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Lost What Was Good.

It hurt. He couldn't really pretend that it didn't. He was man enough to admit to himself anyway. His mouth was dry and his throat tight. His head felt like it was going to explode. His chest was clogged up and he took a few sharp shallow breaths to steady himself.

He had been riding on adrenaline. Trying desperately to push all thoughts of this maniac with a gun that was running all around the hospital. The place he now called home. And the woman he wanted to share it with was standing at the other side of the table, blood on her hands as she clung onto Alex.

Somehow he expected that she would fall back into his arms. He had went out on a limb and announced his love for her. Proposed to her for goodness sake. Of course she would come running back. But it appeared that Little Grey had truely moved on. It stung as she told Karev that she loved him. That she didn't want him to die. Jealously stirred in his stomach, rising to his throat but he swallowed it back down, more pressing matters to attend to.

Even when he thought she was Izzie in a delirious out of mind state she still comforted him. He watched as she pushed her hurt feelings to the side and touched his face. Promising to never leave him.

But now as he stood in the hospital so unfamiliar to him because it wasn't his own. As the adrenaline ebbed away and his mind came back to him. She dropped his hand and he watched her slip into his room. Her fingers twisting around his own hand as he slept after surgery. The pain returned full force but he resigned himself to the fact.

He had lost her and she wasn't ever coming back.