Hair Dye

Written for Amy Price (SawManiac211) Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Do not own Doctor Who. Do not own Amy (she owns my soul)

Doctor: Amy!

(Amy walks into the room, grinning. But it's the wrong Amy)

Amy: Yes?

Doctor: You're not Amelia Pond! Get out!

Amy: But I AM Amy. I'm just a different one. We went through a temporal schism in the fabric of the Universe. We've swapped places!

Doctor: Nooooooooo! I KNEW something like this would happen!

Amy: So, can I stay?


Kat: Amy, what the HELL has happened to you?

Amy: Erm, who are you?

Kat: I'm Kat, this is Shaz, and this is Georgina. You're Amy Price. And you've suddenly changed size, shape and hair colour. Or are you a future Amy, who doesn't dye her hair? Ooh, I know-

Amy (aside to Shaz): Doesn't she ever stop talking?

Shaz (whisper): Nope.

Kat: -Fabric of the Universe!

Amy: What did you say?

Georgina: She said 'You might be a different Amy, and passed through a temporal schism in the fabric of the Universe.'

Amy: Of course! Why didn't I think of that?

Kat: Because I'm smarter.

Georgina&Shaz: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!

Kat: Shuttup!

Amy: How the hell am I going to get back to the TARDIS?

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