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Chapter 1

Starting the Adventure

Kagome sighed, she wasn't really sure if she should be at this whole Camp thing. She and her family had been working with Shinto Shrines that had been in their family for generations. Her father had gotten it into his head that it would be wise to visit them, and took his family with him. This had all started several years ago, now they were back home and she would be going to Odaiba Elementary school with Taichi Yagami, her cousin.

When she'd been invited by Taichi to come with him to summer camp, she'd been excited but so far she'd become increasingly shy. Taichi and Kari would have been the only ones she would have known and now Kari was sick! Taichi was well, he was currently taking a nap in a tree, Kagome hoped he didn't fall out.

Huffing in annoyance, Kagome decided she'd climb up to sit with him. It wasn't like she had anything else to do, or remembered any of these kids from when she lived here before. "Taichi!" Kagome called, before grabbing a nearby branch and pulling herself up.

Taichi jerked up. What? Looking around, he nearly laughed when he realized what had caught his attention. Just a branch below him was his cousin. He wondered vaguely how long it has taken her to get up here, "What are you doing?"

Kagome pouted, "I was lonely, it's not like I know anyone here but you." she replied, Kagome knew she was being a bit of a smartass, but she couldn't help it sometimes.

Taichi sighed, before reaching down to pull her up onto the same thick sturdy branch he was on. There went his nap. "Do you remember anyone?" he asked curious, it had been nearly four years since Kagome had lived in Odaiba, she'd only been eight when she'd lived in a nearby apartment.

Kagome yelped as Taichi pulled her up. She was nearly over balanced, but she managed to stop herself from falling, "Nope," Kagome grinned cheekily, but on the inside she was slightly ashamed. She knew she should remember some of the kids at the camp, they'd all lived in the same apartment complex

"'Kay, I'll point some people out, then." Taichi replied easily, before pointing out to someone. "Okay that girl in the blue hat, that's Sora Takenouchi."

Kagome's eyes followed his pointing finger to see a young girl, probably in the same grade as her cousin. She was about as tall as Taichi, maybe an inch or two shorter, from what Kagome could tell she had light red orange colored hair, and red brown eyes. She was wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt, light colored blue jeans, red gloves, and a pair of black/red sneakers. She looked like she was a tomboy, but at the same time really nice, or maybe friendly was the word.

"Okay," Kagome nodded, everything was a bit fuzzy. They had moved right after the "bomb". Kagome could still remember the giant parrot and dinosaur, even though her parents had assured her that it was a dream. She could vaguely remember the red head playing soccer with Taichi? "Did she use to play soccer with you?" Kagome asked, her brows nit together trying to remember.

Taichi blinked before nodding "Yeah, she did. Still does, actually. Now, the guy with the fancy blond hair is Yamato Ishida," pointing at a blonde that was a small bit taller than himself. Kagome gave her cousin a long stare.

"What?" Taichi asked, wondering about the dull stare sent his way.

Kagome rolled her eyes before responding, "You don't have any right to talk about someone's hair, Taichi Yagami! You have an afro that's twice as big!" Taichi groaned, why did she make fun of his hair? It looked good, didn't it?

Kagome just narrowed her eyes, the blonde boy was cute with his blue eyes. Yamato was also wearing a sleeveless green shirt with a high, almost pseudo, turtle neck shirt, blue jeans, brown gloves and boots. He seemed pretty serious and thoughtful even, which was a bit different from most kids here.

"Nee, what's with the gloves, Taichi?" Kagome asked curious, Taichi was wearing gloves, and the two kids he'd pointed at had on gloves too.

"I don't know?" Taichi offered weakly, he had no idea. He wore his for when he played goalie, shaking his head he pointed to a little red head next. "That's Koushiro Izumi, but everyone calls him Izzy."

"Oh, he lived like right next to me! When we lived at Heighten View." Kagome replied, he hadn't gotten much taller though, he still had his bloody red hair and black eyes. He was also part of the "glove club", his were yellow, and he was wearing and orange button up shirt, with yellow orange shorts, and navy blue/purple shoes. He was very short, at least eight or ten inches shorter than Yamato, making him about 4'5 or 4'6, it would be nice not to be the short one for once.

"Yeah, actually now that you mention it, most of the kids who live here lived at Heighten View at the same time we did." Taichi muttered, he'd known most of the kids on the hill and below most of his life.

"Izzy is my age right? I mean, your 12, I'm eleven… so, he's my age and Sora and Yamato are your age…" Kagome replied trying to absorb all the information.

"Yep, now, that girl in the pink is Mimi Tachikawa, she's eleven to." Taichi stated, nodding with his cousin.

"Okay. Wow, that's a lot of pink…" Kagome stated, she had on a long pink dress that went below her knees, the dress had a poncho like top with pink fringe that echoed at the end, and a cowboy hat that was a few shades lighter than her dress. Brown gloves, a large light khaki bag, and white boots with two thick lines of a dark chocolate brown, one just below the joint of the ankle and one just above it.

"Yeah… ANYWAY," Taichi commented trying to remove the pinkness from his mind, "the little kid, is Takeru Takaishi he's Yamato's little brother. He's Kari's age, and in second grade."

"Aww, he's cute," Kagome commented. The boy was about 3'8 or maybe 3'10, with his golden blonde hair, the same bright blue eyes as his bother. He was wearing a hat as well, it was green with a light green line running on either side of a round blue circle at the center of his hat, while he was wearing a green hoody the sleeves were lighter like his hat, while his shorts were a dark khaki color that showed his sneakers.

"You're so weird," Taichi replied, "Oh, the kid coming up the steps is Jyou Kido." Tai related, before looking up sharply in surprise.

Kagome looked over to the long line of steps, they was a lot like the steps at one of the Higure Shrines. The boy had blue hair the same shade as his eyes, he was really tall, a head taller than Yamato at least. He had on a white sweater, a light blue button up dress shirt that was short sleeved, dark brown pants, a watch, glasses, with white/red sneakers.

"I still feel like the odd one… Hey, Tai, what is it?" Kagome asked noticing Tai was looking into the air before she looked up too. "It's snowing?" Kagome was confused, it had been really warm a few minutes ago, and now it was snowing!

"GET INSIDE!" Taichi shouted, both he and his cousin scrambled down the tree quickly. The door to the small wooden shrine house was thrown open and the children all scrambled in. Minutes turned into an hour, before the strange blizzard ended. The door was opened slowly, cautiously; they didn't want the only dry spot to become wet with snow.

Taichi looked around, "Ah, looks like it's finally over." before walking out to explore

"SNOW!" Takeru yelled happily following Taichi outside.

"Takeru, be careful!" Yamato followed, as well trying to ensure that his brother wouldn't trip or hurt himself.

"Ahh, it's really cold. Isn't it supposed to be summer time?" Sora muttered, she was shivering violently, those short sleeves weren't meant to be worn in cold weather.

"We should hurry back and find an adult! We shouldn't stay here long!" Jyou muttered, he was a worrier, and this certainly wasn't a normal occurrence. He really didn't want anyone getting a cold, but trying to convince the others would be next to impossible. They were all fascinated by the snow.

Mimi squeal in delight, before rushing out to twirl once in the snow, "I should have brought my pink snow boots!"

Kagome shuddered; didn't this girl have enough pink? "Wow, it's beautiful… I haven't seen snow like this since we lived in Hokkaido… But we didn't have that…" Kagome eyes were wide, they were all standing in about four or five inches of snow.

"You lived in Hokkaido?" Sora asked surprised, it wasn't common for people from the Northern Island to come to Honshu.

"Yeah, but look at that!" Kagome pointed up at the sky where a number of colors seemed to dance. The others could see what she was looking at, and to be honest it was beautiful.

"KOUSHIRO! GET OUT HERE!" Taichi yelled.

Mimi was practically gushing, "Wow! It's so pretty and romantic!" her hands were grasped together in front of her, very much like she was praying, eyes glittering in delight.

Izzy sighed, no reception. Nothing he had tried would get his things to work, putting away the device, he finally came outside to see what was up. And up it was, "That…that's a…"

"It's an aurora!" Sora couldn't help but to grin. She was never going to get to see something like this again. She doubted any of the others would either.

Various comments ranged from "amazing" to "I've never seen one before" came from the group standing upon a cliff, looking toward the blue sky that was acting as a background for the dancing lights.

"Something's not right, what's an aurora doing in Japan?" Izzy had been dazed like the rest of them, but he was a bit more down to earth, literally. He noticed something they hadn't, an Aurora Borealis didn't occur naturally in Japan.

"You're right…" Sora agreed, now that she had calmed down a bit.

"I really think we should get an adult." Jyou responded.

"Yeah, it wouldn't be cool if we got sick," Yamato agreed.

Kagome sighed, shivering lightly, she could agree with getting somewhere warmer. Her own electric blue tank top and gray jean shorts weren't keeping her warm in this weather, that and her awesome blue sneakers were getting soaked, and it was starting to creep through her socks, too.

"Hey, what's that?" Taichi asked, his previous mood of joy and excitement replaced with worry.

Up above them, even above the dancing lights, a large green whirlpool of fire spun and it seemed to be getting bigger and bigger by the second. Suddenly, the center of the whirl pool lit up as if someone had hit the on switch to a light bulb, just as quickly the building light exploded. Red hot balls flung themselves down onto the earth. Each time one of them struck the ground, plumes of water and snow covered them all. "Is anyone hurt?" Sora asked worried, she'd had to duck down to keep from being hit, then again, it looked like they all had to duck and cover.

"Somehow, no," Yamato replied, helping Takeru to his feet.

"Seems like everyone is fine," Kagome replied shaking. This was getting dangerous, Taichi hadn't said anything about meteors at camp!

"Are they meteorites?" Izzy asked confused and surprised, before backing away from the hole that had appeared in front of him where one of the red balls landed. A cylindrical light appeared, while a small electronic device began to float in the light. The light source changed the farther it floated in order to form a small thing.

"What is this?" Sora asked, confusion could be plainly seen on her face as it was echoed on everyone's face.

"It's not a TV or cell phone." Izzy replied, studying the small squared device that was in the palm of his hand.

Suddenly the screen of the small device flashed green, before a large wall of water rose up above them, hundreds upon hundreds of feet above them. The wall of water separated to create a vacuum and they were pulled in. They all screamed, to them it seemed like they were falling into the sea that Joseph himself had parted, a bottom couldn't be seen. The water gave way to a wall of flickering color and the bottom was nothing but a blinding light, then everything went black.

"Kagome! Kagome… Kagome… Kagome… Kagome!" The girl felt something small nuzzling into her cheek softly as it was chanting her name again and again.

Kagome groaned, her whole body hurt, blinking she slowly sat up. Noticing that something purple was nuzzling her hip, she instinctively grabbed the thing. She was shocked to find herself holding a purple and oddly shaped creature.

"Hey! Put me down!" the purple thing squirmed, trying to wiggle out of Kagome's one handed grasp.

Kagome stared, and continued to stare for several minutes trying to wrap her mind around everything that had happened. From snow, to falling red hot balls, to being sucked into a water fall, today just proved it was going to be impossibly long

It really was a thing, it reminded her of a figure eight, while its top was round, it was thinner than the bottom. There was a face upon the perfectly round bottom with small nubs running a ring at the thin point between the top and the face.

"What are you?" the girl blinked.

"I'm a Digimon! And you're a human! My human, Kagome!" Moonmon replied cheerfully.

"Ah, what is a digimon?" Kagome replied, her blue eyes blinking in surprise.

"Oh, A Digital Monster!"

"Okay." Kagome replied, generally she took things at face value, but what do you do when a purple blob tells you it's a monster? Or when it's rather apparent you're not in Japan anymore, without your little red slippers?

Taking a deep breath, she got up wincing a bit as she did so; her shoulders and back hurt she must have landed pretty hard. The purple thing bounced off when Kagome was finally able to properly sit up.

"Ah, where are the others?" Kagome asked curiously.

"Oh, the other humans? I'm not really sure. Let's go find them!" Moonmon responded bouncing happily.

The two of them walked through the forest, it was odd, the flora was large and oddly colored, most plants were not completely red or purple, or rainbow colored.

Kagome gave a cry at the low buzzing, she ducked before looking up, a very large and very red beetle was flying around and it looked peeved. Suddenly it screamed, it sounded like a dinosaur was about to come chomp on her, or like she was watching the Jurassic park rerun.

"Whaa… what is that?" Kagome asked her eyes wide in surprise.

"Ohh, that's Kuwagamon. He get's cranky really, really fast. Let's hurry, I don't want to run into him at all!" Moonmon cried out shuddering.

"Ah, I'll take your word for it." Kagome replied.

"Ohh, he left, I wonder why?" Moonmon twitched, her Kagome was really long legged, were all humans like that?

Kagome sighed, "Moonmon, do you want me to carry you?" and she was rather stunned when the little purple water drop blushed. How was that even possible? Her skin was PURPLE, and she blushed pink!

Moonmon didn't get a chance to answer; suddenly she was swept away into Kagome's arms. "Kagome! Why are you going so fast?" Moonmon asked, this wasn't a very steady run at all!

"I know that scream, that's Jyou!"

"Jyou? What is a Jyou?" Moonmon asked highly confused.

"Jyou is one of the Humans that came to this world, I guess; he had one of these dohickies." Kagome said holding up the small blue digital item.

Moonmon blinked in surprise, she recognized that thing, she used to play with it; then it left and brought back her Kagome.

Kagome blinked in surprise, they were all here. "Taichi!" Kagome cried in relief. Not only him but the others that had picked up the techno dohickies were there, except the pink one.

Taichi also looked relieved but for a very different reason, he didn't think "I lost my baby cousin in the digital world" would work as an excuse. In fact, he was rather certain he would die if he didn't come back with Kagome.

Jyou still looked rather horrified, "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS?"

Moonmon, and the little digimon on Joe's shoulder jumped down, with their friends. "We are… Digital Monsters!"

"Digital Monsters?" Taichi asked.

That's when the introductions started, and Kagome had to admit that things were going to get interesting. That and some of them were super cute.

"I'm Koromon." A little pink one responded, he was basically a round bouncing head with really long, thin ears. His red eyes easily took up half his face, the other half was made up of mouth, with rows of sharp little teeth.

"I'm Tsunomon… desu," Another walking, err…bouncing head responded, this one was orange with a freaking huge horn sticking out of his head, he was really cute with his orange red eyes and cat-like mouth.

"I'm Pyocomon!" She was pink too, with a flowering top, big green eyes and root like legs.

"Call me, Motimon." Kagome almost laughed loudly as she looked over this creature's appearance. He looked like one of those sheet ghosts that people often made for an easy Halloween costume, except he was pink, had brown claws and big glossy brown eyes.

"Name's Pukamon! Wahh!" This was obviously a water type digimon, its body vaguely resembled a seal, while its face was similar to a dragon. There was a little flame red thing sticking up on its forehead like hair. It was gray all over with a white belly, and big blue eyes.

"I'm… Tokomon!" This was just a round ball with small feet, black eyes and large ears… it was strange to say the least.

"Moonmon!" She replied a big smile upon her face. Bouncing lightly, such a strange thing with its round oblong shape and purple color and black eyes was sorta scary to look at.

All the children looked at each other before Taichi finally spoke up to introduce everyone.

"Nee, aren't we missing the pink one… I think her name is Mini?" Kagome asked, blushing when a number of heads turned to look toward her. "What?" she asked defensively, her hands flying up as if to defend herself.

"Mimi, Mimi Tachikawa." Sora frowned, that wasn't a very nice thing to say, but then again she didn't remember Kagome from school.

"Ai, Kagome, you just moved into this area, right?" Izzy asked.

"Ah, I used to live in Odaiba. Then my family moved, we lived right next to you, Izzy." Kagome replied, it was a little depressing. Everyone else knew one another, she was the odd one out here.

Izzy blinked before nodding, he could remember that. He'd nearly forgotten the dark haired girl who'd lived next to him at Heighten View.

"Oh, that fifth grader!" Jyou replied, he knew most of them.

Suddenly a very high pitched terrified scream rang through the air, rapidly the whole group ran towards the cry. Just as quickly as they found the Pink one, er… Mimi, they found her running toward them with Kuwagamon right on her tail.

The giant red beetle immediately dove low, forcing all the human children to duck. They continued running hoping to get out of sight, but no, no matter how fast they ran the red beast was once again diving upon them.

Jyou gaped at them, "What's with that thing?" seconds later they were all showered with debris and small branches, some larger than others from the beetles knife sharp pincers after he'd gone through the tree tops. "What's with this place?" Jyou continued, he sounded slight hysterical.

Pyocomon cried, "He's coming back!"

"Who does he think he's messing with?" Taichi growled angry and afraid.

"Taichi, don't!" Sora cried as she helped Mimi back onto her feet.

"We don't have any way to defend ourselves! We need to run." Yamato responded, his voice tense, his body completely ready to run.

"We need to run, Taichi." Kagome commented calmly, but the terror in her eyes surprised her cousin.

Taichi groaned, before everyone was once again on their feet running forward, trying to get away from the super pissed off beetle.

Kagome could feel her heart hammering away at her chest, it was beginning to become rather painful and she wasn't sure she could continue. They stopped for a few moments, they could all see the lack of solid ground to walk upon, but it was Taichi he moved forward to see if there was a way down.

"No good, we can't go this way." Taichi frowned looking down over the cliff, before turning back toward the group.

Just as Taichi was coming back toward the group, Kuwagamon once again swooped down. Little Koromon cried out in distress as he bounced toward him. Taichi continued to near them and before they knew it, Koromon had jumped over his shoulder releasing a mass of pink bubbles, both the bubbles and Koromon glanced off the top of Kuwagamon's shell covered head.

Taichi shouted, "Koromon!" turning back toward the small creature.

Kuwagamon, not impressed with the attack, continued on toward the rest of the group huddled beyond the two. Suddenly, all the Digimon's attacked masses of bubbles; they crashed and popped against the open arm muscles and the shell covering its body. The only thing the bubbles seemed to do was misdirect the monstrous beetle which forced it to fly over the ducking children's heads into the foliage behind.

"Moonmon!" Kagome cried, rather upset. She was so tiny, Kagome almost cried as she ran to the small little purple creature she'd come to like... Too tiny to fight something the size of Kuwagamon. She wasn't the only one though, all the others were scattered around like ragdolls. Gathering the small creature into her arms she frowned, noticing the others were doing the same with their partners.

"Idiot! Why would you do that?" Taichi asked, a worried expression on his face.

"Because I have to protect you, Taichi" Koromon sniffled.

Sora sniffled, more upset than she thought she could be "Pyocomon…" She cradled the small radish shaped Digimon in her lap.

"Tanemon, are you alright?" Mimi asked gently, she and Tanemon had been running from Kuwagamon for a while, and now she was hurt and there wasn't much she could do.

"Why did you… why?" Izzy asked, holding the pink creature up.

Takeru looked frantic and just continued to call Tokomon's name over and over again, while Yamato spoke, "Get your act together, Tsunomon."

Jyou frowned, he felt guilty now. He'd run screaming from the small creature who smiled so much, "Pukamon…" He felt horrible.

Kagome twitched, she could hear the fluttering of wings, but it had crashed… hadn't it hurt itself?

Suddenly, the tree which Kuwagamon had slammed into, broke through and literally went flying on either side of the bug as it stood and began to make its way toward the group. Kuwagamon clacked his pinchers together, it sounded a lot like two knives coming together to strike each other over and over again.

Kagome gasped in terror, before picking up Moonmon rushing forward away from the Digimon. She could see the others running ahead as well, they were really trapped between a really, really long jump into the ocean, or being used as a sharpener for an overgrown bug!

"I can't believe that thing is still alive…" Taichi muttered next to her, disbelief was plain to see upon his face. His body was tensed, read to run at any given moment, and it seemed he wasn't the only one.

"I'll handle this," Koromon stated staring up at Taichi's face before trying to turn around. Taichi on the other hand looked startled, "We all have to fight! We have to!" Koromon stated, determined to protect his new friend.

"What are you talking about?" Taichi asked partly worried, partly confused look on his face.

Motimon agreed, "He's right! That's what we're here to do," before starting to wiggle in Izzy's hands trying to get down to defend and attack.

"I'm going!" Pyocomon responded, promptly turning to try to get out of Sora's hands.

"You can't! Even all of you guys together can't beat him!" Sora replied, her voice hitched; she didn't like the idea of Pyocomon getting hurt!

Tsunomon started to squirm, his face scrunched up in his effort to get away, "But we have to!" Yamato was a bit shocked, "Hey!" It was a surprising what a struggle the little creature put up.

Tokomon jumped, "Me too!" He cried, nearly pulling Takeru with him as he tried to fight.

Pukamon was literally flapping his fins as if he could fly, while Tanemon and Mimi seemed to have an understanding, Tanemon wasn't struggling at all.

"Moonmon…" Kagome frowned, she was small her face was big like Koromon but she was still so small. "We gotta do what we gotta do." She responded easily, a cheeky smile on her face.

Finally the Digimon broke free from their partners, it was almost perfectly timed, they made a line in front of the children as Kuwagamon continued to loom closer and closer. His large pincers clicking together menacingly, step after step.

Kagome could hear the others; they, like herself, couldn't help but to scream for them to return. She was terrified, what could she do to help Moonmon? The small digital devices that had been used to bring the eight children to the digital world, suddenly reacted at the emotions felt for the Digimon. Just as the digivice's screens began to shine like stars, the sky opened up once more, this time it was like a black hole with eight rainbow colored lights twirling around it. Each light covered and surrounded a Digimon, much like they had walked into a rainbow.

"Wah… what's happening?" Kagome asked, more than a little worried.

"No telling." Yamato muttered, looking just as unsure as Kagome felt.

Koromon smiled as he began to spin lightly "Koromon digi-volve to Agumon!" Just as suddenly a blinding light seemed to flash, instead of a pink smiling head, a small dinosaur appeared in his place, it was orange in color with bright green eyes.

"Wow…" Taichi was wide eyed as the rest of the kids, he couldn't believe this was happening!

Pyocomon was next, "Pyocomon digi-volve to Piyomon!" Pyocomon hadn't lost her pink in the evolution, but was now a bird instead of a plant. Her beak was orange as were her feet, all her feathers were pink save the tips on the ends of her wings, tail feathers and the top of her head. She also had a long feather sticking up on her forehead that was a bit like a candy cane, it was a swirl of pink and blue.

"That's amazing…" Sora commented, she was slack jawed.

"Motimon digi-volve to Tentomon!" Motimon was no longer pink, nor was he sheet like. He was much taller and now took on the shape of a beetle. He was red like a ladybug, with dark gray spikes running along his back in a similar dotted pattern. He had large cloudy green eyes and, strangely enough, orange antenna.

"Prodigious." Izzy looked more than a little curious.

"Moonmon digi-volve to Lunamon!" It was a surprising change, the purple figure eight changed into a large rabbit. She seemed to have two sets of ears, a set of fat ones pointing toward the ground on either side of her head and another set toward the top of her head pointing upwards, while she seemed to have a single large piece of hair stuck up like a giant curl. All the tips of ears and hair were purple, her ears seemed to have a crescent moon print on them. She had large paws, while her feet seemed to be nonexistent, instead a sheet like rippling occurred when she moved. She was a white crème color all over, even the color of her eyes hand changed from black to red. There were crescent moons on the back of her paws, at the base of her neck, and on her stomach, with an especially thin one upon her forehead. Across her chest were two pink ribbons that were held together by a metal crescent moon.

Kagome's eyes went wide, what the heck were with these transformations? Would they go back…?

Tsunomon stilled almost completely before he to cried out, "Tsunomon digi-volve to Gabumon!" His voice had change completely, becoming huskier as he grew in height. He was something between a dog and a lizard. A pelt of blue tiger stripes was thrown over him running down his back and over his face, a long ten inch horn poked though the pelt, while purple claws were at the paws of it. His skin, on the other hand, was yellow with a large blue spot on his stomach with what seemed like either a purple symbol, or maybe it was writing?

Yamato just couldn't respond, the only thing that showed he was extremely affected was the sharp intake of breath after the change.

Tokomon beamed its catlike smile, "Tokomon digi-volve to Patamon!" This evolution of change really wasn't that impressive, the coat of the creature changed. Its back was now an orange color, while his stomach was a crème tan color with his feet being black. He sort of resembled a pig, save the fact that he had large bat wings for ears, these were also orange as was most of his face just above his nose, while his eyes were blue.

Takeru was extremely surprised; who would have thought that his new friend could change like that?

It was official, when "Pukamon digi-volved to Gomamon," he really turned into a sea like creature. Instead of having a lizard or dragon like face, it had become more rounded, almost human like, with his bright red mohawk, and he was now completely white with purple lines, on the back of his flippers, above and below his bright green eyes, with more purplely spots on his back. He now had long, extremely thin ears that vaguely reminded her of waves, the tips happened to be purple too.

Jyou was openly gaping in his surprise, but then again, the shock and awe seemed to be a running theme on all their faces.

When Tanemon continued her evolution, it was, honestly, about the only one that really made sense. She went from a plant to, well... a bigger plant..."Tanemon digi-volve to Palmon!" She was completely green, about the same size as the others, her legs were root like while her arms were like leaves with long nails that were green at the base and gradually turned purple. Her eyes were large and slightly alien-like with their glossy green tear shape.

"What happened?" Taichi asked extremely confused.

While Taichi was asking questions, the evolved Digimon tried to tackle Kuwagamon, just to be thrown back seconds later when the large bug swung his arm their way. The Digimon that were thrown back rolled or bounced and, in some cases, managed to stop themselves by flying.

"That was nothing! Let's go!" Agumon seemed to growl out.

Kuwagamon had a different idea, his large wings began to beat violently and he slowly began to lift off the ground. Palmon would put a stop to that, "Poison Ivy," those long green purple nails of hers suddenly elongated to wrap around the Kuwagamon's feet. Patamon flew high into the air, before releasing a large amount of air, "Air Shot!" it must have hit Kuwagamon pretty hard because his head snapped downward faster than Kagome was sure he could move… even flying! Tentomon was in the air seconds later, hitting him with "Petite Thunder" which was really more like red and white lightening striking Kuwagamon.

Just as Kuwagamon had landed once again on the ground, Gomamon and Lunamon rolled forward knocking his feet out from under him, forcing the giant beetle to his knees. Then Agumon, Gabumon and Biyomon all attacked together each using a different flame, Agumon's "Baby Flames" were a large firey ball hitting Kuwagamon in the head. Gabumon followed seconds later with "Petite Fire" which was blue in color, Biyomon finished the combo with "Magical Fire," which was a spiral of lime green fire (and if Kagome was honest with herself, that shade of lime green fire was much scarier than blue or red fire.) Once the three fires combined atop Kuwagamon's head, it stayed lighted until they all reared back and hit him again with their attacks all at the same time. This time, his chest seemed to light up like a bon-fire. Kuwagamon appeared to be fighting the attacks as his body stayed tense leaning backwards, before his body went completely lax and fell backwards in to the trees behind him.

"They did it?" Taichi asked, his mouth and well... everyone's mouth was pretty much a little agape at this point in stunned silence. At least until the Digimon started running back to their partners cheering as they went, Taichi ran forward to meet Agumon. The other continued onward toward their own partners, Kagome was just relieved. "Good job, Moonmon!" The rabbit Digimon smiled pleased and nearly purred when Kagome began to rub at the edges of her ears, it felt soooo goood! The other reactions were varied and just as gleeful, at least to her eyes.

Mimi had bent down to bring Palmon into a hug, while Takeru was nuzzling Patamon. Yamato looked entirely unsure of what he was suppose to do, Sora was just as happy as the rest of them bouncing Biyomom's arms er... wings up and down with a smile on her face.

Kagome could only smile, but it slowly slipped from her face as she saw a pair of bright red pinches begin to rise up from the forest, "TAICHI!" the others looked toward her, her scream had been high and slightly screechy. As they followed her eyes they could see that Kuwagamon was once again standing. Taichi and Agumon ran back toward the group, when they were about a meter infront of them they turned. They all watched as Kuwagamon suddenly seemed to pitch forward as if to attack with his pinchers, before tipping farther than he probably intended. An ominous cracking seemed to move through the air. Seconds later, the land began to give way beneath them. They could only scream as they hurdled down toward the river below.

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