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A little recap. A long, long time ago when we last saw them Edward and Bella had just spent a week apart following some tense times. Still reeling from an unpleasant encounter with Jacob and the death of her friend, Heidi, Bella started to push Edward away. Feelings boiled to the surface and Edward confided some things from his past. Deciding they both needed time apart Edward departed on a business trip up north. Bella did some thinking and realised she needed to go find her man and tell him how she really felt. After a long car journey and a Tanya-shaped obstacle she finally made it.

From Chapter 20...

"So," he murmurs, still holding me tight. "What brings you here? Not that I'm complaining."

I lift my head from the security of his chest, gazing up at him and speak the words I need to say.

"Edward. I love you more than anything. I trust you. I need you."

He blinks at me incredulously before pulling me close and pressing his lips to mine.

Chapter 21 Love and Magic

All the anguish and pain of the last few days fades away to nothing as Edward and I kiss. For the moment, nothing else matters. I just want to lose myself. Unfortunately this precious moment of abandon ends all too soon and Edward pulls back, smiling down at me as he tenderly caresses my cheek.

"I'm so glad you're here." He sounds breathless.

"Me too," I answer, equally breathless.

I know we have way, way more talking to do, but for the moment I just want to hold on to this wonderful man and kiss him until we can't breathe. Unable to hold back, I launch myself at him once again.

Edward doesn't seem to mind this in the slightest. He returns my kisses with unbridled enthusiasm, one hand entwined in my hair, the other sliding down my back, anchoring me to him.

We continue to kiss until I start to feel the strain from craning my neck. As if he reads my mind I'm suddenly lifted into Edward's arms and carried off as he stalks across the room, depositing me upon the small desk, sandwiched between his laptop and a messy pile of paperwork. Now I'm somewhat more comfortable I take a moment to survey him in greater detail.

He's smiling but I can see the toll this week has taken on Edward; his handsome face is marred by strain and shadows. I want to kiss it all away. I can't resist seizing his tie, using it to pull him closer to me as I attack his jaw with kisses. I feel the rumble of his laughter. We are carefree as we kiss, tease, and touch before things become heated. I trace his lips with my tongue; he opens his mouth, groaning when our tongues finally meet. With frantic fingers I yank his tie loose and off, pulling his shirt apart. I need to feel more of him...now.

"Jesus, Bella," he groans. That groan makes me feel empowered. He needs me just as much as I do him. My hands greedily roam over his exposed chest, but it's still not enough. I have to feel him. I reach down and quickly undo his straining suit trousers, freeing him, taking his hardness in my hand and giving him a couple of firm strokes. He growls and bites down on my shoulder, making me yelp in surprise and still my movements.

"Bella, careful love or this will be over before it's begun," he warns.

Removing himself from my eager grip, he shoves down his trousers and boxers, kicking them off and sliding his shirt off his shoulders to the floor. Then with a twinkle in his eye he squats between my legs and slowly eases off my trousers and underwear, carefully removing my tatty old shoes. I cringe as he struggles with the well worn, knotted laces.

Once Edward is done with the offending articles he strips off the rest of my clothes before rising to his feet, his lips claiming mine with a searing kiss. My hands eagerly caress his naked back, lightly scratching with my nails. I feel him pressing against my damp thighs.


"Need...you...now," I pant desperately. Edward pulls back and gazes into my eyes.

"Ready?" He breathes. Almost before the "yes" is completely out of my mouth he sinks into me. I revel in the feeling of him as he starts to move. My legs wrap around his waist as I cling to his shoulders. His powerful thrusts jolt me back against the wall, the fragile cheap hotel desk rocking, papers scattering everywhere as he slams into me with abandon.

This isn't loving, tender or sweet. This is pure need to come together and be joined once more, to reconnect that bond. No words are spoken, just panting breaths, groans, grunts and sighs. We climb higher together, all too soon the fire ignites and I reach my climax, clutching Edward to me, my nails no doubt leaving marks in his back as I call out his name.

My Edward.

"Mine," he growls, as he reaches his peak too, collapsing on top of me with a strangled grunt.

I close my eyes, breathing deeply as I bury my face in his shoulder. I'm surrounded by his familiar Edward scent. It's so comforting. All the stress from the last few days and lengthy drive here dissipates and I feel boneless beneath him. It's sheer bliss.

Unfortunately reality soon intervenes. My senses return and I become more aware of my surroundings, perched rather uncomfortably on a cheap wooden desk. I think there may be at least one piece of paper sticking to my bum. Edward's laptop is mercifully still in one piece, albeit hanging precariously close to the edge of my makeshift perch.

Edward raises his head from my shoulder, gazing tenderly into my eyes as his fingers smooth a lock of damp hair back behind my ear.

"Mmm Bella, that was quite the reunion," he murmurs.

He places a soft kiss on my lips but makes no further move. He's as blissed out as I am. As I was but damn I'm starting to get cramp in my bum cheeks, I swear. I fidget, awkwardly, trying to get some feeling back. This startles Edward out of his reverie and he abruptly stands, lifting and placing me gently upon the bed. He sits down himself, scooting back against the headboard and pulling me into his arms.

I turn, snuggling into his embrace. Once in his arms I don't want to leave. My eyelids grow heavy, all the adrenalin from the journey and our passionate reconciliation having deserted me. I know I need to shower and we need to talk, but none of this is able to prevent me drifting off in the arms of the man I love.

I blink my eyes open, startled. I glance around.

Where the hell am I? And hang on...where are my clothes?

Slowly, my consciousness returns and it all comes flooding back. I'm in a hotel room – Edward's hotel room. Hang on a minute where the hell is Edward? I sit up in the bed, pulling the duvet to my chin to cover myself. Glancing around, Edward is nowhere to be seen.

Where is he?

The bathroom? Nope, door is wide open. I strain my ears as I suddenly detect the sound of voices. I think they're coming from outside in the corridor.

"Hey sleepyhead, you're awake!" Edward walks back into the room pushing a room service cart. Hmm, something smells good and I am, now fully awake, totally starving. He sits down on the edge of the bed, shirtless in just his suit trousers. He still looks edible.

I swallow hard as I blatantly ogle him. I know I'm staring and I think my mouth is hanging open like a speechless fool but it's been days since I last saw him and a half-naked Edward really is something else. A true feast for the eyes.

Oh I want him again.

Don't be greedy, Bella. You just did it! And he's not a sex toy. You did come here to talk to him.

Jeez what is wrong with me? I've turned into some kind of sex crazed fiend. I fist the duvet to stop my hands from reaching out to pull Edward closer so I can molest him.

"Sweetheart...are you okay?" Edward is peering at me oddly, his head tilted to one side.

Speech, Bella, speech. Before you scare him off!

I shake my head to clear my errant thoughts and clear my throat.

"I'm okay love, just a little sleepy still."

I reach up and rub my eyes, which unfortunately or maybe fortunately causes the duvet to fall down to my hips, revealing my nakedness. Now Edward is the one confounded, his mouth falling open. Before I can say another word he's on me, crushing his lips to mine. His momentum pushes us backwards, crashing the headboard against the wall.

Surrounded by his masculine scent I clutch him to me, my lips moving with his in a frantic rhythm. I feel him nudging against my thigh, hard and ready again. I reach between us and guide him in. He pushes into me slowly, our breath catching. His movements are slow to begin with but soon gather in pace and intensity. He drives deeper and harder, the headboard banging against the wall.

I pant and gasp as our bodies move in tandem, soon becoming slick with sweat. It's everything, but still not enough. We can't get enough. Edward rears above me, gripping the headboard tightly as he alters the angle of his thrusts, hitting that spot inside me that makes me see stars. Everything happens so fast that I can't keep up. I hear a cracking, splintering noise as he drives into me in a frenzy, but it's not enough of a distraction to prevent my climax which washes over me until I'm breathless. He follows immediately after.

Coming down from our mutual high, reality is once again a tad uncomfortable. Edward is lying heavily on top of me, panting in my ear. Our sweaty bodies are stuck together and there are splinters of wood on the pillow. I squirm under him, trying to rouse him from his post coital daze as I really do need the bathroom rather urgently.

Edward groans, stirring and pulling out of me. I feel the loss instantly and shiver as the air cools my damp skin. I wriggle out from beneath him and bolt to the bathroom on somewhat wobbly legs. Once cleaned up I glance in the mirror over the sink. Jeez it's a train wreck.

My hair is a complete tangled mess, my face is flushed and neck covered in stubble rash. I look like I've been well and truly worked over, which is the truth really. But there is a sparkle in my eyes once more; the flat dull look is gone. I splash cold water over my face and neck, soothing the angry skin. I really need a shower but that will have to wait until later. A brisk futile attempt at taming my hair with damp fingers and I'm done.

Walking slightly stiffly back into the bedroom I see that Edward has laid out an array of food. There are sandwiches, cakes and if my eyes are not deceiving me, chips! As if I couldn't love the man any more. My stomach growls loudly in anticipation, reminding me that I haven't eaten since I left this morning. My nerves wouldn't let me.

I grab a bottle of water and drink from it before I spot Edward. He's quite blatantly staring from his position reclining on the bed, a lazy smirk on his lips. He really does look like the cat that got the cream. He's wearing his boxers once more but nothing else. It dawns on me all of a sudden that I am completely stark naked which would explain the smirk. As if by magic I am suddenly enveloped in an all over body blush.

Bit late for that now, Bella! You did just molest the man. Twice.

My legs feel a little wobbly and I sink down heavily on the bed. Edward scoots to my side, taking me in his arms. I melt into him, basking in his warm embrace.

"Hi," I murmur, gazing up at him with a goofy grin.

"Hi yourself," he responds, kissing my nose.

After a few moments cuddling and grinning at each other like lovesick fools, Edward excuses himself to the bathroom. While he's gone I try to resist raiding the feast of food nearby. Some of it cooled while we were having our impromptu round two but it's still edible. And I am so hungry! Spying a kettle, I start making tea before I am tempted to stuff myself silly.

Once Edward returns from the bathroom, I hand him a dubious looking cup of tea and we attack the food with abandon. Half an hour later we have both eaten and drank our fill and I am back tucked in his arms.

"So?" Edward asks as he slowly trails a finger down my cheek. "Ready to talk now?"

I feel so contented, full of food and blissfully sated from our earlier romp. Normally I would just want to sleep but I seem energised, boosted. I realise yes, I really do want to talk. It's time to clear the air.

I sit up a little straighter in Edward's arms, slipping my hand into his.

"I'm ready."


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