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Part 1 Their First Encounter

The night was young and cloudy. Between thick clouds and skyscraper buildings Bulma could see the moon beamed pale. She was looking for Yamucha again this night with her motor. Yamucha had been absent 3 times in a row and that really made her worried.

She had searched Yamucha everywhere except the street basket hoops near Plaza junction. Yamucha had used to spend his time there with his bloody gangster friends and rotten men. Actually Bulma was afraid to go there, but she knew she had no choice. After she had turned her motor into capsule, Bulma walked slowly to the hoop nearby.

There was only a short boy played basketball there. He was quite good player actually. Bulma really detested because Yamucha was still nowhere, so she decided to go home.

All of the sudden Bulma saw a gang of rotten men had enjoyed their drinks and drugs in the corner of the street. Bulma knew she was in real danger if they had noticed her. Oh, damned. I was too young and beautiful to be a gang victim. I must get out of here fast!

Bulma pretended not to be afraid but her legs were weaken and trembling. Their eyes were red and filled with passion. She turned back quickly but the gang followed her closely behind. She closed her eyes and continued walked along. There are about 7 men or more.

All of the sudden, one of the men grabbed her arm. Bulma gasped in horror.

"Hey love… why you rush in? C'mon, play with us will you!"

"Yeah, right…" the other laughed and started circling Bulma. They stared insolently at her breast.

Darn! How if they want to rape me? Me, being rape by 8 dirty drunkard men?

"I'll give you guys enough money if you let my arm free," said Bulma shakily.

"Hehehe… I guess we had enough money darling. We just need to get laid," said the one who held Bulma's arm. His hand cupped one of her breast and Bulma tried to fight him back. She also screamed as loud as she could.

"Bastard! Help me!"

The man in black jacket quickly covered her mouth with his hand. Bulma was so terrified because of the terror and the man's dirty hand was on her mouth. The black jacket one warned her and pulled out a knife.

"None will help you love. This is our territory and if you try to scream again…. I don't want to hurt beautiful face of yours."

Bulma stayed quiet and closed her eyes while they touched her silky skin. She sensed that they ripped her trousers.

Oh, what could be worse than this?

They were about to stripped her panty down when someone came closer and attacked them with a stick. Bulma could not believe that someone helped her. What kind of idiot that can risk his life to save me? Oh, okay! What kind of hero is he? Hey, it is a he, right?

She jerked away of them and ran to the corner.

Even though there wasn't enough light that night, Bulma noticed that the boy who she had seen before was the one who was helping her. He was short yet very strong. The boy threw his stick extremely hard. He had ruthless attacks and didn't allow the gang to fight back. He was so fast. He even became faster without his stick. He jumped and smacked their faces in extra power.

"Take this you little asshole!"


However the gang tried their best and fights him back. The boy hands were blooded. So did his face. He was wounded but he didn't stop.

Bulma tried to help the boy. She couldn't let him die because of her. She found a basket and launched it to the gang. That didn't work out. Bulma yelled and stepped back, watching them in fright. She only hoped the boy would be okay.

Finally, the gang were hardly injured and disappeared. Bulma doubted her eyes. A boy alone could win against 8 men? Wow, he must be super…

"Thank you…" Bulma smiled. The boy was great, she impressed. Bulma was wrong about the boy. He wasn't a boy. He was a guy. His height tricked her eyes. His face remained her of wild animal. He was stern and cold, yet looked so cute anyways.

"Stupid weaklings…" he whipped the blood on his body. There was lots of blood on his clothes.

"Are you okay?" Bulma worried because she was the first one who put them in danger.

"This is not my blood. It's theirs," he tried to catch his breath.

"Hold on… your lips are bleeding and I'm quite sure it's your blood."


"Hold on, don't go will you? I bring a band-aid somewhere…" Bulma was searching band-aid in her pocket when the guy grabbed her harshly and planted a kiss on her mouth.


Bulma was so angry but she couldn't get him released her. She felt a little bit of salty blood inside her mouth. After a while the guy let her off.

"Quite good band-aid, your mouth," then he withdrew and gone in the corner of the street.

Bulma was stunned for seconds because she was in extreme shock. She touched her lips firmly. There was blood stain left on her mouth. Bulma was so embarrassed because her first kiss was stolen by a stranger. He directly stared at her for a moment and left her.

"Why you….. Blast you asshole!" Bulma yelled when she saw the guy was back and hopped into a car, holding a basketball ball in his arm. The guy threw her a wicked smile when he noted her and went away in his car.

"Fuck off! I don't want to meet you in my whole life!" Bulma screamed as loud as she could. Then, she realized she was still in dangerous place. Bulma quickly rode her motor and headed straight to her house.

The road was so empty so Bulma decided to go faster. She hardly imagined what had happened to her that night. That had been a crazy night.

Bulma arrived at home and walked quietly to her room. She heard her parents are talking with someone. Her parents might be busy and didn't notice her entrance. They were always busy in her life.

Bulma's father was a very famous scientist and businessman. He and his wife always traveled all around the world and left their daughter behind. However, they always spoiled Bulma and gave what she wanted.

Bulma smiled and took off her clothes. While she lay on the bed, the scene flashed again. He had stared right through her eyes. His bold eyes seemed so lonely and made her heart ache. And that kiss…. First kiss should be sweet or romantic! Even Yamucha hadn't kissed me yet! Well, not yet… But? It's over Bulma. You wouldn't see him anymore, so forget anything about him.

Bulma decided to forget the guy. However it was so hard she hardly slept that night.

The guy's face and his crazy kiss kept popping out from her memory.

She woke up late and rushed to school. West School Senior High was quite far from her house. It was the best school in West City and quite famous for its basket achievement.

It was about an hour trip by motorcycle. Bulma even skipped having breakfast together with her parents. I have no time! Master Roshi could aks me doing something stupid if I came late!

When Bulma arrived at the school, the bell had rung for the 7th times. Damn! I was late!

"Morning Bulma! Are you also late?" Goku smiled beside her. He was a young cheerful guy in his fifteen. "Hey! You look so healthy today! You obviously have good news haven't you?"

Bulma rolled her eyes toward Goku, "It's obvious you are so blind today Goku! Can't you see the dark circle under my eyes?"

"You look so happy though… Don't be angry Bulma or you'll get your wrinkles sooner!" Goku giggled and ran away to his class. He turned back a while and waved her good bye.

Bulma came before the teacher entered the class. She smiled because that meant there was no punishment for her. She sat quickly and put her bag down. Launch whispered to her that there would be a new classmate.

"Is it true? Come on…" said Bulma lazily. She was sleepy, and hungry.

"Yeah, it's for real. Wait and see."

Frankly, Bulma didn't care about it. She glanced to the corner of the class.

Yamucha's seat was still empty.

"I hope a boy. Tien always ignores me so I always want a boy," Launch continued her news.

Bulma was wondering where was Yamucha when she heard her blonde classmate whispered again, "See? I knew it's a boy. Oh, shit… He is so short… Darn… he's not my type."

Bulma couldn't find any word when she saw her new classmate. He stood there, beside Mr. Roshi. He was the guy who stole her first kiss. His body was still bruised in many different places and his lips were swollen. It's his fault, said Bulma to herself, not mine.

He noted Bulma was sitting in the 5th row. "Pleased to meet you guys, my name is Vegeta. Just moved from Saiba City," Vegeta smiled directly to Bulma.

Bulma hardly believed her sight and rubbed her eyes several times. I'm still dreaming. I have a nightmare!

"Vegeta, have a seat and once again welcome to our school," said Mr. Roshi to Vegeta. Vegeta walked toward Bulma and sat behind her.

"I picked this seat sir," said Vegeta politely.

Bulma couldn't believe that she was in the same class with that guy. Moreover, why should he sit behind her? It felt so intimidated. She was thinking deeply about her fate. Relax, Bulma. Shit happens sometimes…

Vegeta kicked her seat hard as he sat on his chair. "Well, well, tell me, isn't our bond quite interesting?"

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