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Chapter 7

On the third night, there was no hesitation. The moment Ivan came in, his lips found Toris's and now they were lying on the bed, naked, as Ivan stroked both of them.

"I-Iva- Ahhh~" he was trying to say through the touches. His breath was ragged and he still sought to fight the pleasure racking through his body at the touch.

The Russian reached an oiled finger around to Toris's back and began to apply pressure to his hole. "N-n-not tonight Ivan, please. I'm still sore from last night."

"Then let's try something different." He turned Toris around so his back was pressed into Ivan's stomach and lifted his top leg.

A cool sensation fell over Toris's inner thigh and he gasped. Ivan was spreading the lube from his fingers onto Toris. "What are you doing?" Toris asked, confused.

"I'm going to fuck you Liet. Only, you won't be in pain tomorrow." He pressed his already lubed cock at Toris entrance, but instead of entering him, Ivan's thrust pushed his length between Toris's thighs.

His member applied pressure to the sensitive area below Toris's hole. At the deepest point in the thrust, pressure was even applied to his prostate, causing Toris to let out a sound something like a shout of surprise and a moan of pleasure. "Ivan, ngh, there!" he panted, throwing his head back to press against Ivan's shoulder. "Ha, ah, oh-" his sounds continued to grow in volume with each thrust. It was intense pleasure like Toris had never experienced, but he knew it wasn't enough to make him climax. His own cock was being completely ignored.

Toris reached a hand down to try and masturbate, but Ivan grabbed both of his wrists in one hand and held them against Toris's chest.

"Ivan," he whimpered. "Please."

"Please what? You have to explain these things to me if you want to get the right thing." He began to slow his thrusts.

"Ah! No! Ivan, you know what I want!" It was even more difficult to focus now, the slow thrusts torturing him. But Ivan only readjusted himself so that the head of his cock pressed into Toris's entrance slightly before moving back to his balls.

Toris bit his lip as tears fell from his eyes. Everything Ivan was doing to him was amazing, but now he just wanted to cum. "Ivan!" he shouted as one of The Russian's hands went to pinching a twisting a nipple. "It's too mu- Ah!" Ivan had thrust again, slamming his length into his balls again, pulling on them and grinding the pleasure spot inside of him.

Every muscle in his body clenched and Toris cried out, white spilling on to the sheets. Ivan followed soon after, spilling over and on the front of Toris's thigh.

"Well?" Ivan asked, kissing Toris's neck.

"I-I," Toris tried to say, but his breath was coming in ragged sighs and he could hardly speak. "I'm still hard. I'm sorry."

Ivan pulled himself out from between Toris's thighs and moved to straddle Toris. "And why do you suppose that is Liet?"

Toris moved to lay on his back. He could hardly see Ivan through the tears that had begun again. "I don't know. I'm sorry Ivan. It was amazing. Why am I not done?" He pulled the pillow out from behind him and hid his face, sobbing quietly.

"It's because you body hasn't gotten what it wants yet," Ivan said, running a hand still slick with lube over Toris's inner thigh.

Toris moaned, moving the pillow far enough down his face to show Ivan begging eyes full of tears.

"Do you want me to suck you off?" Toris nodded.

Without hesitation, Ivan took all of Toris into his mouth. "Ah!" Toris shouted. His toes curled and he hid his face under the pillow again, biting it to muffle his moans.

Ivan pulled off of him, frowning. "Get rid of that pillow. What did I say the rules were for this?"

No pillow? Toris thought to himself, but he moved the pillow anyway, revealing his flushed face and slightly desperate expression. "I-Ivan…"

The Russian smirked. "That's more like it Liet." He licked the slit of Toris's length, causing his whole body to jerk and him to let out another moan.

Ivan continued with his merciless blowjob for who knows how long. Toris didn't bother to keep track of time. All that mattered to him was that Ivan finished what he started. Based on the first night, he couldn't even be guaranteed another orgasm.

Lucky for Toris, Ivan allowed him to finish. Crying out Ivan's name, Toris arched his back and came hard into Ivan's mouth. Ivan glared at him and Toris curled up a little, scared.

"Did I say you could cum?" He held up a hand, as if to slap the Lithuanian.

Toris threw his arms over his face. "N-No… I'm sorry Ivan, I'm so sorry."

But to his surprise, Ivan simply kissed the scar on the palm of Toris's hand. "Bu I made you feel amazing, right Liet?"

The brunette nodded.

"Right Liet?" Ivan wanted him to say it.

"Да, Иван." Toris replied. "You are amazing."

I've decided to cut out chapters 8 and 9 because I'm really not in the mood to write more smut. I've become a big fan of plot this past year. Chapter 10 (but I guess now it's Chapter 8) has some smut, but it's plot driven. Hopefully I'll get it updated soon! Now that midterms are over, I'll hopefully be able to get some writing done before my classes pick up again.


Да, Иван (Russian) - Yes Ivan. (I included this in the translation just in case y'all didn't know that was 'Ivan.' Shoot me, I just said 'y'all'...)

Published: October 17, 2011