Grimmjow is abusing Ichigo, but Ichigo refuse to leave because of the love and another secret. What will happen when Kenpachi finds out both?

Warning: This contains material that is unsuitable for minors. This story contains physical abuse. This story also contains sex, oral sex, rimming, bondage, and foul language. Do not read if you are underage or do not like.

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This is set after the war. Aizen is defeated and Grimmjow joined the soul society. He is now dating Ichigo.


Ichigo was sitting at his desk anticipating the end of school, which was drawing closely near. He didn't want to go home. He knew Grimmjow would be really pissed.

-Earlier That Day-

He was talking with Mizuiro and Keigo when Orihime came up.

"Hey, Ichigo." Said Orihime.

"Oh, hey." Ichigo noticed she kept standing there. "Do you need something?"

"Ummm….Ichi-Ichigo…" she paused and kept looking at her feet. Ichigo thought something was wrong so he turned around and placed his hand on her shoulder getting down to her level and before he could ask what was wrong she kissed him.

"What the! Orihime why would you do that you know I'm dating someone?" Ichigo was more than stunned. He never knew she had feelings for him. His friends-mainly Keigo-were off telling and sending picture messages-mainly Mizuiro-to everyone.

"Ichigo I'm sorry I just…" before she could finish Ichigo cut her off.

"Orihime there is nothing you can say." She started to tear up. "You know I'm with someone and even if you have feelings for me that's just wrong."

She started to cry but Ichigo wasn't falling for it but Tatsuki was. Not witnessing the first half of the dramatic show and/but witnessing the fault on Ichigo she decided to tackle and hit Ichigo.


"OW STOP! TATSUKI!" Yelp, cry of pain.

"WHY IS SHE CRYING?" Kick, throw.

"Look Tatsuki she kissed me knowing I was seeing someone." Ichigo said while holding his hands up trying to defend himself.

"What…?" she looks at Orihime who has yet to move. "Is this try Orihime?" Orihime looks up from her hands shakes her head yes and runs off crying.

"ORIHIME WAIT!" she chases after the crying girl.

"I could get I'm sorry you know! And what are ya'll looking at!" Ichigo storms off from the ogling mob and stomps off to the bathroom to wash his now bloodied lip.

When Ichigo enters the bathroom he is happy to find it empty. Checking his face he hears an angry voice from a person he didn't notice…but should have.

-Grimmjow's Prov-

That bitch! I've always known she wanted MY Ichi but didn't say anything because she was Ichigo's friend, but how dare she kiss him. Especially after all the times she certainly has seen me tongue rape Ichigo. Hell, the little slut walked in on us one time. And she still does this!

"I saw what happened with the bitch and you." I said after Ichigo came in. Why didn't he notice me at first is he so wrapped up in that sluts mouth.

"Grimm-Grimmjow I didn't see you there."

"Of course you didn't you were too wrapped up in that bitch!" I slams the mirror next to Ichigo's face.

"Grimmjow I didn't want the ki…" SLAP

"DIDN'T WANT IT! YOU WERE TOUCHING HER PRACTICALLY BEGGING FOR IT!" I calm down a little. I'm so angry how dare he deny it.

"You know what when you get home you'll get what else you were begging for, and you know what that is."

-Ichigo's Prov-

I was more than frightened to see him there and terrified when he broke the mirror. When Grimmjow got angry there was no explaining; he never listens once he 'knows' something. After his rant he kisses me making my already busted lip worse.

"A kiss for a taste for what else you for begging for today." He sonido away, leaving me crying for what was to come. I love Grimmjow but I hate him at the same time. I could leave him if I just loved him but he knows my secret and he is the only one willing to give it to me.

-Present Time, After School, Normal Prov-

He walked slowly home not wanting to quicken the beating that is coming. It's raining but Ichigo doesn't give a damn. With his head down low he walks into the house ignoring his family he walks up stairs.

Stopping at the door, looking up finally, he stares. A few tears fall. God, how he wishes he could leave. Lord, how he wishes Grimmjow didn't beat him. He walked into his coffin.

Grimmjow was there sitting on the edge of his bed. When Ichigo came in he looked up.

"Put your bag down and get on your knees in the middle of the floor." He order calmly.

Ichigo did as he was told with out saying a word knowing it would only add more hits to his 'punishment'. Luckily long ago they put a kido on his room so no one would hear them.

Grimmjow came up and slapped him hard enough to make him hit the floor hard. He sat back up with his cheek bleeding. Grimmjow stared at him for a few seconds and his face shifted to an angry scowl. He began mercilessly punch and kicking Ichigo until he coughed up blood.

Grimmjow panting heavily looked at his boyfriend and sighed; pushing his hair back he walked over to the bed and laid down. He spoke calmly to his 'beloved'.

"Why do you make me do this to you?" he sighed again and looked over at the bloodied and broken boy on the floor then looked back at the ceiling.

"I love you Ichigo."

Sitting up Ichigo looks over at Grimmjow and says sickeningly truthful "I love you too, Grimmjow."

"Take off your clothes and come here."

Ichigo did as he was told while Grimmjow pulls out his cock stroking it to full hardness kneeling at the bottom of the bed. Looking at Ichigo with a smoldering gaze he motioned for him get on the bed

"This is what else you wanted too, wasn't it?" he lays Ichigo face down taking his right wrist and cuffing it to his right ankle and doing the same to the left side making Ichigo expose himself.

Ichigo shivers despite the beating he got. This was his secret. He loved S&M. He didn't like the beatings he got unless they were here. He loved being cut, being chained down and whipped. He loved it when Grimmjow would leave him like that all day with a cock ring on and a vibrating dildo in his ass. He loved ball gags and many other things.

Grimmjow licked his neck. "You taste so good."

He shoves himself fully in Ichigo with a hard rough thrust. But that's how Ichigo liked it.

"Ghhaa…Yes Grimmjow…AAHHH!"

"That's it you little bitch scream for me…fuck yes!" Grimmjow slams into him harder.


"You like that you little slut…my little cock whore."

"Yes Grim…" SLAP



"Say it again!"


"That's right bitch I own this tight ass, you're my slut and don't you forget it!"

Grimmjow begins to slam harder and faster while blood from Ichigo's rectum makes it easier. Both he and Ichigo are panting and moaning. Ichigo is at his limit when Grimmjow grabs his cock pinching the head.

"No, please *pant/moan* master, let me COME!"

"No, you little bitch not until you say it, who's slut are you? Who's cock do you love?"

"I'm yours master! I'm your little slut *moan* I'm your cock whore!" Ichigo screams.

Grimmjow lets go and they come together. Grimm fills his ass with his seed and Ichi blows his and the sheets. Grimmjow slumps over Ichigo and after a few minutes to catch he removes the leather cuffs while still inside Ichigo and makes them lay flat on the bed.

"Don't you ever leave me you under stand?" he whispers heatedly in Ichigo's left ear

"Because I'll kill you." Ichigo shivers with fear as Grimmjow brings their hands together next to their heads.

"And don't think anyone will want to protect you knowing that you like this. Only I will or could love you and give you what you need." He lifts head up and pulls Ichigo's hair to roughly kiss him. He places his head on the right side of Ichigo's and grips his hands again tightly digging his nails in until they bleed. With a sigh of content at Ichigo's wince he falls fast asleep.

Ichigo lay there silently crying and the man on top-inside of-him sleeps. Why does he love this man? Why does he stay with this man? Those questions run through his brain as he cries himself to sleep. Not knowing someone who loves him watched the horrific scene on the roof of the next door house.

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