Accidental Beginnings


Here we are...the last entry for these two.

It was almost five o'clock in the morning. It had been a restless night…one of many but Ororo wouldn't have traded them for anything. The small warm body nuzzled against the breast it had just fed from yawned. Ororo looked into sleepy eyes before they closed, hopefully for a couple of more hours. She continued slowly rocking, mother and daughter both too comfortable to move.

Amira Lola LeBeau was born ten months ago. Remy had chosen the name Amira once he became aware of N'Dare's status of princess of her small tribe in Kenya. He was pleased when Ororo told him his mother, Lola LeBeau, should also be honored in the naming of their daughter.

Much fairer in complexion in comparison to her mother but those startling blue was an exact duplicate. Her hair was all her own. Ororo didn't know how to describe it but N'Dare took it upon herself to search the shelves of the local drugstore until she found it's perfect match…chestnut blonde by Dark & Lovely. She had her father's pouty lips as well as his temper. She didn't like to be kept waiting but the wait was always short. Her father and brother were usually at her side before the full wrath of her cry peaked.

She was the apple of her brother's eye and the ruler of her father's heart. But for Ororo she was the living manifestation of all the love that she and Remy shared. She didn't think it was possible to love Remy more than she had ten years before. But somehow the loss of him in her life caused her love to increase ten fold. The only comparison that came close was the love of her children.

Ororo looked over at the other sleeping form in the room. Etienne was curled up in the daybed of the nursery. He'd been wakened by his little sister too and was determined to stay awake to keep his mother company. He succumbed to sleep shortly after making the proclamation.

"Chère," Remy said softly from the doorway, "why didn't you wake me?" sleep filled his voice, dark eyes barely open. His hair was mussed but he still looked incredibly sexy shirtless and in the dim amber light of the lamp softly illuminating the nursery.

"Because you were up late. You need to sleep."

"Non, I told you I want to help. I don't want what I'm doing to interfere with me being a father to our children," he said as he walked over to her and placed a kiss on her lips then another gently against the sandy brown hair atop his daughter's head. "I have a late class today. I would love to keep you company," he said as he stood, his fingers grazing the taunt side of her hardened belly. He didn't want his other little miracle to feel left out. He caught sight of Etienne's sleeping form.

Ororo decided not to argue when she saw him climb into the small bed with their son. An argument would have prolonged the inevitable. And he really did need his rest. He worked hard balancing his roles as father, student, and husband. He did an amazing job in every aspect.

So much for company. Remy had fallen asleep in less time than it had taken Etienne. She was glad. He'd have time to spend with them in a few weeks when his semester was over.

Ororo watched the two men in her life as she rubbed the back of her daughter's small head. A year and a half ago this scenario seemed like an unattainable aspiration. But a lot had happened since the blackout that night in New York City.

She'd called her boss saying that she wouldn't be in to work the next day. The phone call stating that she wouldn't be coming to work surprised Piotr but the follow up phone call she made the next day was an utter shock. Ororo wouldn't be coming back at all. She was moving back to New Orleans, getting married and hoped to see him and Kitty at the wedding. If they couldn't make it, she would understand. After his surprise wore off, he laughed and told her to be happy.

Unfortunately, Remy and Etienne did have to leave New York heading back to New Orleans. Ginny and Etienne both would start school only a few days later, Ginny, a senior in high school and Etienne, the fifth grade. Ororo joined them a few weeks later. She didn't have much to pack. Most of what she really cared about was already packed away in Remy's old trunk. The other things, furniture, food, books, she donated to the community center where she volunteered.

Her only commitment was Hank and Trish's wedding a few weeks later. Devin attended with her. He knew Hank and of course his presence helped her to not feel so awkward and out of place among Hank's family and friends that knew of their relationship.

She had to admit, Hank was a different man than the one she knew. His smile was easy and his laugh hardy. Ororo could see the love he had for Trish radiating from him. And Trish was beautiful. Her pregnancy wasn't visible yet, however the pretty doctor had a glow about her that was unmistakable. Ororo was honored they allowed her witness their special day.

It would be too easy to say that everything went smoothly. It was hectic, stressful and overwhelming all at the same time. But when everything settled it was all worth it. Times like these, fore day, holding her daughter and listening to the soft breathing of her boys made it all minor nuisances.

Remy had enrolled into Tulane University's School of Architecture. Ororo encouraged him to follow his dreams once he'd admitted to her his regret about not finishing college. And he, in turn, encouraged her to continue her volunteer work. Actually he encouraged her to take it a step further. She took over the helm of his philanthropy endeavors. Unlike him, she was more hands-on…like his late mother.

And during it all a wedding was planned and executed. It was simple but this time it was done right. This time there were no courtrooms or dresses purchased off a department store rack.

The wedding took place at daybreak. Ororo and Remy only bothered to invite close friends and family…only a total of thirty, possibly less. They would understand the dawn wedding without explanation and would gladly celebrate new beginnings with the couple.

David was the only person to grumble about the early time but quickly smothered his annoyances when he learned his wife had given Ororo the idea. Remy and Ororo eagerly agreed. The idea of letting the sun set on the past, and with it the heartbreak and the misery was appealing to the couple starting anew. Day would break welcoming a new beginning to their relationship and their lives together.

David and N'Dare even walked Ororo down the aisle and handed her over to Remy. N'Dare with a smile and David with a warning glare. He still wasn't too pleased with the man his daughter had chosen. However, Remy finally understood him.

On the day his little girl was born, so tiny and fragile, Remy watched through the large picture window of the nursery as the nurse gave her a vitamin K shot. Her shrill cries broke his heart. He placed his hand on the glass wishing he could rush in and save her from the pain and tell her she'd never hurt again.

David sidled up next to him to look at his first grandchild. "This is nothing. Just wait until some knucklehead knocks on your door and she runs out after him," he said. It all finally clicked.

Remy loved Etienne but this was different. He'd teach Etienne how to be a man and be responsible. Teach him that life has its disappointments but it was up to him to persevere and to keep moving forward. He wanted to teach his daughter those same important lessons but at the same time he wanted to be her protector and hero. That was his job. Even though she was just born the thought of someone else trying to take his duties from him filled him with fear and anxiety.

That was the moment he realized that David didn't hate him. The man's only fault was the love he held for his daughter. That was Remy's only fault too. Remy smiled. He was lucky David hadn't pummeled him into a nice raw pulp.

In the ten months since Amira was born pace of life hadn't slowed down in the least. If anything it had sped up. Most of it planned, some, not so much. The flutters in her womb were a testament to that but the couple welcomed the addition, which was due to arrive in another five months. Etienne was hoping for a brother.

Even though their family seemed to be growing at a rapid pace they moved to a smaller home. Remy cherished the home his mother and father built and lived in together but he thought it too large and formal for the lifestyle he wanted to lead with his wife and children. He insisted on using the mansion for Ororo's social work. Mother's and their children in need of a home filled the considerable space. Ororo hired social workers and counselors to aid in fulfilling her dream of helping others. Remy knew his mother would be proud of their efforts.

They moved into a house one street over from Logan. Etienne was now in a neighborhood filled with children, his best friend Jake, and closer to Rose. Friends and family constantly surrounded them; gatherings were no longer saturated with tension over the past but with laughter and plans for the future.

Ororo was happy to be near her and Remy's Godchildren, closer to her parents and friends. And even her favorite cousin Devin had managed to find his way within an hour and a half of her. After Ginny graduated high school and he'd completed a year at NYU he transferred to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where Ginny had enrolled.

She would need them more now than she'd ever needed them before. Etienne was older and a big help with his baby sister. However, the constant flutters of the newest LeBeau member indicated he or she would most likely be a handful. And according to Remy, there would be more to come.

Jean was so jealous when she learned of Ororo's second pregnancy. She was ready for another as soon as little Rachel reached her first birthday. However, Scott insisted there be a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years separating their offspring. Not only would they be able to focus on prime developmental stages but they would also be able to financially prepare for new additions. When Jean pointed out that Ororo and Remy didn't wait, Scott response was, "If I had as much money as Remy, we'd have babies just to see what they'd looked like, sweetheart." That was enough for Jean. Just knowing that he would be willing to have all the babies she would want was enough for her…for now.

Ororo didn't know how many more children they would have or even if they would have any more. Whatever was given to her she would be happy with. She kissed Amira on the top of her head and stood. She gingerly placed the sleeping enfant in her crib. Amira fretted slightly then settled into a sound sleep. If Ororo were lucky she would sleep for another three or hours.

She turned and looked at her husband. It was ashamed to have to wake him up but the last time she left him sleeping in the nursery he complained of missing her when he woke. She didn't want to put him through such torture again. "Remy…" she whispered as she nudged him softly.

He wasn't a hard sleeper. He woke almost immediately. "Mon amour," he said as he rose to his hands and knees bending slightly to give Etienne a parting kiss on his temple, "you didn't forget me this time," he finished as he stood fully and took her in his arms.

"You're never going to forgive me, are you?"

"Eventually," he said as he turned her towards the door, his chest against her back so he could splay his long slender fingers over her growing belly. "Maybe after this one…or the next."

"The next?" she asked as she led him to the door.

"Oui, Madame LeBeau", he said then kissed her neck. "I like making babies with you."

"You much remember, Monsieur, these babies will be with us for a long time."

"I know," Remy said as he briefly halted there retreat and flicked the switch to turn off the lamp.

Ororo finally turned to face him and wrapped her arms around her neck. "Not to sound selfish but eventually I'll want you to myself."

"Ma belle, you will always have me," he said then kissed her softly on the lips. "You always have."

Not the end but an Accidental Beginning

End Note: I hoped I wrapped it up to your liking! This story as well as "Designated Things" will be rewritten. Especially this one! I re-read it and wow! The typos are embarrassing and there are a couple of inconsistencies in the story! Yeah...really need to get a beta.

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Work in progress (and in my head):


"Don't Be Hasty," (Remy/Ro)

"What did you expect? You should have told her."

"I don't know. I thought…" Remy's throat tightened around his words. "I thought that it wouldn't matter."

"You knew it would matter, dumb shit. That's why you didn't tell her."

Remy sighed. He knew that Logan was right. He told her a deliberate lie then expected her to forgive him. But she didn't and now he'd lost her, probably forever.

Remy's bloodshot watery eyes looked up at Logan, "But I love her, homme. I love her."

Plot Bunny:

Epic! Take place during the 60's. Remy is enthralled with his father's housekeeper's daughter, Ororo, and she with him. The couple go to extremes to be together only to be torn apart by secrets, lies, and society.