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Summary: James wasn't the only one who liked to play games. When Victoria catches up with Bella after the Cullens leave, she starts her own unique game of cat & mouse...

This story is rated M and will contain adult content ~ sexual content, language, & violence ~ Please be forewarned.


Eternity...continual, endless, everlasting, incessant, interminable, perpetual, unending...undying.

I use to think I knew what eternity meant. I had wanted this. Wanted eternity. What a stupid naive little girl I had been. I had believed in love, and fairytale endings. Believed in hope and that all people had good in them somewhere. How very wrong I was.

I'd like to think I'm not naive anymore but finding myself in this place, I have to wonder. Looking around me, I try to remember what it felt like to be loved, to have hope. I feel...nothing. Those are distant human memories and...they were all lies anyway.

I slam my palms into the ground in front of me, the grass and earth give way and crumble under my hands. The ground groans from the force. Destruction, that's what I'm good at now.

Yes, I was fucking stupid for coming to this place. I pull some matches from my bag and a small container of gasoline. I douse the trees, the swaying grass, and flowers. Striking the match, I chance one last glance at the place I use to think was magical... so naive. I toss the match and run. I never look back.

My vampire brain is capable of keeping track of many things at once, the feel of the ground beneath my feet, the smells in the air, the distance traveled...and time. I know exactly how long I've been running, 78 hours 12 minutes 22 seconds. The burn in my throat is strong and I know I need to feed soon. Changing direction, I seek out the nearest town. I come across a small farm house and there is laundry hanging to dry in the backyard, it's a lucky find. I make my way quickly, plucking a long sleeve shirt and some jeans from the line. They will be a bit big on me but it's better than the dirty rags I am currently wearing. I fold them and put them in my bag, I won't change until after I've eaten. Sniffing the air, I catch the scent coming from a small barn located far back from the house, I only sense one heartbeat. That's unfortunate, I am really hungry and one won't be enough.

I move quickly and silently, it's what I'm good at. He's middle aged and his hair is greyed, I briefly wonder if he has a family...a wife, it would explain the clothes, children maybe. It doesn't matter, I'm hungry and he's here. I lunge at him and quickly break his neck, he never knew what hit's very humane, the thought makes me pause, how ironic. His blood is thick and rich and the burn lessens but it's still quite strong. I'll need to find another tonight. I toss his lifeless body over my shoulder and bury him deep in the woods nearby. At least he will experience peace.

Venturing further towards town, I spot a small tavern on the outskirts with a narrow alley behind it. Slipping into the darkness, I wait. Five minutes later finds me draining a rather large drunk man who was stalking a young girl on her way home, he smells foul, but his blood is sweet and the burn in my throat is finally just a small fire. I drop his body into the dumpster in the alley once I'm finished. I'm not sure he'll be resting in peace, he may find his own burning in hell.

I quickly strip my clothing while hidden in the darkness and redress into the new ones. Ahh, it's nice to have clean clothing, it's been quite some time. The life of a nomad isn't pretty but it works for me, not that I ever had another choice. I have to keep moving, she's never fucking far behind. It was fucking stupid enough of me to make that detour to the meadow. I'm sure she's having a nice laugh at that one, bitch that she is. I've thought about stopping, just sitting and waiting for my death, but something keeps me going...a feeling that I need to stay alive, that's there is something out there waiting for me. I squash the thought immediately. No, hope is a fucking evil only gets you hurt.

Now that my business is done, I make my way back out of town and into the dense forest. When I first awoke to this existence, I loved running, it was amazing to still be able to see every minute detail while traveling at such speeds. Now, it's about survival. It completely sucks the fun right out of it. I snort out loud at my own joke and birds startle at the sound and fly from the nearby trees. Guess they have no sense of humor. I have a lot of time to think while I run, what else is there do to and I wonder if vampires can go insane.

Lonely...companion-less, deserted, desolate, rejected, estranged...godforsaken.

I know what it means to be lonely. Humans speak of loneliness often in poems and books, but there is no way they could truly understand. Tom Hanks with his soccer ball could I suppose...but it's hard to say...

The wind shifts suddenly blowing two scents directly into my face, vampires. Not familiar vampires either. I stop dead in my tracks and crouch low - scanning the trees for them. I hear them before I see them, twigs snapping at their approach. A tall, lean, short blond haired male and a petite long blond haired female. Mates, I'm assuming. I need to handle this delicately, if he feels threatened by my presence I know he won't hesitate to take me out, for fear I'm a threat to her, his mate.

He stops and stares at me, eyeing me speculatively. Sizing me up no doubt, not that there is much to me. I'm short and thin, thinner than I should be...but it's a moot point since I'll be this size forever now. And size in the vampire world means nothing, for all he knows I could be a very lethal fighter. He is eyeing the scars on my arms now since I have my sleeves pushed up at the moment. I brush my sleeves down, and he arches one perfect blond eyebrow at the action.

Staring is rude, hasn't anyone ever told him this?

I huff and stare right back. At this, he simply raises his other perfect blond eyebrow. Oh yea, well two can play that game, so I arch one of my perfect brown eyebrows right back at him. His lips twitch slightly. He's stopped blinking we don't have to blink but it's a habit that carries over through the change.

What is he 10 years old? I arch my other perfect brown eyebrow at him, and he doubles over in laughter.

Wasn't I just wondering if vampires could go insane?...



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