If you have a problem with four people together….don't read this.

"I have the keys…" Hanai muttered to Abe, as the shorter male dropped himself onto a bench in the locker room. "So, no worries."

"It's just them left in the showers, right?" Abe asked.

"I think so," Hanai replied. "Unless someone ducked back in and I missed it, I watched everyone leave."

Abe nodded. "I can't believe we're going to do this."

"I know," Hanai said as he checked outside one last time to make sure no one else was still around. "But we have to talk to them."

Tajima, as they already knew, had a loud mouth. So it was unfortunate for him that Hanai had happened to over hear him say something to Mihashi about trying to get Abe and himself into the nurses outfits. Now, if Tajima wanted to dress himself up in a sexy little cliché such as that, Hanai was all for it. Obviously. But there was no way he was getting into it himself. Abe seemed to be of the same opinion, even if Hanai had been secretly convinced that Abe would have done if for Mihashi anyway. So the two decided they needed to have a talk with their significant others. Even if this all was Tajima's fault.

It was then that Mihashi came walking out of the showers with a towel draped around his waist. When he noticed Abe, he turned red. When he saw Hanai, he turned redder, and looked away. He went and sat down next to Abe.

"What are you doing?" Abe asked him. "Get dressed."

Mihashi never got to answer, because at that exact moment Tajima came walking out of the showers, his towel hanging around his neck.

"Can I see the keys?" he asked Hanai, standing before him with his hands on his hips.

Hanai blinked. "Put some clothes on, Tajima."

"Not until you let me see the keys." Tajima grinned.

Hanai reluctantly handed them over, and the remaining three watched as he made his way over to the locker room door and locked it.

Abe eyed Mihashi. "What's going on? I can tell you know."

Mihashi only jumped and shifted in his spot.

"Now no one can get in, so we're safe." Tajima explained.

"Safe from what?" Abe asked Tajima, then turning to look at Mihashi, who had began to wring his hands. "What's going on?"

"Mihashi and I have a proposition for the two of you." Tajima grinned, as he handed the keys back to Hanai. "You don't have to agree. That's why I gave you the keys back." He paused, and looked at all three of them. Once he was sure he had all of their attention, he spoke again. "We should totally all do it together."

"What!" Abe cried out, shocked. He looked at Hanai, who was staring right at Tajima.

"You can't be serious."

"H-He is."

Both Hanai and Abe turned to look at Mihashi.

"You want this?" Abe asked his boyfriend.

Mihashi looked down at his feet, away from Abe's gaze. "I-I think it would be fun."

Hanai sighed. "Did you talk him into this?" He asked Tajima.

"I might have mentioned it."

"You really want to do this?" Abe asked Mihashi. "Why?"

Still looking away, Mihashi spoke up. "I read about it. It looked fun. B-But we don't have to!"

Abe looked almost pained. "But you want to."

Mihashi nodded.

Abe looked at Hanai. The taller boy met his gaze, and they both turned to look at Tajima.

"You want this?" Hanai asked.

Tajima laughed. "Of course I want this."

Hanai looked back at Abe. Abe glanced at Mihashi, then back at Hanai and shrugged. Hanai gave a sigh of defeat. "How…do we go about doing this?"

They all looked at Tajima.

Taking the hint, Tajima rolled his eyes and made his way over to Mihashi. "Fine. I'll start." He walked up to Mihashi and all but literally climbed into his lap. Tajima heard Abe draw in a breath, and he glanced over at the catcher, offering him a small smile. This only lasted for a moment before he turned his attention back to Mihashi. "Don't freak." He grinned, before pressing his own lips against Mihashi's.

Abe and Hanai watched in shock as their boyfriends went from somewhat slow shy kisses, to undeniably harder and more desperate ones.

Abe sat there, seemingly frozen to his spot on the bench. He was only broken from his trance when Tajima ran his hands over Mihashi's chest. Mihashi's bare chest. It was then that the situation hit him. There, directly in front of him, sat Tajima and Mihashi. Both of them basically nude, hell, Tajima was…and both of them becoming more and more aroused. And this aroused him. He glanced over at Hanai, who hadn't moved from his own spot. Obviously the display before them had some sort of effect over the tall male as well. Abe had never seen him blush before. It was when Mihashi let out a small moan that Abe scooted closer to the pair.

Hanai looked at him. Abe shrugged. It was sexy, and now he was aroused as well…and they did say foursome.

"This is kind of weird." He said, before leaning over and connecting his lips to Tajima's neck. Tajima let out a small moan as Abe's lips worked against his neck. Abe leaned in closer, snatching up one of Mihashi's hands in the process. Tajima took one of his hands and knocked away Mihashi's towel, only to take his hand and wrap it around Mihashi's throbbing member.

Abe was watching Tajima's hand move up and down, slow as ever, on his boyfriends length. Mihashi was mewling into his kiss with Tajima.

It was then he noticed a presence next to him. "That looks painful." Hanai muttered, one of his hands working at getting Abe's pants open. "…It felt weird just standing there. Might as well join, right?"

Just as Hanai was about to help Abe, Tajima took complete lead with Mihashi. Abe and Hanai were both frozen again as they watched Tajima flipped Mihashi over, and reached for a bottle of lotion that had been conveniently placed under the bench.

If he hadn't of been rooted to the spot, he would have sighed. It was obvious Mihashi and Tajima had somehow managed to plan this out before hand. Really obvious.

Mihashi, now on his knees, was facing towards Abe. He grinned at his boyfriend while reaching over to pick up where Hanai hadn't even began. Abe watched as Mihashi licked his lips and lowered his mouth down over Abe's erection. Abe couldn't help himself. He looked away from Tajima, who had now coated his fingers in the lotion, and appeared to be stretching Mihashi. He let out a low groan and closed his eyes.

He sat there in bliss for a moment, before realizing Hanai was being horribly left out. The boy was just sitting next to him, apparently transfixed on Tajima and Mihashi. Abe took this moment to reach other and free Hanai's own length. Abe wrapped a hand around the organ and began to pump slowly. Hanai tensed, but seemed to quickly relax after casting a quick glance at what was going on further down the bench.

Abe, who was currently giving him a hand job, was getting was appeared to be one hell of a blow job from Mihashi, who…had just been entered by Tajima.

Mihashi squeaked, which caused Abe to groan and tighten his grip on Hanai.

Tajima groaned. This was something he wasn't used to. It was no secret that he bottomed to Hanai, so.. This feeling of being completely engulfed by someone, while it hadn't been the first time he topped (not that Hanai would ever admit that to anyone else), it still made him feel really really good. He leaned over Mihashi, reaching underneath him to grasp his length again. He pumped in time with his thrusts, and could hear Mihashi moaning sounds of pleasure from around Abe.

Unsurprisingly, Mihashi was the first to be sent over the edge. He let out a loud moan, which the vibrations from caused Abe to follow in Mihashi's lead. Tajima, pleased that he had started a chain reaction, pounded harder into Mihashi while the pitchers body spasmed underneath him, squeezing his own member in a wonderful way. It wasn't long before he too saw flashes of white, spilling his seed into Mihashi.

The three lay there for a moment, with Abe still working at Hanai's length. Tajima grinned, pulling himself out of Mihashi and almost literally hoping off the bench and walking over to his boyfriend. He planted a kiss firmly on Hanai's lips before dropping to his knees.

Abe pulled his hand away as Tajima's mouth enclosed over Hanai's manhood. Abe, unsure of what to do with himself, did the only thing he could think of and leant over, careful not to hit Tajima's head, and moved Hanai's shirt out of the way to suckle at his nipple. By this time, Mihashi had made his way over to Hanai's other side, and after a moment of looking unsure, moved his lips to Hanai's neck.

Needless to say, with three guys working away at his most sensitive areas, Hanai soon found himself being pushed over the edge as the other three had not that long ago. He let out a loud groan, his hand moving to Tajima's head as the smaller boy lapped up every last but of Hanai's seed as if it had been a delicious treat.

Mihashi and Abe both pulled away at the same time, and Tajima a second later. The four boys looked at each other. None of them said anything, until Tajima burst out laughing.

"Oh man that was awesome!"