This is not so much a story as it is…snippets of Puck and Quinn. It is not in any kind of chronological order…it's pretty random, because that's how my mind works

Quinn is living with Puck.

Chapters 1-5 are while Quinn is preggo

Chapters 6-? are post baby (she's given the baby up for adoption).

I do not own Glee or the song Morning, it is by He Who Never.


Will you promise
to listen to my words,
if only for a minute?
'Cause you are in
every single breath,
and every word that's in this.
I know I lost
before I even fought,
and in it, I am haunted.
And all that's left
are pieces of the truth,
but that's all I ever wanted.
You are such a light in my life;
in the morning, let your light shine on.
This is all
that I will ever have
to give to you that you could ever want.
So when you're lost
And burning in the dark,
Let my life assure that you are not.
You are such a light in my life;
in the morning, let your light shine on.
Don't leave me,
But don't come back either.
Don't leave me,
But don't come back either.

"Are you awake yet?"


"Good, I'm hungry."

"Are you ever not?"

Knock knock knock

"What do you want?" He shouts from behind the shower curtain.

"Can I come in?"


"What is taking you so long?" She asks once she lets herself into the bathroom. He pops his head out from behind the curtain and wiggles his eyebrows at her. "Oh God. " She groans as she realizes what he's been doing. "Are you at least done with…that?"



"Relax sunshine, I'm joking…ya know, I wouldn't have to do that so often if you'd just give it up every once in awhile…it's not like I can knock you up…again."

"Whatever, can you just hurry the hell up? I don't want to be late for homeroom…again."

"We could just start conserving water…"

"I'm fat! Why would you want to shower with me? I'm a whale!"

He turns the water off and she hands him a towel through the curtain. He steps out and she's brushing her teeth. He stands behind her and presses himself into her a little as he reaches around her for his toothbrush. She's still holding the toothpaste; she has a habit of doing that while she's brushing. He holds his toothbrush out to her and she squeezes a dollop of the paste onto it.

"See something you like, princess?"

She keeps stealing glances at him in the mirror.

She raises her eyebrow at his reflection. His eyes are a little dark and she knows that all she would have to do is say the word and he'd bend her over the sink and take her right there, but instead she rinses her mouth out.


He chuckles a little and spits into the sink before whispering in her ear, "So do I." She gives him a small, secretive smile and he smacks her on the ass before walking out and yelling at her to 'hurry the hell up, I don't want to be late…again.'

She wakes up with hot, smelly breath on her neck and a large hand covering her breast. She gently removes his hand and shrugs out of his embrace. She has to pee again. Her cell phone tells her that it's 9:30am. She loves sleeping in on the weekends. She can pee quickly and get right back into bed.

As she's sitting on the toilet she quickly remembers their brief (and drunken on his half) conversation last night after he finally strolled in at 1:37am.

"Santana tried to have sex with me."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Cause I didn't do it." He slurs.

"I really don't want to hear this…"

"Well, you have to…'cause it's your fault."

"I wasn't even there!"


She's not really sure what he meant, but she's sure that it was just some alcohol induced, something. When she walks back into the bedroom he rolls over to look at her and sits up a little.

"Santana tried to have sex with me last night."

She stops short on her way back to the bed. "Good morning to you too."

"Good morning. Santana tried to-"

"I know. Why are you awake?"

"You know? How do you know?"

"You told me last night." She tells him as she climbs into bed.

"Oh. Uhh…what else did I say?"

"Not much…but I honestly could've gone on living without knowing that you almost had sex with Santana last night." She sinks down into the bed and he follows, facing her.

"No. No, that's not…we weren't even close…she just asked is all, she wanted me to go upstairs with her and I didn't."

"O-kay." She says slowly.

"I told you I was gonna be honest with you, Quinn."

She studies his face before she leans forward and kisses him softly because she's not sure what to say to that. She's about to pull away when he grabs the back of her head and deepens the kiss. He pulls away after a long moment to look at her and she smiles so he goes in for another kiss and then, knock knock knock.

"I'm going to kill her." He whispers.

"Your breath smells." She informs him.

He laughs at that and yells at his sister to go away.

"Mom made pancakes! Get your asses outta bed!" They hear Myra, Puck's mom, yell at her to watch her language.

She kisses his cheek and tells him to get his ass outta bed and get some pancakes with her.

"Did you know that you talk in your sleep?"

"Do not!" She says as she climbs out of bed and heads to the bathroom.

"Do too!" He yells at her as she slams the door behind her which makes him laugh.

When she finally comes back out he's watching a re-run of Saved by the Bell. When she walks past the bed on her way towards the door he says, "You fart too."

She grabs the closest thing she can find on his dresser, which happens to be a baseball trophy he 'won' when he was in fifth grade, and hurls it at his head. "I hate you!"

She storms out and he shrugs and heads to the bathroom.

He wakes up first for a change and has to pee. As he tries to pull away without 'waking the beast' he discovers that they are covered in…Polaroid's? He immediately curses his sister, who loves to play with his mom's old camera.

They are pictures of Quinn and himself…sleeping. Okay, at first he's thoroughly creeped out and is already planning the talk he's going to be having with Anna about 'invasion of privacy' and 'creepy, stalker people' but then he actually looks at the photos. They're really…nice.

In the photos they are both sound asleep and tangled up in each other. He comes across one where she's wearing that yellow nightgown he loves and he can totally see her nipples in the picture. He momentarily wonders if Anna noticed that. He quickly hides that particular snapshot in the drawer of his nightstand.

On even closer inspection of the photos, he realizes that they are all different and each of them is dated in Anna's chicken scratch. They are from the previous month…this must be their 'one month anniversary of sleeping together…literally' he thinks.

His sister is such a fucking weirdo.

When he comes out of the bathroom a minute later and finds Quinn sitting Indian-style in the middle of the bed with the pictures in her hand. She looks up at him with tears in her eyes, "She is such an amazing little girl! Look at how sweet we look!" She hops up off of the bed with the pictures in her hand and throws herself into his embrace (as much as the belly bulge will allow) and then walks out into the hallway looking for Anna.

His sister is an evil genius and he loves the hell out of her.

"Please get your boner out of my back."

"Where can I put it?"

He rolls her over to face him and grabs her hand. She looks at him questioningly, but he kisses her before she can ask. He guides her hand over the front of his boxer-briefs and her eyes go wide.


"Shhh." He kisses her again, guiding her hand, this time under his waistband. She wraps her hand around him and he wraps is hand around hers, showing her how he likes it. He groans into her mouth.

Knock knock knock

Her hand stills on him and he bangs his head on the pillow repeatedly. She tentatively lets go of him and he mutters a serious of swears.

"Time for school!" Anna yells as she bursts through the door. Quinn is already getting out of the bed, but he's going to need a few moments.

"You were adopted!" He yells back at her.

Quinn just laughs on her way to the bathroom and Anna reminds him that she looks exactly like their mother.

"Well, you were a mistake." He tells her as she leaves. Quinn opens the door to the bathroom and just stares at him. "What? Not you. The devil child."

She rolls her eyes. "I'm carrying the devil child…and here, have fun." She tosses him a box of tissues before she closes the door again to take her shower.

"Puck I need your help!" She calls from the bathroom.

He rushes into the room, "What is it, you ok?" He's looking at her frantically. She's wearing a big white robe and her hair is wet. She's sitting on the edge of the tub with her feet in the water.

"I need you to shave me."

His eyes grow as wide as saucers and he shuts the door and locks it before getting on his knees next to the tub and her with a big grin plastered on his face. "Spread 'em."

"My legs you idiot."

"Oh." His smile falters slightly.

She looks up at the ceiling and mutters 'I can't believe I'm doing this.' She hands him the razor and tells him to be very careful.

"You just have to do up to the knees…be careful around my ankles…I'll do my knees."

"Ok…" He rubs the shaving cream onto her leg and goes to work.

"You're not bad at this."

"I had to shave my ankles and shins for football."

"Oh, right! Something about tape or something…" She vaguely remembers Finn saying something about having to do the same.

"Yeah." Is all he can manage. He's concentrating very hard on the task at hand, not cutting her and forgetting about the semi in his pants.

"Thank you." She says softly. She hates feeling helpless.

"Anytime…you sure you don't need anything else…groomed?" He stares at her collarbone where the robe is starting to fall open and he finds himself wishing, not for the first time, that he could move things with his mind.

"Well…" She trails off and he looks at her hopefully. "Oh my God! I'm not serious you whacko!"

"Don't play with me like that, Fabray." He scowls and throws the razor into the tub.

"You would really do that?" She asks tentatively while turning beat red.

"Hell yeah!" She laughs at him while he pulls the shower head down and rinses her legs off. "Nice and smooth, princess." He says as he runs his hand up and down her leg.

"I get it waxed." She tells him and he just stares at her blankly. "Down there…I can't reach that either, so I get it waxed."

"Fuck me, lemme see…" He grabs for the tie on her robe.

"No! Get out." She shoves his chest with her foot.

"Fine! Cocktease!" He gets up and heads for the door.


"You can't use that excuse forever!"

"I hate you!"

"Yeah yeah, hurry up we're gonna be late.