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Breaking my back just to know your name
Seventeen tracks and I've had it with
this game
I'm breaking my back just to know your name
But heaven ain't
close in a place like this
Anything goes but don't blink you might
Cause heaven ain't close in a place like this
I said heaven ain't
close in a place like this
Bring it back down, bring it back down
Never thought I'd let a rumor ruin my moonlight

The Killers-Somebody told me

Chapter 7

It was a few weeks later when Stephan approached Bella for the first time since the fight with Edward. Bella was silently reading in the her AP English textbook with Angela sitting next to her doing the same, occasionally they asked each other a question, but apart from that they worked in silence. So when they heard a voice break the silence they had created, both their heads snapped to attention.

"Hey, Bella, can I talk to you for a moment?" Stephan asked her, keeping his eyes on the ground.

Bella looked at Angela, pleading with her eyes for help, for one doesn't just recover from a proper mouth raping in a few weeks.

"Please," he pleaded. "Just for a moment."

"Okay, I guess that's alright." Bella said nervously. "Just no funny business, alright? I have Edward on speed dial."

With a nod Stephan led the way toward the opposite side of the library where they could converse in silence.

"Listen Bella," Stephan started. "I'm really sorry for losing my nut the other day! It was really unlike me. It's just I really do like you, even though we've only meet a couple of times, I feel like we have a connection and losing that would've been horrible for me."

Bella gave him a stare which clearly said that she thought he was nuts.

"You do realise that the only time that I remember meeting you was when you mouth raped me then you got beaten up by my best friend. That clearly says something about your character!"

"I know! That was a total mistake." Stephan said, gripping onto one of Bella's wrist. "Please! Give me another chance! I really like you!"

"Maybe we can try to be friends…" Bella said, eyeing his hand on her wrist.

"Yes!" Stephan said with a pump of his fist. "Let's hang out this afternoon, go get a hot chocolate or something."

"Sure," Bella said tentatively, carefully shrugging off his hand.

"Starbucks at 4?"

Text intercepted from Edward to Bella

Hey Bells what's brown and sticky?


A stick!

LOL! You're sooo lame!


Text intercepted from Stephan to Bella

Hey Bells, howsit?

Hey Stephan, yesterday was really fun. wanna see a movie this weekend maybe?

Bella! Of course I do! but lets get ice cream first, it's fucking hot outside this week!

IKR! I almost miss the cold! LOL

Text intercepted from Angela to Bella

Hey Bells, what you up ta this weekend, wanna hang?

Hey angie! I'm going out with Stephan to see a movie

Isn't he that creep that cornered you in the hallway than again in the library yesterday?

Yepp, that's the one LOL! Went out for hot chocolate w/him yesterday and hes real lovely


I KNOW! Anyway, you wanna come with? Maybe you can invite ben?

That sounds great!

Text intercepted from Bella to Stephan

Heya, change of plans. Angie and Ben are coming with us on sat! All gee?

Sure bb, that's fine! see you there!

Text intercepted from Bella to Edward

You have anything better than that last one you told me?

Why did the Mexican throw his wife off a bridge?


Tequila XD


Text intercepted from Angela to Bella

Hey bellsie, loving how the doubles with Stephan! I think Ben feels a bit more comfy w/another male there Again this sat?

Sure! This is becoming a routine

Text intercepted from Stephan to Bella

Roses are red, violets are blue, I can see u, but can u see me?

That is sooo creepy!

Fine, how bout this one: Roses are red, violets are blue, will you be my girlfriend, cause I really like you!

Text intercepted from Bella to Angela

Angie, Stephan just asked me to be his GF, what do I say?


Text intercepted from Angela to Ben

OMG! Stephan just asked Bella to be his GF! OMG! and she's gonna say yes!

Cool bb

Text intercepted from Ben to Stephan

She's gonna say yes!


Text intercepted from Bella to Stephan

Yes! XD

Text intercepted from Edward to Bella

What do you call somebody elses cheese?

I'm busy Edward, talk lata

"Damn bro! Have you seen the ass on Bella lately?" Emmett asked Edward, nudging the life out of his appendix. "When did she grow up?"

"Shut up Emmett!" Edward growled, shoving his burger into his throat. Bella was currently standing in the lunch line with her new best friend; Stephan.

"Dude, did you know that she was that close with that stoner dude?" Jasper asked, adding his two cents into the conversation.

"Shud up!" Edward mumbled, staring down the table.

From the corner of his eye Edward watched Bella and Stephan carefully, wondering what really was going on between them. They seemed to be pretty comfortable together, which is the opposite of how Bella and himself at the moment. Ever since a few months ago when Bella told him that Stephan had apologised and that they were going to hang out, she seemed to have distanced herself from him. Whenever he'd try to text her, she wouldn't respond or she'd say that she couldn't chat now because she was hanging out with Stephan. In Edwards mind it was all bullshit and she was just finding excuses to ignore him.

Edward knew from the first time that he saw her all those years ago from the back of his Dads car that she was far too good for him and his mafia family and that she would never want to have anything to do with him. She of course did a very Bella like thing and did the opposite of his expectations, immediately attaching herself like glue to him while she settled into her new life. But now… now things were different.

Ever since she'd started school, she'd started making new friends and didn't want to hang out with him as much. Sure, Edward had his own friends, but Bella was the only person that he could ever truly be himself with. At school he was Mr. popular, and at home he was the wanna be version of his father. But with Bella, things were different! With Bella he could be himself, bad jokes and all. He always knew that what he gave back in return would never be enough for her, but he had hoped that she would take everything he gave her.

Now that she had her own friends, he had to keep his distance. She didn't need him in her life anymore, but by god Edward needed her and he was going to do everything in his power to keep her in his life.

"Hey guys," Bella said, suddenly appearing at their table. "Do you mind if we sit with you guys? Everywhere else is full."

"Sure doll, take a seat," Jasper answered, kicking one out with his foot for her to sit on.

At the mention of a 'we', Edwards head snapped to Bella's hand which happened to be glued to Stephan. They were so stuck to each other that even as they sat down, her hand never left his. It was disgusting in Edwards opinion.

With a kick in Edward's leg and a crude smile, Emmett lent forward onto his elbows and started to question the couple.

"So, are you two like a couple or something now?" he asked, sending a wink in Edward's direction.

Even as Bella's face lit up a tomato and gave Stephan a secretive smile, Edward kept his cool, knowing Emmett was just trying to wind him up.

"Um… well, I guess so," Bella said, sending Stephan the smile that she usually reserved for Edward.

"Well, well, well!" Jasper murmured. "Baby Bella growing up aye?"

"Shut up Jasper!" Bella giggled. "It's just casual at the moment."

"Not for long though," Stephan said, bringing Bella's hand to his lips and giving it a gentle kiss. Bella's love-sick giggle made the green head of jealously appear for Edward.

"'Cuse me," Edward muttered, picking up his tray and then proceeded to storm out of the room, jacket slung over his shoulder.

"What's his problem?" Stephan asked, pulling Bella closer to him.

He got no reply, although Jasper and Emmet did share a very worried look.

Edward was walking down the hallway when he bumped into a petit figure.

"Oh gosh, I'm so sorry!" Cried the figure on the floor, trying to find her glasses which were lost in the collision.

"It's alright, here let me help you." Edward passed her the glasses and gave her a hand up off the floor.

"Oh, thanks." The girl said, adjusting her glasses and when she realised who she was staring at her eyes widened. "Oh, hi Edward."

"Hi…Girl I just meet!"

"Urgh!" The girl said, pushing her light red hair off her face. "This is so typical! I'm Tanya, I'm in like four of your classes!"

"Sorry," Edward replied, holding up his hands in defeat. "There's like a million people in this school, you can't expect me to know them all."

"Urgh, whatever!" Tanya said, trying to slide past Edward, but Edward stopped her.

"Hey I'm real sorry! I'm having a bad day. I remember you now, we have lit and history together," He said with a weak smile.

"Yeah and calculus and gym."

"That's right. See I do remember you!" He said, a triumphant smile now on his face. "Hey, I'm real sorry about bumping into you, I really didn't mean to! How about I make it up to you and tell you one of my amazing jokes?"

"Sure," she said, blowing her hair out of her face. "Why not?"

"Okay," Edward said, holding up his hands as if to brace her. "What's brown and rhymes with snoop? Dr. Dre!"

Tanya let out a snort. "God that's terrible!"

"It's amazing and you know it!"

"Okay, well I've got one for you as well then. What's red and bad for your teeth? A brick!"

Edward laughed. "God, that's just as bad as mine. Hey, do you maybe wanna share some more jokes over a coffee?"

"I can't, I have class, and so do you."

"Oh," Edward sighed. "We can skip?"

"Not an option if I wanna get into Harvard. But what about afterschool? That café around the corner?"

"Sure see you there!"

"Wait, Edward." Tanya called as Edward strode down the hallway.

"This isn't some joke, and you're really only wanna get coffee so you can throw pigs blood on me?"

"Only if you don't use your mind to throw a car at me," Edward replied with a wink, and then walked off.

Again, bear with me :)