A/N: I was sitting in the dentist, getting my teeth cleaned, bored out of my mind, when this popped into my head out of nowhere.

I always forget this, but... I don't own the Teen Titans, and I don't particularly plan on ever owning them either.

All About Alliteration

"Aww come on, Robin. The dentist? Everyone knows that the only people with normal teeth are you and Cyborg." Flopping to his feet, Beast Boy let an exasperated sigh gush from him. "Any time I went people would try to glue my teeth together with metal and file them down. No. Thank. You. Chicks dig the pointy teeth."

A weary smile much akin to that of a parent's spread across the boy wonder's features, pulling his eye mask up with the sides of his lips. "Don't put the blame on me for this one, Beast Boy." The smile shifted into a sardonic smirk. "And who's to say that Star and Raven don't have normal teeth?"

Raven glanced up from her book, taking in Beast Boy's sulking position on the floor for a moment until peeking up at their fearless leader. "Starfire has nine stomachs. Would it be that ridiculous to say she has fifty teeth rather than thirty-two? And do remember Dr. Light? All of a sudden my teeth were twice as long as they normally were and six times sharper. You may have normal teeth, Robin, but I doubt anyone else does."

Starfire and Cyborg's next comments overlapped one another.

"I fear you are mistaken, friend Raven. I have forty-four of the—."

"—have perfectly normal teeth, actually."

A sigh tore through Robin, a sheen of exasperation dipping over him. "Look, guys. I don't especially want to go to the dentists either, but what kind of heroes would we be if we don't have clean teeth?"

Defeat was upon the Titans with that argument.

"So the names I can put you under when we go?" The subject of names hadn't quite come up before, what with having a hospital in the building and all expenses paid by a combination of the law enforcement fund of Jump City and anonymous donations everyone knew came from Wayne Industries.

"I believe I shall be called Kori Anders."

"Name's Victor Stone."

"Uh… you guys kind of know it already, after our run in with the Doom Patrol and all, but… Garfield Logan."

"Rachel Roth."

That granted a grin. If there was anything someone who called themselves Beast Boy liked, it was alliteration.