Summary: Bella's now twenty. She was sent to live with her elder cousin Sookie Stackhouse two months after Edward and his family left her all alone. She has already met Eric, Pam, and Chow along with Sookie's boyfriend Bill. And to everyone's surprise, the Thousand plus year old Viking, along with Pam and Chow have become quite attached to her.

Chapter one

Bella leaned against the wall as the two Dallas vampires argued with another. They were trying to figure out how to save their Sheriff. She glanced at Eric and could feel his rage along with the other two vampire's rage as well. Sometimes it sucked being an empath.

"ENOUGH!" Roared Eric with his fangs bared in rage as Stan and Isabel froze in fright at the sight of the Viking becoming enraged.

Bella could tell he was so close to killing both vampires right then and there. She sighed and walked towards Eric with concern flashing in her eyes.

"Eric du lugna ner dig. Att döda dem inte kommer att hjälpa oss att hitta denna Sherif." (Eric please calm down. Killing them will not help us in finding this Sheriff.) She spoke in a soft gentle tone towards him. Pam had taught her how to speak several languages. Right now she was speaking Swedish to him.

"Jag vet. Men detta är personligt för mig, Bella." (I know. But this is personal for me, Bella.) Eric replied back calming down a little as she sent him a wave of calm. He locked his gaze onto her concerned face.

"Eric detta är somthing mer, är det inte. Vem är sheriffen till dig, min äldre bror?" (Eric this is something more, isn't it? Who is this Sheriff to you, my elder brother.) Bella gave him a small frown of concern, worry flashing in her eyes as she gazed at him in worry.

"Han är min far, broder och son. Han är min Maker. Lillasyster. Om jag förlorar honom, förlorar jag allt som är meningsfullt för mig." (He is my Father, Brother and Son. He is my Maker. Little sister, if I lose him, I lose everything that is meaningful to me.) Eric explained to her softly both receiving weird looks for speaking a different language.

"Jag är ledsen. Vi kommer att få honom tillbaka, jag lovar. Och inte någonsin glömma, kära bror. Du har mig, Pam och Chow precis här bredvid dig. Nu tror jag att vi borde sluta tala på svenska för de andra blir arga." (I am sorry. We will get him back, I promise. And do not ever forget, dear brother. You have me, Pam and Chow right here beside you. Now I think we should stop speaking in Swedish for the others are getting angry.) She touched his arm lightly with a small smile upon her face at the look of relief in his eyes.

"Naturligtvis, Syster. Ska vi." (Of course, Sister. Shall we.) He nodded to her as he faced the others with cold eyes becoming the Sheriff and Viking again.

"I'll go into the church and listen in on what is being said. I can find out where they're keeping your Sheriff." Sookie spoke up with a determined look upon her face.

"Done." Eric nodded his head causing Bill to growl low and dangerous at him with anger.

"I'll go as well as I don't want Sookie to go alone." Bella spoke up with a soft voice as they looked at her in shock. She ignored the disapproval in Eric's eyes.

"You sure, Young one?" Stan asked being nice to the young female, shocking those that knew him to hate humans.

"Yes. And do not argue with me Sookie. I am going and that is final." Bella glared at her elder cousin with a sharp look.

"I don't have to like it." Sookie sighed as she looked at her younger cousin with worry shining in her eyes. She did not like how her cousin had become close to Eric or any of them. She also didn't like how Eric had become possessive over Bella.

"So, it is settled then. You two plus my own human will go tomorrow." Isabel nodded her head at them with a smile at Bella's spunky personality.

"I suggest we all get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow." Bella nodded respectively to the older vampires.

All of them left easily with nods of good bye.

At the Hotel

Bella took off her jacket with a sigh as Eric closed the door. They were sharing a suite, each having their own bedroom. She knew Eric was worried about her going to the church with just two humans as protection.

"I'll be fine, Eric." She turned around to look at him with a smile upon her lips.

"I do not have to like it. If you are in trouble, I can't help you till night fall." Eric now stood in front of her with a dark look upon his face.

"I will be fine." She touched his face. She was truly touched about him caring for her. She knew there were only two others beside herself that he cared about and that was his maker and his child, Pam.

"You better, cause Pam will kill me if anything happens to her favorite human who has also become a sister to her." Eric gave her a fanged smirk as she laughed.

"True." Snickered Bella walking towards her room to get some sleep as tomorrow was a big day.

Eric walked off towards his room with a small smirk. He was still worried about Godric though. If he was harmed in any way, there was going to be hell to pay