Chapter 2

Six hours later saw Connor pacing the hospital waiting room, sweat thick on his brow. He had never been this scared, not even when he had been chased by that Raptor. Finally the doctor came into the waiting room. Connor raced over to him, but before he could speak, the doctor held up his hand.

"Congratulations Mr. Temple, you're a father!" Connor stood there in a daze, trying to take it all in. The doctor looked at him with a knowing smile on his face.

"You can go and see her now, if you want." Connor snapped of his stupor, grinning maniacally before rushing off to see his wife.

Connor stopped running once he reached the door. He opened the door slowly and looked at his wife. She looked tired, more than tired, downright weary. But she had a good excuse. Connor saw her child, their child, resting in Abby's embrace. Connor walked over slowly, savoring the moment. He reached a hand out to touch the child's head.

"Hello Nick." He smiled.

"Connor, there's something I have to tell you." Connor looked into Abby's weary yet teasing eyes.

"What? Are you alright?" He became worried.

"No Connor, I'm fine."

"Then what is it, is Nick alright?"

"Connor." She smiled, building up the suspense between them. "This isn't Nick." Connor's face took on a startled expression.

"What?" He didn't seem to understand.

"You're a father, alright, but to a baby girl." She let the words sink in. Connor looked back at their son, no, daughter, noticing her darker hair and grey-blue eyes. Just like her mother. He was surprised he hadn't noticed it before, of course the baby looked like a girl.

"But Nicholas never mentioned he had an older sister."

"We never asked." Was Abby's reply. Connor's and Abby's eyes connected at the same time. They both spoke in unison.

"Nicole?" Then they laughed. Connor leaned over to give his wife a kiss which she gladly accepted. After they pulled away, Connor muttered.

"I sure hope Nicole likes lizards."

-The End-

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