Title: Through Your Eyes
By: iluvaqt and Miranda Aurelia
Rating: PG-13
Setting: Post Absolute Justice, AU future-fic.
Pairing: Chloe/Oliver
Summary: When Oliver gets on the wrong side of an evil magician, Chloe and their son, Connor, end up alone in the past. Meanwhile, a younger Chloe finds herself waking up to strange disorientating future where nothing seems to make sense anymore.


Warehouse, Edge City, 2019

Using Watchtower resources, they'd traced the signal to a block of rundown warehouses. Enchantress, a raven-haired beauty decked out in green velvet cast a mystical dome over the area, effectively locking them all inside.

"He's trapped here. Once we've subdued Mordru, we will break the spell."

"I need to get the kid out of here though. Isn't there away around this mojo?"

Enchantress gave him a small charm. "Don't lose it."

Oliver nodded and scanned for Carter. The older man had touched down silently on the other end of the rooftop. He motioned to Oliver that he was going to circle around and find another point of entry. Bending to peer through the skylight, Oliver could see Mordru admiring the helmet. Hector was in a cot behind him. He was wailing loudly.

Shadowpact were moving in a flanking approach from the ground level. They were the diversion. Oliver was to get Hector out while Carter went after the Sorcerer. They'd finally gotten a hold of Shiera and she was flying in. She'd be here any minute.

Cutting a hole in the skylight glass, he lowered himself stealthily to the ground. He touched his index finger to his comm. "Watchtower, requesting transfer to HQ." He quickly put the comm. unit and charm into the baby's jumpsuit and the child disappeared. Carter might kill him later for changing the plan but at least the kid was safe.

So far the teleportation system had only been used on adults. Sure they transported smaller inanimate objects all the time, but the first rule in the procedure manual was nobody got teleported without proper clearance.

Well, he'd never been one to stick to the rules before - he was a vigilante for crying out loud.

Mari might have a minor meltdown but she'd forgive him. She was great that way. It was Carter, Shiera and Bruce he'd have to worry about. His old friend was particularly OCD about protocol and such, he'd rip him a new one for using the transporter on Hector. The burst of light caught Mordru's attention and he whirled around.

"YOU! Where's the child?"

Oliver leveled his crossbow at the sorcerer. "Out of your reach."

The man plowed forward, even as the arrow embedded itself in his thigh. His large hand gripped Oliver's neck with crushing force and Oliver punched him in the face repeatedly in an effort to get him to release his hold.

Mordru put a hand to Oliver's forehead. "You'll regret ever involving yourself in my affairs."


Meanwhile in Star City, California

While the heavy curtains hid the lightning from view, it couldn't quite mute the claps of thunder that sounded every so often.

Chloe could feel herself drifting off to sleep when she sensed the door opening. She cracked an eye open to see her son padding towards her.

"Connor, what's wrong?" she asked softly, pushing herself up into a sitting position.

At that moment, there was another loud clap of thunder and Connor jumped, before rushing over to the bed.

Instinctively, she held up a corner of the covers so her son could climb underneath.

"It's so loud outside!" she heard her son mumble, "I wish daddy was here."

"Daddy'll be home soon," Chloe hugged her son tightly. "Now try and get some sleep. It'll be morning before you know it."

Connor snuggled up to his mom, immediately feeling safer, her warmth and her arms chasing away his fear. He felt his baby sibling kick him for being so close. He giggled and wriggled away, still keeping his head nestled close to his mom's neck. He closed his eyes and promptly fell back to sleep.

Chloe threaded her fingers through the fine strands of his blond hair. She could still remember the moment they'd put him in her arms for the first time with perfect clarity. She'd been so tired and boneless that she'd feared she would drop him.

Oliver had helped hold her arms and he'd kissed them both. She'd never seen him more overwhelmed with emotion. Not even on the day they were married.

"You did it, Chloe. I told you, you would. You punched pain in the face and sent him packing."

Chloe snorted and let out a long sigh. "And now I could sleep for a week. You said you'd take time off work for this. I hope you know I'm planning on putting you to good use. Night time diaper changes on the roster for you too, Hero."

"Yes, Queen of my heart. Whatever you need. You've earned it," he said with a soft chuckled and a loving smile. He kissed her forehead and touched his wide-eyed son's head gently with fondness. Only seconds into the world and he was studying them both with thoughtful, alert eyes. "What are we calling him?"

"I think Connor is a nice name. "

Oliver grinned. "How very Irish of you."

He got so big, so quickly. Already he'd stopped calling them Mama and Daddy. It was Mom and Dad now. Only when he was sick or frightened did he seem to revert and it made Chloe's heart clench every time. He'd be such a sweet big brother.

Already he was practically bursting with excitement over the baby's existence. He didn't particularly care if it was a boy or a girl. He already had plans on what he was going to show him or her first. He'd already started to tuck away toys especially for them when they were old enough to play. She pressed a kiss to his forehead and closed her eyes, settling her head into the pillows.


Back in Edge City

Oliver smirked up at Mordru, seeing Carter approaching stealthily toward them. "Is that the best you can come up with? You do know that has to be the most clich├ęd line ever."

Mordru smiled cruelly and ripped Oliver's hood back, pressing his hand against his head, his fingers curling into his skull.

The blinding pain that suddenly developed in his head was very real and Oliver felt his muscles give out. He sagged in Mordru's grip, the only thing keeping him upright was the tight hold the sorcerer had on his head and neck.

It was as though someone was drilling a hole into his head - he could feel his vision swarming as he tried desperately not to lose consciousness. Damn it, Zatanna promised him that the amulet would protect him from magical attacks. It explained why Mordru's lightening blasts hadn't hit him. Well the effects anyway.

The force had been pretty powerful. The first attack sending him clear across the room, breaking a display cabinet. The second, he'd been ready for but it didn't mean he hadn't feel the impact against his invisible shield.

He guessed her protection was limited to only certain types of magic. Figures. He always had rotten luck when he relied on things he had no idea about. Zatanna's little charm was the only reason that he'd agreed to help Carter out with his dilemma. Okay, maybe not the only reason, - it was also the right thing to do, because that's what friends did for each other. But damn it, if he didn't want anything to do with magic. It creeped him the hell didn't like it and he didn't want to understand it. He often wished there was no such thing, considering how many times it had screwed with their lives so far.

Abruptly, the pain abated, Oliver shakily got to his feet and backed up a few steps. Okay, so maybe there was a lag in the protective shield or whatever. At least his brain was still in his head. "That the best you can do?" he finally managed to say.

Mordru looked at him coldly. "No, but your wife and children might not agree."

Oliver got a sick feeling in his gut. Something told him that Mordru's little probe was less about hurting him directly and more about finding out how to hurt him the most.

At the mansion, there was a sudden glow surrounding Chloe and her son right before the two of them disappeared into thin air just as Carter's mace descended quickly and clobbered Mordru to the ground.

Enchantress appeared and placed an interesting looking crown around Mordru's head. "We'll take him from here."

Oliver stood over the unconscious body feeling his blood run cold. He couldn't even radio Watchtower to have them check on Chloe because he'd put his comm. transponder on Hector. There was a flapping sound accompanied by a rush of air behind him and he heard the anxiety in her voice as she approached them.

He caught Carter's grim expression and narrowed glare. Oliver swallowed. These two weren't going to give him a chance to worry about his own family right now. Turning to face her, the explanation died on his lips as he took in the regal, imposing stance of the warrior female behind him.

"Where's my son?"


Watchtower, Metropolis, 2010

Aside from the occasional clap of thunder, the only sounds that filled the Watchtower were the familiar sounds of her keyboard and the steady hum of the many servers that banked one section of the tower.

It was just past one in the morning when Chloe halted her work and started powering down her computers to call it a day. One system was always left running for security purposes but she had the monitor on power save so it only lit up if an alert was triggered.

The tower dark and her to-do list as complete as it was going to get for the moment, she tried to settle into her bed. However, try as she might, sleep seemed elusive.

A burst of lightening crackled across the sky and lit up the whole tower from the strained-glass window, streaming through the open door into her bedroom. Chloe forced her eyes shut more firmly. She never like thunderstorms. The sky was so big and the noises so loud, she'd heard about the destruction lightening storms could create. It was a violent force of nature. She liked being in control, even when confronted with danger.

Being caught out in a lightening storm was high up on her list of fears she'd like never to have to confront. She remembered the first time she'd woke up screaming. She must have been four or five-years-old. A tree branch had snapped off and come through her window. The sudden noise coupled with the rolling thunder and wind whipping her face had been enough to terrify her senseless. Her mom had picked her up and carried her back to her room. She'd slept between her parents all night. She'd felt so safe and warm. But only a couple of years later, her mom left. And ever since then, thunderstorms only reminded her of how alone she was.

Throwing the pillow over her head, Chloe tried to muffle out the loud noise from the storm. It seemed futile though. That didn't stop her from trying though and gradually, she fell into a restless sleep.

If she'd still been awake, she would have seen the faint glow that appeared before her entire world changed.

To be continued.