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Chapter 23: The Birthday Bash, Part III

I reluctantly let Deidara lead me towards the stage and I blushed when I heard Reno and Zack whistling. Judging by their reaction, I was going to be in for one hell of a sundae. After Naruto helped me onto the stage, my eyes widened in shock and confusion when Deidara pressed his lips against mine. I tried to push him off of me, but my efforts failed when his tongue entered my mouth and I couldn't help but moan. My eyes looked towards Sephiroth for help, but I furrowed my eyebrows when I saw that he had a grin on his face…like he didn't mind that Deidara was making out with me…

"Oh come on Cloud! Put some more enthusiasm into it! This is your present after all…"

Deidara released my lips and I quickly turned around to face the chuckling Naruto.

"What's my present! A kiss?"


My eyes widened when Naruto's eyes glazed over as he slowly walked over to me. I gasped when Deidara started to kiss my neck as he wrapped an arm around my waist as his other hand slowly unzipped my corset. I blushed when Naruto smiled at me before he removed my corset and slowly licked my nipple. Now I realize what Deidara's present is and why everyone was watching us… Who wouldn't want to watch three blond ukes play with each other? Though I am nervous since this is my first real threesome and without Sephiroth, I was getting excited… I let out a loud moan when Naruto tugged on my nipple with his teeth as Deidara slipped his hand underneath my skirt and popped the band of my thong off of me before rubbing his wet fingers against my entrance. When was he able to lube his fingers? I have no idea. My moans got louder when Deidara's fingers entered and stretched me.

"Damn Naruto… He's still tight, un… How do you do it, kid?" Deidara chuckled. I couldn't answer him because of Naruto's tongue that moved down my body until he reached my skirt. He moved my skirt up until my erection was exposed and I gasped when Naruto licked my cock from the base to the tip before taking me all the way to the hilt in his mouth and sucking. I couldn't stop my self from gripping Naruto's hair in tight fists as I thrusted into his mouth while riding Deidara's fingers. I continued to moan at the sensation of being sucked off and fucked at the same time. The sensation was starting to be overwhelming when Deidara struck my sweet spot repeatedly, which caused me to thrust faster into Naruto's mouth. It wasn't long before I came deep into Naruto's mouth with a scream. Deidara chuckled as he caught me when my legs gave out and gently placed me on the cool wooden planks of the stage. Just when I felt like taking a nap, a tug on my limp member made my eyes widen.

"We're not done with you yet…" Naruto grinned as he stroked my member back to life. I smiled before I pulled Naruto's face down to mine and kissed him. Naruto moaned into our kiss when Deidara unbuttoned his pants and stroked his cock until he was fully erect. Naruto broke our kiss and smiled at me before he sat up and spread my legs further apart as Deidara stripped himself of all his clothing. He and Naruto smirked at each other before Naruto grabbed the back of Deidara's neck and pulled him down to kiss him as well. I watched them continue to kiss and moan as Naruto stroked his and Deidara's cock and I couldn't help but run my hand up and down my cock. The sight of them was so hot to see that I was beyond ready to get to the fun part.

"You two planning on getting back over here to me or what?" I said with a grin on my face. They broke their kiss and turned towards me with grins on their faces as well. Deidara crawled over to me and straddled my lap. My eyes widened when he grabbed my cock and positioned it at his entrance.

"Happy Birthday, un…" Deidara whispered into my ear before sliding down onto my erection. I moaned at the tight, warm heat surrounding my erection as Deidara gasped in pain. I rubbed my hands against Deidara's back to help soothe the pain. Granted this was my first time taking someone, I knew how to help ease the pain by remembering what Sephiroth usually did for me when my body needed to adjust to having a hard cock inside me.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Y-Yeah…" Deidara said as he lightly panted. It took a few minutes before Deidara was ready and I let out a loud moan when Deidara lifted his hips up to where the head of my cock was still inside of him before slamming his down to mine. My hands gripped his hips as I helped him roll his hips up and down on my cock while groaning when I hit that bundle of nerves inside of Deidara that caused to moan as he ran his hands up and down my chest. While Deidara continued to ride me, I furrowed my brows when I felt something press against my entrance and moaned when it slid inside of me. I realized what it was when Deidara leaned against Naruto as he kissed Deidara's shoulder. I smirked before I rolled my hips and chuckled when Naruto growled in pleasure as Deidara moaned.

The smirk was wiped off of my face when Naruto pulled out and roughly entered me and hit my sweet spot on the first try. How he knew that I liked it rough was a mystery to me... He winked at me before he continued the rough and fast pace, making Deidara and I moan anew. All thought process left my mind as Deidara, Naruto and I continued to fuck each other. All I was focused on was making Deidara feel good as I clenched my inner muscles against Naruto's cock. Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end… The pitch in Deidara's moans got higher as he rode me faster and I could tell that he was about to come. I removed one of my hands off of his hips and stroked his erection in sync with out thrusts. Deidara screamed as he came all over my chest and I groaned at the muscles that clamped around my cock. I thrusted up into Deidara before I came into that tight heat as Naruto came inside of me with moan of his own. All I remember was Deidara collapsing on top of me before I passed out…

When I woke up, I realized that I was no longer at the club…nor was I at Naruto's or Sephiroth's penthouse. I groaned as I slowly lifted myself up and rubbed my back at the small throb of pain as last night's memory came back to me. I smirked. I had to thank Deidara for his present the next time I see him… I looked around and saw that I was in a bedroom that was painted white and had white furniture to match it…except for the rose that was lying on the dresser not too far from the bed I was in. I moved the comforter and bed sheets off of me and slipped on the white robe and slippers I found on the bed before I made my way over to the dresser. I lifted the rose off of the dresser and sniffed it before opening the small card that was lying next to it.

"Exit the bedroom…" I read before I chuckled. There was only one man I knew who had perfect cursive handwriting… I walked towards the bedroom door with the rose still in my hands with excitement before I slowly opened the door. I gasped in awe when I saw how beautiful whatever we were in was. All of the furniture and the wall were white with a wooden finish and large tropical plants were placed in the corners of the room to give some color. Just where the hell are we? I chuckled when I found another rose and a note on the glass table next to the couch.

"Come outside…" I said to myself. I turned to face the sliding door that wasn't too far from the mini-bar and I felt my excitement rise when I slid it open. My eyes widened as I gasped in awe at the scenery. I never knew what the ocean looked like in person before, but just seeing that crystal blue water was enough to bring tears to my eyes. I heard chuckling and I turned to my left to see Sephiroth sitting in a chair underneath a large umbrella that connected to a glass table.

"I hope those are going to be tears of joy…"

I chuckled weakly.

"What is all of this Sephiroth?"

Sephiroth got out of the chair and walked towards me with a grin on his face.

"This…is your birthday present. I thought over long and hard about what to get you for your birthday, but giving you something didn't sit well with me. Taking you somewhere did…somewhere where it will be just you and I alone for three days…"

Oh Gaia Sephiroth was a closet romantic…and I thank all that is holy for making him so…

"W-Where are we…?"

Sephiroth smiled.

"Welcome to Costa del-"

I didn't give Sephiroth the chance to finish his sentence because I threw myself at him and clenched onto his robe as I cried into his shoulder. Seeing Costa del Sol had always been a dream of mine and now my dream came true because of my wonderful lover.

"Happy Birthday Cloud…"

"Thank you…" was all I could say as Sephiroth wrapped his arms around me as I smiled into his shoulder. I was going to enjoy every second of the three days that we were here in paradise…

The first day at the beach couldn't have gone better. I learned that the house belonged to Sephiroth as we ate our breakfast outside on the large patio that overlooked the beach. He bought it as a getaway spot and I couldn't blame him. The house was a beautiful 10,000 square feet one floor home that had five bedrooms with their own bathroom, a living room, dining room, mini bar, game room, laundry room, and a kitchen. After he gave me a full tour of the house, we spent the rest of the day walking on the beach hand in hand talking about each other's past until the sun started setting. We were watching the sun sink further into the horizon while sitting on the beach next to the small bonfire. Something random popped up into my mind and before I could stop myself from saying it, I already blurted it out.

"How did you meet Itachi? It seems like you two have known each other for a long time…"

I wasn't surprised when Sephiroth raised a brow at me in confusion. It was completely random that I would ask something like that, but it was something I I've been meaning to ask when I saw Sephiroth speaking to Itachi with his eyes a few days back.

"We have. We've been friends since I was seven. We met at one of the dinner parties our family attended every year. He offered to play checkers with me and I agreed and we haven't been able to separate from each other since, even after we ended our relationship when we were 16."

My eyes widened at that. I had a feeling that he and Itachi slept together before, but I did not know that they used to date.

"Why did you to break up?" I asked.

"Well…we felt like we were still acting more like friends instead of lovers, so we just called it off and remained friends with benefits."

I blushed as a naughty thought popped into my mind.

"I wonder what you are thinking about…"

My blush got darker when I heard Sephiroth chuckle.



"Alright! I was wondering if you would let Naruto and I watch you and Itachi go at it since you guys watched Naruto and I twice…" I admitted in embarrassment. I wasn't embarrassed about what I thought, I was embarrassed about saying it out loud. You can't blame me for wanting to watch something as hot as that. It would be a sexy battle between two semes to see which one comes out on top, though I have a feeling that it would be Sephiroth since he's more muscular than Itachi is… Sephiroth stared at me before he chuckled.

"I suppose that could happen…as long as you don't become jealous." Sephiroth said with a smirk on his face. I scoffed.

"Why would I be jealous? We're only switching for one night. Besides, shouldn't you be jealous that you were not involved in my first threesome?" I said with a grin.

"Perhaps I should be, but I'll let it go since it was with two sexy blondes… And just so you know, that was one of the hottest threesomes I've ever seen… Even Aeris and Tifa thought so."

I gasped as I blushed.

"They didn't mind seeing three guys have sex with each other on a stage?"

"Cloud, Tifa and Aeris have seen a whole lot worse than three guys having a threesome… A whole lot worse…"

I laughed when Sephiroth pulled me closer to him. I sighed as I rested my head against his shoulder.

"Do you think the boys are going to be okay without you for two more days? We can leave at anytime if you think they won't be…"

Even though I wanted to enjoy my tiny vacation, I couldn't do that if I knew that his kids were sad that their Daddy wasn't going to be with them for a few days… When I heard Sephiroth chuckle, I looked up at him with furrowed brows.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"When I told them that I was going to be away for a few days, they all said it was okay for me to go since they would have you to watch over and play with them. But when I said that you were coming with me and Naruto and Itachi were going to watch them, they started to cry… So when you asked me if they are going to be okay with me being gone for two more days, the question should have been if they are going to be okay with you being gone for two more days."

My eyes widened in shock. I didn't know that Sephiroth's children liked me that much…

"I…guess they really like me..."

"Why wouldn't they? You're Fenrir, the Mighty Babysitter. Isn't that right?"

I buried my face into Sephiroth's arm as I blushed. Figures the boys would tell him my superhero name that I use when we play our games before they go to bed. After I stopped blushing, I still felt a little uneasy about leaving the boys without Sephiroth for two more days.

"Are you sure that they'll be okay?"

"I'm very sure they will be. They have Sasuke and Teddy to keep them company and Naruto to play with."

I couldn't help but giggle at that. I could only imagine what Naruto is going through with the boys as Itachi sits on the couch while encouraging them to wreck mayhem on Naruto with a smile on his face. The poor fox…

"I bet Naruto's going to ask you for a large amount of money for making him babysit."

Sephiroth rolled his eyes before chuckling as he shook his head.

"Knowing Naruto as well as I do, he'll probably ask for 50 grand…"

"Would you pay me that much to babysit?"

"Hell no."

I pouted playfully.

"Why not?"

"Because, I can give you something that is worth more than 50 grand."

I smiled as I ran my finger playfully down his arm.

"You think you can give me it tonight?"

Sephiroth smirked.

"I hope so…" Sephiroth said before he tilted my head up and leaned down to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened our kiss as he stretched me across the beach towel that we were previously sitting on. I wrapped my legs around his waist and moaned when Sephiroth moved one of his hands to untie the knot on my swim trunks. I smiled into the kiss. I always wondered what sex on the beach was like since Naruto told me that he experienced it…and it seemed like Sephiroth was set on showing me what it felt like…

It didn't take him long to get us both undressed. I gasped in pleasure when he slowly grinded his hard member against mine. This was what I really wanted for my birthday... Sephiroth and I doing what we do best, only slow and with no interruptions. When he pressed his fingers against my lips for me to suck on them, I turned away. I didn't need preparation for him anymore… I am always ready for him…

"Cloud, it will hurt…"

"I don't care…"


"Sephiroth, please…"

He stared down at me in concern, but I waved it off with a smile before I leaned up to kiss him. He soon gave in and he used his precum as lubrication for his erection and my breath hitched when I felt the head of his cock at my entrance. I distracted myself from the pain of him entering me with our kiss until I broke it to let out a moan. It took a while for me to adjust, but when I was ready, I panted for him to move and he did so with slow and powerful thrusts. I couldn't help but smile. It was like he knew what I wanted without me having to say it… The pain of him taking me dry faded when he angled his thrusts to hit my sweet spot with every thrust. I let out a loud moan of his name as I tightened my legs around his waist and dug my nails into his back as I moved my hips to meet his thrusts. Words couldn't describe how good this felt as the pleasure felt like it was lasting for hours…

When I felt myself getting closer to completion, I removed one of my hands from his shoulders and wrapped it around my weeping member and stroked myself to his thrusts. I gasped when Sephiroth's hand wrapped around mine and helped me stroke myself as I stared into the lust filled emerald eyes that loomed above me. My eyes widened and I screamed Sephiroth's name as my orgasm ripped through my body and onto my stomach as Sephiroth let out a low groan and released inside of me. As I catched my breath, Sephiroth pulled out of me and moved lie next to me before pulling me into his arms. I weakly giggled when Sephiroth used the other beach towel to wrap around us to keep us warm from the cool breeze. As I drifted off to sleep, I inwardly cheered at finally receiving birthday sex. To say this was the best birthday I've ever had was an understatement…

I furrowed my brows when I heard waves crashing against the shore and I opened my eyes and smiled when I saw that Sephiroth and I were still lying on the beach naked. I looked down at Sephiroth and I giggled when I saw him scrunch up his face at the sun shining in his face.

"Wake up… You have to take me to the spa you were talking about, remember?" I said as I leaned down to kiss Sephiroth's cheek. He grumbled something I couldn't decipher and rolled over to where his face was blocked out from the sun by his hair. I rolled my eyes before nudging him in his side with my elbow, which caused him to swat my elbow away. I pouted before my mind came up with a great idea as to how to get my lover up and take me to the spa.

"If you don't get up in three seconds, I won't allow you to touch me when we take a shower together…"

I laughed when Sephiroth jumped up before he lifted me into his arms and carried me towards the beach house.

"Did you say something about showering together?"

I rolled my eyes playfully before I laid my head against his shoulder. It seemed Sephiroth would do anything I ask of him if there's sex involved…

I sighed in contempt when I got my back rubbed by my female masseuse. When I called her my massager, Sephiroth busted out laughing and told me that I had the wrong terminology. A massager was another term for a vibrator and a masseuse was a person who gives massages professionally. Though I blushed when he corrected me, I inwardly shrugged it off. I mean, they both give you a massage. Just one's specialized for all over your body while the other is specialized for in between your legs…

"Thanks for bringing me here, Seph…" I said after I groaned when the lady got out the kinks in my back that were more than likely caused by Sephiroth when he pressed me up against the tiled wall roughly in the shower while he was fucking me.

"You're welcome." I heard him say from the other massaging table. While I was getting my massage, I cursed my body for having to go to the bathroom when the lady started to work on my lower back, where I really needed it most.

"Excuse me, but I have to go to the bathroom real quick." I said as I lifted myself off of the table.

"Down the hall to your left." The lady said with a smile on her face.

"Do you need me to go with you?" Sephiroth asked.

"No, you can stay and finish your massage. I'll be fine on my own…" I said reassuringly. It was sweet of him to offer to go with me, but he looked so relaxed by his massage that I didn't want to interrupt him.

"Alright. You just go to the bathroom and come straight back. You know how you like to wander off…"

"I will! Sheesh! You act like I'm going to end up in the middle of the damn ocean…" I said as I pouted and walked out of our massage room, making both of our masseuses giggle. I remembered my masseuse's directions to where the bathroom was and smirked in victory at being able to find it on my own. I walked into the bathroom and gasped in awe at how beautiful it looked. To be honest, the large plants, ivory sinks, and oak wood bathroom stall made it looked more like the women's bathroom more so than the men's. How do I know what a women's bathroom looks like? When we were at the theme park, there was a long line for the men's bathroom and since Naruto wasn't patient enough to wait in the line, he dragged me to go with him into the women's bathroom when no one was looking at us. All I remember from that bathroom was that it was a whole lot nicer than the men's bathrooms that I had been in… After I relieved myself, I was washing my hands when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my instincts told me to turn around when I heard the bathroom door open.

"Well, well… Who would've thought that you would be here…"

I couldn't say anything in response to Genesis, but when I saw what he was wearing, all I think was…

"How the mighty have fallen…"

My eyes widened in shock when he glared at me. It was then that I realized that I had said that out loud. It wasn't supposed to be insulting, but it looked like he was taking what I accidentally said out loud as one. I don't understand why he would when I used to be a clerk at a sex shop…

"You shut the fuck up! You're the reason why I'm working here!"

I narrowed my eyes in anger. How dare he tell me that it's my fault that Sephiroth fired him when he was the one that took advantage of me.

"You got a lot of fucking nerve! It's your own damn fault for getting yourself fired and go from being a top earning puppet to a towel boy at a spa! The only person you can blame is yourself!" I yelled. I did feel guilty at first for being the reason as to why he was fired, but after hearing him blame me and not taking any of the credit for his own actions, my guilt vanished. I must have hit a nerve because Genesis narrowed his eyes at me and I braced myself for the harsh words that I knew he was capable of delivering.

"Blame myself for what exactly? The only thing I blame myself for is sticking my cock inside of you. You were so awful that I don't see why Sephiroth keeps you around!"

I was about to let Genesis' words get to me, but I shrugged them off and smiled. I may not be exactly perfect in bed, but I'm enough to satisfy Sephiroth on a daily basis. If Sephiroth thinks I'm great, then to me, that's all that mattered. I could give a damn what this asshole think of me.

"You know what Genesis, I don't care. I don't care what you think or say about me and my relationship with Sephiroth because in the end, I'm the one who gets to be held by him at night and I'm the one who gets the chance to make him happy. And if you're too stupid to accept it and move on that's you're problem…" I said honestly. I really did wish that Naruto was here to see how I am able to stick up for myself… Genesis snorted before he returned my smile with one of his own.

"You really think you can make him 'happy'? Please, you're only setting yourself up for heartache, kid. Not all damages can be easily repaired… You'll figure that out on your own one day and not even Naruto will be able to repair you when you break because he left you. So I'll leave you with this little piece of advice, enjoy the time you have with him while you still can."

I furrowed my eyebrows at that. Damages? What the hell is he talking about? I guess my question was written all over my face as Genesis chuckled as he shook his head and walked over to wash his hands in the sink next to the one I was using. After he finished washing his hands, he looked at me before walking away from me and out of the bathroom. I continued to stand by the sink as my mind thought over what he said and kept drawing blanks as to what it was that he was talking. I sighed before I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind. Maybe Naruto would know what he was talking about, but for now, I needed to hurry back to the massage room before Sephiroth starts to search for me. I wasn't about to let what Genesis told me ruin my mini-vacation…

End of Chapter

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