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Chapter 13:

It had been two months since Victoria had joined them. Her and Leah were getting on fine despite being a vampire and a were-wolf. Seth liked Victoria well enough since she made his sister happy and would practice fighting with him. Surprisingly it was Bella and Vitoria who had formed a strong bond. Their mutual hate of one Edward Cullen had allowed them to begin bonding and while they were still very different people, they got along well enough that Bella listened to Victoria's advice before making any decisions.

Vitoria had joined them at school since she could just pass as a mature looking senior. Leah had begged Bella to let her go with them and since Victoria had promised not to kill anyone (despite Bella's few seconds of consideration when it came to Mike), Bella agreed to let her come. That had pushed the small group of students still trying to get in their group away since Vitoria may have promised not to kill them, she never said anything about making her hatred of them known.

"You could try not to glare so much." Seth suggested as they walked towards the cafeteria.

"Where's the fun in that?" Victoria smirked.

Bella just chuckled as Leah shook her head.

The other students dived out of their way as they passed and walked into the cafeteria.

"So tonight is tribal meeting night." Leah started as they grabbed their food, the wolves loading up while Victoria grabbed enough to be passible since she had no intention of eating it.

Bella nodded and led the way to the table that had been claimed as theirs. Much like when the Cullens had attended Forks High, Bella's Pack had a table that was secluded from the rest and where there was an unwritten rule that it belonged to them.

"Yep. Should be interesting." Bella replied.

A meeting had been called between the tribes to discuss how things were going. It happened every month. They would meet at the Black residence and confirm that everything was good. There wasn't much to say so the meeting never lasted long. They usually just discussed progress with the packs training. Bella never revealed much about her own. She wanted to keep pack progress between them in case a fight ever broke out. You could never be too sure.

"Kidding. Right? It's as boring as watching paint dry." Seth protested.

"I was answering without thinking. But yes, it will be boring. But isn't that better than dead humans to report?" Bella lightly inquired.

Seth sighed and scowled.

"Point taken." He growled.

Bella just chuckled.

Glancing the two silent members of her pack, Bella sighed as she saw them trading kisses.

"Just remember we're in public you two. We don't need another principle incident." She said.

Seth snickered at the memory. The first week Victoria had been in school with them had led to her feeling the need to stake her territory and resulted in a trip to the principles office when she and Leah almost had sex in the hallway. Luckily Leah's mother had realised what had happened and managed to get the two out of it. Bella had then given them the lecture from hell and said if it happened again she would be ordering them to not do anything more than hold hands in public from that point on. And it would be an Alpha order that couldn't be disobeyed.

The interesting part about Victoria joining the pack was that she had found herself having to obey Bella. The first time she heard Bella's voice in her head had led to a massive freak out. Then she found she actually liked feeling like she belonged again. Since she lost her coven when James died, Victoria had felt lost as she wondered on her own. Feeling like she had a family again had settled her a lot. It had also lead to her getting the Pack tattoo, which had been interesting since her skin was so strong. They had gone to the same tattoo guy and while it had taken him a lot of time and a lot of swearing, he had slowly managed to put the mark onto her skin. Bella had of course paid him well for not only the mark but to keep quiet on the matter.

[So much for a three wolf pack.] Bella thought with a chuckle.

It seemed Fate wanted more for Bella than she had planned. The interesting part of that night's meeting would be informing the La Push pack that Victoria was now a part of Bella's Pack and hence off limits. She could just imagine the outrage on Sam's face, if he was there.

Since his demotion from Alpha, Sam had found himself being pushed aside as the pack realised things were much more peaceful without him in charge. It had made everything a lot easier for everyone.

As Bella heard the bell go she sighed.

"Alright guys, lets finish up this day and get ready for tonight. They are gonna be pissed about us taking in a vampire." She said.

The others nodded as they stood up and headed out to their next classes.


Walking into the Black house, Bella was careful to make note of how many wolves there were, quickly working out that her pack was safe and relaxing. The immediate stiffening of the La Push pack as they saw Victoria had put her on alert. She knew they would have picked up her scent the moment they came in range but the fact that she was walking in so casually did not sit well with them.

[Far too eager for a fight and far to hateful. They need to learn to let others be unless they are causing trouble. Unless vampires are killing humans in my territory I'm not going to attack them. Better to just tell them to move on out.] she thought.

[Unless it's a certain stuck up Cullen.] came Victoria's voice in her head.

Bella smirked slightly in agreement.

"Why is there a vampire with you?" came a growl from a young wolf.

"Victoria has joined my pack as Leah's mate. She is off limits. Start something with her and I'll kill you. Think that sums it up." Bella said simply, sounding almost bored.

Growls of outrage came from the La Push pack before a single voice cut across them.

"Enough. If…Victoria…is a part of Bella's pack then our treaty applies. Shall we move on to reports?" Jacob asked.

Bella arched a brow. She had noticed that Jacob had seemed to grow up since taking the position of Alpha, that and he was still terrified of her so did anything to keep the peace.

Nodding she took the seat allocated to Alpha's across from Jacob.

"Right then. Anything of importance?" she asked in a bored tone.

Jake shook his head.

"No. We've had no attacks and no new imprints. Its been quiet here." He answered.

Bella nodded.

"Means things should get interesting soon. Hopefully Dickward will come back so I can kill him." She said with a dark smirk.

That got chuckles from everyone, some of the la push wolfs easing up now they knew Bella looked forward to killing vampires as much as them.

"Thought I had dibs on him?" Victoria smirked, a hurt look on her face.

Bella laughed.

"Oh you can take first swing but wouldn't you love to see his face right before I, the pathetic human he was so desperate to save, kills him?" she asked, clearly amused.

"Point taken." Victoria chuckled.

The two turned back to the others as Leah and Seth shook their heads.

"We have to live with this." Seth muttered to Leah.

"Least they aren't going over the particulars of killing a vampire again." She threw back.

Seth laughed, nodding.

"Right, so La Push has been dull. Forks is the same. No new vampires and aside from Leah imprinting nothing of any significance has happened. Which means we're expecting trouble soon. Things are far too peaceful to last." Bella reported.

Jacob nodded in agreement.

"Been thinking the same. Watch your backs. If troubles coming, it'll be attracted to you." He said.

Bella laughed and nodded.

"Unfortunately. So, I think we're done. Some of us have classes tomorrow so we need our sleep. Plus we still have to run our borders for the night so if we're all good here…?" Bella asked.

Jacob nodded.

"Yeah. We're good. We'll let you know if anything changes." He said.

"Same here. See ya." Bella answered.

With that she walked out, her pack following close behind.

"Told you it would be boring." She sighed.

The other three laughed and took off running to start their border checks before heading home to bed.


Bella laughed as Leah recounted a story of Jacob falling off a bike streaight into Emily's rose garden from a few years back as they walked into the cafeteria and headed for their table.

"Always an idiot then." She chuckled.

Seth and Leah nodded as Victoria shook her head.

They sat down and started pulling out food, Leah grabbing most of Victoria's subtly.

"Does anyone else feel like something's wrong?" Victoria asked.

"Wrong?" Bella questioned, immediately alert to the safety of her pack.

"I don't know. Something just feels weird." Victoria explained.

A sudden silence taking over the entire hall caught the packs attention.

"Oh shit." Seth whispered.

Bella slowly turned to see what the issue was.

Her eyes landed on Edward Cullen.

"You must be joking." She mumbled.

Edward suddenly looked over at her, obviously hearing her voice, and smiled. That quickly faded when he saw who she was sitting with.

"Bella?" Leah asked.

As the Beta of the pack if Bella couldn't make a decision, and quickly, on what to do about the situation she would have to step in.

"Let's go." Bella said, standing up.

At that moment the rest of the Cullen family appeared at their brothers side.

"Now." Bella ordered, using her alpha voice.

The other three quickly rose and headed for the doors on the opposite side from the Cullens.

"Bella." Edward called.

As she pushed open the door, Bella flipped Edward off over her shoulder. The last thing she saw before the doors closed was short, black hair.

[Alice.] Bella realised.

She began shaking as rage filled her body.

"Bella…" Leah started.

Bella shook her head and ran out of the school, shifting as soon as she got to the woods. She wasn't ready to deal with the Cullens. Not yet.

But she would be very soon.