Ralph lands the van and Bill jumps out of it Bill looks at him " I don't know Ralph we don't even need backup on this anymore hold it ladies first" He helps Pam out of the van

Ralph looks at them "Oh my gosh I forgot about Evan" he then takes off again as Bill gets the rest of the guys out of the van

A few minutes later Ralph crash's down on the roof of the hotel he then gets up and runs off

A little later he crash's into the hotel room where the men are collecting their money "Get out"

A man looks up from the table "That's him"

Ralph leans against a wall trying to balance himself as he continues "Get Down" he try's to catch his breath "Get down on your knees" He then starts to walk across as the guys kneel down he push's one of them "Get down there please" he then walks over to where Evan is sitting he then walks over to check on Evan who has been knocked out he kisses him on the head and turns back around to the guys " Alright everybody get out" there's a pause "go on get out" he raises his voice a little " Leave the money on the table and get out"

A guy starts to pick something up Ralph flips the table with the money on it "Leave the money on the table and get out get out everybody get out get out"

After they get out he kicks the door closed and then walks back over to Evan while trying to catch his breathe he checks Evan again before he sits down on the floor he then holographs in on the basketball game and sees their losing "I'm Sorry Ray I'm just too tired to help ya" he then leans against the wall and rubs his head

A few minutes later Bill and Pam are driving down the road Pam looks out the window "Bill pull over here a minute"

Bill looks at her "This is a clothing store"

Pam looks at him as she gets ready to climb out of the car "I know I'm going to buy Ralph a sports jacket like the one that he lost to that truck on the way to bakersville I feel bad for him he's lost two of his best sports jackets"

Bill looks at her "Ok I think I'll wait here"

As Pam climbs out of the car she is almost ran down by a group of men Bill jumps out of the car and over to the guys "What's going where are ya'll going ?"

One guy looks at them "We just got attacked by some crazy guy wearing some kind of red suit"

Pam and Bill look at each other for a minute then Bill turns back to the men "Where at ?"

Another guy looks at them "In the pent house at the Carlton hotel"

Another one yells from the group "Come on lets get out of here" they continue to run down the street

Bill looks at Pam as he runs over and jumps back in the car Pam runs toward the car as the scene ends

The scene changes to a little while later Pam and Bill walk in the room where Ralph has already kicked down the door

Bill looks around at the table over turned and the money on the floor "Well Ralph was defiantly here"

Pam looks across the room "And still is" she runs over to where Ralph is leaning up against the wall "Ralph" she puts her arm on his shoulder "Hun"

Ralph looks up at her

Pam looks at him "How many plates do you have up now ?"

Ralph looks at her "Absolutely none we have to get Evan to a hospital"

Pam looks at him "You are going home Bill will take Evan to the hospital"

The scene changes to a little while later Pam walks out of Ralph's room and closes the door behind her as Bill walks in Pam looks at him "Well he's asleep"

Bill looks at her "How long did it take for him to go out ?"

Pam walks over and sits down on the couch "Oh about two seconds once he got in the bed I felt so bad for him Bill he could barley get the suit off and into his pajamas"

Bill looks at her "Don't worry councilor all he needs is sleep"