro was easily taken down.

"Hey get this off!" he tugged at the collar on his neck. He was trying to break it off.

"No can do. If you disappear that tracking device will lead us to you." Reborn stated.

"You can also think of it as a punishment for being a smart ass." Dr. Shamal dusted his hands off.

"Do you think this will work?" Yamamoto asked.

"Who knows, but he's the only lead we have. He might be able to lead us to the others." Reborn replied.

Everyone had left for the night. They'd left Mukuro in Tsuna's room to rest. The clock struck midnight with a bells toll. Mukuro slowly sat up in a daze, his eyes dulled. Turning to the window he looked at it then got up and opened it. He slowly sway as he stood there idly for a moment then put foot on the sil to climb out. The lights were turned on in a moment, and he was grabbed from behind by Ryohei.

"Where do you think your going!" Gokudera shouted. But gained no reply.

Ryohei was holding him to keep him from leaving.

"Let him go Ryohei." Reborn stated.

"What? But if we let him go we won't have any clues!" he shouted as Mukuro still pulled against his hold.

"That's the point." he smiled. Gaining awkward looks from everyone except Mukuro. Ryohei slowly let him go. Everyone watched as he climbed out the window and jumped from building to building. "Follow him."

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