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The sound of popping corn filled the air of the tiled kitchen as two boys leaned against the counter on either side of the microwave, staring off into nothingness and making small talk.

"Why do we do this every week?" the tall black-haired boy asked, looking over at his smaller companion.

"Because we're bored, Stan," he smirked back. "Besides, me, you, and Ken need to hang out outside of fucking Chemistry."

"Oh but Kyle I thought you liked having chemistry with Kenny," he grinned smugly.

Kyle raised his brow at him unamused. "Ha ha ha, hilarious, Stanley," he said dryly.

"I thought it was," he shrugged.

"Of course you would," he rolled his eyes. They shot their heads towards the archway into the living room of the Marsh home as they heard a familiar angry yell followed by a string of curse words.

Kyle groaned and rolled his eyes. "Can you go see what's up his ass?"

"Isn't it your job to keep an eye on him?" he retorted.

"I put up with him enough, I'm letting you have a turn," he smirked, giving him a bit of a push towards the room. Stan shot him an evil look before sighing tiredly and treading out of the kitchen.

He raised his eyes to find Kenny standing and shouting at the TV. "Dude, what's wrong?" Stan asked.

"Fucking game's rigged, I swear to fucking God," he rolled his blue eyes in aggravation. Stan chuckled lightly and shook his head.

"No Kenny, you're just a loser."

"Oh shut up," he pouted, plopping down on the far left end of the couch. Stan walked over and kicked his leg.

"Scoot over, you're in my seat," he said.

"Your seat?" he raised his brow. "There's a whole fucking couch here, Marsh."

"But I always sit there," he frowned, nudging his calf again.

Kenny laid his elbow on the armrest and placed his chin into his hand, smirking up at the ebon-haired boy. "Gotta problem with change, Stanny boy?"

"I'm serious, get the fuck out of my seat," he warned.

"But it's soooooo comfy..." he stretched out and sighed contentedly. Stan crossed his arms and glared down on him.

"Ken, move the fuck away from my spot."

"But soooooooooo cooommmmffffyyyyy," he smirked at him, nestling down further into the cushions.

"Unless you want to be splattered across the upholstery, I suggest you move your skinny ass," he tapped his finger against his arm.

Kenny looked up in thought before leaning back with his arms behind his head. "Nah. Don't really feel like it." Stan growled lightly before Kyle's voice piqued up in his ears and he turned to watch the little redhead making his way into the room with a bright blue bowl of popcorn.

"Food has arrived, we can start the night," he smiled, popping a kernel into his mouth.

"Not until you get your fucking boyfriend to move out of my seat," Stan pouted. Kyle raised his brow as he chewed.

"Uh. There's an alternate side to this couch, too, Stan."

Ken laughed loudly, "see? Even Kyle thinks you're being a retard."

"Dude, it's been my spot for like...three years. You can't just...mess it up!" he gestured around erratically.

"You were the one complaining about doing this every week," Kyle rolled his eyes.

"Come on, make him move!" Stan whined.

Kyle sighed and shook his head before looking down on the perched blonde. "Ken, move."

"Don't wanna."


"Hmm, nope," he smiled. "I like watching Stan squirm. It's fucking hilarious."

Kyle chuckled, "While that is true, I'd rather not listen to him bitch."

"I'm not bitching!" he yelled back.

"Oh yeah you are," Kenny chuckled. "Kyle should know."

"Hey, watch it..." Kyle growled lowly, sitting next to Kenny in the middle of the sofa.

"Dude, just move," Stan insisted.

"Think of a way to make me move and I will," he shrugged. Stan groaned in frustration before reaching down and grabbing Kenny's arm, trying to wrench him away from the couch. The blonde grabbed onto the back and firmly planted himself, grinning up at the other boy.

"Guys, cut it out," Kyle rolled his eyes. They ignored him and continued pulling against each other.

"Come on, Ken," Stan warned.

"This is too fucking funny," Kenny snickered. Stan tugged on his arm roughly and the blonde let out a soft yelp.

"Stan, let go of him," Kyle intervened, grabbing his arm and ripping it off of Kenny's.

"Tell him to move, then!"

"I did. He's almost as stubborn as you," he frowned.

"Dude, what the fuck does it even matter?" Kenny rolled his eyes. "You'll get up halfway through to go throw up anyways," he snuck an arm around Kyle's shoulders and pulled him in close.

Stan frowned, "Well it's not my fault you two get all lip-happy."

Kenny chuckled lowly and placed his lips against Kyle's ear. "Can't help it," he murmured, pecking his skin softly. Kyle broke into a shy smile and slowly closed his ear out of his reach on his shoulder. Kenny moved up and pecked his temple, slowly moving down his face towards his mouth.

"You're on my couch," Stan said, deadpan.

"Mhm," Ken murmured, kissing the corner of Kyle's mouth before grasping his chin and pulling him upright and pressing their lips against each others.

"Dudes, seriously...." he looked at them nauseously. Kenny took the popcorn bowl out of Kyle's hands and thrust it up towards their gawker. He hastily caught it before it tumbled onto the floor, watching as they moved faster against each other. Kenny pulled away for a moment before turning himself up onto the couch and yanking the redhead onto his lap. Kyle's fingers tangled in his scraggly blonde hair as they pressed into each other again.


They broke apart and looked up at him innocently. "Yes?" Kenny asked impatiently.

"You're making out...on my fucking couch," he swallowed uncomfortably.

"Well we couldn't at Ky's house so we're making up for lost time," Kenny grinned crookedly.

"Besides, how many times did I let you and Wendy make out on my furniture?" Kyle added dryly.

"That was two years ago!"

"Yeah, well, it still happened," he rolled his eyes, mindlessly twirling some of Kenny's hair around his finger.

"If you have such a problem, then leave the room or take a seat right over there," Kenny motioned towards the opposite end of the couch. "I'm kinda stuck as of now," he grinned, gesturing towards the redhead seated on his lap. He leaned forward and kissed Kyle's neck, biting softly at his skin. Kyle leaned his head up against Ken's and smiled contently, moaning softly as his teeth grazed over his throat. He turned slightly and bit down on Kenny's ear.

"Uh..." Stan blinked at them. Kenny lifted Kyle up slightly and pushed him onto his back, leaning over top of him.

"Dude. I'm...uh, in the room," Stan backed away a bit. Kenny broke off and looked at him briefly.

"Then leave," he muttered before leaning back and capturing Kyle's lips. The redhead chuckled and slid his arms up around him, arching his chest up into him slightly.

Stan furrowed his brow and walked over, grabbing the back of Kenny's shirt and trying to pull him back up. "Get up," he ordered. Kyle reared his foot back and kicked him square in the thigh and he stumbled to the side with a small yelp. He glared over at his friend, finding him completely focused on his blonde-haired lover. He threw up his hands in frustration. "Fine! Just fucking take my seat...and just mar my couch with your slobber! I'll go get some food or something," he muttered, turning on his heel and heading towards the kitchen.

He ripped open his fridge and grabbed a soda. He heard them moaning softly from the room and rolled his eyes, popping the tab off of the can and taking a long sip. He smacked his lips and headed over to his table, grabbing his dad's Sports Illustrated and flipping through it in boredom.

"Dude, it's Stan's house," he could hear Kyle say.

"Then let's go to your place," Kenny sighed. Stan shifted uncomfortably, trying to focus on the magazine.

"My parents are home, you idiot. We can't do anything there either."

"Well Kev stole our house."

"Then I guess we need to cool it down," Stan could just see the redhead rolling his eyes.

"Well too fucking late for that," Kenny growled. "I'm already fucking ready to go. I need some release here, Dude."

Stan slammed his head down atop the magazine and shook his face slowly along the table's surface. "Only those two, I swear," he mumbled.

"Go to the bathroom then." Kyle sighed.

"No, I need Kyle release. Not just jerking off in Stan's bathroom."

"Never stopped you before." Stan's face dropped as he raised it off the table and stared into the living room blankly.

"C'moonnnn," Kenny urged.

Stan got to his feet and bustled out towards them on the couch, staring at them darkly. "No need, I'm going to my room. You two have your little make out time. Just fucking clean up your mess and you better not fucking get anything on my seat," he gruffed before turning on his heel and heading up the stairs.

"Stan, don't be a douchebag!" Kyle called after him. Stan rolled his eyes, stopping at the top of the stairs up past the ceiling and planting himself on the carpet with his arms crossed. He shut the bathroom door on the wall next to him before turning his attention back to the two of them.

Kyle sighed, "Dude. He's pissed."

"Stan's always pissed. C'mere," Kenny ordered. Kyle gasped lightly.

"W-what about Stan?" he trembled.

"He said we could do as we wished. Just no staining his precious spot," Kenny chuckled, his voice muffled by either skin or clothes. Stan couldn't really tell. He kicked his feet up and turned, his back leaning against the wall. He could hear the two of them practically devouring each other and couldn't help but feel some degree of envy towards them. He heard the faint sound of a zipper and his stomach lurched.

There was no fucking way...

He quietly moved his foot down and stepped down the stairs lightly. He came down enough to see the two of them over on the couch, Kyle's back facing towards him. He watched as the redhead's hand snuck down the pants of his boyfriend and fondled him. Kenny moaned lightly, taking Kyle's head into his palms and drawing him in closer, kissing him brusquely. He murmured something against Kyle's lips and Kyle laughed softly, nodding. Ken lifted his hips slightly off the couch and Kyle broke away from their kiss, pulling down his jeans and boxers in a slow, smooth motion. Stan's jaw dropped as he watched Ken grab Kyle's curls and pull him in for another brisk kiss. Kyle pulled away saucily before dropping down on his knees in front of him on the floor.

"Shouldn't you move?" Kyle asked. "I mean...Stan's spot and all that," he snickered.

He looked down on him and smirked, "It appears that I'm stuck. Help my lower half to move, would ya?" he winked.

Kenny leaned his head back against the cushions and took a deep breath as Kyle spat on his hand and grabbed Kenny's cock, starting to jack him off slowly. He continued pumping his hand as he leaned up and grabbed his balls with his other hand, moving his head forward and taking one of them in his lips. Stan nearly fell over in shock, his eye twitching slightly as he couldn't tear his sight away from what he watched his best friend sucking on his other friend's sac.

"Fuck, Ky..." Kenny breathed out, licking his lips.

Kyle merely moved his head up in response, licking up the length of Kenny's erect cock. He tongued over the edge as he pumped, raising up higher onto his knees as he continued to sop up Kenny's pre-cum. Kenny's head fell to the side, his eyes shut contently as Kyle opened his mouth and took in his head, suckling gently on the skin and breathing heavily through his nose.

Kenny's eyes creaked open slightly, shooting up as he locked gazes with Stan. Stan gulped awkwardly, trying to force his legs to move so he could hightail it away from there. The blonde blinked at him a few moments before breaking into a sly smirk, raising his eyebrows teasingly at the gawking male. He looked down at Kyle and chuckled. "Hey, Babe?"

Kyle raised his head from off his cock with a small pop, licking his lips as he continued to pump. "Hm?"

"How fast do ya think you can make me cum?" he smiled in challenge.

Kyle blinked at him. "I thought you liked-"

"I know, but with Stan up there, we should go faster, hm?" he cocked his head. Kyle stared at him a moment before nodding slowly. He raised himself up higher and placed his tongue flat on the underside of Kenny's cock before slowly sliding him down into his mouth. He took a breath before clamping his lips down on him and beginning to briskly bob his head up and down his shaft.

Kenny took a shuddery breath and grabbed onto Kyle's shoulders, his hips arching up slightly. Kyle moved his hand from the base of his dick and slide his head down, fully engulfing the blonde. He opened his mouth and quickly dove his head down repeatedly, making a soft gagging noise each time his cock smacked into the back of his throat. Ken moaned, his hips starting to thrust up into Kyle's mouth as his fingernails clawed into the smaller boy's shoulders. He looked over at Stan and wriggled his eyebrows before the both of them looked back down on the redhead.

Kyle held himself still for about a minute, letting Kenny push up into him on his own at his own quick pace before clamping his lips once again and sliding up his dick with a soft slurping sound. He grasped the end of his lover's cock and started pumping on it roughly once more on the spit-coated dick as he slid his lips back down about halfway and started bobbing his head slower than his working hand, but still fast enough to make Stan's head spin. The ebon-headed boy licked his lips, swallowing the air circulating his dry mouth as he watched Kyle at work.

Kenny's chest heaved with his labored breathing, whispering Kyle's name and entangling his fingers in his fiery hair. He pushed down on his head and made him groan lightly, only making Kenny's hips arch violently. Kyle took his free hand and grabbed his balls, slowly kneading the sac in his slim hand. Stan shook his head in disbelief at the concentration on Kyle's face. Multi-tasking was one thing, but this was ridiculous.

"Fuck Kyle..." Ken breathed out after a few minutes of Kyle's treatment, his head falling back and gripping at his redhead's hair more tightly. "Fuck..." Kyle sped up his motions, groaning quietly from the fingers threaded through his curls getting pulled each time he dove his head down. He pumped on Ken's dick furiously, occasionally sliding his hand up towards the top to slick his palm up for the blonde. Kenny gritted his teeth and Stan watched, unblinking as Kenny's hips started jerking uncontrollably.

"Remember," he panted in laughter. "N-not on Stan's spot..."

Kyle released his sac and focused on pumping him, his mouth down as far around Ken's cock as it could go with his working fist. Kenny moaned out his name huskily before his hips launched up into Kyle's throat. Kyle let go of him and clamped his lips down bobbing his head quickly, trying to milk his boyfriend dry. Ken's fingers entwined into his hair, nearly pulling it out at the roots as he shuddered before falling back against the cushion, panting with a wide grin across his face. Kyle dove his head down one last time before slowly sliding back up, pulling off him with a kiss on the head of his cock before licking his lips and swallowing.

He tongued some excess release from off of Kenny's softening skin before slowly standing up and leaning over him with a sly smile over his pale face. Kenny creaked his eyes open and returned the expression, grabbing him around the waist and pulling him down on top of him, straddling his lap. He craned his neck up and mashed their mouths together, separating just slightly and swirling their tongues around one another's. He bit down on Kyle's lip and suckled roughly before pulling back just slightly.

"Fuck that was nice," he moaned.

"Mm, glad," Kyle murmured, kissing him again.

"Now...Kenny sat up slightly, Kyle's arms shooting up and grasping around his neck for balance. "Now I've gotta help you," he roughly palmed the front of Kyle's growing bulge. Kyle moaned softly and his hips thrust slightly into his rubbing hand. Kenny leaned up and sharply bit on his neck. Kyle threw his head back and purred softly, his eyes shut and licking his lips.

"Or," Ken said suddenly, pulling back, meeting a dismayed expression from the redhead straddling him. "Someone else can," he smirked.

Kyle blinked. "Excuse me?"

Kenny raised his eyebrows before looking over at the stairs. Kyle's face contorted into confusion before following his stare. His face paled drastically as he found Stan gaping at him quite openly before his cheeks went up in flames. "H-how long..."

"Whole time," Kenny answered for him with a smirk. He grasped him around the waist and hefted him up, setting him down on his feet in front of him on the floor. He stood up and grabbed his pants, pulling them up and holding them as he toted Kyle towards the stairs.

"Oh god..." Kyle muttered, shaking his head in embarrassment as they climbed up. Stan stood against the wall, staring at them with an unreadable expression.

"To Stan's room," Kenny sang, tucking the flap of his jeans into his boxers and grabbing Stan's arm. He tugged lightly on him, getting no movement from the boy as he stared at his best friend whose head was held down in shame. The blonde looked between the two of them for a moment before chuckling sardonically. "Hey, Ky."

Kyle's green eyes rose and met that of the blondes, trying not to look in Stan's direction. "What?"

Kenny smiled and jerked his head over to Stan. "Look at him."

Kyle took a deep breath before looking over at Stan, almost falling over when he saw a grin playing across the larger boy's lips. "W-what?" he asked shakily, grabbing onto the handrail with his free hand, terrified of being shoved down the steps.

Stan looked at Kenny before glancing back at him and smiling warmly. "It seems my lower half is stuck as well."

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