**Not So Blunt Differences**


Setting: Sequel to Not So Subtle Differences (NSSD), AU, peaceful times in Konoha about two years after Shippuden, non-massacre. The rookie nine are all around 19 years old. Tenten, Neji and Lee are about 20, and Itachi is in his mid twenties. Takes place approximately two months after Not So Subtle Differences.

Disclaimer: Not mine, just having fun with some of Kishimoto's wonderful characters.

Summary: I highly recommend you read Not So Subtle Differences (NSSD) before you read this one as I will probably reference scenes from it from time to time.

[Valentine's Day]

Silhouetted against the glow of the moon and street lights above them he walked her home. Tenten's eyes were filled with relief when she saw her small house just ahead of them with her father's weapons shop next to it.

She didn't think she could handle the awkward silence that hung between them for even one more minute.

It wasn't that she regretted rejecting Sasuke when he had asked her to dance, it was just that he was now doing something nice for her by walking her home, and it made her feel slightly uncomfortable.

It made her feel like maybe she had been out of line and had behaved no better than he had earlier in the evening.

Smiling a little wryly she was forced to admit to herself that she did enjoy putting the arrogant jerk his place. Something about him annoyed her, he was just so rude to the people around him all the time.

Her hand unconsciously began to tighten around the small bouquet of flowers she was holding in her hand from Hinata's wedding.

I mean, just because he is good looking and an Uchiha that doesn't give him the right to treat people like dirt, she complained to herself as her eyes began to flash with irritation.

She turned to politely thank him for walking her home and felt herself abruptly pulled into his arms.

"Sasuke, what are you—mmpf" Her outraged question was silenced as his mouth came down on hers. His lips as they moved over hers were warm and…teasing. Gasping a little she opened her eyes wide and stared at him in shock.

Sasuke gave her a slow grin as he lifted his head and looked down at her with a glint of respect in his eyes… against his stomach she held an insanely sharp kunai knife.

"Why did you do that?" Tenten questioned him through clenched teeth as she pressed it harder against his stomach. Sasuke could feel the sharp tip of it through the shirt he was wearing and backed away from her a little.

"I was testing a theory," he told her with a slightly mocking look on his face.

"Whaaat?" She yelled sharply as she looked at him like he had lost his mind.

Sasuke stared back at her with coolly assessing eyes. "You were wrong," he informed her as he began to walk away from her before giving her one last parting shot, "I am your type."

Outraged, Tenten stood there and watched as he dissipated and tried to figure out what the hell just happened between them. Flinging the kunai knife hard at the place where he had disappeared from, she turned and strode off toward her house.

Author's Note: I almost added this scene into the last chapter of Not So Subtle Differences but I thought I would wait and use it for the beginning of the new story. I am not sure how often I am going to update this one; my other stories desperately need some attention. I mainly just wanted to get something started for this one and ease my way into SasuTen.

Chapter one will definitely have some newlywed Itahina…I am so excited!