A/N: Yes its a short beginning, but hey chapter one is started and YES I'm still working on A Slip of Persona, its just that not all my ideas fit in one story so I find myself with several. In any case, I hope you will like this one (which will be my second priority, I would like to have ASoP in the forefront of my mind)


He had been duped.

Tricked and lied to.

Well and truly deceived by so many people, for his whole life.

And wasn't that just a kick in balls? He had given everything and everyone he had cared for and truly been cared for by for the Light. Had left school, hunted and destroyed horcruxes. Would have died for, and had literally DIED for. And for what? To find Ginny slipping him a love potion in his morning tea, deciding to mix a loyalty potion in along with it so he would be totally and completely devoted to her. Finding out Dumbledore had manipulated his life from the time he was left with his mother's adopted family, and had been dipping into the Potter inheritance to fund the Light. That once he became the 'Master of Death' as it were, that he had essentially signed his life away by coming back to life in the final battle, making him a sort of Grim Reaper. He was stuck watching over the deceased, never able to join them in the afterlife. Not dead, not quite alive.

To find, 125,000 years later that magic was dying out. That the Light was the wrong side to fight for and he had personally doomed wizarding kind.

Well, he wasn't about to sit around and let the immense stupidity of his youth to sentence Magic herself, one of many immortal beings, to death. It wasn't going to happen while he was around. All he needed was an immortal sacrifice in this time, and he would be able to retain his power, and be given a new chance at his life.

Magic was glad to be his sacrifice, better to save herself in the past than wait for her end in the present.

After all, who better to prevent death than its Master?

PS: I'll be using the very beginning of this story in another version, its different than this one for the most part, I just had 2 ways it could go...