This is so not what I expected to write. But oh well! Onward!

"Joey, you are just like your mother. Just what I want to do on my day off, chase a little Ajay around!" I laughed at James and he ran around the table for the fifth time trying to catch Joey. I should probably give him a break but this was just too amusing to watch. Joey had stolen James' cowboy hat. James certainly wanted that back. I took a picture of Joey wearing the hat that was much too big for his head before he took off running.

"Babe, I had to take him off her hands. She saved me from that creep." My boyfriend completely stopped paying attention to Joey and glared at me, well, not really at me but at the idea of Anderson anywhere near me.

"I'm gonna kill him." He return to chasing the little boy. I rolled my eyes.

"Joey come here." Joey ran behind me so I would protect him from my big bad boyfriend. "Hand me the hat and I will give you something better." He looked at me with questioning eyes. I took a bag of skittles out of my pocket. His eyes went wide. He threw the hat on my lap and I handed him the bag. "How about we go watch some TNA matches when it first stared?" He nodded his head excitedly.

James gave me an astonished look. "How you are capable of getting everyone to do what you want I will never know." He shook his head as he scooped up the little boy and walked into the living room.

"Goth girl?" James turned to me in the middle of one of his AMW matches against the Naturals. What ever happened to the Naturals? Anyway.

"Yea, Cowboy?" James placed Joey on the couch and knelt in front of me.

"I love you. We have been through a lot. I don't want those other guys thinking they still have a chance. You are mine. I love you." I looked at him a little lost. "Marry me, Katherine Hardy? I already talked to your dad and Matt and Lita. I decided you are going to marry me. Either by agreeing or me kidnapping you, sorry 'bout your damn luck." My jaw dropped. I wasn't expecting that.

Joey started clapping and jumping on the couch. I looked over at him. "Say yes Aunt Kat!" I laughed and turned to James.

"I love you too. Yes, I will marry you!" I tackled him to the ground.

"Hun, let me put the ring on!" I finally looked at the ring he placed on my finger. I laughed at the silver band with a bright green stone in it. "It's not exactly traditional but I knew you would like it." I couldn't stop smiling. That's when a knock at the door happened. Joey took off running for the door and opened it before could comprehend what was happening.

"Uncle Jimmy asked Aunt Kat to marry him! She said yes!" I laughed as he told Ashton and Chris what had just happened. Ajay came running into the living room and tackled my… fiancé. I smiled at the thought.

"You finally did it, Jimmy! I'm so proud of you." She screamed into his ear. Chris rolled his eyes.

"Congrats both of you." I couldn't stop the smile. "We will take Joey away now. I know what Ajay was like when I proposed. James, you are about to have a fun night." He winked at my Cowboy.

"We are going to have a long night, Cowboy." I stated staring at my new fiancé. James smirk at the leaving trio. I grabbed his hand, but then remembered AJ and Daniels gave us the place to ourselves. Wait… "Did you tell AJ and Daniels too?" He smirked at me now and nodded. I decided going to the bedroom was too long a wait and jumped him right there.

"Jeffy?" I had to make this call. I really didn't want to but I rather be the one to tell my brother I'm engaged than him find out some other way.

"Yea? Kitty Kat is something wrong?" He was worried but I know he is going to be mad.

I took a big breathe and spit the truth out. "You can force Anderson to stop hitting on me. I'm engaged to James. I'm going to marry him. I love him!" I sounded like a little girl trying to convince her dad to give her something she really wanted. I heard fist hit wall.

"I don't support this." He sounded so angry.

"You supported this when I first started dating him! What happened?" I was getting angry now.

"I thought it was just a phase! I thought you would get over it. He isn't good enough."

"And that pig Anderson is!"

"Kat, I-" I didn't let him finish. I was too upset.

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