I got the idea for these viggies talking to one of my sisters about how some parents of different Jedi might have reacted to the news of their deaths.

They will either be during the Clone Wars or after Order 66.

I sit by the window that looks into the garden.

I received news three days ago that my thirty year old daughter Reisha died on some world fighting the War.

So many people would tell me that they are sorry for my loss but in truth the only thing that I have lost is the opportunity to know the daughter that was taken from me twenty-eight years ago.

I cannot tell you the first thing about Reisha. What foods she liked, her favorite color, her hobbies, what type of transportation she preferred, whether she liked to be in the thick of things or if she rather sit on the sidelines, whether she liked politics or hated the subject, if she had a sense of humor.

Some people might say 'well what did she like to eat when she was little?' or 'did she like to play with other children as a toddler? The answer is that people change; my youngest used to love cloudberries as a toddler but as she got older she grew less fond of them. She used to be so shy as a small child, always hiding behind my legs even around people she knew as a baby, now that she is nineteen standard years old you'd never believe that she would always hide when guests came.

The long and the short of it is that people change.

What makes it worse is that even if I happened to meet a Jedi that knew her they wouldn't tell me anything about her.

Reisha Hailee Marje is a mystery to me and will forever stay that way.

And I can't bring myself to cry for her

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