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Chapter 24: Revelations and Icicles

Even though I enjoyed every second of my mini-vacation with Sephiroth, I had to admit I was glad that we were going back home. Not because I kept seeing Genesis everywhere we went and it brought up the memory of what he told me in the spa bathroom, I really missed my friends and the children. After a long kiss goodbye for now from Sephiroth, I unlocked the penthouse door and smiled when my legs were tackled by Sasuke.

"Cloudy! I missed you!" the four year old said happily as Teddy barked in agreement.

"I missed you too. Did you take good care of Naruto, Itachi, and Teddy while I was gone?" I said as I bent down to give Sasuke a big hug and rub Teddy's ears.

"Yep! I fed Teddy and changed his water bowl all by myself!"

"Awesome job, kiddo!"

I looked up when I heard a cough and smirked when I saw Naruto looking down at me with an eyebrow raised and a grin on his face.

"Well, I guess Costa del Sol did wonders on you. You look…great, not to mention that you have one hell of a tan…"

I couldn't help but laugh.

"That's what happens when you wake up on the beach instead of in the beach house…"

"Oh I'm sure…" Naruto said with a smirk before picking up my duffel bag and carrying it to my room before yelling for Itachi to wake up.

"I almost forgot! Wait here Cloudy! I have something to give you!" Sasuke said excitedly as he ran to his room with Teddy in tow. I tilted my head before standing up to close the front door and to take a seat on the couch. I smiled when Sasuke ran over to me with a picture frame in his hands.

"Happy Birthday!" Sasuke shouted before he handed me the picture frame.

"Thanks." I said before I leaned down and kissed his forehead, which caused him to lightly blush with a big smile on his face. I turned the picture frame over and awed at what I saw. It was a drawing of me, Itachi, Naruto, Sephiroth, Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz, Teddy, and Bigglesworth all holding hands.

"Aww! What made you draw this?"

"My teacher told us to draw our family and after I drew it, I thought you should have it. Do you like it?"

"I love it, Sasuke! It's so cute! It's going to sit right on my dresser so that I can look at it everyday!"

Sasuke laughed before Naruto told him that is bathwater was ready. Sasuke ran into his room to gather his clothes to take with him into the bathroom as Naruto walked out of the bathroom to sit down next to me with a sigh.

"Tired already?" I asked.

"I don't normally wake up at 6:45 in the morning if you haven't noticed…" Naruto snorted, which made me grin.

"The boys made you wake up early?"

"Hell yeah! I didn't think that Sephiroth's boys were early birds but I was proved wrong on the first day they were here…"

"Aww… Where are they by the way?"

"Aeris decided to cut me some slack by watching over them for us yesterday at Sephiroth's penthouse. Itachi was trying to tell her that she didn't need to do that since he thought that we could handle them for one more day, but I made him reconsider."

"You know, you are a mean person…" I joked as Naruto's eyes widened before he narrowed them, making me chuckle.

"I am not! I just don't like watching over four kids! As a matter of fact, I don't like kids period!"

"Well, I find that very hard to believe since kids like you…"

"No, they like to call me a troll and make me a fire breathing dragon so they can try to kill me in their games!"

I busted into laughs as Naruto rolled his eyes until he caught sight of the picture frame in my hands.

"What's that a picture of?"

"Oh you didn't see it? Sasuke drew me a picture and gave it to me as a birthday present." I said as I handed him the frame. Naruto furrowed his brows before looking at the picture. I narrowed my eyes in concern when I saw his eyes widen.

"What's wrong?"

"I was hoping that he wasn't going to give you this one…"

"Why? What's wrong with it?"

Naruto sighed before he flipped the picture frame over and started to take out the backing of the frame. He placed the backing on the coffee table and lifted the drawing out of the frame. He unfolded the picture and held it up for me to see. My heart clenched in pain when I saw that the part of the drawing that was folded was the part where it labeled who we were.


"Yeah… It's a lovely drawing, but when I read what he labeled us, I couldn't help but feel bad…"

"How did Itachi take it?"

"He took it okay, I think… I tried to tell him that we needed to sit down with Sasuke to explain our situation so that he doesn't get confused later on down the line, but he refused and said that we will tell him when the time was right… I understand why he wants to wait, but at the same time, waiting can do more damage than good and I don't want Sasuke to get mad at us and resent us for the rest of his life…"

I couldn't help but lower my head in sadness… I had a feeling that Sasuke thought Itachi was his real father and just called him Itachi because everyone around him did. Hell, strangers walk up to Itachi and tell him that he has a beautiful son. I didn't want to voice my thought out loud because I didn't want Itachi to get mad at me, but what Sasuke wrote on the drawing confirmed my thought. In Sasuke's eyes, Itachi was his father, Naruto was his step-mother, I was his Nana, Sephiroth was his uncle, and Sephiroth's children were his cousins. I can see how he views us as that because when you really think about it, that's how we act around him.

"So what should we do?"


My eyes widened before I turned around to see Itachi looking down at me with a serious expression. I figured that he knew what I was talking about since he could clearly see Sasuke's drawing over me and Naruto's shoulders.

"But –"

"I don't care. He doesn't need to find out the truth right now. He's too young to understand."

Naruto snorted.

"Then how young is too young Itachi! I'm not waiting until he's in his teenage years to tell him because he won't listen to what you have to say because he'll think that you've lied to him about everything his entire life!"

Itachi frowned.

"You don't know that."

"Yes I do! Coming from a person who has experienced that himself, I know exactly what it's like and how it feels! I'm not going to stand here and watch Sasuke go down that horrible path too! I would've told him already, but he won't believe it if it comes from me...and I know that you know that..." Naruto shouted.

"Tell me what?"

We all turned to watch Sasuke standing by his room with a worried expression on his face. Itachi muttered a curse as Naruto and I looked at each other before looking up at Itachi, letting him know that we'll follow his lead on what to do next. I was surprised when Itachi told Sasuke to follow him into their bedroom to talk about the picture he drew for me. I guess he realized that it would've been too hard to come up with a good lie off the top of his head and decided to tell him. After they entered the bedroom and shut the door, Naruto and I remained quiet for what felt like hours, until I remembered what I needed to ask him.

"Can I ask you something?" I said, not sure if Naruto was willing to talk because of what was going on in his bedroom.


"I ran into Genesis while we were at the spa in Costa del Sol and-"

Naruto's eyes widened.

"He was there with you guys! How the hell did that happen!"

"He works there now."

I wasn't surprised at the huge snarky grin that came across the blond's face.

"How the mighty have fallen..."

"THAT'S THE EXACT SAME THING I SAID! But anyways, he and I got into an argument over Sephiroth again and after I told him that I'm able to make Sephiroth happier than he ever could, he tells me to enjoy my time with Sephiroth while I still can because not all 'damages' can be repaired... Do you know what he's talking about?"

I didn't like the frown that appeared on Naruto's face. It told me that whatever Genesis meant was a very serious matter.

"I wonder..." Naruto said before he got up to get something to drink from the fridge.

"Wonder what?" I asked in confusion as he poured orange juice into two glasses. He picked up the two glasses and walked back over to the couch. He handed me one glass before sitting next to me again. Naruto turned to me with that same look on his face. I could tell that he was contemplating over telling me what as on his mind or not saying anything. I watched him take a sip of orange juice before responding to my question.

"Has he told you anything about his past yet?"
"No, and I haven't really had the guts to ask him." Which was a true statement. I always wanted to, but I never really got around to it because something always came up. Not to mention that I wasn't sure if Sephiroth would even answer me fully.

"Alright, then what I'm about to tell you stays between us since Itachi didn't even want me know at first before I made him tell me. Got it?"

I quickly nodded. Naruto cleared his throat before he began.

"Sephiroth had it pretty rough growing up as well as me and everyone else you know in our group. In the rich community that we all grew up in, all that mattered was your social status, your income level, and whose kid was more talented and smarter than the rest. Bescause all of that shit mattered, any type of dirt that anyone had on a family got blown out of proportions and that family was ridiculed and publicly humiliated until they decided to leave.

Sephiorth's family and Itachi's family were considered the 'golden' families since both families had sons that were considered 'geniuses'. In those days, it was highly frowned upon in their community to even consider that you may be possibly attracted to the same gender. If you did, you were immediately disowned because of the shame and humiliation you caused your family and community and left with nothing. To hide their sexuality from their parents, a lot of the kids there secretly met in the woods, hooked up at school, or threw secret house parties when the parents were out of town for months in order to have a relationship of someone with the same gender.

Most of us were okay with that, but Sephiroth wasn't. Despite being very out of the closet and open about it with everyone, his parents, mainly his father, thought it was just a phase and made arrangements with a family friend for him to marry their daughter when he turned 18 to bring honor and all that bullshit to the family and to stop the rumors going around that thier family's genius son was gay. He had no choice but to go through with the ordeal since his father threatened to expose Itachi, and the rest of his lovers to the community. He didn't want to put Itachi in harm's way since he knew his father was highly opposed homosexuality and didn't have any clue who Itachi was really hanging out with or seeing, which was me by the way.

Moving on, after Sephiroth got married, he surprised himself when he started developing feelings for her and was excited to find out that she was pregnant a year later. From what Itachi told me, he guesses that their relationship took a turn for the worst while she was pregnant without him knowing. Becuase he blindly fell in love with her and gave her everything she wanted, he didn't realize how cruel of a bitch she was on the inside.

A few months after the triplets were born, Sephiroth walked in on his wife fucking another man in their bed. They got into a huge arguement and the next day Sephiroth filed for divorce and full custody of the babies and she signed the papers before up and leaving with the man she was seeing behind Sephiroth's back, not even thinking twice about letting him have full custody of the boys. When I asked Itachi why she didn't want to fight for them, he said it was because she was the type of woman who just wanted to live in the spotlight while having a billionaire buy her whatever it was that she desired, caring for children wasn't in her plans since it would get in the way... I think you can figure out the rest."

"Yeah... I can..."

I saw Naruto grit his teeth as he clentched his hand tighter around his glass and I couldn't blame him for getting pissed off at Sephiroth's ex-wife. Hell, I'm even pissed off as well and my anger at her overtook the shock of finding out that Sephiroth used to be married! How could she do that to a man like Sephiroth! He gave her everything, and yet that still wasn't enough!

"As for what Genesis meant, I think he's saying that Sephiroth won't let himself love you fully because of everything that happened with his ex-wife. And if so, he's a real dick for saying something like that!"

"...Do you think that's true?" I hesitantly asked. Though the possibility of that being true hurts, I fully understand why he wouldn't. I would love to be able to show him that I am nothing like her and will never do anything like that to hurt him, but in doing so I don't want to push him away. My eyes widened when Naruto started glaring at me.

"Don't you believe that bullshit for one second! I've seen how he's treated his past lovers and trust me when I say that you're getting the five-star treatment in comparison with the others! Not to mention that he smiles a hell of a lot more nowadays..." Naruto said as his glare turned into a sly grin, making me blush in return. Naruto chuckled as he got up from the couch.

"Seriously though, don't worry about what a bitter and jealous ex-lover said. Worrying about it is just going to create problems that never existed before. Okay?"

I nodded in agreement before watching him walk towards his bedroom. Naruto was right. Me worrying about what he said is just going to create unnecessary animosity between Seph and I and it's not worth it. After all, I have something Genesis was never able to gain from Sephiroth: his trust. With that in mind, I got off the couch and walked into my room to take a well deserved nap, making a quick note to myself to check on Sasuke and Sephiroth's boys when I woke up.

Four Months Later...

As I sat in one of the chairs on the porch of our huge, mansion-like cabin at Icicle Inn wrapped in a flannel blanket watching the snow fall, I couldn't help but think how fast these past few months have been and all that has happened during. I quickly became a top earning stripper since I did a lot of my performances solo or with Naruto and Deidara. Though I got many requests for private performances and lapdances, I haven't been allowed to do any yet because of my lovely, possessive boss of a boyfriend. I chuckled at that. Speaking of my boyfriend, he and I were still doing fine, just like Naruto thought we would. He and I talked more and went on dates occasionally now. He has no idea how happy he makes me to know that he's no longer afraid to be seen in public with me now since he kisses me, hugs me, and holds my hand without being afraid that someone will see us, which in turn made our sex life more passionate. He even opened up more to me by going into more details about certain things in his past, including some things that Naruto didn't tell me about. The feeling of knowing that Sephiroth wants get closer to me is undescribable...

"What are you doing out here all by yourself? It's Christmas morning and everyone's still inside sleeping where it's warm."

I turned my head and bursted into laughter before turning to face a shivering Naruto in his flannel jacket as he leaned against the front door. Even when he's cold, his sarcasm is still just as sharp as ever.

"I know, I'm just taking in my surrounding that's all." I said honestly with a smile on my face. How could I not? Icicle Inn is one of the most beautiful places on the planet! Beautiful enough for me to gently untangle myself from Sephiroth and come outside to enjoy its beauty. I was so excited when Sephiroth announced to everyone on the first of the month that he was shutting down the club for the rest of the month for their annual trip to here. I've never been here before and when Naruto said it was a frozen wasteland that they waste their time visiting, I knew I was going to enjoy myself. Needless to say, I proved myself right. After I learned how to ski and snowboard from Itachi, I joined Sasori, Deidara, Reno and Zack in snowboarding every other day. Naruto of all people even joined me since he didn't feel like watching over the boys' skiing lessons and figured that Itachi and Sephiroth would be okay without him there. He changed his mind after he ran into a huge pile of snow and a tree though...

"Oh yeah! How's your knee by the way?"

The snort that my best friend let out caused me to go into another laughing fit. The ice-skating ring held a special Christmas Eve light show last night and all of us attended, even the boys. While I was holding hands with my silver haired lover as we skated together while watching over the triplets as they skated in front of us, Naruto was skating with Tifa and Aerith since he didn't feel like skating with Itachi because he knew he would skate slow because Sasuke wanted to skate with him instead of the triplets. When Reno made a bet to race Naruto around the ring three times, we all had a feeling that it wasn't going to end well for our favorite blond and we were all proven right when Naruto failed to make a left turn and slammed into the wall. It was no surprise to anyone that Kaiba was laughing more than anyone, especially after he heard Sasuke say that trolls weren't meant to ice-skate.

"I swear that I'm gonna kill Kaiba one of these days..."

"Aww don't be like that! It was kinda funny!"

"Right...sure it was."

"Sasuke thought it was."

"Sasuke thinks everything I do is funny! What else is new!" Naruto said while rolling his eyes, making me chuckle in response. It was nice to know that after Itachi explained their situation to Sasuke that nothing really changed between the three of them, which I think both Itachi and Naruto were hoping for. Even though Sakue knew that Itachi wasn't his father, he still ran and followed after him like he was and still refused to call Naruto anything short of troll, which Naruto didn't mind...much...

"Oh and by the way, you never did tell me what you got Seph for Christmas! I really thought we were friends Cloud..." Naruto pouted.

"He and I...exchanged gifts already..." I said as I felt my cheeks grow warm, which made a sly grin appear on Naruto's face. I inwardly cursed when I saw Naruto move to sit down in the chair next to me.


"You remember last week after we all went out to dinner and we told you that we'll see you in two days?"

"Uh-huh... Go ahead, spill it."

I let out a long sigh and proceeded to tell him about how our gifts to each other was our sadistic and masochistic sides loose for 48 hours straight with no breaks, except for when I said our safety word, Rudolph.

It was in the middle of the afternoon when we all exchanged gifts to each other. After another round of drawing straws, Naruto was once again the lucky winner who had to put on the Santa suit and hand out presents to everyone. Eveyone waited in the living room for him to get dressed and when he walked into the living room and yelled "Ho, ho, ho!", Sasuke tugged on Itachi's arm and asked him why did Santa allow a troll to take his place this year, making everyone howl with laughter as Naruto gritted his teeth before he went around passing out presents. It was funny to watch Naruto pass Kaiba his gifts since all he would do was shove a present into Kaiba's hands while doing his sarcasting jolly laugh and calling him a bastard before moving to the next person. After he handed out all of the gifts, we let the kids open up some of theirs first since most of the gifts that everyone brought were for them before we began opening ours. As I was unopening mine while sitting in Sephiroth's lap, he quietly asked me a question low enough only for me to hear.

"Do you know what's wrong with Naruto?"

I looked in Naruto's direction and grinned when I saw him having a onesided heated arguement with Itachi, who wasn't paying him any attention because he continued unwrapping his gifts with a nonchalant look on his face.

"Besides him being a little pissed off for havng to be Santa Troll, no. Why do you ask?"

He chuckled before responding to me.

"Because he's been smirking at me all day and I can't fathom as to why..."

"Oh..." I said as I quickly looked away from Sephiroth to watch the fire in the fireplace so that he wouldn't see me blushing. I almost forgot that I told Naruto of our "gift-giving". After I told Naruto what he wanted to hear, he and I made breakfast for everyone and went around to everyone's room to let them know that the food was ready. After Sephiroth got the boys situated with their plates, he walked over to me and gave me a good morning kiss like we usually do. I heard Naruto chuckling at us and I thought it was because he was seeing Sephiroth being affectionate, but after hearing what Sephiroth said, I'm starting to think otherwise. I was brought out of my thoughts by Sephiroth licking the other shell of my ear, sending a pleasurable shiver down my spine.

"How much did you tell him?" He whispered in my ear before biting it, making me shift around in his lap. Figures me turning away from would give it away...

"Everything..." I said as I turned to face him while giving him an apologetic look. I didn't mean to tell him everything, but Naruto could tell when I was holding something back and he kept pestering me until I blurted those details out. I hope he wasn't too mad at me...

"Ah, I see..." Sephiroth said before reaching around me to grab one of his gifts. I raised a brow at him in confusion as he started to unwrap the gift.

"Are you mad?"

"I'm not. Itachi will be though..." Sephiroth replied nonchalantly.

"How come?" I asked, not really sure why Itachi would be.

"Because he's been living with a closet masochist this whole time and he didn't pick up on it. Trust me when I say he has a good radar..." He said with a smile on his face. My cheeks burned as if they were on fire as my mind figured out what the underlying message in his statement was. Needless to say, I was very happy that Itachi couldn't pick up on that little fact about me. I turned back around to open up the box and I smiled when I saw that I recieved a navy blue sleeveless ribbed sweater from Kaiba. I turned towards the God of Fashion and told him thank you before Yazoo waved his remote-control chocobo in my face as a way of asking me to help him put the batteries inside of it, which I didn't mind doing. After giving Yazoo his chocobo back and helping Kadaj and Loz with theirs, I went back to sitting in Sephiroth's lap and awed when he showed me the black mink scarf he recieved from Itachi.

"I think that will look really great on you."

Sephiroth smirked.

"I'm sure it will."

I chuckled while playfully rolling my eyes at my boyfriend's cockiness before turning around to watch Sephiroth's boys happily play with their robot chocobos. Figures out of all of the gifts they recieved, and have yet to open, they would occupy themselves with the one that had chocobos involved. I looked at Sasuke and inwardly giggled when I saw him sleeping against a curled up Teddy cuddling a stuffed dragon plushie while surrounded in his pile of opened and unopened gifts. I think it's safe to say that the boys are enjoying their Christmas. Even Teddy looks like he's having a good time by how he fell asleep on top of his large rawhide bone. Seeing how relaxed Teddy was made me lean back into Sephiroth's chest and close my eyes with a smile on my face. As I was about to drift off, Sephiroth's whisper in my ear made my eyes open in curiosity and excitement.

"It would be a good idea for you to rest up now. You're going to need your energy when it's time for all of us to play our favorite Christmas game in the basement after we put the children to bed for the evening..."

By the way that Sephiroth kissed my forehead, I could tell that this game was one that I was going to like...

To Be Continued...

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