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Star Wars:

The Clone Wars

The Shadow Foe

It is a troubling time for the galaxy. As the Clone Wars continue to rage between the Republic

and the Separatists, more and more systems find themselves pulled into the conflict. Even systems believed to be too deeply entrenched on either side soon find themselves pulled into the front lines of the war.

Following the disastrous rout of resurged Separatist forces on Geonosis, Count Dooku has ordered his droid commander, General Grievous, to launch a wave of new attacks throughout the Outer and Mid Rims. Hoping to capitalize on the Republic's need to secure recently captured systems, General Grievous has launched a vicious campaign that threatens to stretch the Republic forces to their breaking point. Droid armies have made several daring advances, creating beachheads on many key Republic worlds as a stepping stone for larger invasion forces.

In response to these attacks, the Galactic Senate has voted to increase funding to the Republic's new clone army. Across the vast number of Republic held systems, factories and shipyards are hard at work churning out the weapons of war to strike back against the growing Separatist threat while the cloning centers on Kamino continue to produce and train soldiers as quickly as possible.

Troubles have risen though as multiple Republic supply convoys have come under attack by an unknown force. This mysterious attacker continues to strike convoys with impunity, even venturing into space thought to be securely held by the Republic. To add to the growing fear, Republic forces sent to investigate these attacks arrive only to find debris. To date no survivor of this shadow enemy's attacks has been found. Already rumors begin to spread throughout the Republic of an unstoppable Separatist weapon prowling the space lanes.

These attacks have placed the Republic at a precarious position. Without the supply convoys to bring much needed relief to troops on the front lines, the Republic stands to lose its holdings on several more worlds. Protecting the convoys would mean pulling precious warships off of active duty to act as escorts for the vulnerable convoys.

Chancellor Palpatine has called on the Jedi Council to put an end to this so-called shadow enemy before the fear it generates causes more systems to break from the Republic.

Concerned over this latest threat to the Republic, the Jedi Council has dispatched Jedi General Aria'synna and the Republic Cruiser Hyperion to investigate the distress signal from the latest convoy to be attacked. Even now the Hyperion hurtles through hyperspace in a desperate bid to reach the convoy before it is too late.

A/N: This is only the introduction to my next story. I am still mapping things out in my mind, so don't expect an update terribly soon on this one.