Summary: A series of one-shots showing various ways Sir Leon could have survived the Dragon's flames, some serious… others… not so much.

Rating: T for some violence

Disclaimer: I don't own anything… obviously

Spoilers: This is set after 2x13 although if you've read the summary of the fic it may be too late to warn you of spoilers…

Chapter 1: The Obvious

In a land of myth and a time of magic, there lived a great knight able to defy the laws of death itself… his name… Leon...

The fear felt by the men and horses alike was palpable in the cold night air, the nervous steeds whinnying balefully, hot air snorting from their noses. The tight circle of knights waited with apprehension - following the command of their respected leader, Prince Arthur.

Sir Leon peered into the darkness through the visor of his helmet, gripping the reigns of his horse with determination. As he glanced around at his fellow knights, Arthur and his manservant Merlin; he was reminded of the circle of loyalty they had formed when volunteering for the mission. Their current formation mimicked that stance, except now Arthur joined their ranks in the circle, as did the boy Merlin.

Allowing his mind a happy diversion from the hours of waiting for the beast and the cold that seeped through his chainmail, Leon peered thoughtfully at the boy. He had not met a more loyal servant; to follow his master to his almost certain death was a brave, if foolhardy, act indeed – especially attired as he was without the usual precaution of armour. He was not sure what help such a clumsy and awkward boy could be on a battle field but Leon was grateful for any addition to their current defences… the more the merrier as his Father would say.

As his horse let out a fearful nicker, tossing its head to the side and flaring its nostrils madly, Leon was alerted to approaching danger. There on the horizon loomed the fearsome sight of the Great Dragon that had so decimated their castle over the past few days, its immense wings beating rhythmically as it descended rapidly upon them.

"Hold firm!" he heard Arthur yell, donning his own helmet and readying his horse for action. All fifteen of them jostled together, struggling to keep the anxious horses under control.

"Hold!" Arthur yelled again as the Dragon swooped lower across the tops of the trees.

"Now!" the Prince cried and at once the knights urged their horses forward to peel off into two groups, a pincer movement to surround the Dragon.

As they charged, the great beast himself landed in the epicentre of the circle created by the knights and turned around sharply, his long tail whipping around as he did so. As the end of his tail sailed through the air it struck Sir Leon with full force, ripping him completely from his horse and sending him plummeting to the ground, the black grip of unconsciousness rushing up the meet him as he hit the hardened grass of the cold field.

The events that followed were a dim haze to the brave young knight as he valiantly struggled to regain a bearing on his surroundings and pull himself out of the pit of darkness that engulfed him. He was vaguely aware of an intense heat to his left, the powerful orange light of the blaze flickering through the closed lids of his eyes.

As he swam in and out of his comatose state, he was sure he heard the voice of Merlin commanding the Dragon into obedience in some ancient tongue.

'The brain can play some strange tricks on a concussed mind,' he thought idly to himself as images of an insanely laughing Arthur and the smell of roasting flesh crept into his senses.

"Cador!" he heard a voice cry urgently through the mist of his thoughts and with great effort he turned his head to the side. As his eyes opened a crack he saw his Prince bent over the inert form of Sir Cador. It seemed that he too had been thrown from his horse and escaped the Dragon's flames and Arthur was trying his best to rouse the fallen knight.

"Sire…" croaked Leon as he ran a quick inventory of his limbs and senses to ensure that he was whole and unscathed.

""Leon!" cried the Prince as he ran to his side, "You live!"

"What of the others?" he asked, taking Arthur's proffered hand and raising himself unsteadily into a sitting position and removing the restrictive helmet from his head.

When Arthur did not reply, Leon looked up at him in concern, his eyes following the young Prince's to where Merlin stood, outlined by the light of moon. Heaving himself onto his feet, Leon walked slowly over to Merlin's side and was confronted by the horrific sight of the battlefield and the source of the smell of barbequed meat. The disfigured forms of the remainder of their small band of knights was still smoking gently, their bodies charred beyond recognition, the sinews of their blackened flesh melted together with their useless armour.

"The Dragon?" he asked quietly, the magnitude of their loss slowly sinking in.

"Defeated," replied Arthur, joining him at Merlin's side.

Relief washed over Leon at this news and he breathed a hearty sigh as he released the anxiety that had been his companion these last few days.

"Arthur dealt him a mortal blow," muttered Merlin in a low voice, unable to tear his eyes from the carnage before him.

"Come, we must inform my Father that the danger has passed," declared Arthur, rousing the two men from their thoughts. "Merlin and I will go back to the castle at once and send help to gather the dead; Leon, you remain here and check for more survivors, we shall return shortly."

"Yes Sire," affirmed Leon, his keen eyes scanning the darkened field for any further signs of life. As the Prince and his servant disappeared from view, Leon approached the prone form of Sir Cador once more. It had not taken long to assert that his was the only other body left un-charred in the field and Leon stooped quickly to check that his heart was still beating. Satisfied that his fellow knight was simply unconscious, Leon collapsed wearily onto the ground beside him to await the help promised by Arthur. As he lay beneath the bright moon, he closed his eyes for a well deserved rest… and pondered on the apparent mystery of what happens to a Dragon's body when it is killed…………