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Kenny grabbed ahold of Stan's arm and started toting the two boys behind him towards Stan's bedroom. He shoved them through the door and shut it behind him in haste, looking at them with a devilish smirk across his face. Kyle and Stan stood side by side, staring at him blankly.

"Well?" he asked.

"Well what?" Kyle blinked.

The blonde rolled his eyes, sighing and walking over towards them. He placed his hands on both of their backs and turned them towards each other, pushing them into one another. He grasped their hair and pressed their faces towards each other and chuckled slyly. "Now how about showing us some of that Super Best Friend love, hm?"

The two of them blinked at each other for a moment before Kyle took a deep breath, closing his eyes and leaning up, pressing himself against Stan's lips. Stan's eyes widened momentarily before his wrapped his hands around Kyle's waist and pulled him further into himself, pressing back against him forcefully. Kyle tentatively wrapped his arms up around Stan's neck, standing up on his toes.

Kenny watched them amusedly before stepping forward behind Kyle and resting his head on his shoulder. "Now come on, you can do better than that," he chuckled, trailing his fingers over the zipper of Kyle's jeans before sliding his hand back up and slipping it into the denim, fondling the boy's once-again-hardening cock. Kyle moaned and his hips arched up, pushing the back of Kenny's hand up against Stan's own growing bulge. Stan breathed huskily before grasping onto Kyle's shirt and pulling him in closer.

Kyle thrust his tongue in past Stan's mouth and the dark-haired one moaned softly as their tongues began to collide. Kyle broke away from him slightly, tipping his head back and locking lips with the blonde still fondling him. Stan placed his lips on the boy's exposed neck and bit lightly along the pale skin. His hands traveling downwards and found the button for Kyle's jeans, trailing his finger along the zipper lightly. Kyle whimpered and his hips arched lightly as he chuckled.

Stan slid his hands back upwards, grabbing the redhead's shirt on the way up and lifting it up. Kyle released his neck and raised his arms, letting Stan peel it off fully before he gasped as Kenny started kissing and nipping at his spine and the nape of his neck.

Stan leaned forward and teased his left nipple with the tip of his tongue, slowly bringing it to a hardened peak before grasping onto it with his teeth and gently biting down on the sensitive skin. Kyle moaned and his chest arched up gently into his touch. Kenny reached around and pinched his unattended nipple and elicited a small cry from the boy.

Kyle reached forward past their arms and grabbed Stan's pants button, starting to undo the denim with frantic fingers. He undid the pants and grasped at Stan's erection, rubbing the skin through the thin fabric of his underwear.

Stan moaned and took his mouth from his chest, leaning up and taking his lips. He reached down and roughly tore apart Kyle's jeans. Kenny leaned down, grabbing Kyle's pants and boxers and ripping them down around his ankles. He helped Kyle step out of them and threw them across Stan's room in a frenzy. He cupped the redhead's ass and made him arch up and gasp lightly.

"Mm, who first?" Kenny asked, leaning up and kissing Kyle's neck softly.

Kyle grinned devilishly against Stan's mouth. "I think I have an idea," he murmured, pulling away slowly and licking his lips. He rolled his shoulder back a bit as Kenny nipped at it and slowly dropped to his knees, rubbing Stan's skin still. He pried apart the fabric of his boxers and reached forward, taking the end of his cock between his lips and pulling it through the layers. Stan stared down at him with wide eyes as he took the base of his cock and slowly started pumping on it, flickering his green eyes up at him mischievously.

Kenny kneeled down behind Kyle and tentatively rubbed along his skin. He brought his index and middle fingers up and put them by his lips. Kyle obediently parted his lips and Kenny slid his digits down past his teeth. Kyle clamped them down and started suckling gently on him, watching Stan carefully as he continued jerking his hot skin in his hand.

Kenny pulled his fingers from out his mouth and kissed the back of the redhead's neck, pushing his head forward gently. Kyle parted his lips once more and took Stan's cock in his mouth. He tongued over the head lightly and moaned. Stan looked down to see Kenny pushing his fingers into Kyle and scissoring him roughly. Kyle twitched up lightly, whimpering as Kenny pushed his head further down onto Stan's dick. Kyle started bobbing his head lightly, hollowing his cheeks and pressing his nose into Stan's pubes as he slid along the skin.

Stan bit his lip and moaned, his hips arching into the boy's throat. His fingers laced through the scarlet curls and held his head still as he started thrusting into his throat. Kenny gripped Kyle's scrawny wrists with his free hand and held them back behind him, still thrusting his fingers strongly into his ass. Drool started leaking down the corner of his mouth and he choked lightly as Stan thrust harder.

"Gotta go harder to make him gag," Kenny smirked, tracing his tongue along the boy's shoulder. "He's gained a hell of a tolerance."

"That a challenge?" Stan smiled crookedly, watching Kyle's eyes tear just slightly.

"Take it as you wish," he chuckled back. Stan grabbed Kyle's hair more tightly and started thrusting harder, Kyle's nose slamming against his stomach and his throat making audible convulsing noises from around his dick. Kenny slammed his fingers into him more harshly and Kyle arched up violently onto Stan's cock. He swallowed a bit before he started coughing violently. Stan slowed his thrusting, holding tightly onto Kyle's hair and keeping him down around the base of his throbbing dick. Kyle whined and wriggled around a bit, trying to fight for some air.

Kenny ripped his fingers out of him and released his wrists. Kyle's hands automatically flew up to grasp Stan's hips and try to pull back slightly. Stan reared himself back and allowed him a mercy breath before slamming back down into him roughly. he stayed held down into Kyle's throat, their eyes locked as Kyle closed his lips and slowly sucked on his aching skin, running his tongue along the thick veins as though he were famished. Stan pulled out of him completely and stepped away, his cock sliding out of Kyle with a soft slurping noise.

Kenny and Stan stared down at the red-faced boy with the drool trailing down his chin and smirked. Kyle sniffed a bit, reaching up and untucking Kenny's jeans from his boxers and letting his cock pop out into the air. He reached up and pumped on it a few times, grabbing Stan's and doing the same. He raised up higher onto his knees and suckled on the end of Kenny's cock, flickering his eyes between the two of them.

Stan and Ken looked at each other and grinned. The black haired boy reached down and grabbed Kyle around the waist, hefting him up onto his feet. Kenny grabbed his legs and lifted them up, wrapping them around his own waist as he stepped between them. Kenny rubbed his thumb over the tip of Kyle's cock and Kyle licked his lips hungrily.

"Ready?" Kenny asked, pumping on him slowly.

Kyle broke into a grin and reached down, grabbing Stan's cock and guiding it up to himself, lowering his hips down onto his friend's shaft. Stan grasped his hips tighter and raised himself up deeper into the redhead. Kyle moaned, leaning his head back against Stan's shoulder. Kenny pushed Stan back a bit until the back of his knees collided with the bed. The black-haired boy sat down slowly with his grip still tight around Kyle, spreading his legs as he sat atop the blue bedspread. He chuckled, leaning forward and biting Kyle's earlobe before slowly raising and lowering his hips. Kyle let out a shuddery breath, his eyes closed and his face growing redder with each dip of Stan's hips.

Kenny grinned and rubbed his cock along Kyle's ass teasingly, leaning forward and kissing his lips deeply. He thrust his tongue down into Kyle's mouth and slowly grabbed underneath his thighs, pushing them up to his shoulders. Kyle brought his arms up and threw them over Kenny's shoulders, clawing for him to come closer. Kenny snickered into his mouth before pushing his hips forward, impaling Kyle alongside Stan.

Kyle broke off their kiss, his mouth left open as he let out a pained moan as Kenny slowly slid into him down to the hilt of his cock, his hardened skin rubbing against Stan and making them both shudder. Tears beaded the corners of Kyle's eyes and he squeaked lightly as Stan shifted on the bed. Kenny leaned forward and brusquely captured his lips once more, digging his fingernails into his thighs before backing up and pressing into him once again. Stan clutched him around his slender waist, slowly finding Kenny's rhythm and matching him in a steadily increasing tempo, their skin smacking against Kyle's in harmony.

Kyle began to melt into the feeling, slowly falling back onto Stan's form and leaving his neck into exposure. Stan moved from his ear and bit down sharply on the crook of his neck, making him hiss past Kenny's tongue. Stan took a shuddery breath, inhaling the clean, fresh scent of the boys skin and nuzzling against him, nipping at the freckles along his shoulder.

"Nn-ngh...harder..." he heard Kyle moan from Kenny's mouth.

Stan looked up at them as Kenny pulled away slowly, smiling at the redhead devilishly. "What was that?" he asked huskily, kissing his chin and neck with bare whispers of his lips.

"Ah-ahhh..." Kyle moaned, gritting his teeth.

"Tell us what you want," Stan breathed, his fingers lightly tracing down Kyle's abdomen towards his stiffened cock.

"Fuck me harder!" he cried out, his fingernails digging into Kenny's back. The two of them smiled at each other and started deepening their thrusts, meeting with a bout of whimpers from their smaller companion. Stan grabbed the boy's own cock and started pumping on it roughly. Kenny released one of his legs and placed it over his shoulder before reaching down and fondling his balls. Kyle teared up more and bit his lip, making soft moans from the back of his throat.

Kenny and Stan leaned over his shoulder and kissed each other gently before turning and each biting down roughly into Kyle's shoulder and neck, drawing blood and making him scream out in pleasure. "Oh God!" he cried out, his head thrown back and his eyes half-lidded in the overdrive of his senses.

Stan pumped on his cock more furiously and Kyle screeched from behind gritted teeth. "Nn-nnngh...oh...oh fuck..." he panted. Kenny traced his tongue up his neck and cheek and kissed him briskly on the lips once again before leaning their foreheads against each others and chuckled lowly at him.

"Come for us," he said deeply, brushing his lips over Kyle's. Kyle clasped around him tighter, burying his fingers through his blonde hair and kissing him almost frantically. Stan nipped his neck and he broke from Kenny, turning his head and mashing their mouths together as well. He let out a long-winded moan from Stan's mouth and his hips jerked violently before Stan felt warm streams flowing down his hand. He pumped Kyle until he was dry and chuckled at his exhausted expression.

Kenny came next, holding onto the redhead tightly as he exploded, coating Kyle's insides and Stan's cock in a mess of stick fluid. He pulled out and panted, smirking at the two of them. He grabbed each of Kyle's legs again and pushed them straight into the air, making him yelp from the muscle strain. Stan grinned and turned the redhead around atop his cock so they were facing each other. Kyle winced before crossing his legs behind the boy's back and lacing his fingers through the dark strands atop his head.

Stan leaned forward and they met lips, breathing brokenly as Stan slammed into him harder, Kenny's cum making for a hell of a lube as he easily slid through the boy's tight ring of muscle.

"Oh god, Stan," Kyle moaned into his lips, nuzzling their noses against each other and pushing his heels into the dip of his back.

"Fuck...Kyle..." Stan gulped, holding his hips down and smacking up into him harder.

Kenny watched them exhausted on the floor and chuckled. "Tight as hell, ain't he?"

"I think we loosened him up a bit," Stan broke away momentarily to smirk back before Kyle reclaimed his mouth once more. The redhead pulled back just slightly, a thin strand of saliva between their lips. His darkened green eyes fluttered along his blushing skin and Stan became entranced in their beauty. He dug his nails into Kyle's hips and moaned before coming intensely deep inside of him. Kyle shuddered and his head fell forward slightly as he panted.

Stan let out a long, shaking breath as his vision slowly returned to normal. Kyle fell limp in his grasp, his legs falling on either side of the boy. They slowly met lips, kissing softly in the afterglow before Kenny came and held Kyle around the waist, slowly pulling him off of Stan with cum leaking out of his ass and down his milky thighs. They all three collapsed onto the bed, Kenny's arms wrapped tightly around Kyle's abdomen with Stan's gently lacing through alongside them.

"I love you guys," Kyle murmured, nuzzling into Stan's comforter. Kenny chuckled, leaning up and kissing his neck gently.

"Love you, too, Fag." Kyle giggled and turned his head, meeting lips with his boyfriend and twirling their tongues around one another. Stan watched them before smiling warmly and laughing lowly.

They broke apart and looked at him with cocked heads. "What?" Kyle blinked.

Stan leaned forward and pecked his mouth briskly, pulling back and licking his lips. He flickered his eyes downwards and smirked, "You seem to still be in one of my spots."

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