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A Stowaway from the Heart

Chapter 1:

"Aren't we there yet?" The Saiyan teenage boy looked impatiently at his father, who cast a light, lop-sided smile at his impatient son.

"Patience Son Gohan, we will be there shortly." The large man chuckled to himself, casting his dark eyes back to the large window that displayed endless space. His eldest son may have inherited much of his mothers features, but he had the blood and temperament of a true warrior. "Soon, you can take all your boredom out on the countless Earth runts."

Gohan sighed and slumped into a reclining chair in the control room. He could already sense millions of weak ki levels, and knew that this visit would be very, very short. He doubted that he would even find half a challenge there, and also doubted there would be any temptations in the form of female flesh. His Saiyan upbringing meant that he despised weaklings, and these Earthlings would fit well into that category. Stealing a quick glance at his father, he silently admired the strength of Commander Kakarrot, son of the Legendary Bardock. A bloodline dynasty of very strong elite warriors. Kakarrot was now one of the strongest warriors on Vegetasei, and could easily hold a sparring match against the might of King Vegeta Jr. Gohan could only hope that he would follow very closely in his father's footsteps.

There was one small fact, however, that always stood in the way. Kakarrot had found the 'ChiChi,' a human woman, from the very first Earth expedition many years ago. Realising the planet had too many resources to simply destroy, the Saiyans decided to take over, until it was pillaged enough for ultimate and inevitable destruction. The planet wasn't the only thing 'pillaged' however, as Kakarrot returned to Vegetasei with his own stowaway from Earth. Soon after, against the wishes of his father, the ironically very much in love teenagers, committed the ultimate crime. The bonding. This should've caused a huge uproar on Vegetasei, however, King Vegeta had been convinced that this could turn out to be a very interesting experiment. Any who dared question him further, was permanently silenced. So, along came Gohan, half-Saiyan, half-human, and with a high power level, even for a young hybrid baby. With the experiment proven to be successful, Gohan was accepted and trained as soon as he was able to stand. By the tender age of five, he was torn away from his mother, and managed to turn Oozaru; destroying his first small planet in the process. As he grew up however, Gohan found he was different from the other Saiyan teenagers. He possessed a duel power; a strength, but far more a weakness. Trying his best to both hide and ignore it, he trained harder, putting his body to the ultimate test. Only now, aged 19, would he finally prove himself worthy of his Saiyan blood.

A teenage human stared up at the sky, lying on her back in the long, wild grass. She deeply inhaled the fresh, country air; then exhaled slowly. Videl Satan loved the calmness of her father's country manor, as it was an escape she often needed from the polluted, loud, bustling city she spent most her life protecting. Twenty years ago, the Earth had been invaded by a supreme force of aliens. For ten years, her home planet had been subservient to their every whim. Until the Earth's Special Forces had put an end to the last alien invader. Since then, efforts were put in motion for the day that the aliens would return. When ten more years passed, the humans figured that day would never come. Assumptions were made from one tabloid to the next: Perhaps the aliens had finally encountered a race more powerful than their own, and met their untimely end? One could only hope.

Though many had forgotten the not so ancient history, Videl had decided to write her college history assignment on what had been known as the 'First Saiyan Invasion.' She delighted in writing about the stupidity of the aliens; how the Briefs Science Division had continued to send dwindling cargo shipments back and forth, with update messages.

'There was never a response,' she wrote in her messy handwriting drawl. 'Only the eventual return of the cargo ship; the contents emptied. Two months ago to this present day, the cargo ship has failed to return.'

Scrunching her nose a moment, the calling of a passing bird overhead, brought her gaze up to the clear blue skies. It was a blessing that she did, as her eyes caught sight of something glistening.

'What's a star doing out so early?' She thought to herself, standing up steadily, and shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand as she squinted further. 'Is it…getting bigger?' She continually stared at the enlarging spot, which became, a meteor? No, not a meteor. Not a mineral at all. It was white, and to confirm her fears further, she looked down at her history textbook.

"No way!" She exclaimed out loud in clear disbelief, as sure enough, she could see that the object could very well resemble the photographs in her book. She now watched, transfixed, as the 'spaceship,' descended down towards the nearby 'Central Capital' city, and a deep frown appeared in her brow.

"Well whatever it is, it looks like trouble." Videl didn't need anymore convincing to run back towards the house. "DAAAD!" Screaming to alert her father, she was soon jumping into her bright, yellow helicopter.

The Saiyans landed just outside a large city of mostly white buildings, circular in architecture. Kakarrot stepped outside as the large white hatch opened; a green console screen fixed over his left eye. "Seems like there's been some improvements," he observed casually, and took a deep breath. "Smells different too. Be on your guard."

"The Earthlings were never a match for us," came a second voice, belonging to a taller man. His very long, spiky black hair, fell past his rear, to a set of very hairy legs. Next to him, a bald Saiyan snickered, and spat to the side as he inhaled his first breath of earth air.

"And they never will be."

Gohan was last to exit the ship, and couldn't help but savour the strange smells that greeted him. The atmosphere was warm, but far lighter than he expected. He would have to be careful not to overdo it. A single punch could probably kill a human instantly. Though the three, adult Saiyans wore full body armour, he simply wore his training suit of navy blue. The bald Saiyan instantly sneered.

"I'm picking up a lot of signals still. Their technology is…advanced."

Kakarrot nodded to his son's analysis, tilting his head lightly to the slightly higher ki levels advancing from the west.

"Radditz, take the west. Nappa, east. I'll be heading South and Gohan, you'll go north. Remember, leave enough humans to manage the planet's basics. Kari pulled the short straw. Tonight, she'll deal with the rest. "

As soon as the orders were set, a smirking Radditz shot off, leaving only a trail of light blue light behind him. Glancing once more to his son, Kakarrot was soon to follow, leaving a stalling Nappa to fold his arms over his large chest.

"What's the matter boy," he never bothered to use the teen's name. "Too good to wear armour? Or scared the earthlings will leave a dent!"

"No," he replied flatly. "I just don't see any need in using any armour against such pathetic creatures."

"You forget that you're half pathetic too." Nappa looked down his nose at the hybrid, and Gohan growled deeply within his throat, clenching his fists tightly. "What's the matter?" He continued in a stupid voice, trying to sound like a sympathetic mother. "Baby wet his pants?" The laughs that followed made Gohan snap, and he lunged his swift and successful, tightly clenched fist, causing some discomfort and light bruising to the receiver's left cheekbone. Instantly, Nappa responded to the attack, and the scrap was on.

"That's enough!" A female voice cut in before the quarrel got even more out of hand, and though Gohan instantly froze, Nappa allowed his balled fist to finish it's path. Well, Gohan wasn't about to let a free shot go. His knee raised into Nappa's gut, but the larger man responded with an elbow crushing against the teen's chest.

"I said ENOUGH!" Only this time, the voice was accompanied by a large ball of ki, sent directly into the scrapping men. If her voice wasn't enough, then her energy attack had incredible powers of persuasion. Literally, the two men were tossed away from each other, and the female placed her hands on her hips. "You two are wasting time, so quit the petty brawl and get to work! Or maybe you'd rather stay on this miserable planet? Work your issues out like the pathetic humans you resemble."

Nappa said nothing. Merely set off in a display of pale red light. Gohan meanwhile, wiped his bleeding lip with the back on his hand, and slowly stood up. Nappa was strong, but for a so-called Elite and adult Saiyan, he was underpowered.

"My apologies Kari," he uttered after a heavy breath. The woman managed a subtle, lop-sided smile, and for a briefest moment, she resembled her regal half-brother. Until she brushed aside a tendril of light-brown hair, and offered Gohan a hand up.

"Listen Gohan," she started, once he was back on his feet. "I hate to say it, but as much as I respect your father, he's just holding you back."


"You heard me. This mission is nothing more than a test. You're here for a reason, and I don't want you screwing up. So listen. I'm going to take care of the Northern vicinity. This city is yours. Just, make us proud." He stared back with his dark eyes as she whacked his back affectionately, and then gave him a little shove forwards. Grinning then, he complied, flying off in a wave of light blue ki, to seek out the meaning of this 'test.'

Videl finally arrived within the outskirts of 'Central Capital' City, her temporary vacation home, and gasped at what she already saw. Citizens ran around in panic, trying to avoid what looked like… laser beams? Whatever they were, they soared through the air with fast, whooshing sounds, and destroyed anything in their path: buildings, cars, roads. Rubble and dirt flew everywhere, making the air cloudy and hard to breathe through. She flew further in, over a long snake line of congested traffic, as people fervently tried to escape the chaos. Before she barely had time to react, she just about caught sight of a large debris in her rear-view mirror, flying straight for her. With no other option, she leapt from her chopper just in time, rolling on the roof below, and barely escaping the impact of the explosion. As her ears stopped ringing and her vision blurred again, she came to, to the sound of screams and panic-stricken people, all around her. Followed by the beeping of a car horns and a second explosion that caused the very ground the shake. It was like the Armageddon had arrived. Videl coughed her lungs out as she tried to stand on shaky legs, feeling a tremendous heat radiating around the city, like everything was on fire. Another bright white 'laser beam' shot ahead of her, colliding with the various trail of cars trying to desperately escape the city.

"NO!" She cried, falling to her knees at he edge of the roof. "Oh Kame… no!" The city hospital was next to be targeted. The force of the multiple explosions sent her rolling to her back, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to realise by now that the attacks weren't coming from the ground. Struggling back to her feet, her cerulean eyes scanned the skies, until she found a marine blue figure hovering in the air. Videl gasped in shock, but ran towards the other side of the roof. Her voice travelling high, followed by the tossing of whatever object she could find...

Gohan yawned as he fired yet another blast, his thoughts occupied by extreme disappointment. 'This is far too easy. Where are the so-called 'EDF'? Are the humans really this pathetic? They just… scramble away? Not a single one of them brave enough to even try to stop me? How could even a drop of my blood belong to a race of such weak, pathetic -'

He paused mid sentence, as a small, baseball sized chunk of debris, just about skimmed past his ear. 'Good shot,' he instantly thought, and following the scanning of his radar combined with common sense, he found the exact location of the slightly higher ki, below him.

"Hmm," he grinned to himself and descended lower. "Seems I spoke too soon." As his shadow grew over the rooftop of the three-story building, his eyes focused on the owner of this more, individual ki.

"Well well," he raised an eyebrow, as the female human backed up two steps, only to fluidly manoeuvre her limbs into a standard, offensive stance. Pale cerulean orbs glared back, narrowing lightly as tendrils of an overgrown, ebony fringe, fell over her brows.

"What have we here? Why don't you run away little girl? While you still have the chance." Videl clenched her fists even tighter, and watched him as he folded very muscular arms over a broad chest. "Why don't you scream for me? Maybe I'll reward you with a count of ten."

"I don't know what you are," she began, noticing a tail swishing impatiently behind him. "Or who you are. And I don't care!"

He laughed at her confidence as she adjusted her footing, displaying a fair knowledge of the fighting arts. He could tell she had assessed him as a strong opponent, and had therefore shifted her back leg to take her weight more evenly. Interesting.

"I will not let you destroy this city!"

Despite her clear conviction, he grinned, displaying a pearl-white set of perfect, canine teeth. While she barked words at him, he was more interested in examining her physical appearance. Average, to say the least. Perhaps her baggy white and pink t-shirt combination was hiding a warrior's physique, but she was short and appeared in-experienced. In many things life had to offer. Perhaps sixteen, at best. The Saiyan was only amused further by his analysis.

"This is what your planet has to offer me? A puny girl?" Apparently, this girl had heard enough. Before he could continue with his mockery, she'd bravely closed the gap between them, using nothing more than her balled fist. His body made no reaction to the impact of her offensive attack. Only dark-sepia eyes, lowered to where her fist had connected with the centre of his chest. She on the other hand, begun to breathe quite heavily, and quickly pulled her hand back like she'd been burnt. Videl had never felt so much pain before, and stepped back awkwardly, to cradle her aching knuckles.

"What the-" she stumbled back again, staring up at this…mutant…alien…abomination thing! "You're…you… you must be wearing some kind of…metal…ar-"

Her words were replaced by a shaky breath, as he moved in the blink of an eye. She felt his touch before she saw it, along with the sheer heat of his advancement. Calloused, warm hands, had roughly gripped at her wrist, tearing it from the cradle. Silently, he was inspecting the red mark that swelled across her prominent knuckles. All that injury from just one punch? He wondered if another would break the bones.

"Do it again," he half-grinned, releasing her hand to stand there, wide-open for her next attack. His ears pricked to her shaky breath, fuelling his male ego past the healthy brink. "Come on. If you don't, I'm just going to finish off what I started."

"Th-the hospital? No!" The human girl found her voice again, and her strength, as her weight shifted to her back leg, and she hurled a far more powerful punch. This time, the other hand, against the more exposed area of his right cheekbone. He jerked his head slightly to match the motion of the punch, but the only sound to come from that, was her own high-pitched wince.

"FUCK!" She cried the only word her instincts could muster right now, and Gohan smiled.

"You're a funny little creature," he caught her wrist as she tried to pull her hand back. Then the next balled fist as, despite the pain he'd already caused her, she was willing to fight back still. Her feet skidded back and forth across the tarmac roof, as she almost dislocated her arms trying to pull her wrists free of his iron-grip. "I may take you as my souvenir. A little reminder of human incompetence."

"Oh yeah?" Her brows twitched together with both rage, and a sudden idea. "Why don't you take THIS!"

At last, his smirk was finally washed aside as her knee lifted to the family jewels. Then again, the alternate kneecap to meeting his gut, trying her best to wind him. The moment he released her wrists, she spun round to high-kick his shoulder-blades, following with alternating kicks across the spine. For a moment, he just stood there, accepting the blows to his back. Then, something happened. In the blink of an eye, he turned to face her, and begun to block each and every attack. Had she finally broken through his invisible extraterrestrial shields? But even still, he was fast beyond mental, human comprehension. Even as she alternated between punches and kicks, elbows, knees and shins; high, low and medium. It was as though he could read her mind, and knew exactly when and where she would strike.

"Is that it?" He mocked in a dark chuckle, as Videl puffed and panted with her slower adrenaline. As he blocked a slower, less powerful elbow jab, he pushed against her weight. Arms flailed, as her feet stumbled back as she lost all sense of footing. Her rear cushioned her fall, just.

"I see you finally found your place." Despite his constant degrading, the human just scrambled back to her feet again. Wiping the back of her hand over her forehead, the other briefly rubbed at the sore bruising at her rear, and dusted her black, casual shorts off. To Videl's disgust, the wide grin she'd previous managed to wipe off his disgusting face, returned.

"Not done yet!" She declared, charging forwards in a shoulder barge. Indulging in the belief that she could actually hit him, Gohan braced himself for the impact, as he secured his weight on his back, defensive leg. As her shoulder connected, he stumbled two steps back, but all the while, his weight was controlled. Videl shoved with all her strength, growling behind clenched teeth as her feet slid back and forth.

Before she could even realise what had really happened, there was no longer a barrier stopping her movement. As Gohan's form miraculously disappeared, Videl clambered forwards with the almost unstoppable force of her own weight. Right towards the edge of the roof. As her eyes widened to the brink of her demise, and her heart leapt into her mouth; she barely managed to regain control of her feet, before she reached the edge. Then, just as she caught her wildly beating breath, a warm, singular word, breathed against the side of her neck.


The sudden round-house kick, sent her flying off the roof, and then luckily onto the sunburnt tarmac of a lower building. Her bodied rolled on impact, as the force of the kick carried her relentlessly in what felt like a burning ball of fire consuming her skin. Until her body finally stopped rolling, only to sway precariously near the edge. Another inch, and she'd be tumbling off. Only there would be no more roofs to catch her fall this time.

As her eyes opened to the stinging pain across her exposed skin, a shadow loomed over her from above. Two feet settled next to her waist; toes of the white boots nudging at the twisted t-shirt over her naval. Only half-opening one eye to get a vague peep at the situation, Videl realised that his slightly tilted face, was scrutinising her carefully. Concerned even? Did he think he'd finally killed her? Then, as he knelt to get a closer look at her, her breathing increased. Reacting with the first plan that sprung to mind, her eyes opened wide, and with a mighty battle-cry worthy of the Valkyries, she grabbed his arms, turned with all her strength, and planted her foot at his gut, propelling him to the side. Only problem was, as he fell, so did she.

Luckily, Videl's hands caught the edge of the roof while her body plummeted. She was sure she heard the single smack of the other body, and presumed he'd hit the concrete below. If it unfortunately didn't kill him, then at least a fall this high was sure to injure his strange, alien shields. Only now, she had to haul her bruised and battered body up, and recover for round two. Easier said than done. And then… 'oh no.'

It appeared, hovering so casually above her in mid-air. No sign of blood, of any shade or form. Not a scratch or bruise on him! It was like…he was some kind of, terminator! Videl held on for dear life, staring up with her large eyes fanned with dark lashes. Feet scrambling, scraping against the bricks of the building wall, trying to get a foothold. Anything!

"Game over!" His voice finally broke the stretch of silence, and cerulean eyes stared up at his palm facing her. As if by magic, a ball of bright, white light, was forming in an orb shape that got bigger, and bigger. No. She wouldn't let him kill her. As Videl looked up into the face of her angel of death, her hands let go…

To be Continued…