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Part 25 Is Everything Over Yet?

All of the troops and security guards quickly protected their bases. Cola Coolers protectors instantly rushed in to the execution room, only to find that their master was in serious danger with a purple head boy, who put his sword on their master's neck.

"Release them I say," Trunks pushed his sword deeper, making Cola's neck bleed a bit. The old man turned pale as if the blood had drained from his face. He was shaken. He completely was terrified. "I hate waiting; do you prefer having no head, old man?"

Piccolo was so surprise why Trunks became so dense and mad. The polite boy was afar away creature from brutality as he had known this far. Then, he remembered what Cola Coolers had said about Saiyans race and the World Trade Organization. Perhaps Trunks felt threatened hearing the information. Well, who wouldn't be angry hearing his grandfather and his race die because of bloody fucking revenge?

Cola Coolers walked by, unlocking the cage unwillingly and set his prisoners free. Dende and Mr. Nappa walked out from the cage. However, the situation was still unsafe. They were still in the basement of Cola Coolers building. They were still in most dangerous place ever.

"I don't know why you are doing this to me, but I swear I'll kill you kid."

"Save your oath for the queen of dork—your gay son far away from here and your neck is in critical situation — I'm afraid you can't do anything treacherous again in your whole life, Mr. Coolers." Trunks suddenly yelled out loud to the troops around him, "STAY AWAY OF US OR I'LL SLICE HIS NECK! I MEAN IT!"

Piccolo and the others followed Trunks and Cola Coolers as they climbed the stairs, making their way out. The guards knew they couldn't risk their master life. They moved back and left dumbfolded, lacking of any ideas.

"I have no idea that you'll give much help to us, while Simon seems nowhere to find," Piccolo told Trunks proudly. "Keep up your good work boy."

They kept on walking for hours to the next level. Cola Coolers didn't tell them the exit and kept them in the wrong track. Everyone was worried. They were afraid Cola Coolers might lead them to dangerous place. He might have dirty trick under his sleeves.

"Are you sure this is the way?" Dende asked lightly, wondering where he was.

Piccolo held his hand, soothing him. "Don't worry, Dende. Somehow we'll reach the end."

The guards kept following them, waiting the right moment to ambush the crazy group. Trunks knew it. His hands were wet and his feet were tired. He hated the condition. Above everything, he hated Cola Coolers most. Trunks was getting angry and finally asked him, "You really have your nerve, huh, old man? Guiding us to wrong place aren't you?"

Cola Coolers smirked.

Sighing heavily, they kept on walking to nowhere. The hall was dark and full of smelly scents. The scene of morphine and cheap chemical stuffs were annoying. Dende couldn't help coughing all his way.

"You rotten bastard…" Mr. Nappa disliked the whole factory. "You are spreading all of these junks all around the world… Don't you realize how bad what you have been doing? Regarding to the laws you should get dead punishment, Coolers."

"High moral standard won't help you to get what you want," the cold face man replied arrogantly. "Look what I have and what you possess now…. As soon as I'm free you'll be my top list target, Nappa."

Trunks rolled his eyes. He knew that situation was up to no good.

He was running of time too.

He had to return immediately. He hoped the weather would be much better. He didn't want to be trapped in that timeline.

They kept on walking, with many troops followed behind them.

"If only there were Simon here…."


Trunks curved his mouth, throwing a lopsided smile. Things couldn't get worse than this. It's one of story cliché ever. When the hero felt that he was trapped, he got the brighter side instead and safe amazingly.

Trunks shrugged his head, didn't know what to say. Piccolo opened his mouth, amazed by his sight. Much to everyone's surprise, Detective Satan and his true companion, Detective Bhu and the whole supporters of Piccolo's groups came inside with of course, hundreds of police officers. Some of them were holding the green flag with APGO logo written in black letters.

"What's the?"

"Hardly believe my eyes…. It's like illusionary sight after all."

"It's an illusion in the dessert."

"Blast the God for helping us…"

They were talking something abstract since they had been trapped in bad and dangerous condition. Mr. Cola Coolers seemed to be the most miserable person seeing those green things and the officers.

"What is APGO?" Trunks wondered, didn't know what to do. He was so surprised.

"APGO, stands for Apartheid Policy Toward Green," Dende explained. "You seem to be familiar, son. Have I seen you before?"

"And the sword looks like Vegeta's sword that I had given to him months ago," Mr. Nappa added. "Are you…."

Trunks gulped. "It's not the right time to discuss my background…."

"Hey, watch out with your sword…" Cola Coolers warned Trunks, for he accidently pushed the sword deeper once more, made his neck bleed again. "What are they doing in my factory?

"Arresting you," Mr. Nappa answered for him. "Let's see who's always getting what he wants finally got his end."

"Thanks for giving us some time to spend, Mr. Coolers. Looks like you have trapped yourself that way," Trunks said it with disgust in his voice. "How can he come with lots of supporters?"

"Simon?" Dende gave his opinion.

The other looked at each other for a while, and then all of them shook their head, didn't agree at all.

"I guessed he ran away first, saving himself before coming here with Detective Satan and other. Perhaps his moral made him calling for help to save us…." Piccolo said but Trunks shrugged his purple head. Piccolo wanted to know what the boy was having in his mind. "So, what do you think Trunks?"

The boy from future only knew one possibility ever. Scarlett must have lost her logical mind. "It doesn't matter, Piccolo. By the way I have to go now. I'm running out time and it seems the weather is fine."

"Can I meet you again?" Dende asked. He was so thankful for Trunks help. "At least let us…."

Trunks could only smile. "Of course…. Somehow we'll meet again… By the way this is for you Piccolo. I hope it can solve some problems later on. Just in case…"

Trunks handed something to Piccolo, and then he stepped away from them. There, Trunks waved his hand and threw a capsule from his pocket. In seconds, there was a big rocket ship appeared. Trunks entered the rocket and turned on the machine. The rocket flew through the building, destroying the wall and disappeared within the dark blue sky. So long everyone! I hope your future will be better than this!

"What's is this?" Piccolo raised his eyes. "He's giving me something…"

Trunks took several things from his trousers. Mommy must love these pictures…. Daddy and Songoku in Pretty Sailor costume… Haa! Oh, dammit… I forgot to warn Piccolo about Daddy… Ah, it's okay. I have already warned Songoku….

Mr. Nappa, Piccolo, Dende and the rest of unimportant persons were gathered, looking at the damage that Trunks had made in the wall.

Then, out of the blue all of them heard a very terrible scream.


"What's that?"

"The police finally made their way and take Mr. Cola Coolers away," Detective Satan calmly answered, strolling toward them. "Okay, see you again everyone, I must finish some administrations with Mr. Coolers and apparently, his son… And Mr. Nappa, could you give me a favor—after you're getting medical treatment of course?"

Mr. Nappa nodded. He would love to tell everything he had known to the police. The era of darkness should be stopped at once and for all.

"Bien!" Detective Satan exclaimed, "Have a nice day everyone!"

Piccolo and Dende looked at each other.

"Peaceful at least? The bad guy had been caught and the evil son would be caught indeed… it's only the matter of time."

"Are you sure? What do you have in your hand?"

"Uhmm? It's like a video…. Perhaps that boy wants me to do something with this…" Piccolo turned on the button on the small tape, wondering what it was.

/Blood pays blood/World Trade Organization is the biggest company that created for Saiyans/ The company hires Saiyans and you ruthlessly murdered all of them/ You blasted old man!/ You and your Coolerians' ancestor deserve eternal burning in hell…..

"My holly Mandello… That boy had recorded all of those conversations! He's really a helper…." Piccolo was surprised until his eyes widened. He laughed happily. "This would be a benefit for us… Even though this story has too many crazy bullshits and sometimes out of logic, but this tape is quite useful to be good evidence. Funny to think that bastard has smart child like him…"

"Who are you talking about?"

Piccolo gulped, didn't want to tell Dende. "Nothing! Well, I hope this will be over soon… So I can take Vegeta and Goku to the next Budobasket Championship… They will be a good pair… I have been waiting for the sixth trophy…."

Dende smiled. However, he kept on thinking… Has everything ended, yet? Why I still have bad feeling about this?

In another path, there was a very fast car moving toward West City. There were our beloved characters in the car, looked exhausted like worn out socks yet they were looked so happy.

"Vegeta… Can you make it faster? I need to meet Chichi soon. She must feel worried that I didn't inform her about this party," Goku said worriedly. "Oh, it's almost dark…. How long had we spent time in the Saiba City?"

"Well, you bloody bastard….I've been driving 160 mph for two hours and you ask more? Are you out of your mind?" Vegeta snarled angrily. "How if we had got crash idiot!"

"Come on, it's so not you, Vegeta, afraid of small things," Goku teased Vegeta, winking one of his eyes to Bulma. Bulma only gave him a weak smile for she was so tired after all of the crazy things—kidnapping, fighting, playing basket, cosplaying, dying, and so much more. She desperately wanted to take a bath in warm water, with Vegeta if it was possible.

With blushing face Vegeta whispered, "I've got someone to protect now…. I couldn't do something stupid anymore…."

Bulma could hear it and she wrapped one of Vegeta's arms, "Thanks Vegeta… Geezeee… If I didn't know you I wouldn't believe what you told me…."

The face of the proud Saiyan turned red.

Bulma continued, "do you want to know what I want to do with you now? Having warm shower together…"

"What?" Vegeta was questioning his hearing whether it was still good or not. "What did you say?"

"You and I, in jacuzzi, together," Bulma pressed the word jacuzzi. She smiled naughtily, licking her lips passionately at Vegeta. "It's kinda reward for my hero…"

It perfectly made her boyfriend lost control in seconds. He ignored all of the things in front of him and grabbed Bulma's body, kissing her mouth with all of his desires.

"Vegeta…" Bulma moaned when Vegeta kissed her passionately, making her dizzy. She really loved it.

"VEGETA WATCH OUT!" Goku screamed loudly, pointing at the truck in front of them. In front of them in there was a big red truck heading for the opposite direction.

Bulma's eyes widened instantly. She was so speechless.

"Vegeta!" Goku warned him again, his face grew all pale. He's so scared.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Vegeta yelled back at him. His heart kept pounding harder and harder. "I'm trying here you asshole!"

Vegeta quickly stirred the wheels to the sidewalk, amazingly managed to avoid crashing. However, the car moved uncontrolled. It kept on moving and crashing the grass nearby.

"GAAA!" Goku shouted, his palms were getting all white. Goku kept on shouting until Vegeta landed in the safe position, almost hit a big tree in front of him.

It was lucky for three of them for the road was still lonely in the midnight. All of the teenagers looked very terrified. Goku, Bulma, and our lovely Vegeta sighed heavily. That was a very fatal situation, yet they survived.

They survived!

"VEGETA WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU ALMOST MAKE ALL OF US KILLED!" Goku shouted, still shocked and terrified for the current experience. "Damn, let me drive instead of you! I hate to say this but I have told you before… Two of you can smooch and fuck in the car, but don't do that while driving Vegeta!"

"Wait a minute, Goku, you can drive?" Vegeta asked curiously. "I thought…."

"What?" Goku grimaced at Vegeta. "The driving test license episode in the anime? For God sake it was only a gag… Of course I can drive. What do you thing I am, huh? A cave man?"

Bulma giggled.

Vegeta signed heavily, "No, you don't have to drive… I'll do it…"

"Stop your fucking quarrelling! Let me do it for both of you. Vegeta, Goku, both of you can sleep… I guess I'm the only one with logical mind here," Bulma suggested, looking at Goku and Vegeta with her best cute expression.

Goku curved his face," you're the source of this problem in the first place. Jacuzzi, what the hell!"

"Hey, what's your complain? We're all save right?"

"Don't get jealous…" Vegeta smirked, showing his arrogant face. "You also part of the cause, Kakarotto. You wanted me to drive faster, didn't you? By the way, where the hell are we?"

In front of them, a big castle was stood gracefully, completed with thick vine plants around. The sky was getting darker and rain started falling again. Wind blew maniacally, terrorizing the neighborhood.

"It's like one beginning of scary porn movie, not romance horror comedy," Goku said, his sweats fell from his forehead. He hated ghosts and supernatural things. "Vegeta, please tell me that you're car isn't out of gas…"

"To tell the truth, it's out of gas…" Vegeta told him. "I guess we should…Hold on, it reminds me opening scene of Michael Jackson's Thriller."

"Haa…. You know something? The people inside could be alien from transsexual planet, crazy scientists with double personality, or lustful monsters, or Dracula…" Goku started blubbering without any points. "No, I won't go there. That's a very creepy place."

"Fine…. I'll go with Vegeta," Bulma stated. "I don't believe those things. Hell, we're grown with so many logics, scientific explanations, and many more. Nowadays people recently found the new planets in Milky way…."

"But Bulma…." Vegeta felt perturbed. He was a bit afraid of dark castle. He wasn't fans of horror.

"Vegeta, we could take a bath there, with Jacuzzi perhaps…. I'm so tired…."

"Well Bulma…."

"Fine, I'll fuck with you many times you desire, how about that? Only for taking a bath…." Bulma offered him. "Only for taking a bath and we shall go after that!"

"Ohhh…. I hate when you started begging…." Vegeta complained to her. However the picture of his girl naked and licking his cock made him changes his mind. "Just for taking a bath, right?"

"I'll stay here. I won't go anywhere." Goku stated from the car, ignoring Vegeta and Bulma who walk toward the castle, holding each other. You'll be sorry fellas…. Scarlett is a crazy person and she loved brutal things…

However, as he heard a growl nearby the car, Goku screamed, "wait a minute!"

"What the heck?" Vegeta turned his head for a while. He was so damn tired. "What do you want now?"

"I'm going with you… I suddenly remember that the lonely character will die first in horror movie!"

"Yeah, whatever."

They walked toward the castle. As they moved in, the lightning thunder stroke many times. Bulma quickly held Vegeta's arm, feeling a slight chill behind her back. Goku pushed the gate, entering it. Bulma and Vegeta followed him behind.

Then, suddenly the main door was opened.

Vegeta barely gulped.

For everyone's surprise, there was someone waiting over there, in the middle of the hall. His face was so pale yet interesting. He greeted his guests with polite manner, making the group felt uneasy. They were still wearing pretty soldier costume, remember?

"Welcome to my castle, everyone… My name is Coola…"

"Everyone, don't you think it's the time to hitchhike?" Goku whispered in terror. Coola?

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