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Chapter 1

Toris still didn't understand why he was sitting at this table. The other nations insisted that he and his brothers come to the World Conference, despite Ivan's objections. But this meeting was about the treatment of fellow nations, especially allies. It was all because of Ivan, and because of that, the Baltics had to be there.

In the past, they had always sat in a very certain order. It was geographic, putting China and Lithuania on either side of Russia, but not today. Today Arthur sat beside Ivan and Yao took Arthur's seat on the other side of the table. No one wanted Yao near Ivan, not after what they had just discovered.

While Ludwig went on about what is and is not acceptable for nations such as themselves, Toris let his eyes wander around the table. At last they fell on Alfred as he tried to speak to Yao. It looked like the American was trying to help his friend. He could be compassionate sometimes it seemed.

But Yao never responded to Alfred's words. Toris saw him staring at his tormentor, at Ivan, with a look in his eyes that showed a completely broken man. Toris wondered how long it would be before Yao smiled again, laughed again.

His eyes moved down to Feliks, and Toris was surprised to see his old friend staring intently at Ivan, a concerned look on his face. Then, much to his surprise, Feliks looked at him before twirling a section of hair around his finger. Toris knew what that meant, even though it had been years since he had seen Feliks to that. It was part of their code from when they we younger and still living together.

Feliks twisted his hair: "We need to talk."

Toris adjusted one of the cuffs on his sleeve: "Where?"

Feliks put both of his hands on the table and looked at Alfred. "America's office."

It was going to be risky, getting away from Ivan. They both knew that. Toris would have to have some kind of excuse that Ivan would hopefully accept.

Once the meeting was over, Toris saw his friend duck out of the nearest door as quickly as possible. Toris tried to leave with the bulk of the nations, hoping to put some people between himself and Ivan. Once the Russian was out of sight, Toris ran to Alfred's office.

Once he was inside, Feliks shut the door and locked it.

"What's this about?" Toris began to ask, but Feliks just pinned him against the wall.

"Come back and live with me Liet." Toris had never seen his friend so serious before. "We can do it right now, you never have to see that terrible man again."

"Feliks," Toris said quietly, "I can't just leave Raivis and Eduard there."

"But you saw it, didn't you? You know what that man like did to Yao right? Why would you go back?"

Toris hesitated for a moment before nodding. If he really thought about it, he knew what had been happening to Yao. He just never wanted to admit it to himself.

"And you're totally not stupid, right Liet? I like know you aren't! You know he's not going to stop just because he doesn't have Yao!"

"I know. He's just going to find someone else." Toris couldn't shake the feeling that Feliks wanted to say something else. But he didn't wan to push him.

But it seemed like the push wouldn't be needed because, at that moment, Feliks grabbed the front of his shirt. "You're next Liet!" he shouted. "Why don't you see that?"

Toris pulled Feliks in closer and kissed him. This was nothing new between them, they had gone much farther than this before they were separated. But Toris had forgotten what it felt like to kiss Feliks. He had forgotten just how right it felt, just how perfectly their lips seemed to fit together.

"You idiot," Feliks said when they finally broke apart again. "Do you like think that you can make me forget about this or something? 'Cause I totally won't forget."

Toris shook his head. "It's not that. But if what you say is right and Ivan will go after me next, I have to be there. I can't let him take his anger out on Eduard or Raivis. I have to endure it in order to protect them."

He turned to leave the room, but Feliks grabbed his arm. "Nie! Nie rób tego! (No! Don't do it!)"

Toris pulled his friend in close and they touched foreheads. "I'm sorry Feliks. You have to understand where I'm coming from."

"I do but- Liet, I don't want to see you get hurt." Feliks wrapped his arms around Toris's neck, tears slowly falling down his cheeks.

Toris lifted Feliks's face up and kissed him one more time. "I have to go," he said quietly before going out the door.


Toris was cleaning up that night's dinner when he heard steps come up behind him and arms wrapped around his chest and upper arms. "So Toris," Ivan said in his ear. The voice sent shivers up Toris's spine. "Where did you disappear to after the meeting today? I was worried about you."

"I'm sorry sir, I thought I had lost track of Raivis and went to go look for him." It was the same excuse he had given that afternoon and he hoped that Ivan would accept it.

"Правда? (really?)" Ivan asked, confirming Toris's fear: He did not believe Toris's excuse. "Because I lost track of your friend Feliks after the meeting as well."

Toris was sure his heart stopped.

"I don't like it when you lie to me," Ivan said, tightening his grip around Toris's torso. "People who lie to me need to be punished. I don't like it when things that belong to me don't tell me when they aren't being faithful to me."

Ivan let him go and began to dig though the knife drawer. "Take of your apron and shirt, Toris" He sounded much more calm and collected, and all the more terrifying because of it.

When Toris didn't move, Ivan swung a knife in his face. Toris raised his right hand to block it and received a large gash in his palm. He gasped a fell to his knees, trying to stop the quickly growing flow of blood from his hand.

"That's what you get for not listening to me," Ivan said matter-of-factly, throwing the bloody knife in the sink and continuing his search through the drawer. "Now take off your shirt."

Toris actually did it this time, scared of what Ivan could do next if he disobeyed again. His hand hurt terribly, but he tried to ignore the pain and the steady drip of blood as he undid the buttons of his shirt with his other hand.

Finally, Ivan turned around holding a small paring knife. "These little knives are so cute, да?" He was smiling horribly and he began to move closer to Toris, backing him in to the wall. He put one hand on the Baltic's shoulder as he brought the knife down to the left side of Toris's waist.

"You mine, right Lithuania?" he asked, sounding so much like a child that it was unnerving. "So why did you lie to me?"

"I didn't-" Toris began to say, but the rest of his words were lost in his own screams. Ivan had put the knife into his skin and cut.

"What were you saying?" Ivan asked, licking the small amount of blood from the tip of the knife.

Toris drew several rattling breaths before speaking. "Ivan, please, my hand-"

"Ah, it is unfortunate, isn't it? But that still isn't what I wanted to hear." He brought the knife back down and cut Toris again. But this time, Toris didn't scream.

"I was with Feliks," he finally said shortly. "He told me that no matter what the others said, you wouldn't stop with Yao."

Again, the knife met his skin. This time it cut in a circle and the twisting of the knife in his skin made Toris scream one more time. Once he had finished, Ivan put the knife in the sink and walked out of the room.

Once the only sound Toris could hear was his own ragged breathing, he moved over to where he had dropped his apron and shirt. He wrapped the apron around his hand and pressed it to where Ivan had cut his waist. He hung his shirt over his shoulder and left the kitchen, hoping Eduard could finish the dishes.

Toris found his brother folding some laundry and knocked on the door frame. "Eduard," he said to his younger brother's back as he continued to work. "Can you do me a favor?"

Eduard turned around, surprised. Toris never asked him for favors. When he saw how pale his brother was and caught sight of the blood that had run down his arm, Eduard dropped the shirt he had been holding. "Jumal küll! (Oh my God!) Toris, are you okay?"

Toris looked away from his brother. He couldn't stand to see the horrified look on his face. It just made the whole situation that much worse. "I'm fine." They both knew he was lying, but Toris didn't want to share this with his brother just yet. "I just need to go take care of some things. Can you finish the dishes for me?"

"Of course."

"Ačiū. (Thanks.)"

Leaving Eduard behind, Toris went to his room and shut the door. He took his hand off the cuts in his side and gasped. The letters "Po" were carved into his skin.

"Dieve, Feliksas buvo teisus. Dabar mano eilė. (God, Feliks was right. I'm next.)" Toris collapsed into a chair and began to sob. He remembered Yao's face when the other nations had found him. Was that his fate? Was Ivan going to break him down until not even the thought of freedom, the thought of Feliks, would stir emotion in him?

A knock on the door brought him back to the present.

"Toris," Eduard said from the other side of the door. "I'm coming in." The door opened and the blond boy walked inside. "You lied to me," he said shortly. "I knew you lied before, I could see the blood on your arm. But I saw the knives." Toris looked away, ashamed. "It was him, wasn't it?"

Toris just looked at him for a moment, all of his self control holding back tears. He couldn't be weak in front of his brothers. "Don't tell Raivis," he finally said.

After a moment, Eduard sighed. "Do you need help?" Toris nodded, not wanting to speak again. "What should I do?"

With his good hand, Toris pointed to his bathroom and Eduard went off to go get bandages. He came back and Toris held out his hand for Eduard to bandage. "Why did Ivan do this to you?" Eduard asked as he cleaned the gash and began to wrap it.

"He was aiming for my face," Toris said quietly. "So I held my hand up to block it."

"But why?"

Toris bit his lower lip and fought to control himself for a minute. "I lied to him about where I went after the Conference. I went to talk with Feliks." He paused to see how his brother would react, but Eduard simply continued to wrap his hand. "He offered to get me out of this house. But I told him no. I didn't think I could leave you and Raivis here without knowing that you would be safe from Ivan."

Eduard's grip on Toris's hand tightened, causing Toris to wince. "You had the chance to get out of here and you didn't take it?" His voice shook slightly as though he was forcing himself to not shout.

"Of course not. How could I live with myself if I knew that my brothers were here with that man without someone to protect them?"

"We would've found a way out," Eduard said quietly. He finished securing the bandage before standing up slowly. His clenched hands shook as he stood, giving away just how he felt.

"Or he could've killed you," Toris responded.

Then Eduard snapped. "You're the only one with a way out! Why didn't you take it when you had the chance? If you were out, you could help us follow you! Now, thanks to you, we are all going to die here!"

Toris had to admit, he never thought of that. But before he could come up with a dignified response, Eduard began to pace back and forth, muttering under his breath.

"Nüüd, lihtsalt, sest sa oled liiga kuradi üllas, me oleme kõik saab olema ummikus see maja. Ainuke asi, me suutma ära kuulata igal õhtul on heli meie vennad karjuvad, kui see ei ole meile. Ja peal on kõik et ... Lätis. Mis juhtub, et Raivas? Ta ei ole nagu meil. Kui me ei päästa teda enne Ivan hakkab mõjutama teda, ta võib olla liiga hilja. Ja see on kõik olete süüdi, vend!"

Toris only managed to understand a little of what his brother was saying. He didn't speak Estonian; he had enough trouble with just Russian and Polish on top of his own. But he had picked up a few words over the years and he did understand the last sentence. Eduard had shouted it at him slow enough for him to understand what he said: It's all your fault, brother.

It was difficult to think about how his actions were having the exact opposite effect which he intended them for.

Eduard shook his head. "I'm sorry. Toris, I didn't mean to say any of that. I just- It's only because we've gone so long without any hope of getting away from Ivan."

"I know," Toris said, taking one of his brother's hands in his good one. "And I know I didn't make the smartest choice. But I could never live happily away from Ivan if I know you and Raivis are still with him." He could feel Eduard's hand shaking a little in his own and gave him a reassuring squeeze. "It's alright, Eduard. So it'll be some cuts here and there. What's the worst that could happen?"

Here's a translation for that large chunk of Estonian. I didn't want to put it in the story.
"Now, just because you're too damn noble, we're all going to be stuck in this house. The only thing we'll hear every night is the sound of our brothers screaming. And on top of all that...Latvia. What happens to Raivas? He's not like us. If we don't save him before Ivan begins to affect him, it may be too late. And it's all your fault, brother!"

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Published: May 20, 2010
Update: July 9, 2010
- Fixed some Lithuanian thanks to Eglaya