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Love Bite

Chapter 1: What Have You Done?

Bella sighed and tossed in the bed she was sleeping in, or trying to. Charlie had been called away to a briefing of some sort in Phoenix and Bella was staying with Jake and Billy while he was gone. After her little zombie stunt when Edward left he didn't want to leave her in the house alone. Normally Bella wouldn't have cared but she got so little sleep normally because of her nightmares that she now got none with two snoring males in the same, small, one-story house.

"Goddamnit!" she growled, tossing again.

For some reason it wasn't quite as loud tonight and Bella noticed the absence of Jake's snores, maybe that was why it was so grating tonight, because she was so close to blissful silence and sleep.

Sighing she shifted and opened her eyes, only to gasp and jump slightly when she noticed Jacob hovering over her.

"Jake!" she gasped.

Jacob stared at her curiously.

Bella started to feel edgy, something didn't seem right.

"Everything okay, Jake?" she asked softly.

He shook his head in the negative.

"What's wrong?" she asked him.

"You should be mine." He whispered.

Before Bella could completely process what had been said, Jacob was tearing at her clothes.

"Jake! What are you doing?" she gasped, trying to escape.

It was no use. His wolf strength held her tightly in place.

"Claiming what's mine." He growled.

Bella tried to scream for Billy but Jacob covered her mouth as he stripped them both and started to pound himself into her.

Bella could only lay there and cry until he finished.

Right as Jacob came he bit down on her shoulder as he half wolfed-out. Bella's scream of agony wasn't muffled this time and a minute later Billy came rolling out in his wheelchair.

"Bella? What's wrong?" he asked.

One look at the scene before him horrified him.

"JACOB BLACK!" he yelled.

Jacob quickly leapt off Bella.

Bella's body thrashed as fire and ice rushed through her veins, her screams echoing off the walls.

Billy and Jacob both stared at the half mangled girl.

"Jacob. What have you done?" Billy whispered.

Jacob could only shake his head.

Somewhere deep in the Bella's mind, a wolf howled.