Blind Faith

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In this chapter both of Harry's familiars will make an appearance. Aren't they just too adorable? Harry sure does have a knack for taking in lovable strays and random pets from pet shops in Diagon Alley. BTW According to PBS . org The Brits use reckon in everyday conversations. If you need proof, see the Harry Potter books, as Roweling has Ron use it quite frequently. Having grown up in the south in the U.S. I can attest to not liking the word as many "southern hicks" use the word as slang, but rest assured, Draco hasn't lost his marbles and proper upbringing by using it.

Blind Faith: Slytherin's Heir

Disclaimer: Last time I checked all seven of the Harry Potter books took great pleasure in dashing my hopes by proclaiming on the title page, published by J. K. Roweling.


Chapter 28: of Arguments amongst Friends and Cats on the Prowl

Once Harry and Draco had obtained Madam Pomfrey's permission for a short walk, only, around this floor, the two Slytherins slipped out the double doors as quite as a mouse, before she could change her mind, which was a distinct possibility since Severus and Narcissa were dead set against it.

Letting out a sigh of relief at getting this far in their mission, Harry and Draco stood stalk still listening with their ears pressed firmly against the door making sure that Dudley didn't back out on them. After all, it is a fact that some of the weaker-minded Hufflepuffs were known to squeal on their friends if it would prevent them from getting punished for their friend's mischief as well. Fortunately for the Hufflepuff's sake, Dudley remained mum on the plan and was doing a stellar job at distracting the adults.

Tapping Harry on the shoulder to gain his friend's attention, Draco interrupted his eavesdropping by saying. "Let's get going. Sevv isn't daft enough to fall for Dudley's distraction techniques for long."

"It seems that you have a death wish…calling him 'Sevv'…" Harry made little air quotes with his fingers as he said Severus's recently Christened nickname. "It's your life not mine. Who am I to protest. I dare you to call him that."

"Have you lost your marbles? I don't wish to never live to see the morrow," stated Draco emphatically.

"Really now…" Harry trailed off, more interested in what Narcissa had to say than what her son did.

Harry was tempted to stay where he was, as Narcissa's answers to Dudley's excellently phrased questions were rather interesting, but Draco wasn't about to let him.

"C'mon Harry. You promised, and a well-groomed Slytherin ever goes back on his word."

"I'm not going back on my word, as you so eloquently put it. I'm just ensuring that he'll be able to keep them off our trail long enough for us to accomplish our goal. After all, you can't expect us to get another shot at this if something goes amiss now can you."

Shrugging his shoulders Draco replied. "Naw, I reckon not. But you're the one who's standing around like a frog on a Lilly pad, not me."

"Alright," sighed Harry giving in, since Draco had a point. "Hedwig. If you can hear me, we need you girl."

The plan that the trio had originally come up with had one major flaw so Harry decided at the last minute to abort it. They had planned for Harry to summon his invisibility cloak from the Slytherin dungeons, but this just wouldn't do at all. For if any of the Gryffindors who had decided to stay at Hogwarts during the Easter hols, were to spot the shimmering cloak out of the corner of their eyes, then they would go tattling to Professor McGonagall; she'd put the pieces of the puzzle together quicker than you could say "moaning Myrtles loo" and the two Slytherins would regret the day they'd been born. After all, they were already in enough trouble for frightening Severus out of his wits at Azkaban only a day before by failing to call for help when two very capable adults were sitting ensconced in the adjoining room, only a few feet away.

"I thought that we had agreed that you'd use your super powerful summoning charm to get it," hissed Draco who was irritated because he was weary of being discovered.

"Settle down Draco. I've got it covered."

"Oh really," said Draco frowning. "Then why did you ask your familiar to come instead of demanding it?"

Harry's face reddened in anger.

"Because unlike you, I don't treat my familiars or house elves like they're lower than dirt."

"I don't," blustered Draco. "You know I don't have a familiar. Lucius forbid it."

Harry silently fumed at the audacity of his friend. For he knew full well that Draco had got the gist of things and was stalling by protesting needlessly, because Hedwig was coming. She would never leave him hanging out to dry like that.

"I was referring to the way you treat others when you get into a snit, like now for instance," said Harry trying to keep his voice quiet, so that the adults wouldn't overhear them.

"We will be discussing this later, but I can see Hedwig winging her way towards us this very minute, so let's get going," said Draco gracefully giving up the argument and putting it aside for a more opportune time.

Under normal circumstances Draco would not have to inform his friend about the visual things that happened around him, but his 'second sight' wasn't back to its top form yet.

Harry could sense the shadow of his beloved pet just in front of him, so he reached out to pet her soft feathers.

A smile crossed his face as his hand brushed against her form. The question flashed through his head of whether he had 'saw' her with the help of his magic, or if it had merely been one of those skills that most blind people picked up that allowed them to tell when people or pets approached, but he didn't voice it aloud.

Getting right to the point, Harry asked Hedwig using Parsel Tongue, "Would you mind giving Draco and I a lift to our dorm? We need to pick something up without being seen on our way to do so."

"Anything for you young master," replied Hedwig in kind.

Harry scratched her under her chin, just the way she liked it, for her ready compliance.

Extending a hand to his blond friend, Harry said, "Hop abort the Hedwig's Express, it costs one Sickle per trip."

"Come off it. She's your familiar and she's always eager to help you out. Remember when she came to our rescue a few weeks ago in the Forbidden Forest when those spiders almost got us."

Harry shuddered theatrically.

"Don't remind me, or I might just leave without you," teased Harry.

"You wouldn't dare. If you did, I'm only a few feet away from the adults, and I'll rat you out."

"Uh huh," said Harry. "Want to try me?"

"I'll pass if it's alright with you, your royal highness."

Draco shuffled closer to the raven-haired boy to better facilitate Hedwig's transportation of the two of them.

Before Harry could retort, they were gone from the other side of the hospital wing doors and in their dorm room.

Trusting in his familiar's accuracy, Harry made his way blindly to his trunk.

Draco looked on in amusement as Harry hurriedly tossed stuff out of his trunk in his haste to find the cloak. They had to hurry and get out of here, because this would be the first place that Severus would look once he realized that they'd pulled one over on him, because how else were they to make it to the seventh floor without being caught red handed?

Draco knew immediately when Harry had found the cloak as the Slytherin beamed broadly the moment that his hands brushed across the uniquely textured material.

"Ready to go," asked Draco excitedly.

The blond had waited for far too long to learn the sound to sight spell. Harry had promised to teach it to him after their very first meeting of the dueling club, which had been an unprecedented disaster; so long ago in this very room and he was going to keep his word, if Draco had to bodily restrain him until he delivered.


"Can't Hedwig just take us to the tapestry with trolls wearing tutus while they're doing the ballet?"

"Naw," said Harry. "I've told you time and time again that Hedwig is exhausted after she travels this way. She cannot do it more than once every few days."

"Fine," said Draco resigned to the fact that they would have to make it up seven floors without being caught if they wished to solve the mystery of Sal's disappearance, not to mention in Draco's case, learning a nifty new spell. The blond was bound and determined that Harry would teach him it. After all Draco reasoned silently, it wasn't the done thing to do to leave your friend in the dark once you learned an extremely useful spell like this one.

Harry could hear his beloved familiar snoring away like a freight train on his bed. He made a mental note to scold her later for not turning herself invisible once more. She knew full well that she'd been forbidden from staying inside the castle after she'd had a feast on some poor student's owl at breakfast one morning. Minerva would skin him alive if she were to walk all the way down here and find his familiar lounging on his bed as happy as can be.

"Oy Draco," said Harry. "Hedwig has fallen asleep on my bed again hasn't she?"

"You betcha," said Draco trying his best not to laugh out loud at Harry's accuracy. It was uncanny how his friend could just know instinctively where things were when his 'second sight' flickered out like this.

"Ready to go," asked Harry. He had a sinking feeling that if they didn't make haste, that they'd be spotted before they could make it to their destination.

"Uh huh."

"Have you figured out the silencing charm yet," inquired Harry curiously.

"Yes. Severus helped me get it right just the other day."

Harry was a bit hurt at the fact that he hadn't been invited to learn it.

Once Draco had cast said charm, Harry and Draco left Slytherin at a quicker than normal pace, with the cloak covering them both.

The duo had nearly made it when Harry heard a noise down a corridor just up ahead on their left. He turned his head in that direction, the better to hear who or what it was that he heard. He assumed that they were covered entirely by the cloak, but didn't want to take any chances.

"Draco," whispered Harry. "Do you see anything down the corridor to the left of us.?"

"Bloody hell," whispered Draco back.

"What," asked Harry with a tone of urgency in his words.

"It's Misses Norris. And we all know that where she prowls Filch isn't far behind…"

Harry and Draco took off at a run. There wasn't time for Draco to make sure that their trainers weren't showing below the hem of the cloak. The hidden door was a mere twenty meters ahead, but that didn't account for the fact that they had to walk, or in their case, run past the door three times thinking about what they needed, and right now, the room where they had trained for so long would be the furthest thing from the boy's minds. For the only thing running through their collective brains at the moment was escaping Filch.


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