Designated Things Epilogue/Accidental Beginnings Prologue

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Summary: After a topsy-turvy beginning of two teens' love affair in Designated Things this sequel follows them into adulthood. Obstacles abound this couple. This isn't high school anymore; its ten years later. Can Ororo forgive Remy for the pain he caused her? Can Remy convince her that she still wants him?

*Mon frère (my brother), Mon Dieu (My God)


"You look gorgeous as usual," Jean said as she walked up behind Ororo who was filling the last few seconds before the ceremony began to wrangle in stray strands of her platinum locks. How they'd freed themselves from their prison of hair spitz she did not know.

"Thank you. And I must say, you don't look too shabby yourself," she replied turning to give Jean a good once over to make sure that she too was perfect.

Jean reached out taking one of Ororo's hands in her own as she sighed and smiled at her dearest friend. "I didn't think this day would ever come."

"You didn't?" Ororo guffawed, "Are you kidding me? This day was going to get here if I had to drag that man down the aisle."

The two friends' laughter filled the small room. They both knew that this event had been postponed long enough. People were beginning to speculate that it would never take place after the fifth year in what turned out to be a ten year engagement had passed.

On the rare occasions they would be able to see each other with Ororo living in New York and Jean in Boston it was always a rush to get back to their lives in their respective cities. However, today they were back in New Orleans, the town where they met and became fast friends celebrating a long overdue wedding.

"Are you going to be able to get through this?" Jean asked gingerly after their laughter resigned to small amused chuckles.

Ororo nodded. "Let's do it."

Remy pulled anxiously at the too tight collar of his tuxedo. It was fall and the weather was cooling down however he was using a great deal of concentration in an effort to calm himself to keep the sweating at bay. The last thing he would need was for the bride to have wedding pictures of his pit stains.

"Stop pulling. We're about to start and the videographer is already taping," Scott chided from beside him.

"I apologize, mon frère, but I'm slowly being strangled."

"Yes. I'm sure that's where your agitation is coming from," Scott tried not to roll his eyes at the lame excuse but he knew what Remy was going through and didn't want to make his day more complicated. Remy was already doing him an enormous favor that hopefully he'd be able to somehow repay.

The soft sounds of a cello silenced the chatter of the attending guest and everyone watched the door in anticipation of what was sure to be a beautiful bride. Ororo stepped through the door and focused on the holy man standing in front of her. If she could just make it to him she'd be okay.

Remy's heart tightened in his chest. She was beautiful. He didn't know how he'd react once he finally had the opportunity to lay eyes on her. With each step she took towards him his barely there resolve slowly began to crumble. Mon Dieu, she's beautiful. She would always be the one he wanted.

As Ororo approached the altar she tried hard not to look in Remy's directions but the steady gaze of those dark eyes of his bore into her. She felt them willing her to look at him. She finally gave in once she reached the altar and had taken her spot. At that moment all of their history rushed back into her mind. The first time she'd ever laid eyes on him in Mr. Xavier's math class, their first kiss that chilly night downtown, the first time they'd made love and all the trouble that followed, their time in Paris where they were engaged, and finally their unavoidable break-up.

She wasn't going to let that last bitter memory ruin Jean and Scott's day.

Accidental Beginnings

Chapter One

Ororo's determination to ignore Remy and her own scattered thoughts eclipsed the words expressed by the priest of what love and marriage really is and should mean. She focused on Jean's happy smile and Scott's look of concentrated love as he took in his beaming bride.

This moment had been a long time in the making. Between Scott's overly zealous sensibility and careful nature in addition to Jean's meticulous planning their nuptials were thought to be only a myth. Everyone had heard about it but there was never any evidence to support the claim until a few weeks ago when the invitations were mailed.

Ororo endured many inquiries from various people including her curious parents and even Logan, one of their very best friends. Logan knew that Scott had a "stick up his ass" as he called it but even he couldn't believe how much time had gone by without even a date being set. Ororo assured everyone that the couple was only making sure they'd be established in their careers and financially stable before taking such a life altering step. They were being mature, something she'd wished she'd done so long ago…

Ororo was snapped out of her musing once the cello's lively processional song began. She smiled brightly when Jean turned and gave her a big hug before taking her bouquet.

"Congratulations, Mrs. Summers."

"Oh my God! I'm finally Mrs. Summers," Jean squealed.

Scott looked both happy and relieved as he and his bride turned toward the audience and was announced as Mr. Scott Summers and Mrs. Jean Grey-Summers. The applause was thunderous. The waiting was finally over. There were catcalls and whistles as the couple began to make their way down the aisle.

Ororo was about to follow until she had a sudden realization. Everything had happened so fast in the last few hours she'd completely forgotten that she'd have to exit with the best man…Remy. He'd stepped in to fill the role of best man. Scott's younger brother, Alex, flight out of Brazil where he'd been working had been cancelled. Even though he'd been absent from the rehearsal the previous night forcing Ororo to walk alone on her exit out of the quaint chapel everyone hoped he'd be able to make it to the actual ceremony. No such luck.

Jean tried to be understanding even though she wanted to kill both her betrothed and her soon to be brother-in-law. She'd asked Scott repeatedly to have Alex arrive at least a week early. Alex's job as a geologist took him to very remote places and flights were frequently cancelled. He'd missed three of the last five major holidays because of it. She had other things besides Alex to worry about like the seating arrangement at the reception and late RSVPers.

Alas, Scott needed a new best man. Remy wasn't Scott's first choice. He'd rather have had a college friend or a co-worker stand in. Unfortunately for him, Remy was the only person readily available that came close to Alex's tux measurements. Having him standing next to him on his wedding day had to have been a bad omen of some sort. Remy was the most unlucky in love he'd ever come across. But Scott knew that Jean wasn't going to go for a best man in a random suit messing up their wedding DVDs and photos.

Ororo stood frozen for the briefest of moments until Remy stepped towards her. The autopilot controlling her movements kicked in and forced her legs to make long purposeful strides even though her mind was about a half a pace behind. It had been so long since she'd been this close to him. She'd avoided him or on the rare occasions when they were in the same vicinity she'd managed to always be on the other side of where ever they happened to be. She hadn't had any interaction with him since their split nine years ago.

She felt his hand on the small of her back and struggled not to snatch away. Instead she quickened her pace in an effort to get away from him. She could smell his cologne and mentally kicked herself for noticing that it wasn't the same scent he used to wear. She didn't want to smell him and she definitely didn't want to feel his touch. The sooner she could get away, the better.

The estate grounds were large but not large enough for Ororo not to feel as if the place was closing in on her. She hadn't been here in years. She wished she wasn't now despite the happy occasion.

Jean offered to have her reception somewhere else but Ororo knew the offer was too good to pass up. Years ago when Jean first decided that she and Scott would marry Jean-Luc jokingly said he'd host and pay for Jean's reception. Years later he made sure his promise was fulfilled much to Scott's annoyance who mostly viewed it as a handout instead of a gift. Jean happily accepted the offering from the man that had done so much for her just because his son called her "friend".

The setting was perfect. Mature gardens and trees were the ideal backdrop for the outdoor reception. Guest strolled among the meandering paths admiring their surroundings. The colors of the trees were just beginning to change and there was just enough chill in the air to make it pleasant.

Ororo stood in the distance watching the guest greet and congratulate the newly married couple. She was hoping to spot her parents soon and maybe some of her tension and awkwardness gripping her would wane. Maybe if she hadn't come alone she wouldn't feel so…so vulnerable.

Servers with champagne began to stream from the direction of the little guest home that Ororo knew was just around the bend. This place was hauntingly familiar. She remembered the guest house all too well. That was where she and Remy shared their private prom together. She didn't only have that one memory, they'd also spent many holidays and breaks playing house there during their first years of college. Jean-Luc once jokingly said he was going to give it its own address.

A shock of white hair caught Ororo's attention. Finally. Her mother's hair like her own could be spotted from anywhere.


Ororo, lost in her own thoughts failed to see the little boy peeking at her from beside the hedge.

"Oh my! You scared me!" she gasped lightly touching her chest.

Normally she didn't like people sneaking up on her the way he did but the boy's toothy grin was too adorable for her to hold any animosity against the little tike.

"Yeah, I know! I'm the best at sneaking," he announced as he stood.

"You sure are," Ororo smiled back.

"I've seen you before."

"You have? At the wedding?"

"Uh-huh…I mean, yes ma'am," correcting his bad manners "and at my house."

Ororo's brows furrowed as she tried to remember the child.

"Papa has pictures of you."


Realization suddenly dawned on her and the boy began to look familiar to her. He looked just like his father, except his hair was a lighter shade of auburn that no doubt would darken with age, yet those dark eyes were there and the same lips.

"Oh…," she murmured, "you're Remy's son."

"Yes ma'am. My name is Etienne Philippe LeBeau. What's yours?" he asked as he reached for her hand. Absently, she took the child's soft hand into her own.

"Um…," Ororo's words wouldn't come to her. This is Remy's son. She'd known about him but she'd never laid eyes on him before. The boy standing in front of her looked to be about seven or eight years old. Through her muddled thoughts she realized the child would indeed be about this age. It's funny how the brain works. She'd always just thought of him as a baby because that's when she was first aware of his existence. When Remy had told her of him he was only a few weeks old.

"Etienne…," Remy's hesitant voice cut through the fog of Ororo's thoughts and she turned to face him.

"Papa!" the boy announced releasing her hand as he moved towards his father. "This is the pretty lady in the pictures!"

Remy didn't take his eyes off of Ororo as he placed his hand on his son's shoulder.

"Yes it is, son."


"I scared her a lil' bit but she didn't yell at me so its okay."

"Non, Etienne, I've told you that sneaking up on people is not nice. Please apologize to Ms. Monroe," Remy said firmly.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Monroe," he mumbled looking a bit dejected and embarrassed.

Ororo looked down at the boy then back at Remy…really looking at him. He was a father. He sounded like a father and he even looked like a father, standing there with his son. Gone was the messy haired twenty something she once knew. Instead there was a man with a neat haircut and manicured nails.

"It's…it's all right."

"See Papa, its okay. She didn't mind."

"No it isn't. We'll discuss this later. Now go find Jake. He's been looking all over for you."

"Yes, Papa!"

Ororo felt a bit guilty at the mention of Jake. She had multiple framed pictures of Logan's first born and even quite a few of his younger sister. Yet she didn't even know this beautiful child's name. Everyone had been very careful not to mention Remy or anything Remy related around her.

"That was Etienne," Remy motioned in the direction of the departing boy.

"Yes, your son."

"Oui, Cherie, my son."

Ororo took in and released a cleansing breath before speaking. "He's gorgeous."

"Oui, merci…thank you."

The two ex-lovers stood on the fringe of the gathering. The buzzing activity around them was drowned out by the deafening silence that hung between them.

Remy took an opportunity to really look at her. She hadn't given him any opportunities to do so before now. She'd changed slightly from the way he remembered. Those eyes of hers were still startling blue. He could tell her hair was much longer if the bulk of her up do was an indicator. Her face was more slender and her body just a tad bit more muscular. She still looked soft though, just stronger, while managing to somehow appear more womanly and curvaceous. She'd obviously been taking care of herself.

He took a careful step towards her. The fact that she hadn't walked away yet was a good sign. Maybe she'd listen to him. He didn't know what to say. There was no way pleading his case a decade later would make anything different. Did he still want to try to plead his case…to make her understand when he'd failed so miserably before?

"Ro, I know I made a mistake but…"

"No! Remy please, let's not do this again. We ended a long time ago and I don't want to rehash the past. Everything has been said."


She put her hands up in a halting position. "No. We have our own lives now."

With that Ororo went to find her parents leaving Remy standing there with no one to blame but himself. So much had happened between them. They'd gone through so much to be together and when they finally were everything went to hell.

Remy had made plenty of mistakes in the past. He still made them on occasion now. Unfortunately the one he made with her affected not only his life but hers and multiple others. As the years passed he realized that he'd do it the same all over again. His only regret is not being honest.

Jean-Luc would be proud that his son had finally grown up and accepted his responsibilities tackling them head on. But Jean-Luc wasn't there…

His death was the spark that ignited the whole chain of events.

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