Disclaimer: Okay so since this is my first time in this section, I'll make introductions. I am Burning Phoenix X-7. This is the first time that I am writing a Final Fantasy crossover fanfic. I actually thought of doing so for a while.

First off, this will be sort of a high school fanfiction. It will also have several crossovers with other Final Fantasy characters.

I would also like to give thanks to halfcrazyme from deviantart for allowing me write this fanfic based on her fanart called "Bento". You can check out her artwork on deviantart. The credits go to her and her amazing drawing! I will willingly bow down to that picture! It's great.

Thank you again, halfcrazyme for allowing me to do this, and I hope that you will grow to love this story. I also hope that you like the title I gave it.

Oh and by the way, this is a Lightning/Noctis (Lightis) pairing fanfic, along with Squinoa, Zaerith, CloTi, Vaashe (Vaan/Ashe), TiYuna (or Tuna. Hah! Tuna!), and ZiDagger (Zidane/Dagger).

Summary: Family is one of the many things in life that keeps you steady on your feet. But what if family isn't the only thing that matters?

Based on "Bento" the artwork of "halfcrazyme".

All For One

Chapter I: Family Resemblance

"Bodhum University. Also literally attached to Bodhum's high school. A place where both University students and high school students can get to know each other. Why can't they just call this place 'Bodhum High School University'? We're practically attending the same school building as the high school kids!" A dark-haired young man with a scar on the right side of his cheek sat on one of the benches, watching as the other students, both high school and University students alike walk by.

"Hey! Hurry up we're already late!" At that, the dark-haired student turned to see three other boys standing a few feet away. "Heh. Alright I'm comin'! Sheesh, you guys sound just like a bunch of grannies."

Aerith Gainsbrough gestured toward each area of the school as she walked beside a young silver-haired boy. "So, there's the courtyard, and that building there attached to your school is actually the other side of your school! It's also where I take my classes."

"Oh right. You're a University student, right?" The boy said. Aerith nodded. "That's right. So if you need anything or of you feel like you're in trouble, you make sure you come and see me. Okay Hope?"

Hope Estheim nodded shyly at the older teen's offer. "Thanks Miss Gainsbrough. I'll keep that in mind." "I'm only nineteen Hope. You should call me Aerith, okay?" Aerith said with a warm smile. Hope blushed and nodded again. "Thanks. I'm just glad my first day at Bodhum High School isn't gonna be as bad as I thought after all." Aerith nodded and touched Hope's shoulder. "I'm sure you will make lots of new friends here, Hope."

The sound of yelling and cursing caught the attention of Aerith and Hope, making them turn their heads in the direction the ruckus was coming from. Several students had gathered and seemed to be chanting for a fight. With growing concern, Aerith went on to get a closer look. Hope followed close behind the brunette.

When the two reached the cluster of students, Aerith gasped at the sight in front of her. A blonde spiky-haired teen stood slightly crouched while wiping blood from the side of his mouth. A tall and buff student stood in front of him laughing, his chest puffing out as he did so. "You're a wimp! Get back here so I can pummel you again!"

To everyone's surprise, as soon as the beefy student had finished his sentence, the blonde with spiked hair instantly connected his fist to his rival's face, hard.

Hope watched on nervously. "Who's that?"

Aerith kept her eyes on the fight. "The large muscled one is Bartello. He thinks that everyone is weak and skinny compared to him; he believes that he is the 'strongest man in the world'." "He sounds like a real show-off and a jerk." Hope commented.

Aerith nodded in agreement. "He is. That blonde student with spiky hair is Cloud. He's one of the University students and he's only nineteen. He always gets into fights like these but you have to understand; he usually gets into these fights because he ended up defending someone." Hope seemed intrigued by this. "You seem to know a lot about this guy." Aerith blushed. "Oh. I am actually…dating his older brother." "Oh."

Bartello was no spitting out his own blood and glared at Cloud. "You shrimp!" The large student charged at the blonde but he was lifted off the ground and then ended up face-first on the pavement. A male student with black hair stood glaring at Bartello's fallen form with his hands planted on his hips. "Next time you try to pick on someone, Beefcake, make sure you don't mess with a Fair Farron!"

Cloud glared at the new arrival. "I had him Zack!" "Oh I know Little Bro; I just took him out for you." Zack said with a grin and held out a hand to help his brother from the ground.

"That's Zack." Aerith said when Hope's eyes widened in surprise. "That's your boyfriend?" Aerith nodded shyly. As the crowd of students dispersed when Bartello's buddies lifted him off to the infirmary, Zack noticed Aerith standing beside Hope and grinned. "Hey Aerith! How are ya?"

Hope fidgeted slightly as the older student approached.

Zack smiled at Hope. "Hey there. I haven't seen you around here before. You a new student?" Hope nodded. "Hope. Hope Estheim." "Nice to meet you, short stuff! I'm Zack, and that bloody chocobo is my baby brother Cloud." Zack introduced. Cloud glared at his older sibling. "I can introduce myself on my own, Zack."

"Where are your other brothers, Zack?" Aerith asked. Zack and Cloud exchanged glances and shrugged. "Beats me. I can never tell where Scar Face always ends up. As for Mister Sunshine…no idea." Zack said.

"Who's that?" Hope asked when he noticed a red-haired girl running toward their direction and she was followed by two dark-haired boys. Aerith and Zack smiled while Cloud sighed tiredly. "Hey guys! Are you alright? I heard about the fight out here so I went fetch the boys as soon as I could." The redhead said. Her accent was a rather strange one, but Hope was sure that he recognized it.

"Ah don't worry about us, Vanille. We had it all under control; that Bartello won't be bragging about his muscles to us for a while now." Said Zack proudly. Cloud rolled his eyes.

The first boy with Vanille had dark brown hair with stormy blue eyes and stood at the height if 5'8. What was most strking about his features was a scar that marred his face. The second boy was much taller and had even darker features; his hair was slightly spiky and black, and his eyes were even darker than the first boy's. He stood at a proud 5'11.

Zack grinned at the boys. "Hey Squall, hey Noctis! Where've ya been? You just missed a great takedown of Bartello!" Zack then made ecstatic gesture to demonstrate how the scene played out. The brunette named Squall rolled his eyes while the night-black haired one named Noctis simply looked in another direction.

Cloud groaned. "Zack can your bragging wait? I need to concentrate on moving my feet without you distracting me." "You were supposed to keep Cloud away from another fight, Zack." Noctis said simply.

Zack sighed. "I know, I know. I'm sorry all right?"

"Just consider yourself lucky that she's going to be working overtime." Squall said. Zack gulped and nodded. "Don't worry, I will. Just please don't tell her anything! She's grumpy enough as it is!" Noctis smirked knowingly. Hope glanced at Aerith who simply shook her head while trying not to grin. Vanille let out little giggles and failed to hide it behind a cough.

"Uh… Listen Hope, I'm twenty-two. I'm practically the boss among these guys! Squall here is seventeen, Cloud is nineteen, and Noct is— get it? Noctis? Noct is?" Zack's brothers glared at him. Zack cleared his thorat. "Right. Anyway, Noctis is twenty-one. So I am the big boss in the family."

Vanille laughed. "That's not the way I see it!" Aerith giggled.

Zack tried to act insulted. "Aerith! My one and only Aerith! How could you laugh at my despair like that? Don't I mean anything to you?" Squall, Cloud, and Noctis all groaned in disbelief; leave it to Zack to become all dramatic just to impress his girlfriend. "I'm sorry Zack. It's just…it's true." Aerith said in between giggles.

Hope was confused.

Vanille noticed. "Zack is the eldest among his siblings. He calls himself the boss of them but that's not true." "Hey Vanille! How 'bout letting a guy keep his dignity, huh?" Zack interjected. Vanille ignored him and continued. "The truth is; Zack's younger sister is the one who keeps them in line and looks out for them. She's only one year younger than Zack but she acts very much like an adult already."

"Yeah and that's the sad part of it!" Zack said. His younger brothers shrugged.

Hope paused. "Wait. If Noctis is twenty-one, one year younger than Zack, how come he's much taller?" Zack groaned. Noctis smirked to himself. It was true, he was much taller than his crazy older brother and he had always been proud of it, albeit shyly. Zack simply shrugged in defeat. "Fine, fine. So I'm shorter compared to my little brother Noctis. So what? I'm still the eldest!"

"Whose one-year-younger-sister always manages to push around because her right hook is deadly." Squall interjected bluntly.

"You know what? Forget it! It seems that you guys, even my own girlfriend is against me! And I wouldn't be surprised if you guys actually told L what had happened here! I'm going to class!" With that, Zack turned and headed for the school building. Noctis shook his head. "He's just joking. He can only stay mad at us for five hours." "The maximum is three days." Cloud concluded.

"We better get Zack before he actually bursts into the high school students' classroom, again." Squall said finally. The three brothers then headed for the high school building where Zack was already heading into by mistake.

Once they were out of sight, Vanille giggled. "Well that was interesting, as always." "Does this happen often?" Hope asked. Aerith and Vanille nodded slowly.

"Yep", Vanille replied, "its fun everyday just to see them kid around like that. But still, Zack got me thinking. Aerith, why wasn't L in school today?" Aerith thought for a moment. "Zack told me that she would be busy at the base all day. So today is another one of her work days."

"Must be tough to be a working student." Vanille mused to herself.

"Oh no. Being a regular working student will become a little bit easier from time to time, but it's not going to become easy any time soon if a University student works as a soldier." Aerith reminded Vanille. The redhead sighed and nodded. "That's true."
"What do you mean? Are you saying that Zack's sister is a soldier?" Hope asked, clearly surprised. The two girls nodded. "That's right. She's one of the Bodhum Security Regiment." Aerith confirmed.

"Let me tell you something about Zack's family, Hope." Vanille said. "Zack is the eldest, aged twenty-two. He's a little crazy, but I think he's the best big brother ever and he's very reliable. Cloud is nineteen; he the eldest middle child. People usually made fun of him for being a bit 'shrimpy' when he was younger and they called him a chocobo sometimes because of his hair. That is usually why he gets into fights. But he's a good guy and he's really close to his brothers. "Squall is eighteen so he's the youngest middle child. He got that scar during a fight with a violent gang member three years ago, he's often cold and brooding but he respects his family, including Zack. And he may not look like it, but Squall has a big appetite. And there's Noctis; he's one of the eldest beside Zack. He's really shy and doesn't say much, but he always listens to what his sister says even though he's only three months older than her. And he's really, really, really shy around her for some reason. "Then there's the big sister. She's always busy but even when she doesn't get to always come to school; she sometimes patrols around this area if it's her shift. And that's a good thing since she's one of the Security Regiment; she would be the one to stop the fights that happen around here."

"A while ago Zack called himself a fair Farron. What does that mean?" Hope asked. Vanille grinned. "Oh that's just his middle and last name. His full name is Zack Fair Farron." Aerith decided to step in this time. "That's right. And the boys' names are Squall Leonhart Farron, Cloud Strife Farron, and Noctis Lucis Farron."

"But Noctis's name is not entirely true. He has a much longer name." Said Vanille. Hope raised an eyebrow. "Really? What is it then?" Vanille giggled. "Okay, but I suggest that you take out a piece of paper and a pen." "Vanille, his name is not that long!" Aerith protested.

Vanille waved her hand. "But still."

Just to make sure though, Hope reached into his school bag to take out a pen and a note book. "Okay Vanille, tell me." The redhead grinned. "Okay! His real full name is Noctis Lucis Caelum Farron."

The silver-haired boy paused. "Uh…Noctis Lucis Cal Farron?" "No, no, no. Noctis Lucis Caelum Farron." Vanille corrected. Hope let out an "oh" and wrote down the correct name. "That is kinda long. Why's that?" Aerith looked a bit sad. "Well…Noctis had always been a mysterious case in the family. Zack told me that they just shortened his name to simply Noctis Lucis Farron for a reason. But the only one who knows more of the details is their sister. But she's not much of a talker, but then again neither is Squall or Cloud. But Noctis seems to trust their sister more. At least with secrets."

Hope thought about all he had heard and witnessed so far. "I guess going to this school is a lot more fun than I thought."

As soon as the day was over, the Farron Brothers returned home with Zack collapsing on the couch.

"Man! My prof is a real ass!" Zack moaned. Squall ignored his brother and headed into the kitchen. Cloud simply sat on an arm chair beside the couch while Noctis made his way upstairs into his room and locked the door. "What do think he does in there?" Zack wondered.

"How should I know? You know that Noctis has always been this way." Cloud said, taking out his notes and started in his homework. Zack smirked. "You should have done today's homework during one of our lunch breaks. I have, Noctis has, even Squall has, which is why I'm taking it easy."

Cloud rolled his eyes.

Just then, Squall reemerged from the kitchen with a hamburger on a plate in hand and a glass of milk in the other. As soon as he settled on another chair beside Cloud's he began munching on his burger. "Man Squall! Where do store up all that food?" Zack asked in disbelief. Squall gave Zack a look. "In my stomach. Where else?"

Cloud snickered and continued with his homework.

Up in his bedroom, Noctis sighed and dropped his bag on the floor. He sat at his desk where his computer stood and turned it on. Noctis glanced at several pictures that were taped to his desk and smiled. One picture was of him and his brothers during one of their trips to the beach; Zack had Squall and Cloud in chokeholds with each arm while Noctis stood in the background, looking embarrassed. The second picture was of Zack and Aerith sitting on a park bench smiling at the camera while Squall and Cloud were busy eating their lunch only to be caught by surprise by the camera when it caught them in the middle of chewing their food, Noctis was reading a book in the picture ignoring the camera the whole way including the light bickering between his brothers after.

The third picture was Noctis's favorite. It was a picture of his sister; she was looking at the camera with a smirk playing on her lips.

The reason she had been smirking was because Zack would not stop insisting that she should smile instead of frown like she always does. She then began smirking for some reason and Zack said that it was better than a frown. Only after he had taken her picture did Zack figure out why she had been smirking; after the camera had taken her picture, their sister rushed up at Zack and elbowed him in the stomach before lifting him up and shoving him down onto the ground on his back in a takedown.

Zack had saved the camera but he also ended up having a large bruise on his stomach and back.

Noctis smiled as he gazed at the picture of his smirking sister. Slowly, his finger traced her features but he stopped. "A sister…huh." As soon as he got his thoughts back together, Noctis turned his attention to his computer.

Suddenly the sounds of Zack laughing out loud and Squall and Cloud yelling at him caught the twenty-one-year-old's attention. Sighing, Noctis shut off his computer and headed for the living room.

When Noctis reached the living room, Zack was holding the house phone to his ears and laughing while he kept Squall and Cloud at bay by pushing at their faces with his free hand and a foot. "Hello! Hey L! How are ya? Yeah it's me, your beloved big brother Zack!" Noctis raised an eyebrow.

Cloud growled. "Zack! Give me the phone! I was the one who decided to call her in the first place!" "Give the phone back you nut job!" Squall yelled as he tried to get his face away from Zack's foot. Zack ignored his brothers. "So how was your day Sis? You sound kinda tired, why don't you—" A deep female voice could be heard on the line, cursing at Zack. "C'mon Little Sister! Don't be harsh; I just wanted to know if you're okay!"

Squall and Cloud stopped struggling when they felt the atmosphere grow serious.

Zack also released his brothers slowly as his expression became sober. "You sure you're okay? I know, I know! Hey just because we're used to it, it doesn't stop us from worrying you know. …okay just make sure you actually make it back in one piece, properly arranged! Ya know what I mean, Squirt!" Zack said over the phone, becoming the responsible brother for once.

Noctis watched worriedly as Cloud and Squall leaned in toward Zack slightly to listen in on what the speaker on the other line was saying.

"Okay fine. Yeah, yeah don't worry I have it all under control. Wha- Cloud? Oh…" Zack glanced at his spiky-haired brother. "Yeah he's fine! Don't worry he didn't get into any trouble, I was there! Man that was cruel of you to say, L. Alrighty, I'll see ya soon! Hey why don't you say hello to—" Zack pulled the phone away from his ear and frowned. "She hung up on me! And without even saying hi to you guys!"

Squall and Cloud sighed and went back to watching a movie they had put on.

Noctis hesitated. "Is…she okay?" "She's fine. But she sounded so tired." Cloud answered. Squall nodded as he reached for a bag of potato chips, his eyes never leaving the television screen. Zack suddenly grinned and placed the phone down on the couch. "Don't worry Noct! She's doing fine as always, no need to get all worked up!"

"That's you, Zack. How is she? Is she hurt?" Noctis asked. Zack chuckled and reached slightly to ruffle Noctis's hair. "You worry too much, Little Brother! I know that you love her so much that you wanna kiss her, but she's doing fine."

Squall and Cloud turned to look at Zack in complete disbelief.

The dark-haired man stared at them. "What? What did I say?" "You're disgusting," was the only response he received from his younger brothers. Noctis sighed and retreated back into his bedroom.

Noctis sighed in relief and lay on his bed. He was glad to know that his sister was okay. But… "You've been out working for a week now. Where are you?" As he pondered over this aloud, Noctis looked over to his computer desk and stared at the picture of his sister's smirking face. "You always looked out for me as if I were your own. But why can't I be your own just for you?"

Noctis groaned at himself before he got up to turn off the lights in his room and went to sleep.

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