I decided to just name the sequel Hellsing's Bizarre Adventure on account of Alucard, Dio and Hazama all being Hellsing operatives anyway and file it under Hellsing/Twilight crossovers, because it's Hellsing killing them some Twilight bitches.

A short summary on the fic: the Hellsing Organization receives a package from Kujo Jotaro, the grandson of one of Arthur Hellsing's vampire hunting buddies. He has sent over what is left of one of the world's most powerful vampires which he has reduced to a blood fountain, which is incidentally a song he is currently writing. The vampire's name is Dio Brando, the guy who brought us 'WRYYYYYYYYYY!' and 'Za Warudo!'. Integra saw fit to indoctrinate him into the Hellsing Organization seeing as they're shorthanded again after the little piece of Armageddon that was the war with Millennium.

And so Hazama, Alucard and Dio are sent to the random backwater town in Washington, the state along the Olympic ridge, not D.C., to gather information on this elusive group of vampires known as the Volturi from a random bunch of 'vampires' (hurr hurr) and to kill them all.

Hope you will enjoy this work as well as the possible future ones, of which I'm thinking of Ragna the Bloodedge thrown into the Devil May Cry franchise because Dante and Ragna are like twins (triplets?) that were separated at birth, as well as maybe Bang Shishigami in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, because of epic manliness.