Heart and Soul - Requiem

Chapter 1

Ianto woke from a deep sleep in a series of leisurely stages.

As he awakened, he realised he was fully dressed and in pain; his neck and shoulders were at an odd angle and sore.

Standing up to stretch to ease the pain in his shoulders a wave of dizziness caused him sit down just as quickly. He closed his eyes and waited for the vertigo to fade.

Several moments passed and he opened his eyes. Now that the room had stopped moving he took a look around. He did not recognise where he was, although the contents did feel vaguely his. He noted he was sitting on a two seater black leather sofa.

Right in front of him was a low table, on it was a tall empty glass. He picked it up and thought he smelt beer.

Next to the glass was a substantial red plastic folder with 'READ' in large black letters on the front.

Picking the folder up and opened it. It was thick with several sections, each section had a coloured divider.

On the front divider was another simple instruction.

"Start with the red section"

Not sure why he was doing this, he turned the red divider over to the first page.

On the page was a list of facts.

1: Your name is Ianto Jones.

2: Your birthday is 19th August.

3: You were born in 1983.

4: You are 24 years old.

5: Today is Tuesday

6: You are in a flat.

7: This is your flat, you live here.

8: The address is Flat 16, Fourth Floor, 28 University Close, Northenton.

After several hours he closed the folder. It was a remarkable document. It was as if someone had catalogued his entire life, into neat separate sections and then presented them in this folder. It contained the most basic information like his name and DOB to how to make coffee. In fact, there was an extensive section devoted to just coffee, which certainly explained the expensive looking coffee machine on the kitchen bench.

There were lists of his favourite films and music and why he liked them, to details of his move to this new flat, and the job he was starting in two days. It noted he had no family, but had a girlfriend, Lisa, now deceased. All of it made perfect sense. Everything he needed to know that was the essence of himself fell into place within his mind.