Within the Melody 5

By: Female Heero Yuy

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Tsuna flew to the direction of his home. Landing near the familiar window that led to his room. Or...what used to be his room. When he looked inside he was filled with shocked. The room he'd known so well did not have his familiar bed, desk or anything of his for that matter. The room was filled with shelves filled with dolls, the walls lined with posters of advertisements of doll conventions and boxes. "Why...?" he whispered sadly even as he opened the window. Stepping into the room he looked around for anything that even resembled something that belonged to him. There was nothing. Opening the closet he found more items for dolls, and a few photo albums. Picking one off the shelf he looked through it's pages. Photos he remembered were before his eyes.

Soon tears fell from his eyes. Though the pictures he'd seen millions of times were before him. There was not a single photo with him in it. The album itself had less photos, only showing ones that had his parents. He trembled as he hugged the album to himself. In a fit he threw it, making it slam into the wall not caring where it landed even as he jumped out the window to take flight once more. Tears streaming from his eyes in sorrow.


"Damn it! Where is he?"Gokudera slammed his fist into a nearby wall. They'd checked the Sawada house, but he wasn't there.

"Calm down there's only so many places he'd go." Mukuro waved him off nonchalantly.

"AND HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THAT?" Gokudera shouted in anger as he glared at him. Mukuro just hung his head as he sighed. Chrome patted him on the back with confusion in her eyes. "And put those damn wings away! Your bringing attention to yourself."

Mukuro looked at him with a raised brow and annoyance on his features. "And how do you propose I do that? Snap my fingers and clap my hands? It's not that easy octopus head."

"What did you say?" he growled.

"You heard me." he smirked. Then he blinked several times as Hibari started walking away from the group. "Where are you going?"

"To Sawada." he stated simply as he kept walking. Everyone blinked in confusion. A hint of surprise considering he'd actually given them an answer as well. But otherwise they followed him. They walked towards what seemed to be another abandoned light house near the beach. Looking up they found Tsuna sitting at the top. Hugging his knees to himself. Yamamoto looked inside and noticed the stairs had long collasped inside.

"What do we do now?" Chrome asked.

Mukuro was looking up at Tsuna in thought, atleast until Gokudera shoved him. "Hey!" he glared at him in distaste.

"Well, get going." Gokudera put his hands on his hips.

"Eh?..." he raised a brow at him.

"Your the one with the wings, so fly up there and get him." he growled at him.

"Do I look like a fetching service to you?" he stated. "Besides as you've clearly seen, I don't know how to fly."

"Well now's the time for you to learn." Reborn stated as he pulled out his gun. "Get flapping or i'll shoot."


Tsuna held himself tightly as whimpered. "I've...been forgotten...I...really am...no good..." his voice trembled as he sniffled. Not even paying attention to his current surroundings.

Mukuro grabbed the edge of the spot where Tsuna was sitting, he panted heavily and with great effort pulled himself up. He coughed several times as he tried to catch his breath. "That...sucked..." he coughed. He looked as though he'd just been through a horrible training exercise in the military. Taking a few more minutes to catch his breath, he looked over at Tsuna and smirked. "Yo!" he lifted a hand in a greeting gesture.

Tsuna made no movement even as he'd been greeted.

"Aww don't be like that. I came all the way up here just to see you." he cooed.

"Go away." he muttered under his breath. "I want to be alone."

"I can't do that." he sweated slightly. "Trust me if I had my way, i'd of not even bothered coming up here. But under the circumstances..." he looked down. Reborn was clearly still pointing his gun at him. "Well let's get down to business shall we? What happened?" he started swinging his legs back and forth as though he were bored.

Tsuna just kept his mouth shut, not saying anything.

"Let me guess, you went home, and your room wasn't how it was or something and you had a fit, so now your sitting here moping right?" he stated.

Tsuna hugged himself tighter at that statement.

"Just forget them. Who needs parents anyway. They're nothing but trouble. And only cause grief. Look at me, I don't have any parents and I turned out great. Well...except for the whole getting turned into some weird doll angel thing, and being a science experiment as a kid. But otherwise I turned out great!" he put on his biggest smile.

"All...all I had were my parents...before everything...before having friends...they were all I had...even my crappy father...even when I let others down...even when I let them down...they still cared for me...and now...they've turned their backs on me...I lose everything...everything I touch goes away..." he started to cry. "I'm...just no good...Reborn was right...i'm worthless."


"What the hell is he doing up there?" Gokudera tried to see what was going on. But since they were at the bottom it was hard to tell. "He's taking forever! He better not be attacking the tenth!"

"Oh so he's the tenth again?" Reborn smirked.

"Shut up!" he shouted. "While it's true he could be a fake, at the same time he could be the tenth..." he faultered. "But that doesn't matter, I still need proof. If he turns out to be a fake. I'll kill him." his fists shook.

"But...even if he's a fake." Chrome started. "Doesn't he have a right to live? They didn't ask to be born. So why should they be punished for it?"

"Tch. Either way i'll see how this plays out. One way or another." Gokudera growled. "That much I swear."


"Are you really so worthless?" Mukuro asked seriously. "Maybe it's the other way around. Didn't you ever stop to think that maybe you were the one being forced to feel that way to make others feel good about themselves?"

"No...that's not.."

"How would you know? You've never asked them, though even if you did they probably wouldn't tell you the truth anyway. And even if it was the truth you'd have no way of knowing. Those are the facts. Nothing more nothing less."

"Why are you being so nice to me? Weren't you going to take over my body to control the mafia to destroy it?"

"Oh I still plan on doing that at some point." he smiled.

"Liar." Tsuna stated with a light smile.

"No it's true."

"Sure. Whatever."

"So...are you gonna come down off this ledge? Or am I gonna have to push you?"

"If you do that how are you gonna get down?" he gave him a sly smile. "Your flying skills are rather pathetic."

"I was kinda hoping that when I jumped down i'd land on octopus head." he stated bluntly. "Though..." he looked over the ledge "That is a long way down...I'm not so much worried about the jumping as I am the landing part."

Tsuna sighed. "Give me your hand. We'll go down together."

"No way, people are gonna think we're gay." he stated stubbornly.

"People think we're nothing more than dolls. They already think we're gay."

"...Touche." he cringed, before grabbing onto Tsuna's hand.


Hibari raised a brow as Tsuna and Mukuro landed to the ground. Even as Mukuro fell to his knees and started kissing the ground and uttering pure delight that it was solid. "What happened?" he asked simply.

"Don't worry about it." Tsuna just stated. "I'm fine now."

"You worried alot of people you know." Hibari stated bluntly.

"I know...i'm sorry." he looked down the floor sadly. Then he was surprised when there was a hand on his head.

"Try not to do that okay." Hibari lightly smiled. "You are our brother after all." he whispered so no one else could hear.

"Okay." he smiled softly.

"Are you three done?" Gokudera whined. "Some of us are actually worried that someone will see you and fluffy ya know!"

"Fluffy?" Tsuna raised a brow.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Mukuro glared at him. Tsuna just giggled.

"Hahahahahaha! He's fluffy! He's completely fluffy!" Lambo laughed in delight. Atleast until Mukuro gave him his sinister smile, then he shivered and hugged onto Ryohei's leg. "Scary fluffy." he whimpered.

"So what do we do now?" Yamamoto asked.

"I don't know." Tsuna held himself. "I...we...don't any have place to go."

"Speak for yourself." Mukuro scoffed. "I have a place to go." he put his hands on his hips.

"But would it be safe for you to stay at your hideout? Kreuz may know of it." Yamamoto stated seriously. "Maybe you should stay somewhere else. Somewhere he doesn't know about."

"What about Gokudera's apartment? He lives alone." Chrome asked.

"HELLLLLL NOOO! I'm not letting a set of crazy people into my house!" he shouted defiantly. "No way no how!"

"Not even the tenth?" Reborn asked.

Gokudera scoffed as he clentched his fist. "I have no proof he's the tenth." was all he stated. This made Tsuna rather sad, but he said nothing of it.

"We can't just leave them on the street." Yamamoto stated. "And further more..." he didn't get to finish.

"We'll stay at my place." Hibari stated out of the blue.

"But Kreuz probably knows where that is. Are you sure about that?" Reborn asked.

"Don't worry about it." was all he stated.

"I guess it's the only option we have for now." Reborn muttered. "Stay there until then, and don't go outside. We'll figure something out soon."

"You might wanna hurry up and get these two to your place, the sun's gonna come up shortly." Yamamoto stated. "I don't think people are ready to see a couple of guys with wings on their backs."

Hibari just nodded even as everyone slowly started to part. When they were at a distance Hibari turned to the other two.

"Is this really okay Hibari?" Tsuna asked.

"I just said that to ease the tension." he stated bluntly.

Tsuna sighed. "Oh I see, so I guess Mukuro and I are on our own for finding a hiding spot."

"No. As I said I just stated that to ease the tension. There is no place for any of us to go."

"Uhh...what do you mean?"

"Just look around." Mukuro spoke up. "Things have changed instantly, do you really think with such changes any of us would have a home to go to? You saw for yourself, we don't have a home. None of us do."

"I see...well atleast it was smart thinking on Hibari's part. Though now it comes to question on what we should do?" Tsuna looked at the ground.

"Our options are rather limited." Mukuro stated seriously. "We'd be better off just waiting til they forgot us and move on."

"But thats..." Tsuna wanted to protest, but stopped himself.

"This may come as a shock, but I seem to have gained some of Charmol's memories. From what I remember, Pelfei, Charmol and Gelda...had a rather...sorrowful past. I'm sure you've gained some of Pelfei's memories haven't you?"

Tsuna nodded. "They lived in seclusion away from others. Atleast until...ahh...but that part of the memory seems clouded. I don't know what happened when they died."

"Let's just go find some shelter for now. We'll figure out the rest later." Hibari stated as they started to walk in the opposite direction everyone else had left. "You do realize...we may have to..." he stopped himself.

"I know...it might be our only option in the end." Tsuna followed. "Which is rather painful, they worked so hard to rescue us."


"That was rather cruel Gokudera. Why wouldn't you let them stay with you?" Yamamoto asked.

"I don't want any friggin dolls in my house. It's already disgusting to think that we may have to let that fake tenth live." he stomped as he kept on.

"Denial to the extreme." Ryohei stated.

"Look, I realize things are messed up! But theres only so much a person can take! If you don't like it then leave me alone!" he shouted.

"Lambo wants wings like fluffy." Lambo muttered while sleeping in Ryohei's arms. "They are soft like marshmellows..." he drooled.


Kreuz sat on this throne as he fingered through the pages of an old ancient book. He smiled as he looked through it before closing it. "So I see. In the end I maybe the victor after all. Now comes the decision on if I should just wait. Or hunt them down...hmmm perhaps I shall leave them be for now. After all I do need to take care some final preparations. But still...I can't really have them roaming around on the streets can I? That could be disasterous."


They sat in various places of the attic in the library, resting as much as they could for now. It was a rather safe place for the time being. Especially with two boys with wings. Later in the evening they would determine if such a place was suited to be a long term hideout, or just a temporary one. The downside of hiding in a library was during the day Tsuna and Mukuro obviously couldn't go out. There was also the fact that a library was not a good place to snag some food. Hibari had gone out earlier and come back with some snacks. It was a small amount, but it was enough to ease the pain in their stomachs...or lack of stomachs.

They were tired, but couldn't seem to sleep. In the long run, how long would it be before no one remember them? How long would it be before it was forgotten they were even human? Tsuna could see it, the others questioned if they were real or not. But he was certain that he was the one and only. No he couldn't explain how he'd become a doll. But he knew he wasn't a fake. That history of Pelfei's life was too complex for him to understand. Even though those memories came to him as much as a second thought. It didn't tell him why the knight was doing this. Why was he making them suffer so much? Was he trying to prove a point that things don't last forever? If so then perhaps he should of asked he himself to answer. Tsuna would of gladly replied he didn't expect his friendships to last. After all he'd started off alone, so he was expecting to end up alone. Even in the battle they had in the future. Wasn't it Hibari he trusted with his body to hide? He saw this as highly ironic. He used to be so scared of Hibari. Now he sought so much comfort from him. From Mukuro too. The later thought was highly disturbing to him. Never in a million years had he thought he'd seek comfort from Mukuro of all people. He rather feared him too.

No...he thought. That was wrong. Maybe he didn't fear them as much as he thought.

"I've been reading the book...Eternal Melody." Hibari stated suddenly as he pulled the book out from behind a crate. "And...now that i've had time to read it...it seems to be more of a history book than a playbook."

"Eternal Melody?" Mukuro raised a brow questionably.

"That's the play Hibari and I did that one night at school..." Tsuna muttered in surprise. "Is there anything in there that can help us?"

"No. As a matter of fact alot of whats in this book...seems to be made up. With the exception of the part we did. But ironically the royal knight isn't in this book at all."

"Does that make him a fake then?"

"I don't think so. I think maybe this book was purposefully written this way." Hibari tossed it to Tsuna. "Charmol isn't even mentioned in it until later, but Gelda's memories clearly show that Gelda, Pelfei and Charmol had been together since birth."

"Been together...since birth?" Mukuro looked at the books cover.

"From what I gather, Gelda was born first, then Charmol, and finally Pelfei. Years later they met Kreuz. But I don't know how that came to be."

Mukuro looked as though he were in deep thought for a moment, "Weren't...weren't they captives of the king in that time period?" he asked.

"Huh?" Tsuna looked at him with wide eyes.

"Charmols memories, everything...seems to only stay in a single place. The scenery never really changes unless the weather changes. I can remember walls...and...bars...above..." he gripped his head.

"Wait...then wouldn't that mean..." Tsuna started.

"The demon Pelfei had been there the whole time, he was not the cause of the tragedy that happened those millenia ago." Hibari stated.

"Then...it was the royal knight..."

"Yes." Hibari stated. "I don't know all the truths, nor do I know why he's turned us into dolls. But he is the reason for all of this."

"I see." Tsuna stated. After a moment he added, "You know Hibari, you've been rather talkative lately." he smiled. "It's so unlike you."

"Mukuro being serious is rather unlike him." Hibari retorted. "I guess Gelda's persona is corrupting me somewhat."

"Hey! I can be serious when I wanna be!" he glared at them.

"And it only took getting kidnapped several times for it to happen. How sad." Hibari smirked.

"Oie!" he pouted. "That's mean! I was in jail the first time ya know!"

This made Tsuna and Hibari snicker, even as Mukuro continued to give them his most pathetic look.


When it was night, Mukuro was attempting to fly. He was green with envy that Tsuna could do it so easily, while he had to work at it. He was currently slumped over a bench due to exhaustion. "Come on lazy bones, you have to keep practicing." Tsuna stated above him as he flapped his own wings.

"So says the one who flew without even trying!" he whined.

"Well, well. It seems the master's favorites are having a good ole time." came a voice that seemed as though it was filled with lust. All three turned to look at the new arrival.

"Who are you?" Hibari prepared for an attack. "Answer or i'll bite you to death!"

"I am nothing more than a simple messanger." she bowed elegantly. Her hair was long and a firey red. Bangs were sweeped off to the side, even as her bright red lips contrasted against her pale features. Her eyes were a golden color, with a hint of green. She work a black trench coat that was partially open in the front, revealing her massive chest. "You may call me, Sei Re."

"What do you want?" Tsuna asked as he landed beside Mukuro.

"You all know very well that father wishes nothing more than to have you home. But considering your little enterage of friends keep snagging you away, he's decided to give you a choice."

"A choice?" Mukuro repeated as he pushed himself to stand straight.

"The choice of living happily, or living in misery." she stated.

"So are you saying we'll live happily if we go with Kreuz, but trying to stay away from him we'd live in misery?" Tsuna asked.

"In a sense. The world already knows of your existence as dolls, that is a fact that will not change. You can never go back to being humans, even if you wished for it with all your might. Atleast with the master you can be safe, and live with no regrets." she stated as she moved her hair out of her face.

Tsuna lower his gaze, "We already have regrets."

"I see." she stated softly. "Then perhaps you can consider the fact that you will not have to hide yourselves as you are doing now." she placed an envelope on the ground in front of her. "Consider this factor while you think about what it is you really desire." she started to walk away.

Hibari walked over and picked up the envelope. Opening it he found it was money. Enough money to buy a fairly large house, or to live for a while in a cheap apartment or hotel. "What should we do?" he turned to Tsuna.

"Why are you asking me?" he raised a brow.

"Well you are our leader. We'll do what you decide." Hibari tossed the envelope at him. Tsuna caught it in his hands.

"I...don't know what we should do. Our friends worked so hard to save us. But at the same time everything is so confusing. I wish things hadn't gotten messed up."

Things got silent for a few minutes before anything was said. "Can we atleast use some of that money to get something to eat? I'm hungry." Mukuro whined. "Those potato chips didn't do squat for my belly."

"Well I guess that'd be a start." he sighed. Though he had to admit he was rather hungry himself. "Guess a person can't think on an empty stomach." he started going through the bills before pulling out a hundred. "Sorry but we're gonna have to rely on you again." he stated to Hibari who took the money.

"It's fine." he stated. "Go to the that abandoned light house we were at earlier. I'll meet you there."

"Alright." he nodded as Hibari headed off. He could only hope that he could come up with a plan that everyone could be satisfied with.


Gokudera laid on his bed staring at the ceiling. Continually pondering everything that'd happened. His statements and very emotions conflicted with one another, at times he wanted to be kind to those dolls. Other times he wanted to blow them up with dynamite. It was nerve wracking to think that those dolls could be who they said they were. But he just didn't want to believe it. He was a rather logical person. It didn't make sense that a human being could be turned in to a doll. It was scientifically impossible as far as he was concerned.

But by that retrospect alot of what they did was scientifically impossible wasn't it? Even before Tsuna had wings, he could fly when he was in his hyper mode. Though logic explained to him he was doing it with the use of things that were already there. A proven fact with the pills he took to make such an occurance happen. He wasn't a fool. He know the others, with perhaps the exception of Lambo, questioned whether those dolls were indeed their friends or not. The fact was if anything by comparison to him, they were being kind. And more than likely didn't want any hurt feelings to come about. Something that was far too late to worry on in his opinion. Further more he was rather sure his boss would not be so friendly with Hibari and Mukuro. This was a thought that he told himself proved they weren't who they said they were. But Dr. Shamal had stated they were who they said they were. Or atleast who they thought they were. One thing was for certain they weren't at fault for existing. Even if they were fakes, surely they didn't ask to be born.

Turning in his bed to face his window he tried to think some more. Perhaps there was a way to clear up everything, and to make things as they'd been before. But going about such a thing would more than likely prove more difficult if anything. Was there a way to fix everything? To bring it back as it was? He wondered if he was perhaps over thinking it, but he couldn't let it go.


Kreuz was sitting in a recliner, happily sewing on something as he hummed a strange tune. It seemed cheery, but coming from him it was a rather eerie thing to listen to.

"Master, i've delivered the item you ordered me." Sei Re stated near the door to the room.

"Good." he stated as he continued to sew. "Now all we must do is finish preparations while we wait."

"Yes master."

"How are things coming along with the memory alterations?" he asked.

"As smoothly as it can be master. Though of course it seems anyone wearing a Vongola ring is being protected by our efforts to change their memories. It's only a matter of time before this changes in our favor."

"I see. So everything that I have been working for, for so long may eventually be as i've dreamed?" he got up and stretched.

"But of course master. As your loyal servant, you know all you have to do is tell me what to do, and I shall obey." she bowed.

"Tch." he scoffed. "Once this has been settled, everything i've ever wanted will be in my grasp. And history will repeat itself with an alternate ending. An ending that I shall create with my own two hands."


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