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Ok so I know I said a few more chapters' but it seems as if my heart wants to stop here. So this is the last chapter. I hope you've fallen in love with this story just like I have and I hope you look forward to my Quinn and Mike story that should be up very soon. Tomorrow probably.

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Seeing as it was the summer holidays and Dad and Daddy had gone away again, I had decided to throw a BBQ for my fellow Glee clubbers. Matt, of course, agreed to help me set up along with Quinn and Mike who were blissfully happy together it was sickening. Of course they'd say the same about me and Matt.

The BBQ was in full swing; everyone was eating, drinking and dancing all of us just having fun. Usually I didn't condone underage drinking but I was too happy to complain about it. Nora was with Mr. Shue and Ms. P who had quietly gotten together months ago but had been out'd when Quinn had walked in on them during a rather steamy make out session. So Quinn was happily getting a teenage experience even though she was a Mother and Mike was happily helping her fill out her teenage dreams.

Puck and Brittney were dancing slowly in the corner of the garden whispering things to each other most of which made Brittney blush and Puck smirk. I totally didn't want to know. Santana and Finn were on one of the deck chairs; nobody looking in their direction. Kurt and Jesse were speaking loudly in the corner with Artie and Tina; the conversation revolved around Artie's wardrobe. But everything seemed to stand still as Mercedes came through the back gate.

"What are you doing here?" Quinn said angrily from her place in Mike's arms.

"I invited her." I piped up as I walked out of the kitchen with Matt.

"What?" Santana hissed glaring at Mercedes.

"I forgave her." I said simply passing a drink to Mercedes who smiled gratefully at me.

"After everything?" Santana hissed again not moving her gaze from Mercedes.

"Everyone deserve a second chance right?" Matt pressed a kiss to my forehead at my words obviously thinking of our second chance, just like I was.

Santana made an noncommittal grunt but I knew that was her way of accepting things.

Everyone else may not be ready to forgive and forget but I was I had everything I needed and they were all scattered across my back yard, the most important beside me.

Slowly but surely everything was going to become amazing.

This is the end.
Look out for my next story Mike and Quinn.