Logan can see Duncan disappearing. The guy has been his best friend since kindergarten; there is no part of their lives that escapes each other. At least, that's the way it used to be. Now, Logan feels like Duncan is keeping something secret from him, and that's just wrong because it's him and Duncan, and secrets always used to be something that happened to other people.

He can't honestly say that it started with Lilly – it started maybe a couple of weeks before that, and that confuses him. He thinks a couple of weeks before that was when Duncan dumped Veronica and wouldn't explain why, but he can't be sure, because the weight of Lilly's death hangs over every corner of his mind, and he hasn't a chance of understanding things that happened before she died, let alone getting the timeline right.

He misses Lilly so much he finds it hard to breathe. He knows Duncan misses her just as much, but they can't – won't – talk about it and honestly Logan doesn't know why. It scares him; how distant Duncan has gotten, and the more paranoid part of him is terrified Duncan's cutting his ties, preparing to follow his sister's lead. And that can't happen, because the two Kanes were two of the most important people in his life; he's lost one and if the other goes he'll never be okay again.

Duncan is scaring him. He wants to tell someone this, but there's no-one to tell – Lilly is dead and Veronica is a traitor, his 'friends' would never get it, and Duncan is why he has this whole problem anyway. Nothing ever made him sicker than when he saw Duncan with his hands wrapped around his own father's throat, completely insane. Once he got home, he ran off to the bathroom and threw up until Trina banged on the door and yelled at him to get out. Like there weren't like, sixty bathrooms in their house anyway. Bitch.

Duncan is still Duncan – they hang out, and play videogames, and Duncan lets him in when Aaron has beaten him so red and raw that he can't stay at home. But somehow it all rings false now, and that scares Logan even more than the 'almost killing his father' thing.

He has this feeling like he should say something to Duncan. He's not great at talking, but he should try. Because Duncan is disappearing and no-one else honestly seems to care; Logan needs to keep his best friend there, and keep one of the only things that hasn't been taken from him yet. He wants to scream at Duncan; throw him against the wall, hit him, punch him, kick him until the message sinks in – can't he see himself? Can't he see what he's doing? Can't see what's happening? Can't he see that Logan needs him; can't lose him too?

He doesn't. He just sits there, and watches as his best friend slides a little further into the shadows.