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Chapter 4

This would be their fourth day in the strange digital world that they found themselves in and it concerned Kagome. The day before had been spent in a semi-relaxed setting at they were all rather worn out and there had be a small amount of running into other digimon. The thing was that there was always a chance that they would run into one of the digimon that seemed to be controlled by those black gears, the question happened to be were where they coming from and what could they do to stop them?

At the moment they were resting around the trunk of one of the few trees that covered the grassy plains that they had been walking across. Izzy, Takeru and Mimi were all leaning against said tree along with the few packs that had come across this world with them. Koushiro was currently trying to get his computer to work which seemed like an odd thing while the Kagome, Jyou, Yamato and Sora were speaking about what they were going to do. Things hadn't gotten better and they hadn't figured out how to get out of this place.

Shouting got their attention, when Taichi began to smack Izzy's computer why the goggle-headed boy thought that would work none of them knew. This of course caused Izzy to freak out that Taichi was going to do some permanent damage, not that Kagome could blame the red-headed boy. Taichi was hitting the poor little lap top rather hard. Izzy probably moved his fastest getting his computer away from the older boy, before beginning to check it for damage.

"Ah, please don't do that again Taichi." Izzy was just beginning to calm down, he didn't mind if others touched his things but that was abuse!

"I was just trying to help!" Taichi pouted slightly. Beside his dad beat on their home computer all the time he just couldn't seemed to help himself. So he didn't understand why it wouldn't work on the smaller laptop.

"We get that Taichi, but how would you feel if someone took something precious to you?" Sora sighed, Taichi still had a mildly defensive expression on his face not that she blamed him. Taichi was really still just a kid at heart, he reacted to things a bit differently than them and was just a bit of a hot head.

Taichi made a little noise before sighing, looking around he was amused an a little surprised to see Kagome between Yamato and Jyou they seemed to be having a pretty intense conversion from the expressions the three of them were making. Snorting in amusement, Taichi continued to look around trying to see into the distance without his pocket-scope. What he saw did surprise him, there in the distance were large plumes of smoke something he'd only seen around factories back home. Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Taichi wondered off to see what was making those large columns of smoke.

This of course drew all their eyes when Agumon called after the goggle headed boy, then followed after him. They could be used to this Taichi really did enjoy exploring this place even if it made the rest of them nervous as hell.

"What's wrong with Taichi?" Jyou asked, looking after the younger boy with concern. As the oldest he felt like it was his responsibility to keep the younger children safe. As much as the blue haired boy tried it wasn't an easy task, Yamato and Taichi were prone to fighting. Takeru, Mimi, Izzy and sometimes Kagome had less stamina than they rest of them and they had to talk Taichi into resting. Kagome had IDA, and it freaked Taichi out and made the rest of them worry. Jyou been helping the younger girl keep track of when she needed to take her medication. But they also had to have a balancing act, too much Iron in a day could hurt Kagome causing the iron in her blood to build up and become toxic.

"Bathroom probably." Yamato shrugged dismissively, while he was could friends with the boy sometimes Taichi was an idiot. Instead of focusing on his friend, his eyes wondered over to Takeru who seemed content to simply close his eyes and rest while Patamon made himself comfortable in the boys lap.

"That or something caught attention, I swear he'd like a raven attracted to shiny things." Kagome replied easily, she knew her cousin inside and out. Taichi was an easily distracted boy, who loved to have fun and cause chaos. The two boys on either side of her could only snort in agreement, it was true and they couldn't help but be amused.

` Izzy smiled slightly at the conversation going on around him. The young red head had settled back in his position at the bottom of the tree, and was working on a way to get his computer to work. Eventually it finally came on, the screen popped up say "Waking up" in the upper left hand corner and "Moving Now" in the lower right hand corner before the battery popped up and showed that it was out of power. Izzy could only sigh in disappointment, before the power went off.

Seconds later Taichi called out for everyone to come toward him, he had found something that they should take a look at the lot of them gathered there things before hurrying to the brunette's voice. As they ran toward the boy they were surprised to find the view changing as they came to the edge of a crested hill. Before them was a factory that looked like it had been pulled from the bay of Tokyo, it was large and seemed to be functioning considering that there were several columns of smoke coming from the tips.

The factory itself was large and seemed to be rather old considering the amount of moss and soot that seemed to be covering the thing. The factory was large, much larger than they had originally thought and surrounding it was nothing but a sea of trees and dirt. It seemed to have several tanks for liquid yet at the same time had a lot of power lines and it reminded her of a power company, it was large and shaped like a square.

Eventually the lot of them were making their way down the hill side to investigate the odd factory. Once they got into the factory grounds it was amazing to look up some of the towers reached high into the sky and were large and round. They ended up walking outside for quiet along time but they never could find anything that explained what the plant did. So they found an entrance to the place and found themselves surrounded by large rotating gears, these weren't black and didn't seem to be what was infecting the digimon.

"Neh, what is it making?" Takeru asked, he and Yamato had wondered a bit away from the group a bit, but they could all hear the question.

" Dunno, you can't tell by looking at it." Yamato replied, looking on with something akin to fascination.

" I think we should look around to see if people have ever been here, it's pretty obvious that humans aren't here anymore." Jyou stated, this was very odd. Then again everything about this world had been odd, and there was really nothing they could do about.

"Well…what else if here are there any digimon?" Sora pointed out, it could be dangerous to get trapped inside with another digimon. Not to mention if some of the other evolved they would probably break anything about them, only Garurumon and Lekismon would actually fit inside the building, both Greymon and Birdramon would be too big.

They all paused and considered that, this was an in closed space which was very different for them. All eight of them had gotten used to being outside in the heat or cold and it was very strange for them to be in this type of place. They needed to look around to see what was available to them, there might even be some supplies that they could take with them. They had packed food every time they got the chance like nuts or fruit. Once coming to that conclusion they eventually split into groups Mimi, Sora, Taichi and Jyou were in one group while Kagome, Izzy, Yamato and Takeru were in another.

"Ano, if there were people here there would be a somewhere for them to sleep and eat wouldn't there?" Kagome finally asked looking over the rest of them. She hadn't seen anything that would tell them that other people like them had at some point had been at the factory. They had been walking all over the damn place for the last several hours and Kagome wanted nothing more than to hit the hay or at least take a short nap.

Izzy sighed, "I would have to agree the only thing I want to check out is that power room. It's pretty obvious that there isn't anything here." The red couldn't help but agree with Taichi's cousin, there didn't seem to be anything here at all except a factory that somehow ran itself.

"Then let's go, it's not like there's much else to look at in this part of the factory. We can just look at the other half." Yamato reasoned, Takeru seemed to be enjoying the odd factory but he would be the first to admit that this place made his skin crawl.

When the other three members of their little group nodded in agreement the four of them found their way to the Power Supply room that Izzy was talking about. They'd gone by earlier but Izzy was curious and wanted to know what was behind the door and the other three didn't have a reason not to return so they returned. The door in question was a bit different from the rest of the factor as in it looked like it was made of wood instead of the gray steel that surrounded them on all sides. The words "POWER SUPPLYR" were written in a huge font across the front in black, it took both Izzy and Yamato to open the darn thing.

When the door was opened completely they were all surprised they were looking at what had to be the largest battery in the world. The battery in question was roughly 12 to 15 feet in high and probably 6 in width, it was without a doubt huge! The battery itself plugged into a motor that was probably three times the size of a car motor and stood taller than even Jyou. The motor itself feed into a crank which turned the gears and that's how the factory worked.

"So that thing makes everything work..." Izzy muttered, looking over the thing in amazement.

Kagome laughed softly, "Nee Izzy do you want to stay here? The rest of us can explore the rest of the factory."

Yamato glanced at the only girl in their group with something akin to amusement, he had to admit it seemed like Izzy was going to be busy for a while. It probably hadn't been the best idea to bring a technophile like Izzy into a factory that could run itself. While it was amazing that something like this could be created, it just wasn't something that Yamato himself was interested in.

Takeru frowned, Izzy seemed very absorbed in what he was doing and within minutes had figured out how to open the battery and was now in lala land trying to figure out how it worked considering nothing but air had come out. "I don't think he heard you Kagome."

Kagome nodded, "I don't think he did either Takeru, do you want to keep wondering around or have a break?" The raven haired woman had to admit that she was terribly fond of Takeru the boy was adorable with his bright blue eyes and sunshine hair. Kagome for some reason new that Yamato had never been this sweet or innocent, Takeru was like a light that made things better when they were dark.

"Let's keep going." Takeru answered easily, he really was curious about what was being built "I want to know what's being made." The little blonde was a curious boy by nature and enjoyed learning new things unlike many of the children his age.

"We should leave Izzy a note or something to let him know we've gone on." Yamato reminded the two of them easily, they were similar in their excitement to explore. But it wasn't so much of an adventure as it might had been for Taichi as it was wanting to see and understand more about the world around them.

"Ah that's true." Kagome had to agree with that statement before pulling off her backpack. Rummaging through the pack, the raven haired girl easily found a semi clean sheet of paper, before scribbling a note on it. Tucking her things away, she left the bag on the ground before walking into the battery and handing the note to Tentomon and asked the digimon to give to Izzy. One the bug like digimon agreed, Kagome left grabbing her bag and the three of them left to see more of the factory that they hadn't seen the first time around.

"I still wonder what they're making, it doesn't look like anything from home.." Takeru could help but pout. Now it just looked like some of the pictures he'd seen of some of the junkyards from America. It just looked like a bunch or random metal pieces to him, there weren't any buttons or levers that indicated it was a working machine.

"I still have no idea, it doesn't look like anything from back home." Yamato replied, studying the thing. He knew there was probably something like a baffled expression on his face, but considering that Takeru and Kagome were sharing that expression he didn't feel so self-conscious about it.

Kagome just shrugged, as she was about to speak the lights went out. "Well…I guess Izzy is playing with the power supply." Though Kagome was curious as to what the boy had done to cut the power, the lines feeding into the motor were covered by a thick metal case, there hadn't even been a seem that showed the casing could be pulled off.

All three of them sighed and simply waited, seconds turned to minutes before everything was returned to normal except this time it was much faster. Or maybe it just seemed faster because it had been of for a few seconds? Kagome wasn't sure but there was an uneasiness rolling in her stomach that made her worry. When Yamato gave the order for them to return to where they had been, Kagome could only nod in agreement and follow after the boy.

What none of them expected was to get turned around in the place and when they did they found something that surprised them. The room they were doing know was doing to exact opposite as to what the other, instead of putting the pieces together they were now taking them apart. None of them really knew what to do, instead they quietly left, there really wasn't a reason to stay and watch they knew what was happening but not why.

Instead they found themselves making their way outside until they were standing on an overlooking the entire factory on a balcony that didn't really lead to anywhere. Once the three of them were more settled in the sun they decided to speak.

"So this factory builds things, then takes them apart. Then the things that were taken apart are once more built, just creating a large circle that continues to go on forever." Yamato was baffled by what he had seen, it was almost as if the factory was a representation of the world. Tsunomon evolved to Gabumon then to Garurumon, but then returned to Gabumon and he had to wonder if something would force Gabumon to return to being Tsunomon.

"But then what is this place making?" Takeru asked, the little blonde just couldn't wrap his head around the concept that this factory was just going around in circles. Patamon was resting on his head looking just as confused as his partner.

"Nothing. Nothing is made at this factory." Yamato replied.

"This place is so bizarre. I think I want to leave." Kagome shivered, something about this factory was like a maze almost as if it were built to trap people who got lost beneath its skin. It was just far too creepy to remain.

"Hey guys! I found something out!" Izzy was standing at the entrance of the balcony looking more excited than they had ever seen him.

"Well what is it?" Yamato asked calmly, a curious expression on his face.

"This factory is running on a program, or more the energy that is created by the program. There isn't a positive or negative charge like in batteries at home." Izzy looked amazed by this more than anything, as if he couldn't wrap his head around how that could be possible.

"Like a computer program, like a game or something?" Kagome replied, a curious expression on her face.

"Exactly, because of that things in this world like data, and programs which are normally nothing but information literally come to life." Izzy continued, a look of concentration on his face as he tried to explain it in an easily understood manner.

A loud shout came out from behind the Izzy "OOI," Taichi had yelled, and he and his group were headed their way. They seemed rather worried about what was going to happen and that was never a good thing.

"Did you find something out?" Yamato called back, Taichi was always in such a hurry what was he trying to say in such a fast way?

Just as Taichi was trying to tell them something the floor of the balcony exploded up ward causing a shower of debre to fly out several feet around the explosion. The four of them that were around the explosion were lucky that they hadn't been hit, though the four of them were covered in dust and it was hard to see or breathe.

As the dust settled and cleared all that could be seen was a large grey humanoid figure that was becoming more pronounced as the dust settled. Once the particles had settled enough for them to see they were surprised at what they saw, the creature in question was mostly made up of metal though his left arm and right leg were made of weathered skin, the joints were covered by metal plating. The rest of the creature was created of metal plating and gears that allowed for movement, small eyes seemed to glow a strange blue color while the man tried to erect himself into a properly standing position.

This of course caused fear to ride up in all of them, when the digimon stood he was very tall probably seven feet and there was a growling almost aching noise that happened when he faced them. The digimon seemed to simply stare at them for several moments before he began to mutter in a low tone, the plate upon the digimon's chest opened up and two missiles were shoot toward them. Izzy and Kagome went in one direction, while Yamato went the other. Takeru was frozen with fright and was standing in the way of the things.

Kagome could say her heart stopped with fear at that moment, she wouldn't be able to get to the boy fast enough none of them would. Yamato was already calling for Garurumon and within seconds he was blocking the attack, a paw slapped them up into the air. One exploded because of the harsh impact, while the other turned in air and headed back toward the other group of children behind the cyber digimon.

The missiles in question looked like catfish the longer you looked at them, and when they opened up their mouths they shot a barrage of light bullets at the enemy. Because of this, the others were dancing backwards trying to keep out of reach of the white hot things that were raining down toward their feet.

Eventually Agumon darted forward and quickly evolved into Greymon, with a quick slap of his tail the gatling missile was send flying into the sky in a shower of dust and broken metal. Garurumon struck forward attacking the cyber-digimon, while Greymon moved behind it. The digimon in question grabbed hold of Garurumon and swung him around hitting Greymon and sending both of them over the edge of the balcony and onto the ground below.

The cyber digimon (which Kagome later found out was named Andromon) took a running jump after the two apparently intent on causing harm. The children rushed to the edges of the building to look down, both Taichi and Yamato called for their Digimon. The others could only watch in awe. Both Greymon and Garurumon had been hurt byt the fall as it took them a bit to get up, but they were both a bit stubborn like their owner

Andromon was already getting ready for another attack, while Garurumon and Greymon were getting back on their feet. The arm that was completely made of metal was quickly held to the sky the black fingers had merged together and were now spine at a high speed, colored mist seemed to be forming at the tip of the cone shaped hand. The attack was called Spiral Sword, and it appeared in a blue boomerang shaped blade, once the metal digimon released it slammed hard into Garurumon's forehead, The attack obviously hurt the large wolf as he cryed out his frustrations, Greymon responded by attacking with the Mega-Flame attack Andromon simply cut right through it.

Garurumon bounced back from the head on attack only to throw the large bright blue "FOX FIRE" at Andromon which was simply kicked away by the cyber monster. The children above could only watch in awe and worry, two digimon against one and their side was losing.

"There definitely evolved.." Yamato could only watch slightly slack jawed.

"But, power, speed…he'd on a completely different level than our digimon." Sora replied, looking on with worry she didn't want anyone to get hurt.

"But how are we going to win?" Taichi replied, a worried expression on his face this wasn't looking like a winning situation.

"If the things more powerful than us we need to find a weak point," Kagome replied, gnawing on her bottom lip as she watched with the rest of them. Greymon was charging again, while Andromon was stopping the digimon grabbing either side of the digimon's mouth the cyber-monster lifted the dinosaur over his head only to slam him down onto Garurumon.

The boys called out to their digimon to hold on and Kagome could only think about how to get their digimon to evolve. Both she and Sora had digimon that could evolve but nothing was happening, Kagome could only frown. Why couldn't her digimon evolve was there some sort of limiter on them? Sighing Kagome's eyes knitted together as she listened to Izzy and Tentomon speak, apparently Izzy had come up with computer program that had actually affected Tentomon.

Turning away from the fight Kagome could only watch in surprise, Izzy's little device was glowing but so was Tentomon. Tentomon was evolving! In his place stood a huge digimon, it had an armored helmet that looked like it was made of bone. It was a bug type digimon, four large paper colored wings had grown without a shell to cover them, six arms were protruding from his body, while a large stinger was also now present. Their attention was eventually drawn back to the fight as Andromon put Garurumon and Greymon through the ringer.

Kabuterimon took off with a speed that none of them expected, he aimed right for Andromon who moved out of the way with a swiftness that was hard to believe. The large insect type digimon was quickly in the air ensuring he could dodge whatever was thrown his way from the air. Once Kabuterimon got turned around, he charged again, his horned head aiming to impale Andromon. Yet, Andromon proved his superior strength by simply holding the flying digimon back before stepping to the side, there were large gash marks from Kabuterimon's claws they seemed to go through steel like a hot knife through butter. As the bug digimon continued on, Andromon fired his gatling missiles at Kabuterimon's back

"Damn, that Andromon doesn't seem to have a weakness," Jyou huffed, he was angry and frustrated and it scared him that they could seem to fight this bastard.

"Kabuterimon, the right leg hit his right leg!" Izzy shouted up at his partner, the red head could only watch as the large digimon swiftly out maneuvered the missiles before swinging around and heading back toward Andromon. As the bug digimon reacted they were surprised when he hovered before curling in to himself, a large charge seemed to be forming in front of the digimon and they could only watch with awe as Kabuterimon released a large attack called "Mega Blaster" it quickly condensed before hitting dead center on Andromon's knee.

"Another black gear." Kagome muttered watching it fly up out of Andromon as if trying to get away from the attack before dissolving in the air. Once the gear was out, the cyber-monster feel to his knees he seemed very confused and disoriented.

Eventually it was understood that Andromon didn't seem to have any control over what was happening, in fact the digimon didn't even remember attacking them at all. He'd seemed rather horrified at the idea that he might had hurt them, in apology he showed them away to leave the never ending factory. Apparently Andromon never left, ever he loved his home far too much to leave.

The exit he showed them unfortunately was less to be desired, apparently once you came into the factory grounds the only way to leave as to go through the sewers. The entrance was completely made of stone and it was a short walk until they reached the end of the tunnel, then it was a three or so foot drop to a walk way that was on either side of the water way the created the sewers itself.

"Alright, everyone down. Let's go." Taichi grinned, they had been told to take a left and in this case Taichi wasn't willing to deviate, he wasn't fond of the idea of walking around in a sewer.

"This place is so damp, I don't like it." Yamato sighed, they had been walking for about twenty minutes and the damp enclosed space was already starting to get to him. He hated this feeling, he much preferred being outside to be in this tiny tunnel with seven other people and eight digimon.

Takeru had been wondering this since he'd seen it happen, "Neh, Koushiro-san…You made Tentomon evolve with your computer didn't you?" Takeru really wanted to know what Patamon turned into, it seemed the everyone's digimon became a bigger and better versions of their earlier self, so what did Patamon become he wasn't a recognizable animal from home like Lunamon or Tentomon.

` ""Yeah I did." Izzy agreed, but he was mildly confused why had Tentomon needed a program in the first place? None of the others had needed something like that to evolve why had only Tentomon needed something like that?

"Can you make my Patamon grow?" Takeru finally asked.

"It might if we try, " Izzy grinned, happily pulling out his computer.

"Really?" Takeru had to admit he was very excited about that idea.

Izzy nodded, before he began to work on the program, but when he tried to activate it his computer just shut down instead of doing what he wanted it to. No matter what he did it refused to even open back up, "Hmm, the program doesn't seem to be working." He was going to have to think about it some more, something about this didn't quiet add up.

"All you need to do is give it a good wack!" Taichi replied happily, Agumon agreed with him happily. They were so eager to wack Izzy's machine, they missed completely when Tentomon, Takeru and Izzy quickly hurried out of the way. Which unfortunately caused to two, to hit one another instead of what they were aiming for.

"Your carefree attitude won't be fixed by just hitting," Sora was looking at them with a mixed expression as if to ask what the heck was going one. Jyou was rubbing his head in exasperation. Izzy just seemed relieved that neither he nor his machine had been hit, while Mimi was simply frowning at Taichi as if he'd done something she highly disapproved of.

It didn't take long for the lot of them to start laughing at the pitiful expressions Taichi and Agumon were making. Eventually they turned and readied themselves for the long trek out of the sewers, it didn't take any time at all for the lot of them to get bored and they simply had to find something to do. So they played a singing game as they walked, "To~oi, furusato omoidasu!" but you were only supposed to use the first line of the song and the last letter of the line.

"Alright digimon it's your turn, you have to start with the Su out of omoidasu!" Taichi grinned, he loved playing this game it kept he and his sister entertained for hours. Yamato had come over multiple times and the three of them had played it, this was also something that had occurred on the bus ride to the camp.

They continued to play the game for several rounds until they were interrupted by Sora's loud cry, which caused a bit of a stand still. Both Yamato and Taichi were asking questions, "The water dripped on me, it's really cold!" this of course had everyone looking up. When more of the water starting dripping down, Izzy had to point out that her clothing was getting dirty from the drops.

"I want to do laundry" Sora's large red brown eyes just seemed so sad, like she'd do anything to be back home again. She could just think about the laundry out on the line on the balcony of their apartment and she would remember her mom's flower shop, and how the smells of the shop always came home at the end of the day with her mother.

"I want to be in a relaxing bath." Taichi commented, he could agree. That was one of the best things about coming home from soccer, when his muscles got sore and her was hot and gross. Coming home and relaxing in hot water always made him want to get up and play in the sun again the next day.

"I want to …"Takeru started before going silent instead his mind seemed to have wondered of, and his fingers were hitting away at some sort of game controller. Takeru could just imagine being at home in their family room playing away on the tv while his mother worked on her computer in the kitchen.

"All you can think or are video games?" Yamato laughed lightly, "I can't make fun of him…I want a nice grilled steak" He stated when odd looked were sent his way, he really did want some steak that was nicely seasoned, and perfectly cooked.

Jyou could only nod, they all had something that they loved, "Don't laugh at this, but I want to study and do a mountain of homework!" It might sound odd to the others but that was one way he de-stressed. His home wasn't the best, both of his older brother weren't doing as his father said because of it their papa was putting a lot of pressure on his youngest son.

Mimi simply sent the older boy a blank gaze, "You're very strange. I want a cold bottle of soda!" she really did, that was possibly the one thing she drank every day. Mimi honestly wouldn't mind being at the beach with her parents either, she would like nothing more than to be home with them.

"Ah, Mimi me to that sound really good!" Takeru grinned up at the girl in all honest excitement, his mother wouldn't allow him to have much coke.

"Really?" Mimi asked, she seemed delighted that she wasn't that wasn't missing the sweet carbonated beverage, the small blond by nodded in agreement.

"I want to email all of my friends" Izzy had to admit that he missed being able to talk to his friends. As much as he liked the company at the moment, he really didn't know any of them that well.

Kagome sighed, "I want to be cooking with mama, and scolding the twins when they come to steal food before dinner." Her little brothers were both mischievous, sneaky little things. They both loved to play pranks and sneaking food out of the kitchen was just another joke for them, and she loved cooking for her family.

A quiet pause seemed to pass over the group of them, they were all getting a little homesick they didn't even know if they could go back home. The digimon could only look at their human partners, the children were tired and sad. It seemed that even they couldn't make everything better all the time.

"Do you hear that?" Gomamon asked, he was sure that he could hear something coming their way.

"Down here it would be Numemon." Gabumon replied, looking back in the direction that they had come from.

"Numemon?" Yamato asked, a curious expression on his face.

And on and on the other digimon spoke of the Numemon, how they were dirty and preferred being in dark wet places. It didn't really matter what the others said, the Numemon didn't sound like something any of the children would want to meet. Eventually even the humans could hear the digimon as they moved steadily closer, and once the children could see them they all agreed that they didn't want to get to know them better. They looked like small green snot balls with purple spots on their backs and eyes that were lifted off their heads like a lug. They quickly decided to run. Kagome wondered why they were running, and Taichi voiced this question unfortunately they quickly found out as the Numemon began to through their poop at them. Eventually they came onto a side tunnel that they quickly scurried up and they suddenly found themselves in the Sun. The Numemon didn't like that in the least a hurried back into the sewers.

When they looked around after the harrowing run from the Numemon, they found themselves in a dry grasses plan that had a large stream running toward the ocean. The only bad thing was that it was now unbearable hot, everyone was sweating quite a bit and Kagome was relieved that she was in a tank top, as compared to Mimi's thick dress or Jyou's sweater vest.

As they walked over hills and down into shallow valley's they were all surprised to see coke machines sitting innocently scattered across the field in front of them. They had come to realize in the time that they had been in this world that nothing that seemed like it was from their world would work.

"All those vending machines in a place like this?" Mimi looked amazed and in need of those machines as if they now owned part of her heart.

"Mimi? You're not getting something to drink are you?" Palmon asked, looking up at her partner.

"Of course!" Mimi practically skipped, she was so darn excited. Once the girl took off her digimon followed quickly

"Mimi, we all know nothing will come out!" Jyou sighed, as she ignored him and did exactly as she pleased. The rest of them felt a bit wary and decided to wait on the hill, they could only watch as she put in a yen coin. They front of the machine simply fell off, they could see Mimi motioning but not hear what she was saying. Suddenly the pink dressed girl was running toward them with a horde of Numemon on her tail. She passed them and it took little time for the rest of them to follow.

Suddenly a shout for them to split up and run came into the air and the lot of them did, Kagome took a left and never looked back. She would have to find her cousin and new found friends later, she didn't want to get pooped. What Kagome didn't expect was to run into a large fussy bear, Kagome and Lunamon ended up running into a large yellow bear. What surprised her were the odd blue bubble like hearts. They were both engulfed and Kagome didn't know anything after that.

It would be nearly an hour later that Kagome was brought back to consciousness only to find out that she had been a toy for a toy. The raven haired girl was starting to get sick of the gears, it wasn't right that they were doing this sort of thing to innocent digimon=. Kagome was certain that things would get better, it seemed that they did have something to do and it seemed to involve the gills.

To~oi, furusato omoidasu-I rememeber my faraway home- (If anyone has a better translation please let me know this was what I could get out of the sub.)