Summary: Bella's now twenty. She was sent to live with her elder cousin Sookie Stackhouse two months after Edward and his family left her all alone. She has already met Eric, Pam, and Chow along with Sookie's boyfriend Bill. And to everyone's surprise, the Thousand plus year old Viking, along with Pam and Chow have become quite attached to her.

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Chapter Twenty-One

Bell sighed as she relaxed against a chair in the Sophie-Anne's library. She had almost read all of her books on everything and in the other languages. Just as she was almost done when a smell caught her attention. Standing swiftly, she walked out of the room and down the hall back into the Queen's sun room. A frown marred her face as she couldn't find what the god dam smell was. It was tickling her nose and smelled so good to her.

"Bella!" Called out Eric to her as she turned and face him. He tossed something right at her and smirked as she caught it, only to sniff it and place it to her nose.

Bella let loose a loud purr as she rubbed it to her nose and actually let loose a meow. She wasn't even paying attention as she dropped to the ground and started roll all over it. She kept the ball to her face and she felt so good as the smell coming off the ball, effected her badly.

Eric snickered under his breath and grinned as the others came walking and stopped as they saw the purring Bella rolling around on the ground sniffing a ball. He kind of froze though as Godric looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"Who the hell did what to, kitten?" Asked Emmett with an arched eyebrow as Bella arched her back off the ground and hugged the ball to her face.

"Eric?" Questioned Godric with an arched eyebrow to his childe as Eric just lost the battle and laughed so hard he grabbed his sides causing the others to look semi annoyed and amused at him

"Cat-nip." He grinned widely as he watched his sister looked at them through glassy eyes as she purred holding the ball close, she was protecting it from them.

"Wait are you telling us that Tinker-Bell is high as a fucking kite?" Asked Peter with a mirth filled look as Charlotte chuckled at her Izzy.

"Yep." Laughed Eric hard as Bella rolled around again purring in delight at her new favorite toy.

"Eric Northman, what have you done to my favorite, little Kitten?" Growled Sophie-Anne with a frozen look as she saw Bella. She sat down on one of her pool chairs before making a clicking noise with her tongue, "Here kitty-kitty." She cooed as Bella looked at her.

They all watched as Bella perked up with glowing cat eyes and moved fast and was suddenly curled up in the Queen's lap purring in content as her hair was petted back from her face.

"Consider it pay-back." Snorted Eric as he looked at Bella in his Monarch's lap being petted like a house cat.

"Maybe we should try and take away the cat-nip?" Suggested Stan as he walked over and leaned down but everyone stifled their laughter as Bella hissed at him and made a low growling noise in the back of her throat that only cat's can make.

"Stan, I think maybe you should leave her new toy alone." Laughed Serenity as Bella bared her teeth at him and hugged her toy to her chest.

Godric shook his head at his mate curled in Sophie-Anne's lap. He was highly amused as at her and they way she was acting. Though at first he wanted to knock Eric up side the head but now it was just plain amusing as she acted like a kitten. He raised an eyebrow as she looked at them with glassy like eyes before she rolled off the Queen's lap and walked toward them all. Though he narrowed his eyes as she pressed herself up against Alcide and let loose a very delighted purr low in her throat.

"Umm?" Alcide held up his hands not touching the girl as she rubbed up against, "I think she is a sexual high." He finished as he looked nervously at Godric.

"Here." Eric grabbed Bella and took her ball before tossing her into the pool with grin upon his face as she shrieked/meowed loudly as she hit the water.

Bella surfaced and coughed up water and turned murderous eyes onto Eric, "You fucking prick! Do not ever do something like that again!" She shouted at him with a bright blush upon her face as she hauled herself out of the pool. She was soaking wet and her clothing was tight on her now.

"It was pretty dam funny." Snickered Eric but froze as Bella glared at him with hurt in her eyes.

"I don't recall getting me fucking high, funny!" She yelled and placed her hands on her hips and glared coldly at them all even her mate looked some what amused, "Oh you think this is funny Godric?" She hissed her eyes flashed dangerously.

"And if I do?" He arched and eyebrow to her with a mirth filled eyes.

"Well, find this funny. Have fun sharing a room with one of the others tonight." She growled low and went to sit next to Sophie-Anne.

Godric froze at those words and sent his childe a bone chilling glare as he stifled his laughter. He watched as she nodded to Sophie-Anne before going towards their room to change. She passed them all without a glance and gave them the cold shoulder. Moving he followed her to their room and walked in closing the door behind them. He watched as she stripped off her clothing and changed ignoring him completely.

"Bella." Godric making her turn cold eyes onto him with a growl low in her chest.

"That was not funny, not one bit." She hissed and crossed her arms over her chest with a poisoned filled look.

In flash he had his arms around her and nuzzled her neck with a low purr, "I will not allow Eric to do it again, Mia Petite." He promised as she was stiff in his old before she slowly relaxed in his hold.

"That bastard will be lucky if I don't destroy his fucking car." Bella spoke as she buried her face into Godric's shoulder and relaxed in his hold completely.

"How about this, I will get him back for what he has done." Godric spoke low in her ear as she shivered in his hold and leaned more into him.

"Make it count. The Viking jackass, needs it." Bella muttered before she pulled back and smiled up to her mate. For some damnable reason she couldn't stay mad at him for any reason right now.

Godric chuckled down to her before he kissed her on the mouth and pulled her closer to him. He growled as she pulled back from him and backed up from him, he watched her closely as she tensed and grinned suddenly at him.

Bella purred once before running towards the door and out it with a smirking vampire following her. She used her new speed and jumped over the side of the pool with a laugh slipping past her lips. Turning she locked her gaze with his and ignored as the other's stared at them in amusement. Moving fast she turned a ran through the double doors and out into the yard with Godric following her fast.

A gasp slipped from her as she was pushed up against a tree front first. Godric had her pinned there with his body as he latched onto her neck and began to suck on it hard but not breaking any skin. She moaned as he moved his knee up and in between her legs as one his hands grabbed onto her breast and began to message it. She tossed her head back onto his shoulder and moaned louder as he growled.

Godric moved and unzipped her shorts and pushed them down with her lace underwear. She kicked them aside for him as he gripped her hips and freed himself from his pants before thrusting deep within her. He listened as she gasped and moaned as he took her hard and fast with him nipping her neck hard.

Bella arched held onto the tree as he thrusted into her hard and rough bringing them both pleasure. She pushed back against him as best as she could only to gasp he as pinched and rubbed her hard.

"Scream for me." He commanded to her with a husky growl in his voice as he pushed her hair aside from her neck and his fangs lengthen.

Bella screamed loud as she released and he sank his fangs into her neck. He groaned as he released deep within her and continued to drink from her. After, he gently lapped at the bite mark healing it as she rested fully against him with a content purr low in her throat.

Godric let her put back on her shorts as he zipped up his pants before he pulled her into his arms and smiled as she nuzzled her head under his chin. He held her tightly in his arms and leaned back against the tree just content with holding her. He looked down at her as she snuggled into him, He was thankful for her and to have her in his life. When he had first saw her curled in ball after what Gabe had almost done to her.

When she had flinched from him, he had been all the more determined to see if she was okay. And than when she had looked up to him with wide fearful eyes, he wanted to get to know the female more and more.

Bella looked up to him and saw him looking down to her with a soft look. Smiling she leaned up and kissed him on the mouth and purred as he returned the kiss. Both moved and went back to the house to see what the others were doing as well. Walking in both froze and Godric placed Bella behind him with a growl; glaring at the two that were sitting with the others.

"Bella." Sookie stood and walked forward but stopped as Pam got in her way with a hiss.

"How could you?" Snapped Bella walking forward but was stopped as Godric wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her back against him.

Everyone looked up as the Magister walked in with several other vampires as well. He didn't look one bit happy. Bella froze as Bill approached the Magister before motioning to herself.

"The girl has to come with me. She must stand trail." The Magister spoke as he looked at Bella and Godric snarled in rage.

"On what grounds?" Eric asked but he already knew on what grounds he was speaking of.

"On the grounds that the human had murdered a valued member and one of the oldest our community." Luisa spoke as she crossed her arms over her chest with a nod of her head.

Bella paled and looked at Sookie; who in return looked down in remorse and regret to her. She saw everyone had tensed that were on her side and she could tell a big fight was going to break out and several lives were going to end up dead. With sorrow inside her heart she broke free of Godric's embrace shocking him.

"Take me but if you lay one hand on my family here, you will join that bastard in death." She promised as shock settled over their faces.

"As you know the rules of our law. You harm one hair on the girl's head and you have all of Louisiana coming down over your heads." Sophie-Anne stood fast with her fangs bared as well as Andre's were bared at them.

"She must come with me." The Magister nodded his head to her though he didn't really want to touch the girl since it seemed that Godric had claimed her.

"Than as the Princess of Louisiana; she is to have a personal guard on her. Andre will go with her." Snapped Sophie-Anne with a cold look upon her face as if daring them to disagree.

Andre appeared beside Bella as they were surrounded by other vampires. Bella glanced over her shoulder and met Godric's gaze with her sorrow filled ones with his own enraged one's. They were both escorted out of the place and into a black van. Andre stayed close to Bella as they drove off, ignoring the others.

As soon as they were gone, Godric had Bill by the throat pinned to the floor. His fangs were lengthen in rage and hatred. He could see Pam had Sookie by the throat barely on her feet.

"If my mate is hurt in anyway, you will lose you fucking life." Godric snarled in his face as he tightened his grip before standing and tossing Bill into Eric. He tossed his head back and roared so loud it shook the entire place and caused everyone to back up in fear. His demon was close to the surface and breaking free of it restraints.

With Bella

She buried her face into Andre's shoulder as she heard Godric roar in rage and hatred.

"What are you to the ancient?" Asked Luisa with an arched eyebrow to the child as she looked her over slowly and didn't really see anything special about the child.

"Godric just happens to be my mate." She bared her teeth at the woman as shock filled the entire van at her words to them but they could tell she was telling the truth.

Only a few words were going through their heads. They hoped she didn't die or else the ancient was going to go off the deep end.

Ten minutes later Bella gave a small scream as the van was hit from the side and tossed off the road. They all rolled and Bella hit her head making her see double of everything. She heard Andre curse in a different language. The van door was yanked off the hinges and she heard several screams and blood spraying all over her. Before her entire world went black she felt someone yanking her out and faintly heard Andre yell.

A week Later

Bella glanced up from her prison and growled at the fucking King of Mississippi, Russell fucking Edgington. He had captured her and Andre both had been chained up in his fucking basement. She had refused to work with him and told him if he even thought about turning her, she would rip his lying tongue out of his fucking skull.

Andre wasn't in good conditions either and the only way he was even able to move cause she had been feeding him, her blood. As he came close to her, she bared her teeth at him in anger and hatred.

"Time to meet your new owner." He smirked as he grabbed her and yanked her and out of the cell. She fought him every which way she could but he was a hell of a lot stronger than her.

She grunted as she tossed to the floor in front of someone. Looking up she snarled as her eyes her eyes flashed red cat at who she saw.

"Hello, Love." Smirked Edward as he crouched beside her and touched her cheek but jerked back his hand as she hissed.

"I hate you, you fucking bastard!" Bella surged to her feet as she saw all the Cullens, "I hate every single one you, fucking Cullens! No wonder Emmett wanted to get away from you fuckers along with Jasper!" She yelled at them in hatred.

"You'll change your mind." Promised Alice with a grin upon her face.

"I swear to god all mighty, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, if you turn me; I will hold onto my hatred and rage to you all and I will fucking tear you all to pieces," She hissed as fear flashed across their faces, "Jasper told me all about it, so go ahead and turn me, you fuckers. I dare you." she smirked as her eyes glowed red Jungle cat eyes.

"Bella, please." Pleaded Esme with her but snapped her hand back as Bella hissed at her.

"Some mother you are. I fucking hate you, just as much as I hate Edward." Bella snapped at her with disgust upon her face causing her to whimper in grief and turn her ahead away with a pained look.


"I found them!" Shouted Peter as he ran in with a grin causing everyone to look at him alarm.

"Where." Growled Godric as Bella had closed their connection to which he was seriously going to have dam talk to her about it. She had probably done it to protect him from who ever has her.

"Russell has them." Peter answered with a nod of his as Sophie-Anne bared her teeth at this. Leah and Seth had taken off fast to see if they could get help.

"Let's go." She ordered but everyone froze as her doors were thrown open and in walked two people, Godric had only met once in his life and even he felt a flash of fear at the look on the woman's.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Roared the female with a poisoned filled look to the whole room as her power surged dangerously around her. She was here for blood and some heads. A lot of people were going to die by the time she was done with America.

Back with Bella

She paced the room and glared with venom down at her dress she was forced into. It went to her knees and was pure white in color. Whirling around and hissed as she saw Rosalie and Alice standing there with calm looks.

She was forced down the stairs and growled at Edward with hatred at the would be fucking alter. She was held in place by Edward holding her wrist as she struggled in his hold.

The whole house shook as the doors were literally ripped off the hinges and tossed aside with enforce to go through the walls. And several people entered the room with pissed off looks upon their faces

A grin lit Bella's face as she saw Godric standing there with his fangs bared in rage and death. But what had her shocked was Sam and Jacob were standing there with the rest of the wolf-pack next to a grinning Leah and Seth. Before she could blink the whole room erupted in one large ass fight all around her. Edward left her there and lunged for Godric but was knocked aside.

She looked into Sophie-Anne's eyes as she appeared beside her with a concerned look upon her face, "Basement. He's gonna be weak." She nodded to the young looking Queen to go. Before she ran towards the fight, grabbing a piece a broken chair she snuck up behind a vampire that Jacob was fighting and stuck the bitch right in the back. The vampire exploded getting her all bloody.

"Bella." Jacob spoke with sorrow upon his face as he looked at her in regret as well.

"Later." She nodded and ran off into the fight but was stopped as she nearly ran straight into a beautiful Egyptian woman with piercing green eyes and the male next to her was pale with dark eyes.

The woman raised her hand an everyone in the entire room was suddenly frozen in place and the fighting ceased to be. She looked at the woman that she had been watching over since she was born.

"Godric. The boy Cullen is your's to kill. Mr. Northman, kill Russell." She ordered in a thick Egyptian accent as she locked eyes with Bella.

Bella ignored as those were killed even going as far as to ignore as the woman turned to the others to ash with fire. She stood there covered in blood with a confused look upon her face.

"I am Queen Akasha and this is my King Lestant." Smirked Akasha as Bella's eyes widen in pure shock and awe at seeing them away from Egypt.

"Bella." Godric placed a hand on her shoulder and turned her to face him. She looked into his eyes and hugged him to her with a tearful smile upon her face. Both hugged the other to themselves as the other's smiled in relief that she wasn't hurt or anything else.

Akasha smiled as the two hugged. She would let them have their night before she talked to the young girl. She was a direct descendent from her human blood line. That was why she was a Feral in the first place.

Bella gripped Godric as he picked her up and got them out of there and someone else in the woods. He laid her down on the soft grass in a meadow and kissed her hard on the mouth. She returned the kiss back just has hard to him and before she could blink, he entered her hard and fast causing her to arch her back into him and moan loudly.

Godric latched onto her neck and continued to thrust within her. He had almost lost her and it was not happening again.

A month Later

Bella walked into the Fangasia with a smile as she was dressed in a pair of black leather low rising pants. A dark blue leather corset the pushed up her breast along with a pair of two and half in. black leather boots.

She weaved through the crowd and grinned as she saw her brother up on his throne along with her mate. Though she had to smile as she spotted Jasper with his new girl, Isabel. She had fell out of her chair and laughed when she had saw them with one another. Cause from when she had first met Isabel, she was down right hostile to Stan and he was southern. Though Stan had it going great for him, he was now dating Arlene. While Seth had imprinted on Jessica, a sweet and tendered young female vampire

Looking over as she came to the stage, she saw Emmett with his girl. It was a waitress from Merlotte's. Her name was Sarah and she was sweet as can be. Moving she walked around so she was standing behind Godric and leaned forward wrapping her arms around him and kissed his neck.

Though he had literally flipped her over his knee and whooped her ass after he had scolded her for breaking off the connection. Though afterwards they had screwed like Rabbits on Eric's couch, though he doesn't know it.

"Bella." Grinned Eric to her with mirth as he yanked Serenity into his arms as she shouted dam Viking.

"So, how is tonight going?" She asked and searched all around the bar and grinned wide as she saw Jason was making out with Victoria in a booth.

"Good as always." Godric spoke as he reached back and grabbed her thigh with a soft squeeze.

"Good." She nodded and gently swung her hips back and forth with an mirth filled look upon her face. She was dam right happy, her family was together, though she refused to speak to Sookie and Bill. Both had paid dearly by Sophie-Anne. The Magister had apologized in person to her or get executed by Akasha; herself.

Six-Months Later

Bella's wedding day (night)

"You look like an angel in that sapphire blue gown." Smiled Pam as she walked in with Leah right behind her. She moved and fixed the head piece on Bella's head with a soft look inside of her eyes.

"Thanks." She muttered and blushed bright red as both laughed at her in mirth.

"Bella, there is someone that is here to see and who want's to give you away." Leah kissed her cheek with a soft look as both walked back out.

The door opened again and she was shocked as a tux wearing Jacob came walking in with a nervous. They had a long talk before he left with the rest of the pack back to La Push. She stood there as he closed the door and fidget in nervous.

"Hey there, Jake." She smiled and opened her arms for her little brother and grinned as he looped over and hugged her tightly to himself.

"So, you'll let me give you away?" He asked with a smile upon his face.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Bella nodded as both walked out of the room and towards the doors.

Both walked down the path filled with rose petals. She looked up and locked her eyes with Godric as he stood up there with Eric as his best man. Serenity was her Matron of Honor with the others standing behind her. As soon as she was standing in front of him, he was all that mattered. She ignored the whole thing as the Pastor did the whole speech thing.

"Do you, Godric Brigade, Take Isabella Marie Swan to be you wife even in death?" Asked the Pastor with a smile to him.

"I do." Nodded Godric Smiling as joy entered Bella's eyes at him.

"Do you, Isabella Marie Swan, take Godric Brigade to be your husband even in death?" Pastor asked her next as she grinned.

"I do." She nodded and looked down as Godric placed the ring on her finger. He kissed her before the Pastor could finish his speech to them.

Everyone cheered loudly as the two looked kissed one another and hugged as well.

Eric grinned as he looked at them both before looking up to a smirking Serenity and nearly cursed. Now it was going to be expected of him to be the next one married. That one was gonna hit the news big time, that he was finally off the market.

Three Nights Later

Godric stood there and waited for her. She should be awake a minute now to join him. Hearing movement, he smiled as he looked down and a hand had pushed through the dirt. Moving he grabbed the hand and pulled her free to stand in front of him. As she shook the dirt off and looked up with her honey brown eye.

Bella smiled as her fangs ran down and she hugged her mate/maker to her and purred as he buried his face into her hair and held her tightly to himself. Looking back up, she kissed him on the mouth and purred as he returned the kiss. Everything was right now, she had her family and mate for all eternity now.

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