Sam stood under the streetlight and watched Dean with Lisa and Ben. It almost felt wrong, checking up on Dean like this, when it had been the other way around for so long. Sam stood there for long after the lights had gone out, torn between wanting his Dean back and letting Dean have the peace he so deserved. In the end, Sam faded back into the shadows, ultimately leaving Dean to his new life.

Sam knew that he had to change his appearance now. Even though the apocalypse was over, and he had sacrificed himself to end it, he felt sure that some hunters would likely try to kill him on sight, just for what he had done. His first task was buying a set of electric clippers. After settling on a set, he took them back to the motel room he currently called home.

As he was reading the instructions, he could almost hear Dean bitching about how prissy he was being, and smiled. Switching the clippers on, Sam hesitated for just a moment before touching them to his head. He watched in the mirror as hair fell onto his shoulders and into the sink, never once stopping until the clippers clogged with hair. After cleaning them, he ran his hand over his head, feeling the strangeness of it.

When he was done, he looked down at the mound of hair in the sink and let out a snort. That looked like a ton of hair. No wonder Dean used to call him a girl. Grimacing a little at the memory, Sam looked into the mirror. This would take some getting used to.