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Chapter 1
xXx-The Big Idea-xXx

Okay so usually I hate Halloween. I mean what is so fun about dressing up when you're a teenager? From what I have seen, most of the girls my age that are skinny as a toothpick and so tan it should be illegal, are wearing skirts so short that when you bend over just the slightest bit, everyone behind them is gonna get a view. But guys these days don't mind. Matter of fact most live for it. And don't even get me started on the shirts, or should I say the tiniest things that don't even resemble a shirt. Whoever thinks that walking around with their boobs almost falling out, or popping out in some cases, is the latest trend is just plan stupid. But I have to say this and get it off my chest. Any girl that would wear both of these things at the same time, should have SKANK written on their forehead.

Regretfully I know a few girls in the town of Morganville, Texas that dress like this. And one in particular that just loves to have the guys drooling at the mouth for her. If you haven't guessed by now who it is then let me help you out there. MONICA MORELL.

I was just babbling in my head when I saw Eve standing in front of me. She was waving her hands like she was trying to stop a car in the middle of the road. You know the kind of horror movies where the girl is running from a psycho killer and tries to hitch a ride to get away faster? Yeah this was Eve for ya. Trying to get your attention when you didn't want to do anything. So I gave up trying to shut her out more because all I was starting to hear was her yelling at me.

"Claire! Come on snap out of your little fairy tale world for one minute please?", Eve said.

I finally got my head together again and looked at her. "Yeah. Sorry don't know what came over me. Must be all this studying and not enough sleep. What you need?"

"Michael just told me this really cool idea and I was wanting you and Shane to be here when we talked about it." she started to look around, trying to figure out where Shane was I guess. "Hey, speaking of your boy toy where is he? I thought maybe he would be down here killin some zombies or maybe he would have you pinned….."

She trailed off when she turned back and saw that I was looking at her with wide eyes trying to figure out where she was taking the rest of the sentence.

"Huh? What was you gonna say?"

"Oh its nothing, something stupid that's all."

"Uh huh….don't pull that crap with me. Come on just say that you was gonna say in the first place. Even though I'm pretty sure I know where your getting to."

I sat there and waited for a moment before she sat down on the coffee table in front of me and said, "I was just gonna say that he would have pinned you down on the couch with you two making out like I always come home to from work. That's it. Now where is his lazy butt?"

Just then the front door opened and I knew exactly who it was. Just from the sent that drifted into the living room from the hall way. I heard the front door getting locked back, a few steps and their stood my Shane. When he saw that I was looking at him he got that crooked smile that I loved so much. My cheeks started to turn pink as I smiled and dropped my head a bit, then looked back up to see him walking over to the couch and plopping down right beside me.

I closed the book that was on my lap and put it on the floor along with the highlighter that I was using. Right now I didn't want to study. I should but I wasn't. The rest of the day was gonna be 'Shane & Clair Day'. Before I could get up and move, Shane had pulled me up onto his lap and was kissing me. I loved it when he just took control sometimes. I always went limp and felt like I was floating in thin air, and I still got the butterflies in my stomach each and every time that we kissed. Just like the first time we ever kissed, it was like we weren't going to see the other ever again. I pulled back and looked at him with a smile on my face.

"Nice to see you too.", I said.
"It's always nice coming home to you. That's what I look forward to the whole day." he replied.

I smiled and gave him another light kiss. After I had broke it, without taking my eyes off him, I talked to Eve. I had forgot that she was in the room until she coughed.

"Yes Eve. I wasn't paying you any attention. Why don't you go get Michael so we can talk about whatever it was we were talking about before my future husband came home."

I smiled at Shane while Eve walked up the stairs to Michael's bedroom. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his hands slid over my stomach and lower back at the same time only to meet at my side. He pulled me a little bit closer to him, all the while not taking his eyes off me.

"You know, Mrs. Claire Collins….that does have a lil ring to it", he said.
"Yeah? I've been thinking the same thing….just waiting on the day that it comes true."
"You'll be surprised when it does. You wont have anything to say but 'YES' and 'I Love You'"
"Awwwww! Yeah I know but I still can't wait. I would rather it be sooner than later though."
"Well you can't rush things. So, the longer you wait the better it'll be."
"I Love You so much you will never know", I said giving him a light kiss.
"Well I think I do know, but, I Love You too babe" he said giving me another kiss.

Just then Eve and Michael walked down the stairs and came into the living room.

"Good gosh. Would ya'll get a room? We don't want to see that every day." Michael said while going over to sit on his chair. Eve came over and sat down on his lap.

Chapter 2

Me and Shane both looked at Michael and Eve. Then I remembered Eve saying something about Michael having an idea.

"So Eve, what was you saying about Michael having some kind of idea?" I said.

Eve looked at Michael for a minute then said, "Well it was both of our ideas. Anyways, you know how Halloween is coming up next month right? And I LOVE me some Halloween."

We all started to laugh a little then she kept on talking. "What?", looking around at us. "There is nothing wrong with a teenager liking Halloween."

"Yeah there's nothing wrong with a NORMAL teenager liking Halloween. Eve have you not looked in the mirror lately? I mean dang, every day is Halloween with the way you dress." Shane said then threw his head over the back of the couch and started to laugh.

I slapped him on the chest. Not hard. Just enough to make him shut up. I looked over and saw Michael hand Eve the tissue box off the night stand beside the chair. My eyes got wider and I laid back across Shane's arm along with the arm of the couch before Eve chucked the box right at Shane's head. It hit him in the forehead and landed in my lap. I sat back up, while Shane rubbed where the box hit him, and looked at the box then started laughing at what I saw. The corner that had hit Shane square in the head was caved in along with both sides.

Shane couldn't figure out why I was laughing until I held the box up for him, Eve and Michael to see. After looking the box over Eve and Michael cracked up laughing. If I wasn't mistaken I could have sworn that I saw tears coming out of Eve's eyes 'cause she was laughing so hard.

"Dang it Eve! Are you sure your a girl? Because from the way you throw I would have thought you was a dude", Shane said.
"Baby, just be glad that it was a box instead of her Mary Janes," I said still laughing.

Eve managed to choke out. "Yeah! But one thing CB I wouldn't DARE use my Mary Janes to throw at his head. His face might make my skulls jump off and run away. Plus I don't want them all messed up."

All of us were laughing. All of us except for Shane. I looked at him and made a sad face. You know when a girl pokes their bottom lip out, yeah that was the face I used. I leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Baby I'm sorry. But it was funny. Don't be mad at me. Please?" I looked at him and batted my eye lashes a little bit then he looked at me.

Once again everything around us was gone. Just me and Shane. He said, "Oh Claire. How can I be mad at you when you make that face? No I'm not mad. But that did hurt."

I smiled and gave him a quick kiss. Then I looked at Eve and Michael who were still laughing their heads off.

"HEY! Alright you guys lets calm down so we can get on with this little pow-wow and get something to eat", I said. I really was hungry. I hadn't ate since lunch time and it was already about 6 p.m.

Eve and Michael calmed down enough to where they could tell us whatever their idea was.

"Now, please continue." I was trying to be nice.

"Well," Eve started off, "...like I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted." She looked over at Shane and stuck out her tongue, then looked back at me. "Michael and I had an idea for Halloween this year. Instead of us just hanging out around here and crashing Monica's party, we were thinking about throwing our own costume party. You know with everyone dressed up and a DJ. Something that would blow Monica's party away."

The Michael started talking. "I know you are probably thinking that we wouldn't be able to do it. But, me being the genius that I am, I talked to Amelie and she said that it would be fine to have one. The college students could come, along with the vampires if they wanted to pop in. I could play like I do down at Common Grounds but just a few songs. So we will have to find a DJ. That means they only other things to do is find a place to have it, clean it up, and decorate it. So, what you two think?"

I looked at Shane and shrugged my shoulders. He did the same, so that ment we were on the same page. We looked at Eve and Michael while saying, "We're in!", at the same time.

Chapter 3
xXx-Bands Anyone?-xXx

After we all had decided it was a very cool idea. I got my notebook and pen while we all walked to sit at the kitchen table.

"Hey Eve," I said while putting the book and pen in front of her. "How about you write everything down that we need to do, and what all we need to get while me and Shane start cooking."

She looked at me like she was a kid and I was giving her a whole cake to eat. We all knew that she would have a ball decorating the place. I knew that this was going to be one Halloween that I would NEVER forget. "Okay. Well for starters we are going to have to have a place for this thing. So start naming places." she said.

Michael sat beside Eve while me and Shane got everything together for tacos. I put the hamburger in the heating skillet on the stove and looked at Eve and Michael.

"What about TPU? I mean there's a lot of room there. I just don't know where we would have it." I said.

"No. Yeah it's big but I don't think it would have any place for a huge dance floor, stage for Michael and DJ booth too," Eve said looking a little said.

"Yeah, your right. It's got to have a HUGE space for all of that," said Shane. "So that means Common Grounds is out of the question."

We all were puzzled. The I had an idea. "Hey, what about that place we had to go into a couple of years ago. You remember it was abandoned? We were looking for Eve when she was giving us them clues the whole time. I think it use to be a tire place or something?"

"German's?" said Shane.

"Yeah that's the place. Why don't we have it there? I mean it's plenty big enough and everyone will have room to park. Plus it won't need too many decorations because it's scary enough as it is. So what do you think?" I said as I drained the hamburger meat then added the seasoning to it. Shane had already put everything else into bowls and was taking them to the table.

"Yeah, that would be really cool. Alright that is taken care of. How about we eat and then figure something out about a DJ?" Eve said.
"Fine by me" I said as she looked in my direction while I was setting the taco meat on the table and sat down.
"Yeah, I'm starving" both Michael and Shane said in unison.

As I sat down then looked at Eve and said. "Boys…." She finished the sentence for me by adding, "….will be boys."

After supper me and Shane got off the hook for washing dishes since we cooked. So that ment that Eve and Michael got dishes and some alone time as did me and Shane. I took our dishes and set them in the sink as Shane walked through the kitchen door to the living room. Before I could even sit down, Shane had the game controller in his hands, killing zombies while he laid on the couch.

Before he knew what happened, I cut the game off and then he started letting cuss words fly. I walked over and straddled him on the couch so he couldn't get up.

" What's wrong babe? Thought you was gonna kill a bunch of zombies tonight?" I said.
"Well that was the plan….unless you have something better to do." He said as his hands went on either side of my waist and pulled me down to him.

"Well when I put my history book up earlier, I thought about it for a bit and finally said that the rest of tonight and tomorrow is gonna be 'Shane & Claire Day' so anything me or you are thinking about doing, we'll just have to do with the other. How does that sound?"

I'm pretty sure that his mind was made up when he put his hand behind my head and pulled it down to him as he started to kiss me. That was a yes, I thought to myself.

After a while I pulled away with a smile on my face. I heard the kitchen door open, so when I looked up I was surprised to see Eve and Michael standing there looking at us. Dang! How long were me and Shane making out? I always long track of time when I was with him. It didn't matter anyways. I looked back down, giving him another kiss before I sat up on the couch as Eve and Michael were sitting down in the chair. Shane put his arm around me as I moved closer to him and laid my head on his chest.

I looked at Eve and said, "Okay. Have you thought of anyone that could be the DJ?"

She had a little smile on her face when she said, "Yeah the guy that owns the store Michael works at. He's good with electronics so that's really good. Plus I heard that he had some really sick beats the last time that he did DJ a party."

I looked at all of my friends with a smile on my face. "What would ya'll say if I told you I could get pretty much any band you wanted to play at this thing?"

"Then I'd say I LOVE YOU!" came from Shane.
"Yeah TOTALLY!" Eve and Michael said together.

I looked at my friends then back at my boyfriend. "Would you want me to do it?"

"HELL YEAH! That's a stupid question. But….how are you going to do it exactly?" said Eve.

"Well….ya'll don't know ALL of my family. My Uncle Wayne, of course I'm like his favorite niece so I pretty much get anything I want." They all smiled really big, so did I. "Anyways. He has some ties that go way back with some friends. They all know some way to get a or a few bands to do a gig. All I have to do is call him up and tell him who I want to come out. Easy Peasy."

"Oh God, I LOVE YOU!" came out of Shane's mouth before he kissed me. He broke the kiss then looked at me with a HUGE smile on his face.
"Okay, Okay, Okay. Hold on." Said Eve. "If we're gonna do this then we need to know who to get so Claire Bear can tell her uncle."
"Yeah. Eve where's the book and pen I gave you?" I asked.
"Right here." She reached over on the floor and got the book and pen then gave it to me.
"Thanks. Now I can't really OVER do it so name some bands. I'll write them down then we'll vote on them. Sound good?"
"Yeah" they all said in unison.
"Okay. So Eve you go first give me some bands that you would really want to be here."

"Let me think." It took her a few minutes then she said "H.I.M. , Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, Metallica, Seether, Shinedown, Staind, Three Days Grace, Nickelback. Okay I think that's all of them."

I wrote them all down while she named them off then turned to Michael and said, "Okay. Michael what about you?"

"Ummm…I guess all the ones that Eve said. OH! What about Paramore, Evanescence, and the Lostprophets."

I wrote them down too then turned to Shane. "Iite. What about you hun?"

"I'm good with them. Let's just vote."
"Okay. Well hold on I haven't put the ones that I want down" I wrote down Iyaz, Ke$ha, Lil Wayne, Cascada, Jay Sean, and 3OH!3.

Shane looked over my shoulder the whole time. "Are you serious babe? I mean who is Cascada? And Jay Sean? What's he sing….or rap?"

I looked back at him with wide eyes. "You really don't know who Cascada or Jay Sean is?"He shook his head no and my mouth dropped wide open.

"Okay. Cascada sings 'Evacuate the dance floor'. You know…" I started singing the lyrics.
"My body's aching
System overload
Temperatures rising
I'm about to explode
Watch me I'm intoxicating taking the show
It's got me hypnotized
Everybody step aside"

They all looked at me like I was crazy. I looked around for a moment and said, "What? Never heard me sing? I suck I know."

Eve's mouth was wide open. She said, "I didn't know you could sing. And you DON'T suck. Your great."

I blushed a little bit then looked at Shane who had wide eyes looking at me. "Well, what do YOU think?"

He shook his head then said, "I think my girlfriend is hot AND she can sing. Am I in heaven?"

I laughed at them then said, "Okay back to what we were doing. So even though we have a bunch of rock bands we need a little bit of 'club' mixed in with it. So....how about we have....Cascada, Ke$ha, Lil Wayne.....Paramore, Papa Roach and.....Nickelback?"

"Yeah I think that would be cool. Give everyone a mix." said Michael.
"That works for me" said Eve.

I looked back at Shane and said, "And your vote?"
He looked at me and said, "Whatever you want babe. Your the one doing this."
"Okay then its settled. The only thing is that we might have to have some money for this thing.....so charge at the door?" I asked everyone.

"Totally because there's NO way they will do this thing for FREE." said Michael.

"Okay. That's taken care of. We'll figure out how much later. So….what else do we need to do besides get decorations?" I said.

Eve looked at Michael for a second then back to me and Shane. "We..." pointing at herself and me, "...are going tomorrow to buy costumes." She started to giggle and bounce up and down just a bit on Michael's lap while looking at me.

"Ohhhh no! Eve come on. Can we not go this weekend and pick something out. Plus I would like to LOOK at what they have before you go sneaking around and buy something that is way too short or shows way too much. Just like last year I had seen this girl dressed up like a cop. I mean, not the uniforms that cops wear with the pants and stuff. But, she had a uniform that looked like a cop's. The only thing was that it was a REALLY short skirt and her boobs was about to pop out of it." I said as I stopped and looked at Shane. He was off in another world. I snapped my fingers to get his attention back. "What were you thinking about?"

He looked at me with that grin on his face that I loved. "Ohhhh nothing. Just about how HOOTTTTT it would be if YOU dressed up as a cop. Or a fire fighter. I wouldn't know whether to start a fire or get locked up." Michael got a laugh out of that one.

"You know. I don't have to be dressed up to lock you up..." I said with a smile on my face. "...okay I'm gonna stop before I give you any ideas."

I looked back at Eve and before we could continue with the conversation I heard Shane say, "WAY too late on that one." I smacked him on the chest then looked back at Eve.

"Okay maybe it is a good idea that we go shopping. But how about this. Since we are going as couples, why don't we get matching couple costumes?" I said while giving Michael an evil grin and winking at Eve.

"Oh yeah that would be really cool. I've seen some of those costumes before. They had some like salt and pepper, and a bunch of stupid ones. The even had ones that looked like babies." Eve said while giving Shane an evil smile.

He saw that and blurted out, "HELL NO! You ain't gonna make me dress up like a baby. I could deal with the salt and pepper thing but NOT the baby." He looked at me. "Come on baby you aren't really gonna make me dress like that are you? Because if you do, I swear YOU will be the one with no physical contact like you did me last time. No kissing or anything."

I looked at him and said. "Hun even though I think you would make an adorable baby, I wouldn't do that to you. But me and you ARE getting a couples costume whether Eve and Michael does or not."

Eve looked at Michael for a second then back to me. "Okay. It's settled we ARE doing couple costumes and you two..." pointing at Shane and Michael. "...yall don't get to see what it is or what mine and Claire's looks like until right before we go to the party. Comprende?"

Shane and Michael looked at me and Eve then at each other before saying, "Si, la madre." to Eve. We just shook our heads. We all got up and headed for bed. Well, some of us headed for bed...the others not so much.

Eve, as usual slept in Michael's room. While Shane came into mine, just because my bed is bigger than his.

Chapter 4
xXx-Happy Anniversary-xXx

I woke up with the sound of birds chirping outside, and Shane's hand on my stomach. I flipped over to look at him. Only to realize that he was already awake and staring at me.

With a smile I said, "Morning."
"Morning to you too." He said as he gave me a kiss. "How did you sleep?"
"Fine as always when you sleep over. You?" I replied.
"Just fine. So how about we just stay here all day like this?"
"Well I would and lover every minute of it. But, remember me and Eve is suppose to go shopping today."
"Oh yeah." He said while laying on his back and pulling me on top of him. "...but, can't you do it another day? I want to spend the whole day with you. Like you said last night, 'Today is Shane & Claire Day' remember?"
"Yes. How could I forget? Tell you what let me go with Eve and I PROMISE to get something for you. But, you can't have it until tonight deal?"
"Can you tell me what you're going to get before I give my answer?"
"No! But you'll love it. Now deal or no deal?"
"Fine. But, I BEST like it."
"Oh trust me. You will." I gave him a kiss then got up and grabbed some clothes together to take a shower.

Right as my hand touched the door knob there was a knock. I opened the door just as Eve was about to knock again. I looked over to Shane and said "Speak of the devil and she shall come." He got a small laugh out of that one.

Eve looked at me and said, "I don't even want to know. Go get dressed so we can go! I'm too excited."

"Okay, okay. Just give me a few minutes to get a shower, and get dressed. I'll meet you down in the living room. K?"

She turned around and was walking down the hall while she said, "Okay. Just hurry up!"

I looked at Shane as she walked off and down the stairs. "You gonna be okay while I go with her?"

"Yeah it's cool. Just hurry up and come back," he said as he got up and walked over to me.

He gave me a kiss then broke it and said "Oh by the way...Happy Anniversary."

I looked at him a little confused then realized that it was our anniversary. "Dang that's the first time I've thought about it....well Happy Anniversary. And I guess it works out tonight then don't it? You'll LOVE your present."

He gave me an evil little smile and said "Oh REALLY?"
I just shook my head yes.
"Well are you going to give me any hints as to what it is?" he said.
"Nope you have to wait til tonight."
He made a sad face and said, "Okay fine. But, I do have your present, if you want it."
"Yeah." It was more of a question than an answer.

"Okay. Hold on ill go get it." He kissed me before running to his room. I went over and sat on the bed til he came back with a black velvet box in his hand. He got down on his knees in front of me and said, "It's not much. But it was my mom's and I want you to have it."

He opened the box and showed me a ring. It wasn't an engagement ring, but it was beautiful. It was white gold with a pink heart shaped stone in the middle, two small rubies on either side of the heart, and a diamond at the sides of the rubies. I was speech less.

"Shane...it's beautiful." He took it out of the box and put it on the third finger on my right hand. "Thank You." I gave him a hug and a kiss.
"It's nothing. Thought it would look really nice on you........I Love You."
"Awww I Love You too." I gave him another kiss. "Now let me run and get a shower before Eve comes back up. Plus I have to go get your present."
"You really won't give me a hint will you?" he said.
"Well let's just say that you've never seen me in it before." There was a pause then I said, "If I do this I might have to end up doing it every night."

He got that smile that I loved so much and said, "Well what are you waiting on? Go and HURRY UP!"

I started laughing as I got up, gave him a kiss and was out the door to the bathroom.