Hair Dye

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In the maths corridor...

The three girls threw themselves at the floor, just as a few tons of wood, brick and glass came soaring over their heads. Shaz screamed, terrified. Mazza looked up carefully to see the dalek coming closer to them. She was scared as well, but had seen doctor who.

'If we don't move, and play dead, it won't notice us,' she whispered to the other two. So they lay there, unmoving, with their fingers crossed, faces pressed into the floor, glass covering them. They tried to still their breathing, but they needn't had bothered. They didn't fool the dalek.

'The one called Mazza will stand,' the dalek shrieked. None of them moved. 'Mazza will stand, or the irritating one shall die.' The dalek yanked its sucker arm round, which was attached to a piece of rope, and round the dalek came a small girl in the uniform. She had dark hair which came down to her shoulders in a pageboy cut, she had blue eyes, and wore her skirt really long. When I say really long, I mean really really long. Like, past her knees long. Mazza's first thought was neek.

'Oh shit,' muttered Lisa. 'Why is she here? Outside the thing? Why? She's not special!'

'Who is she?' asked Mazza, glancing at the child.

'That is Kat's sister, Bex,' said Shaz.

'Small child, which one is Mazza,' yelled the dalek, swinging its eye-stalk all over the room. Bex cowered as the blue light reflected on her face. She did look very young, and didn't really understand what she was being used for. She glanced wildly at the three teenagers that were beginning to move into an upright position.

'That one,' she said, pointing at Mazza. The dalek moved forward, dragging Bex along. She fell, cutting her hands on the glass that littered the floor. She was pulled along, like when you fall over windsurfing, except she had no wish to be in this predicament.

'Make her stand,' said the dalek, again aiming its blaster at Bex. Shaz and Lisa hissed at Mazza not to let her make her stand up so Bex would die, but she pointed out that the dalek would kill them all anyway. Logical, thought Lisa, so she left it. Shaz wasn't as smart.

'What do you want with her?' she asked, standing up. The dalek re-aimed its blaster.

'Because she knows,' he replied. And blasted Shaz off the face of the school.


In drama...

Tara looked back at Kat, who was urging her to run down the staircase, when she suddenly collapsed onto the floor screaming. The dalek showed no consideration for her, and continued to move towards them. Strangely, it showed no signs of wanting to kill them.

'Kat,' muttered Tara. 'C'mon, pull yourself the dalek's here.' She stopped screaming, but silent tears continued to free flow down her face.

'Are you the ones they call Tara Astra and Kat Hammond?' the dalek screeched. (A/N sorry, couldn't resist) Tara looked the dalek straight in the eye stalk.

'And if we are? What are you going to do to us? Tell me! What are you going to do?' she screamed at it. Behind her, Kat was still crying, but she was also searching amongst the rubble that had been blasted down the corridor from the door. She found a sizeable sized piece of brick work, and looked up.

'Oi, dalek,' she said softly. The dalek shifted its eye-stalk slightly, and Tara moved to look at her.

'What?' the dalek drawled.

'I've got a present fore you,' she said, and hurled the brick straight at its eye. It struck home, damaging the eye, but not for long. They scrambled up the staircase, trembling after their close call.

'We don't need to run now,' said Tara. 'The dalek can't get us any more!' The relief in her voice was huge. They reached the top of the staircase, and saw a door leading to the outside. 'We can just wait here now, can't we?'

Kat looked at her, apologies in her eyes. 'Actually, if you'd read the books, a fully formed dalek can repair their eye in less than three minutes,' Tara looked at her panicked. 'Run,' said Kat.'Out the door. It leads to a fire escape. In the summer, we used to hang out here. Have you been shown where the art block is?' Tara nodded. 'Then go there. It's like a freaking maze. It'll never find you there.'

'What about you?' asked Tara. 'What are you going to do?' Kat looked at her.

'I'm going to stay here. I want to know why the dalek didn't try to kill us while it had the chance.,' Kat smiled wanly. 'And Shaz is dead.' Tara looked at her with a freaky look that made Kat feel like she was stupid. Which was the effect the doctor had on his companions, so maybe Tara was more like him than she knew. Kat sure wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of telling her that.

'We were once very into this spiritual stuff, and we read about a blood bond on the internet, the same thing twins have naturally, and we can feel when bad stuff happens to each other. Shannon is dead.' There was a silence.

'Good luck,' whispered Tara. The two girls embraced. 'Stay safe,'

'You too,' said Kat, as Tara opened the door to the outside. She was about to leave, when Kat spoke.'Just promise me one thing...' she said.

'What?' asked Tara.

'Read the books.' Tara laughed through her tears. They'd gone from hating each other on sight, to being almost best friends, and now they were leaving each other. A blue light flickered up the stairs, and Kat glanced worriedly at Tara. 'Run!' And then Tara was gone, leaving Kat to the mercies of the dalek. And she turned to face the danger of the flying dalek...


In the TARDIS...

Amy paced, fretting about her friends. Rory paced, worrying about Amy. The doctor raced around the console, yelling something about gravitational maximal pullouts, creating waves of hidden agendas implanting them into aliens brains. Like the daleks.

'Seriously,' he was saying. 'The daleks have had a hidden agenda implanted into their brain, which is why they're at your school. Daleks with a hidden agenda... I mean, hidden is different to the usual, so not wanting to kill everything not dalek. Daleks with a hidden agenda... Spooky. I mean, imagine daleks with an agenda that you have no incling of. Now that is a hidden-'

'Shut up!' yelled Amy and Rory together. Then, they went back to their pacing.

'Anyway, we can't go and change things, because it'll create a magnetic gravitational pullout, creating even more havoc, and possibly stopping...' He suddenly stopped, and looked at Rory, counting. Rory began to feel uncomfortable. He and Amy had been counting as well, and he felt sure the doctor knew. 'Never mind,' he said in the creepy way he does sometimes. 'So, we just need to send as much support as possible until they work out why the daleks are there. Then we can reverse the waves, cancel out the agenda and hopefully we can fetch them out the loop!'

'Great plan!' said Amy, then aside to Rory; 'Did you understand a single word of that?'

'No,' Rory hissed back. 'I just go along with it and keep my fingers crossed.' Amy sighed, and rolled her eyes.

'I'm going to call Shaz,' she said, and dialed. The phone was picked up almost immediately. 'Hello?' said Amy.

'Hel-lo?' replied the unmistakable voice of a dalek. 'Is the doctor there?'

'Hey, I'm calling, I ask the questions! Why have you got Shannon's phone?' Amy looked panickedly at the doctor.

'I have exterminated her. We must locate the Kat child and the Tara child. I have the Mazza child. Place this call on video,' the dalek ordered.

'How the hell does a dalek know about video calls?' muttered Amy. 'Doctor? Can I plug this in anywhere?' The doctor snatched the phone, and plugged it into the screen. A dalek was shown, and behind it was Mazza and Lisa. And the body of Shaz.

'Oh my god,' said Amy, her eyes welling up with tears.

'She had been told too much. And she was asking questions.' Amy just stared.

'What do you want with them?' asked the doctor.

'They have seen the hidden. They know of the plan. They know of what has happened. They know the secret,' the dalek began repeating itself.

'Alright, alright, alright,' said the doctor. 'What is the secret?' Then, they saw Kat stagger into the screen, being pushed by another dalek.

'Now, doctor, it wouldn't be a secret if they told you! But I know what it is, so does Tara, and so does Mazza!' Then, she saw Shaz, and things began to get ugly. 'You bastard! She doesn't know the secret! She knows it's incomplete, but she doesn't know what the secret is! And you killed her!' Kat launched herself at the dalek, and shoved it to the floor. A huge crash echoed around the room, and something behind the phone began screaming. 'Hush it, Bex!' yelled the angry red head. Then, the screen went fuzzy, and the picture vanished. There was silence for a bit.

'Who's Tara?' asked the doctor.

'A good question,' said Amy.


In geography...

At the last moment, it redirected the blast out the window. Glass flew everywhere. Then, the dalek stood poised, as if waiting for orders. No one dared to move. Amy was anxious about the same thing Rory was anxious about. Each other, and something they thought might exist. If we get out of this, prayed Amy I will tell the doctor about you and let him help me. She tried to ignore the fact she'd said 'if'. Eni shivered. She was nearest the dalek, and was sure it couldn't see her because of the angle. Coralie was shaking, like proper shaking. None of the episodes she had watched or been told about quite added up to hiding under a desk from a dalek.

Then, a figure dressed in a pinstriped dress suit poked her head into the classroom.

'Shaz is dead! Look, I'm a distraction!' she yelled, and ran again. The dalek turned and spoke.

'Voice recognition, voice of Tara Astra. Knowledge of the secret in possession. Retrieve secret,' its voice was strangely deep for a dalek. It then followed Tara, forgetting the others. They sat there in silence for a bit, before Amy yelled at them.

'Run!' They ran.

'Shaz is dead?' said Georgina, disbelieving.

'It would seem so,' said Amy. Coralie was in shock. Eni was just in silence. They rounded a corner.

'Fuck,' said Eni.

They had run into another dalek.

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