Author: pos_sess_ed
Prompt: Firm
Word Count: 100
Genre: Humor
Rating: T
Warning: Naughty word play
Summary: Kagome decides it's time assert herself.
Date Posted: 5/31/11

It was high time she brought Mokomoko to heel.

Since Sesshoumaru refused to acknowledge the problem, Kagome held out hope the book she discovered in their library could provide proper guidance, though its first impression wasn't favorable.

If discipline has previously been nonexistent or lax, a stiff resolve coupled with a firm hand will initially be required.

Kagome snorted derisively. "We've established his stiff resolve isn't coupling with my hand!"

Boundaries set and enforced will ensure you the Alpha position. Positive or negative incentive is a powerful tool in developing desired behavior modifications.

"Wait. What was that last part again?"

A/N: This does not bode well...