Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now

B.O.B Ft. Haley William Eminem- Airplanes

Chapter 1

"Bella, you have to get up!" Bella grunted at the intruder of her warm haven to piss off, not wanting to get up for school. "People are here Bella! They've come for Daddy Bella! He's come for Daddy! The evil man's come. He gonna hurt daddy, he'll hurt him! Come one Bells, wake up! I need you! Please!"

Bella's eye's snapped open in shock of these words uttered from a high pitched voice and she came face to face with the petite face of her sister Alice in front of her. She was crying, tears staining her sharp face, like snail trials on her cheeks. From what Bella could see of her dishevelled state, Alice had been trying to wake her up for some time, but Bella was the type of child that didn't like to get up when she was told.

"Alice, what's happening?" Bella asked, gathering her into a motherly hug. She had become the parental figure of her sisters since their mother passed, their dad just not being able to do it through the grief of his beloved wife. He was also just to wound up in himself to care about his kids now. They were the last of his concerns, in his mind, they were able to take care of themselves and that it was a mothers job to look after them.

"They're here, Bella," Alice sobbed, wiping her tears ruffly from her eyes like they were poison, not wanting to appear weak in front of her older sister. "The man that daddy warned us about. The evil man! The ones who are trying to take daddy away from us, just like mommy is away from us now. They're downstairs with Daddy. I heard shouting! Oh Bella, I'm so scared! Whats gonna happen to dad? What'll happened to us?"

Alices tiny voice couldn't hold out as her sobs made her whole body shake. Bella of course knew who the evil man was that had her sister so scared. He was the man that their dad owed money to. The one that made their family go on the run a few months ago, making them move from town to town constantly. Always running away. Of course he wasn't actually a man but many men. A gang. One that was out for their Fathers blood and money. Bella had heard all of this from easedropping in on conversations that had happened over the past few months since her mother had died.

"Shhh, Alice, Shhhh," Bella murmured, squeezing her sister tightly, trying to literally hold her togeather. "Listen to me. This is important. I want you to go and get Rose. Okay? Can you do that for me?" Alice nodded her small head quickly as Bella talked, trying not to miss anything that Bella was saying. "Once you have Rose take her into the hiding place that we found that day we were playing Hide 'n' Seek. Do you remember the one? In the attack. Do you remember the hiding space?" Again, Alice nodded. "Can you do that for me Alice?" Bella said, trying to get her to stop sobbing. Bella didn't know anything else to do but squeeze Alice tight to her eight-year old body.

"Oh-kay B-Belle-la," Alice sniffed, trying to be brave for her older sister. "I can do it."

"Thank you Alice. You're going to be okay sweetie. And remember, whatever happens, whatever you hear, don't come out of hiding. Okay? I don't want you two to get hurt," Bella murmured quietly, scared shitless herself. She wouldn't let anything happen to her sisters because of their fathers stupid mistake. It was his fault that something important to them was missing already, Bella didn't want her sisters to be missing from her as well because of him.

"Can you try and be a brave girl and keep Rose and yourself safe?" Bella whispered, not reallly wanting to leave her sister and go off to try and fix her fathers mistakes. She was truely niave enough to think that an eight year old could fix these mistakes that threatened all of their lives.

"Yes Bella," she whispered lightly. "I l-love you."

"I love you too Alice."

Bella hugged Alice tighter, trying too physically transfer strength to her. Bella couldn't let anything happen to Alice or Rose, even if it costed her own life. "Wait in the hiding spot until you here the birds start to chirp or I come for you. Can you do that sweetie?" Alice just nodded through her tears and squeezed her older sister tighter. "If I don't come, head to Phil's house. He'll help you." I hope.

Bella gave Alice one last tight squeeze, then pushed her toward the door. Alice stumbled towards the door and walked towards Roses room. Bella would die before either of them got hurt. That was a promise that she would keep to herself.

Bella quietly stalked downstairs to see if her sisters observations were corrected. She could hear the shouted as soon as she left her soon, so that much was true, but was it the gang members?

When Bella saw the scene downstairs before her, she stiffled a gasp at how horrific the scene was. Her father was in deep shit.

There were six strangers looming threatenling over Charlie Swans body, which was being held down by only one massive man, the size of an elephant. The shouting was coming from her father, empty threats of what he would do to them if he wasn't let go now. She avioded looking at her fathers face, for she feared what she would see. From what Bella could see of the rest of the room, there was a person next to each of the three exits, making no escape for her father possible. In the middle of the room there was four men all looking wearing blank facial expresssions. Two of the men had black hair, both shoulder length, but one was shiny and curly, the other straight and smooth. The other two had blonde hair, one honey blonde and short, the other platimuin and long. Bella looked at her dad's face last. It showed absolute fear and she was smart enough to know that it was for his life and not for his kids, who were supposively upstair, fast asleep. He was too selfish to care about his daughters, over his own.

One of the men that was looming over Charlie took a step closer to Bella and away from her father. He had hard eyes and white hair. His hair was almost the same colour as his skin which was extremely pale, like snow. He probably hasn't seen sunlight for years, to busy killing and robbing people by night.. His clothes were in perfect condidtion. It was an expensive suit emsemble with a black pants, tie and a jacket with the white collar of shirt his shirt peeking through. He had shoes that almost looked over polished. Almost. Not a crease or speck of dirt on his person.

He looked at around the room cheeking the exits and saw Bella cowering half hidden behind the door. His upper lip lifted into a sneer and he alerted the guard stationed at the door, letting out a cruel laugh as he saw Bella, a child, cower as she was brought forward to the middle of the room, next to her father.

"Look what we have here Aro," the man said with a sarcastic tone. "Chief Swans daughter." Charlie was the cheif of police back in Forks, which was where the Swans used to live before Charlie felt the need to ruin their lives. "She's a beautiful young thing isn't she?"

The impecably dressed man poked Bella's cheeck and she flinched away from him. All the men in the room let out a mean chuckle.

"Indeed she is," Aro replied. "Come over here Miss Swan, so we can have I closer look at you."

Bella was screaming of fear inside,and it showed on her face. All her innocence laid out on a silver platter for these men of crime. She knew if she didn't do what they asked of her, they would kill her without hesitation. And that thought scared the shit out of Bella, so she did what she was told and walked towards Aro with a blank look on her face. When she reached the centre of the room, he grabbed her chin and pulled her face towards him to inspected it. Aro 'hmmed' and 'ahhhed' at certain points while looking at her youthful features. When he let go of her he had a creepy looking smile on his face.

Paedophile, thought Bella viscously.

"She certainly is gorgeous for someone so young Cauis." He turned to the other blonde man. "Don't you think that she is gorgeous, even at this early age Carlisle? How beautiful she'll look when she had blossomed into adulthood."

"Yes, she is quite pretty," The man with honey hair, Carlisle, replied unconcerned with everything in the room but Charlie. He had murder in his eyes as he gazed at the girl, who they were discussings, father.

Carlisle was the youngest of the four men but they all looked like they were the same age. He glanced at Bella once with piercing green eyes, then turned away. Although Bella will never admit it, she peed her pants a little bit at his look.

What are these creepy old men going to do with me? Bella thought.

"An excellent choice for Edward to have as a wife, don't you think Carlisle?" Aro asked.

"Isn't it a bit early to be picking wives for Edward? He's only nine." Carlisle said. "She might be like six or something, the complete wrong age for Edward. He'll need someone the same age as him as they grow up, a friend turned girlfriend, I think."

"It's never too early to pick a wife. It just saves time later. You do want gorgeous Grandkids for Esme to spoil rotten dont you? And as for the age problem why don't ask her." Aro turned to Bella. "Miss Swan-"

"Bella," she interrupted him. As soon as Bella said interupted, she knew it was a mistake. You shouldn't interrupt important men. Aro's eyes glowed with anger for a few seconds and Bella thought that he was about to back hand her, but instead he sighed loudly and let it go. Cauis looked offended, like she diliberately did it to fuck him off, but he didn't say anything.

"Bella then," Aro continued. "How old are you?"

"I'm eight years old," she answered in a quiet voice, afraid to offend Cauis further. He might hit her or shot her father.

"See Carlisle," Aro said, taking the conversation of youndg, frightened Bella. "Hardly a years difference."

"I suppose then. She would sure make beautiful grandchildren for Esme," Carlisle muttered, continuing to stare at Bella's father.

"Felix," Aro said to the man holding Charlie down. "Put Bella in the car that Edward is in while we take care of this."

Aro took a gun out of his jacket and inspected Charlie through narrowed slits. Cauis, Carlisle and the unknown man all did the same. Felix came towards Bella and took her hand in his large one. He didn't say anything, but did send Bella a cute, dimpled smile as we walked out the front door, towards the car, as if trying to reassure her that she would be okay.


When Bella was halfway up the garden path she heard a gunshot.


Her eyes watered as she thought where that bullet had hit.


And then a third shot. She blinked her lids trying to get rid of the traitor tears that showed the real emotion that she felt for my dad.


With that last shot through traitorous tears ran free down her youthful face. The echo of the gun was ringing in her ears and she was soon sobbing loudly, her shoulders shaking in grief for her father. The father that had been putting her sisters and herself last lately.

How did this happen? Why me? I just hope that Alice and Rose will be alright. I guess I kind of hoped that if they had to take someone, it would be me. Better me than Alice, who is only five or Rose, who is still a baby at two.

These were just some of the thoughts that ran through her mind as she shuffled her feet towards to car. Halfway there, someone got sick of her slow pace and decided to pick her up and almost throw her onto the hard sidewalk.

Bella looked through her tear-filled eyes at the balck-tinted windows of a large van. Even without tears intuding on her vision, she knew that she wouldn't be able to be see inside of the car with windows that dark. Felix opened the door of the car and indicated for Bella to go inside. When she didn't move, he picked her slight form quickly of the side walk and shoved her inside of the car. She glared out the door for a moment at the large man, wanting to punch him in the face for her mistreatment, but wasn't stupid enough to think that she would get away with it. Instead she turned in her set and saw a gangly looking boy glancing up from a comic book with a look of shock on his face, obviously not expecting to see another youth in the car.

"Edward, move over," A deep voice from behind Bella rumbled. She whipped her head around and caught a glance of men leaving the house that she couldn't even call her own anymore (Even though she had only been living there for a little over a month). But it contained her sisters, that she couldn't reach with her young, small hands.

"Yes father," the boy, Edward, said obeying his father by moving over. He looked at Bella curiously, probably wondering why she was crying or why a she, a complete stranger had just hopped into his car.

Bella sat in the middle seat with Carlisle and Edward on both of her sides. Her sobbing become louder, like a cat that was dying. Carlisle looked her in distaste, probably re-thinking who he had just chosen for his son. Her crying wasn't lady-like to crying with silent tears falling down from her doe eyes, but the full Monty type of crying, with snot and everything.

Suddenly a hanky appeared in Bella's vision, white and clean just asking to be blown. Bella's eyes followed the hand that hold the clean hanky to see Edwards with a sad smile on his face. He elbowed her lightly, hinting for her to take the hanky. She did, with a grateful smile, and blew her nose loudly, her sobs quieting finally. Carlisle made a startled noise as she blew her nose, like he was amazed that a crying young lady would blow her nose. Bella didn't even glance his way, but turned and held Edwards gaze. Instead of the sad smile that he had before, he now wore a look that was very condescending.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"B-Belle-l-la," she stuttered, suddenly scared of the boy that had made such a kind gesture to a stranger that had just appeared in his car. Her sobs started again.

"It's okay," He said, trying to calm her down. "I'm Edward. You're going to be alright now."

He gave her an awkawrd pat on the shoulder, not sure how to comfort the youthful girl. Her reply was more crying. Startled, Edward muttered something under his breathe that Bella didn't hear through her sobbing. He wrapped her arms around her slowly, not sure how to comfort her. Bella leaned into the affectionate gesture, desperate for recieving love after having to give it for so long.

Soon her sobs became quieter and she became sleepier. She leaned her head against Edwards shoulder and fell into a Edward caccooned slumber.

"I'll look out for you now Bella," Edward murmured quietly as everything went blank for her.

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