Pairings: ByakuranShoicihi / 10051

Warnings: Yaoi alert! Yaoi haters may leave peacefully –smiles- thankies!

Summary: If there are two things that he likes, it would be marshmallows and him.

Disclaimer: I dun own KHR or any of its characters ^_^


Really. If there are two things that he likes it would be marshmallows and Shoichi. Marshmallows. They're soft and white and fluffy. They have a little sort of powder-like substance that would be left in your finger where you touched it and you just can't help but bite it. It automatically melts when you leave it in your mouth. It tastes good and it's not overly sweet which just makes it better.

Shoichi. He is smart. He's kind. Quite clever I might add. He always has a solution to every problem that you throw to him. It's fun to watch him fighting his stomachaches when anxious and him having no control on his self is quite entertaining. Shoichi is the kind of person that Byakuran is interested with. Who thought that a nerd-looking-guy would actually catch the attention of someone as powerful as Byakuran?

Byakuran continued to wear that creepy smile of his as he took another white marshmallow and bite it while watching Shoichi doing his paperwork.

"You seem very pleased to look at me suffer with these paperworks, Byakuran-san."

"That's because only Sho-chan can do all this without complaining or having errors."

Shoichi sighed. He didn't know if he is supposed to take that as a compliment or as an excuse for making him do all this. And there is his boss, sitting and eating marshmallows while watching him instead of helping. That's right. Byakuran should be helping but nooooo. He just had to be there and bother him. Shoichi sighed one again and pushed up his glasses using his index finger. Byakuran tilted his head and asked.

"Sho-chan, can't you see anything clearly when you don't wear glasses?"

"I can see a little without them, but I feel more comfortable when I wear them. I can see everything clearly."

"You know, I saw you once without glasses. I should say Sho-chan looks better without them."

Shoichi blushed and looked away, embarrassed.

"Really, Byakuran-san. Can't you bother someone else who's not busy?"

"It's not that I can't. I just like you Sho-chan"

"W-what?" Byakuran stood up and went towards Shoichi, who gulped. He leaned forward and captured the other's lips, ignoring the fact that the other was so shocked. Shoichi hesitated to kiss back but he decided that he would. When they pulled apart, Byakuran grinned and said.

"Ne, Sho-chan. You're definitely better than marshmallows."


A/N: I know I know! Lame ending! XD Oh yeah, just to remind, I don't hate Shoichi. The 'nerd-looking-guy' thingy that I put was not for insulting-Shoichi purposes. –Smiles- thankies!